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As the originals are much longer than the generality of modern Sermons, and as I suppose these may probably be adopted by families as part of their serious domestic reading, I have taken the liberty to divide most of them into two, and some into three parts, in the view of relieving the exertion of the person who reads, and the attention of the hearers: introducing nothing of my own, except sometimes a few lines of recapitulation, where it seemed necessary to connect the several members of the subject.

Bethnal-Green Road,

24th June 1796.

To one advantage only over my predecessor do I presume to lay claim, congeniality of sentiment with my Author, on certain points of doctrine, of rites and ceremonies, of church discipline, and some others, in which Mr. ROBINSON differs from him. There must be many passages, accordingly, which he disapproved while he translated; and some Sermons he probably omited altogether, because they coincided not with his religious belief. Under this disadvantage I did not labour in executing my task; as I agree in almost every point with my great Original, and possibly translated with peculiar satisfaction what Mr. RoBINSON had reluctantly, or saw it his duty entirely to leave out. His Readers and mine will, undoubtedly, exercise the same right of private judgment, and, I trust, practise the same candour and forbearance which he and I thought ourselves obliged by precept and by example to recommend.

H. H.

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