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lievers under the law f. But, under the New Testament, the liberty of Christians is further inlarged, in their freedom from the yoke of the ceremonial law, to which the Jewish church was subjected g; and in greater boldnefs of access to the chrone of grace b, and in fuller communications of the free Spirit of God, than believers under the law did ordinarily partake of i, II. God alone is the Lord of the conscience k, and hath left it M.159


Gal, ü. 9. So then they who be boldly unto the throne of grace, of faith, are blessed with faithful. A. that we may obtain mercy, and braban, V. 14. That the blessing of find grace to help in time of need. Abraham might come on the Gen. Heb. X. 19. Having therefore, bretiles through Jesus Christ : that we thren, boldness to enter into the homight receive the proinise of the liest, by the blood of refus, v. 20, Spirit through faith.

By a new and living way which he Gal. iv. 1. Now I say, that the hath consecrated for us through the heir, as long as he is a child, differ. vail, that is to say, his flesh ; v. 21. eth nothing from a servant, though and having an high priest over the be be lord of all; v. 2. Bue is under house of God. v. 22. Let us draw tutors and governors until the time near with a true heart, in full affurappointed of the father. V. 3. Even ance of faith, having our hearts so we, when we were children were sprinkled from an evil conscience, in bondage under the elements of and our bodies washed with pure the world. v. 6. And because ye are water. fons, Cod hath fent forth the Spiritus Joho vii. 38. He that believeth of his Son into your hearts, crying, on me, as the scripture hath faid, Abba, Father, 8.7. Wherefore thou out of his belly shall Aow rivers of art no more a servant, but a fon; living water. v. 39. But this fpake and if a fon, then an heir of God be of the Spirit, which they that he's through Chrilt. Gal, v. 1. Stand fast lieved on him should receive; for therefore in the liberty wherewith the Holy Ghost was not yet given, Chrilt hath made us free, and be because that sesus was not yet glo. pot entangled again with the yoke rified. 2 Cor. iii. 13. And dot as of bondage. As XV. 10. Now there- Moses, who put a vail over his face, fore why tempe ye God, to puc a that the children of Israel could not yoke upon the aeck of the disciples,' stedfastly look to the end of that which neither our fathers nor we which is abolished. v. 17. Now the were able to bear? v. II. But we Lord is that Spirit; and where the believe, that through the grace of Spirit of the Lord is, there is liber: the Lord Jesus Christ, we Thall be ty. v. 18. But we all with opea face, Saved, even as they.

beholding as in a glass, the glory of Heb. iy. 14. Seeing then that the Lord, are changed into the fame we have a great high priest that is image, from glory to glory, even a3 paffed into the beavens, Jesus the Son by the Spirit of the Lord. of God, let us hold fast our profeffi 11, k James iv, 12. There is one 24 Va 16. Let us therefore come lawrgirer; who is able to fave, and

free from the doctrines and coinmandments of men, which are in any thing contrary to his word or beside it, in matters of faith or worship . So that to believe such doctrines, or 100bey such commandments out of conscience, is to betray true liberty of conscience m; and the requiring of an implicite faith, and an absolute and blind obedience, is to destroy liberty of conscience, and reason also n.

Ill. They

to destroy : who art thou that judg.. V. 23. Which things have indeed a est another ? Rom, xiv. 4. Who are Thew of wisdom in will worship and thou that judgest another man's ser humility, and neglecting of the bo. vant ? to his own master he standeth dy, not in any honour to the fatis. or falleth : Yea, he Mall be holden fyiug of the flesh. Gal. i. 10. For do up : for God is able to make him I now perfuade men, or God? or do ftand.

I seek to please men? For if I yet | Acts iv. 19. But Peter and John pleased men, I should not be the feranswered and said unto them, Whe. vant of Christ, Gal, iit 4. And that: ther it be right in the fight of God to because of false. brethren unawares hearken unto you, more than ynto, brought in, who came in privily to God, judge ye, Acts v. 29. Then {py, out our liberty, which we have Peter and the other apostles answer in Christ Jesus, that they might ed and said, We ought to obey God bring us into bondage : v. 5. To rather than men. 1 Cor. vii. 1 3. Ye whom we gave place by subjection, are bought with a pricę, be not ye; no not for-an-tour: that the truth the servants of men. Mat. xxix. 8. of the gospel might continue with But be not ye called Rabbis for one you. Gal. v. 1. Stand fast therefore is your Master, even Christ, and all in the liberty wherewith Christ hath ye are brethren. V.), Aud call no made us free, and be not entangled man yoạr Father upon the earth : again with the yoke of bondage. for one is your Farber, who is in n Rom. x. 17. Sorken, faith comheaven. ¥. 10. Neither be ye called eth by hearing, and hearing by the malters ; for one is your Master, word of God. Rom. xiv. 23. And he even Christ.

2 Cor. i, 24. Not for that doubreth, is damned if be eat, that we have dominion over your because he eateth not of faith : for faith, but are helpers of your joy : whatsoever is not of faith, is fin, lsa. for by faith ye stand. Mat. xv. 9, viii. 20. To the law and to the testiBut in vain they do worship me, mony: if they speak not according teaching for doctrines the command. to this word, it is because there is no ments of men.

light in them. Acts xvii, 11. These Col. ii. 20. Wherefore if ye be were more noble than those in Thefdead with Christ from the rudiments falonica, in that they received the of the world; why as though living word with all readiness of mind, and in the world, are ye subject to ordi- searched the scriptures daily, yhenances. V, 22. Which all are to pe ther those things were so. John iv. sich with the using, after the com 22. Ye worship ye know not what : mandmeots and doctrines of men ? we knowbat we worthig; for fal

III. They who, upon pretence of Christian liberty, do praca tise any fin, or cherish any lust, do thereby destroy the end of Christian liberty; which is, that being delivered out of the hands of our enemies, we might serve the Lord without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our life o.

IV. And because the powers which God bath ordained, and the liberty which Christ hath purchased, are not intended by God to destroy, but mutually to uphold and preserve one ano ther; they who, upon pretence of Christian liberty, fhall oppose any lawful power, or the lawful exercise of it, whether it be civil or ecclesiastical, resist the ordinances of God p. And


vation is of the sews. Hosea v. 11. vi. 34. Jesus answered them, Verily, Ephraim is oppressed, and broken in verily, I say unto you, Whosoever judgment; because he willingly committeth Gin, is the servant of fin. walked after the commandment. Luke i. 74. That he would grant Rev. xiii. 12. And he exerciseth all unto us, that we being delivered the power of the first bealt before out of the hands of our enemies, him, and causeth the earth, and right ferve him without fear, v. 75. them who dwell therein, to worship In holiness and righteousuess before the first beast, whose deadly wound him all the days of our life. was healed. v. 19. And he causeth IV.p Mat. xii. 25. And Jesusknew all, both small and great, rich and their thoughts, and said unto them, poor, free and bond, to receive a Every kingdon divided against itself, mark in their right hand, or in their is brought to desolation : and every foreheads. v. 17. And that no man city or houfe divided against itself, might buy, or fell, säve he that had shall not Itand. 1 Pet. ii, 13. Submit the mark, or the name of the beast, youcselves to every ordinance of or the number of his name. Jer. viii. man for the Lord's sake: whether 9. The wise men are ashamed, they it be to the king as fupreme; v. are dismayed and taken; lo, they 14. Or unto governors, have rejected the word of the Lord, them that are sent by him, for the and wbat wisdom is in them. punishment of evil doers, and for

II. Gal. y. 13. For, brethren, ye the praise of them that .. well. y. have been called unto liberty, only 16. As free, and not wfing your use not liberty for ao occasion to the liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, fielhi, but by love, serve one another. but as the servants of God. (Rome 1 Pet. ii. 16. As free, and not using xiii. 1. to the 8. verfe.) Heb. xi. your liberty for a cloke of malici- 17. Obey then that have the rule ousoess, but as the servants of God. over you, and submit yourselves : 2 Pet. ii. 19. While they promise for they waich for your souls, as them liberty, they themielves are they that must give account; that the servants of corruption; for of they may do it with joy, and not whom a man is overcome, of the with grief, for that is uaprofitable Lame is h: brought in bondage, John for your





for their publishing of such opinions, or maintaining of such practices, as are contrary to the light of nature, or to the known principles of Christianity, whether concerning faith, worlhip or conversation; or to the power of godliness; or such erroneous opinions or practices as either in their own nature, or in the manner of publishing or maintaining chem, are destructive to the external peace and order which Christ hath estar blished in the church; they may lawfully be called to account, and proceeded against by the censures of the church q, and by


9 Rom. i. 32. Who knowing the the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, judgment of God, that they who and to the doctrine which is accordcommit such things are worthy of ing to godliness ; v. 4. He is proud, death) not only do the fame, but knowing pothing, but doting about have pleasure in them that do them, quelions and strifes of words, whereWith 1 Cor. v. 1. It is reported com of cometh envy, strife, railings, evil

only, that there is fornication a. surmisings, v. 5. Perverse disputing mong you, ana fuch fornication as of men of corrupt minds, and destiis not so much as named among the tute of the truth, supposing that Gentiles, that one should have his gain is godliness : from such withfather's wife, v. 5. to deliver such draw thyself. And Tit. i. 10. For ån one unto Satan, for the destructi. there are many unruly and vain on of the flesh, that the spirit may talkers and deceivers, especially they be saved in the day of the Lord Je

of the circumcision, v. 11. Whose fus, v. 1!. But now I have written mouths must be stopped, who subunto, jou, not to keep company, if vert whole houses, teaching things any man that is called a brother, be they ought not, for filthy lucre's ...a fornicator, or covetous, or an ido fake. v. 13. This witness is ve:

later, or a railer, or a drunkard, or wherefore rebuke them sharply, that an extortioner, with such an one, no they may be found in the faith. And not to eat. v. 13. But them that are Tit. iii. 10. A man that is an here. without, God judgeth. Therefore tic, after the first and second adput away from among yourselves monition, reject. With Mat. xviii, . that wicked person. 2 John 10. If 15. Moreover, if thy brother shall there co* any unto you, and bring trespass against thee, go and tell him not this doctrine, receive himn not his fault between thee and him a. into your house, neither bid him lone : if he mall hear thee, thou hast God speed. v. 11. For he that' bid gained thy brother. v. 16. But if he deth him God speed, is partaker of will not bear thee, then take with his evil deeds. And 2 Theff, iii. 14. thee one or two more, that in the And if any man obey not our word mouth of two or three witnesses every by this epistle, note tbat man; and word may be established, v. 17. And have no company with him, that he if he shall neglect to hear them, tell may be ashamed. And 1 Tim, vi. 3. it unto the church, but if he neglect If any man teach otherwise, and to hear the church, let him be unto confent not to wholsome words, even thee as an heathen man and a publi


the power of the civil magistrate r.



can. 1 Tim. i. 19. Holding faith and the sword in vain: for he is the mia good conscience : which some have nilter of God, a revenger to execute ing put away, conceroing faith have wrath upon him that doch evil. made shipwreck. 5. 20. Of whom is' With 2 John 10. 11. (See in the letHymeneus and Alexander: whom I ter q.) Ezra vii, 23. Whatsoever iş baye delivered uoto Satan, that they commanded by the God of heaven, may learn not to blaspheme. Rev. ii. let it be diligently done, for the 2. I know thy works, and thy la. house of the God of heaven'; for bour, and thy patience, and how why should there be wrath agaiolt thou canst not bear them who are the realm of the king and his sons ? evil; and thou hast tried them, who v. 23. and thou, Ezra, after the say they are apostles, and are not; wisdom of thy God, that is in thine and haś found them liars. v. 14. hand, set magistrates and judges, But I have a few things against thee, who may judge all the people that Because thou hast there them that are beyond the river, all such as hold the doctrine of Balaam, who koow the laws of thy God; and taught Balack to cast a stumbling, teach ye them that know them not. block before the children of Israel, v. 26. And whosoever will not do to eat things facrificed unto idols, the law of thy God, and the law of the and to commit fornication. v. 15. king, let, judgment be executed. So balt thou also them that hold the speedily upon him, whether it be doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which unto death, or to banishment, or to thing I hate. V. 20. Notwithstand- confiscation of goods, or to impria ing, I have a few things agaiolt fonment. v, 27. Blessed be the Lord thee, because thou sufferest that God of our fathers, who hath put woman Jezebel, which calleth her such 'a thing as this in the King's self a prophetess, to teach, and seduce heart, to beautify the house of the my servants to commit fornication, Lord, which is in Jerusalem : v. 28. aod to eat things facrificed unto i And hath extended mercy unto me, dols. Rev, iii, 9. Behold, I will before the king, and his couosellors, make them of the synagogue of Sa. and before all the king's mighty tan, (who say they are Jews, and princes : and I was strengthened, as are not, but do lie) Behold, I will the hand of the Lord my God was make them come and worship before upon me, and I gathered together thy feet, and to know that I have out of Israel, chief men to go up loved thee.

with me, Rev. xvii. 12. And the tea - (Deut. xiii. 6. to the 12.) Rom, horns which thou sawest, are ten xiü. 3. For rulers are not a terror to kings, which have received no kings good works, but to the evil. Wilt doni as yet; but receive power as thou then not be afraid of the pow. kings one hour with the beastv. er? do that which is good, and thou 16. and the ten horns which thou shalt bave praise of the fame. v. 4. sawelt upon the beast, these shall For he is the minister of Cod to thee hate the whore, and shall make her for good. But if thou do that which defolate, and naked, and shall eat. is eyil, be afraid; for be beareth Dot ber Auth, and burn her with fire

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