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MY HEART its incense burning,

I'll offer thanks and praise,
Now with return of morning,

And through all future days;
I'll praise Thee on Thy throne,

Great Source of ev'ry blessing,

My song to Thee addressing
Through Christ, Thy only Son.

2 Thy mercy claims my praises !

This kept me through the night;
And now from sleep it raises,

To greet the dawning light.
This, too, it is that hath

My many sins forgiven,

Which in the face of heaven
So oft provoked Thy wrath.

3 In mercy still direct me

Throughout the coming day:
From Satan's wiles protect me,

From sin, and from dismay;
Defend from fire and storm,

From want and every weakness,

From sorrow and from sickness, From sudden death's alarm.

4 Let angels keep their stations,

Nor cease their guard of me, Awaiting all temptations

Which draw my soul from Thee! Thy shield hold Thou above!

Then nothing shall distress me;

To duty I'll address me, Rejoicing in Thy love.

Anon. H. Mills, Tr.


REAT God in heav'n, who by my bed

Thy faithful watch didst keep;
And night's best blessings o'er me shed,

Sweet rest and balmy sleep.

2 I thank Thee, Lord and Father mild,

And all Thine angels, too;
And pray Thee still to help Thy child,

Thy holy will to do.



HOW lovely now the morning star

In twilight sky bright gleams afar!
While night her curtain raiseth;
Each creature hails, with ravished sight,
The glories of returning light,

And God its Maker praiseth.
Both far, and near,
All things living Thanks are giving,
There high soaring,

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2 Then haste, my soul, thy song to raise,

Nor spare in thy Redeemer's praise

To pour thy due oblation;
For glory, Lord, to Thee belongs,
Thy praise resounds in grateful songs

With pious emulation;
Joy rings, Glad strings
Voices sounding, Hearts rebounding,
Thus all nature
Sings Thy praise, O great Creator.

3 Pour down Thy grace in cheering streams, And warm my heart with mercy's beams

From heaven, Thy throne of beauty; Let Thy good Spirit guide my will, That I, whate'er my station, still

May seek my joy in duty. Send light And might That each measure, Scheme and pleasure, Heavenward tending, Still in Thee may find its ending.

4 Keep grief, if this may be, away;
If not, Thy will be done, I say,

My choice to Thine resigning:
O come, and like the morning dew,
Refresh my heart, and make it new,

That I may, unrepining,
Bear cross And loss,
Till that morrow, Chase all sorrow,
When upraised
Where Thy name is ever praiséd.

5 Meanwhile, my heart, both sing and leap, 'Mid cross and loss good courage keep,

To heaven's bright gate you hasten;
Then lay desponding care aside,
God ever thus His own hath tried,

And those He loves doth chasten;
Hope still Midst ill,
Calm, though grieving, Firm believing
Is the road to sure salvation.

J. Stegmann.
F. E, Cox, Tr.


WHEN morning gilds the skies,

My heart, awaking, cries :

May Jesus Christ be praised !
Alike at work and prayer,
To Jesus I repair :

May Jesus Christ be praised !

2 Whene'er the sweet church-bell
Peals over hill and dell,

May Jesus Christ be praiséd !
Oh, hark to what it sings,
As joyously it rings:

May Jesus Christ be praiséd !

3 When you begin the day,
Oh, never fail to say:

May Jesus Christ be praised !
And at your work rejoice
To sing with heart and voice,

May Jesus Christ be praised!

4 Be this at meals your grace,
In every time and place:

May Jesus Christ be praised!
Be this, when day is past,
Of all your thoughts the last:

May Jesus Christ be praised!

5 To God, the Lord, on high
The hosts of angels cry:

May Jesus Christ be praised !
Let children, too, upraise
Their voice in hymns of praise:

May Jesus Christ be praised!

6 Let earth's wide circle round
In joyful notes resound:

May Jesus Christ be praiséd !
Let air, and.sea, and sky
Through depth and height reply:
May Jesus Christ be praised!

E. Caswall, Tr.


FROM east the sun, in splendor dressed,

Begins his lofty ride,
O'er mighty seas and mountain-crest,

O'er town and country-side

2 He rises on that fairest shore

Where paradise once lay;
Brings light and life, and, as of yore,

New joy upon his way.

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