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39 DAYSPRING of eternity,

Light from endless Light proceeding, Let Thy beams upon us shine

As the shadows are receding; And dispel by Thy great might

Our dark night. 2 As the soft, refreshing dew

Falls upon the drooping flower, So our fainting hearts renew

By Thy Spirit's quickening power; Ne'er Thy bounteous grace withhold

From Thy fold. 3 Let the glow of Thy pure love

All our icy coldness banish;
In the radiance from above

May our doubts and fears all vanish,
That ere dying we may be

Found in Thee.
4 O Thou glorious Sun of grace,

May Thy light be ne'er denied us!
Till we reach the heavenly place

Shine upon our way to guide us,
That at last among the blest
We may rest.

J. F. Ohl, Tr.

40 LORD God of morning and of night,

We thank Thee for Thy gift of light: As in the dawn the shadows fly,

We seem to find Thee now more nigh.

C. K. v. Rosenroth.

2 Fresh hope have wakened in the heart,

Fresh force to do our daily part; Thy thousand sleeps our strength restore,

A thousand fold to serve Thee more.

3 O Lord of lights, 'tis Thou alone Canst make our darkened hearts Thine

own; O then be with us, Lord, that we

In Thy great day may wake to Thee.

4 Praise God, our Maker and our Friend; Praise Him through time, till time shall

end; Till psalm and song His name adore Through heaven's great day of evermore.

F. T. Palgrave.



WAKE, my heart, rejoicing,

Thy Maker's praises voicing, The Giver good gifts sending; Their shield, His folk defending.

2 All night while darkness bound me

In deepest gloom around me,
By Satan craved while sleeping,
God had me in His keeping.

3 Thou spak'st me words endearing;

Sleep now, my child, unfearing;
Sleep well, night's terrors spurning;
Thou'lt see the sun returning.


4 Thy word performed, now waking,

I see the bright dawn breaking,
Safe kept from ills unnumbered
While 'neath Thy care I slumbered.

5 An off'ring Thou desirest,

Behold what Thou requirest!
Nor lamb nor incense bringing,
I come with prayer and singing.

6 Nor wilt Thou now despise them,

But in Thy heart wilt prize them,
Well knowing, yea, and surely
My best I offer purely.

7 Approve my works when shown Thee;

Help Thou good councils only;
Beginning, middle, closing,
Lord, for the best disposing.

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8 With blessings guard me waking,

My heart Thy dwelling making,
And with Thy Word, Lord, feed me,
Whilst heavenward Thou dost lead me.

P. Gerhardt.
A. Ramsey, Tr.


LORD, for the mercies of this night

My humble thanks I pay, And unto Thee I dedicate

The first fruits of the day.

2 Let this day praise Thee, O my God,

And so let all my days: And 0, let my eternal day Be Thy eternal praise.

J. Mason.


HEAV'N and earth, and sea, and air

Still their Maker's praise declare;
Thou, my soul, as loudly sing,
To thy God thy praises bring.

2 See the sun his power awakes,

As through clouds his glory breaks;
See the moon and stars of light,
Praising God in stillest night.

3 See how God this rolling globe

Swathes with beauty as a robe;
Forests, fields, and living things,
Each its Master's glory sings.

4 Through the air Thy praises meet;

Birds are singing clear and sweet;
Fire, and storm, and wind Thy will,
As Thy ministers fulfill.

5 Ocean waves Thy glory tell,

At Thy touch they sing and swell;
From the well-spring to the sea
Rivers murmur, Lord, of Thee.

6 O my God, what wonders lie

Hid in Thine infinity!
Stamp upon my inmost heart
What I am, and what Thou art.

J. Neander.
J. D. Burns, Tr.



HOLY, blessed Trinity,

Divine essential Unity,
God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Be Thou this day my Guide and Host.

2 My soul and body keep from harm;

O'er all I have extend Thy arm,
That Satan may not cause distress,
Nor bring me shame and wretchedness.

3 The Father's love shield me this day;

The Son's pure wisdom cheer my way;
The Holy Spirit's light divine
Illume my heart's benighted shrine.

4 My Maker, strengthen Thou my heart;

O my Redeemer, help impart;
Blest Comforter, keep at my side
That faith and love in me abide.

5 Lord, bless and keep Thou me as Thine!

Lord, make Thy face upon me shine!
Lord, lift Thy countenance on me,
And give me peace, sweet peace from Thee.

M. Behm.
C. H. L. Schuette, Tr.

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