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v. 17.

For God hath put in their planets, and to all the host of heahearts

to fulfil his will, and to a- ven. v, 6. And he brought out the gree, and to give their kingdom grove from the house of the Lord, unto the beast, until the words of without Jerusalem, unto the brook God Mall be fulfilled. Neh. xiii. 15; Kidron, and burnt it at the brook In those days faw 1 in Judah some Kidron, and stamp it small to pow. treading wine preffes on the fabbath, der; and cast the powder thereof and bringing in theaves, and lading upon the graves of the children of asses ; as also wine, grapes, and figs, the people. v. 9. Nevertheless, the and all manner of burdens, which priests of the high places came not they brought into Jerusalem on the up to the altar of the Lord in Jerufabbath day: and I testified against falem, but they did eat of the unthem in the day wherein they sold leavened bread among their brethvictuals. v. 17. Then I contended ren. V. 20. And he sew all the with the nobles of Judah, and said prieits of the high places that were unto them, What evil thing is this there, upon the altars, and burnt that ye do, and prophane the fab- meos bones upon them, and returnbath-day ? v. 21. Then I testified ed to Jerusalem. v, 21. And the against them, and said unto them, king commanded all the people, Why lodge ye about the wall ? If saying, Keep the passover unto the ye do fo agan, I will lay hands on Lord your God, as it is written in you. Froin that tiine forth came the book of this covenant, 2 Chron. they no more on the fabbath. v. 22. xxxiv. 33. And yofiah took away all And I commanded the Levites, that the abominations out of all the counthey thould cleanse themselves, and tries that pertained to the children of that they fhould come and keep the Ifrael, and made all that were pregates, to sanctify the fabbath day. fent in Israel to serve, even to serve Remember me, O my God, concern the Lord their God. And all his ing this also, and spare me accord- days they departed not from following to the greatness of thy mercy. v. ing the Lord, the God of their fa25. And I contended with them, and thers. 2 Chron. xv. 12. And they cursed them, and fmote certain of entered into a covenant to seek the them, and pluck: off the hair, and Lord God of their fathers, with all made them swear by God, saying, their heart, and with all their soul ; shall not give your daughters V. 13. That whofoever would not unto their sons, nor take their seek the Lord God of Israel, should daughters unto your sons, or for be put' to death, whether small or yourselves. v. 30. Thus cleansed I great, whether man or woman. v. them from all Atrangers, and ap. 16.

16. And also concerning Maachab pointed the wards of the priests, and the mother of Afa the king, he rethe Levites, every one in his busi. moved her frem being queen, beness, 2 Kings xxiii. 5. And he put cause she had made an idol in a down the idolatrous priests, whom grove: and asa cut down her idol, the kings of Judah had ordained to and (tamped it, and burnt it at the buro incense in the high places, in brook Kidron, Dan. iii. 29. Therethe cities of Judah, and in the pla. fore I make a decree, That 'every ces round about Jerusalem, them people, nation, and language, which also that burn incense unto Baal, to speak any thing amiss against the the fun and to the moon, and to the cod of Shadrach, Melhach, and


CHAP. XXI. Of Religious Worship, and the Sabbath Day.

HE light of nature sheweth that there is a God who hath TH

lordship and sovereignty over all; is good, and doth good unto all; and is therefore to be feared, loved, praised, called upon, trusted in, and served, with all the heart, and with all the soul, and with all the might a. But the acceptable way of


Abednego, shall be cut in pieces, Godhead ; so that they are without and their houses shall be made a excuse. Acts xvii. 24. God that made dunghill; because there is no other the world, and all things therein, god that can deliver after this fort. seeing that he is Lord of heaven and i Tim, ii, 2. For kings, and for all earth, dwelleth not in temples made that are in authority; that we may with hands. Pfal. cxix. 68. Thou lead a quiet and peaceable life, in all art good, and doft good; teach me godliness and honesty, lfa. xlix. 23. thy Itatutes. Jer. x. 9. Who would and kings shall be thy nursing fa. not fear thee, o King of nations? thers, and their queens thy nursing for to thee dosh it appertain : foras. mothers ; they fhall bow down to inuch as among all the wise men of . thee, with their faces toward the the pations, and in all their kingearth, and lick up the dust of thy , doms, there is none like unto thee. feet, and thou shalt know that I am Psal. xxxi. 23. O love the Lord, all the Lord : for they fhall not be a ye his faints: for the Lord preservShamed that wait for me. Zech. xiii. eth the faithful, and plentifully re2. And it hall come to pass in that wardeth the proud doer. Psal. xviii. day; faith the Lord of hosts, that 3. I will call upon the Lord who is I will cut off the names of the idols worthy to be prailed ; so shall I be out of the land, and they shall no saved from mine enemies. Rom. X. more be remembred; and also I will 12, For there is no difference because the prophets, and the unclean tween the Jew and the Greek : for {pirit to pass out of the land. v. 3. the fanie Lord over all, is rich unto And it shall come to pass, that when all that call upon him. Pfal. Isii. 8. any shall yet prophely, then his fa- 'Trust in him at all times ; ye peother and his mother, that begat ple, pour out your hearts befàre him, shall say unto him, Thou shalt him : God is a resuge for us. Joshua notlivc; for thou speakest lies in the xxiv. 14. Now tberefore, fear the Dame of the Lord; and his father Lord, and serve himn in fincerity and bis mother, that begat him, and in truth, and put away the gods Shall thrust him through when he which your fathers served on the propbesieth.

other side of the flood, and in E1. a Rom. i. 20. For the invisible gypt': and serve ye the Lord." Mark things of him from the creation of xii. 33. And to love him with all the the world are clearly seen, being heart, and with all the understandunderstood by the things that are ing, and with all the foul, and with made, evca bis cternal power and all thë ftrength, and to love bis


H 3

worshipping the true God is instituted by himself, and fo limited by his own revealed will, that he may not be worshipped according to the imaginations and devices of inen, or the suggestions of Satan, under any visible representation, or any other way not prescribed in the holy scripture b.

11. Religious Worship is to be given to God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; and to him alone c: not to angels, faints, or any other creatured: and since the fall, not without a Media, tor; nor in the mediation of any other but of Christ alone e.

III. Prayer

neighbour as himself, is more than which things indeed have a shew of all whole burnt-offerings and facri- wisdom in will worship and bumili. ces.

ty, and neglecting of the body, not b Deut. xii. 32. What thing foever in any honour to the fatisfying of the I command you, observe to do it ; fesh. thou shalt not add thereto, nor di. II. c Mat.iv. 10. (See before in minila from it. Mat. xv. 9. But in letter b.) With John v. 23. That all vain do they worship me, teaching men Mhould honour the Son, even as for doctrines the commandments of they honour the Father. He that men, Acts xvii. 35. Neither is wor- honoureth not the Son, honoureth shipped with mens hands, as though not the Father who bath sent him., he necded any thing, seeing he giv. And 2 Cor. xiii. 24, The grace of eth to all life, and breath, and all the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love things. Mat. iv. 9. And faith unto of God, aod the communion of the hire, All these things will I give thee, Holy Ghost, be with you all. Anuen. if thou wilt fall down and wor- d Col, ii, 18. Let dom beguile ship me. v. 10. Then said Jesus un- you of your reward, in a voluntary to him, Get thee hence, Satan: for humility, and worshipping of angels, it is written, thou shalt worship the intruding into those things which Lord thy God, and him only shalt he hath not seen, vainly puft up by thou ferve. (Deut. xv. to the 20. his fleshly mind. Rev. xix. 10. And verse.) Exod. xx. 4. Thou shalt not I fell at his feet to worship him : and make unto thee any graven image, he said unto me, See thou do it not: I or any likeness of any thing that is am thy fellow.servant, and of thy in heaven above, or that is in the brethred that have the testimony of earth beneath, or that is in the wa- Jesus : worship God; for the testis ter under the earth. v. 5. Thou shalt mony of Jesus is the spirit of prophenot bow down thyself to them, nor cy. Rom, i. 25. Who changed the serve them : for I the Lord thy God truth of God into a lie, and worshipam a jealous God, visiting the inj- ped and served the creature more quities of the fathers upon the chil. than the Creator, who is blessed for dren, unto the third and fourth ge- ever. Amen. neration of them that hate me : v. e John xiv. 6. Jesus faith unto him, 6. And shewing mercy unto thou. I I am ihe way, and the truth, and the sands of them that love me,and keep life : no man cometh to the Father my commandments, Col, qi. 23. but by me. 1. Tim. ii. 5. For there

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III. Prayer with thanksgiving, being one special part of ré ligious worship f, is by God required of all men g; and that it may be accepted, it is to be made in the name of the Son h, by the help of his Spiriti, according to his will k, with understand, ing, reverence, humility, fervency, faith, love and perseverancel;


is one God, and one Mediator be the house of God, and be more tween God and men, the man Christ ready to hear, than to give the sa-. Jefus. Eph. ii. 18. For through him crifice of fools : for they consider we both have an access by one Spirit not that they do evil. v. 2. Be not unto the Father. Col. i. 17. And' rash with thy mouth, and let not whatsoever ye do in word or in thine heart be hatty to utter any deed, do all in the name of the thing before God : for God is in Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God, heaven, and thou upon earth; and the Father by him.

therefore let thy words be few. III. Phil. iv. 6. Be careful for Heb, xii. 28. Wherefore we receiv. nothing: but in every thing by ing a kingdom which cannot be prayer and supplication with thanki. noved, let us have grace, whereby giving, let your requests be reade we may serve cod acceptably with known unto God.

reverence and godly fear. Gen. xviii. 8 Plal. Ixv. 2. O thou that hear- 27. And Abraham answered and eft prayer, unto thee shall all flesh said, Behold now, I have taken up. come.

on me to speak unto the Lord, who h john xiv. 13. And whatsoever am but dust and ashes. james v, 16. ye shall ak in my name, that will I Confess your faults one to another, do, that the Father may be glorifi. and pray one for another, that ye ed in the Son. v. 14. If ye thall ask may be healed : The effectual fer-any thing in my name, I will do it. vent prayer of a righteous man a. 1 Pet. ii, 5. Ye also as lively stones vaileth much. James i. 6. But let are built up a spiritual house, an him ask in faith, nothing wavering : holy priesthood to offer up spititual for he that wavereth, is like a wave facrifices, acceptable to God by Je- of the sea, driven wiin the wind and fas Chrift.

toffed. v. 7. For let not that man i Rom. viii. 26. Likewise the Spirit think that he shall receive any

thing also helpèth our infirmities ; for we of the Lord. Mark xi. 24. Thereknow not what we should pray for fore I say unto you, What things as we ought; but the Spirit itself foever ye desire when ye pray, bemaketh intercefsion for us with lieve that ye receive them, and ye groanings which cannot be uttered. Thall have them. Mat, vi. 12. and

ki John v. 14. And this is the forgive us our debts, as we forgive confidence that we have in him, that our debtors.


For if ye forif we ask any thing according to his give men their trespasses, your hea. will he heareth us.

venly Father will also forgive you. I Pfal. 1xxv, 7. For God is the Vi 15. But if ye forgive not men king of all the earth, fing ye praises their trespasses, neither will your with understanding. Eccl. v. 1. Father forgive your trespasses. Col. Keep thy foot when thou goeft to iv, 2 Continue in prayer, and watch


and, if vocal, in a known tongue m.

IV. Prayer is to be made for things lawful n, and for all forts of men living, or that shall live hereafter o: but not for the dead p, nor for those of whom it may be known that they have finned the fip unto death

9. V. The reading of the scriptures with godly fear r; the


in the same with thanksgiving. Eph. V. 29. And he said, while the child vi. 18. Praying always with all was yet alive, I falted and wept : for prayer and supplication in the Spi- I said, who can tell whether Cod rit, and watching thereunto with will be gracious to me, that the all perseverance, and supplication for child may, live? v. 23. But now he all faints.

is dead, wherefore should I falt? m 1 Cor. xiv. 14. For if I pray Can I bring him back again? I shall in an unknown tongue, my spirit go to him, but he shall not return prayeth, but my understanding is to me, (With Luke xvi. 25.) But unfruitful.

Abraham said, Son, remember that IV. n. (1 John v. 14. See letter k.) thou in thy life time receivedit thy

0.1 Tim. ii. 1. I exhort therefore, good things, and likewise Lazarus that first of all fupplications, pray evil things : but now he is comfort. ers, jniercellions, and giving of ed, and thou are tormented, v. 26. thanks, be made for all men: v. 2. And besides all this, between us For kings, and for all that are in and you, there is a great gulf fix authority; that we pay lead a quieted : so that they who would pass and peaceable life in all godliness from bence to you canuot, neither and honesty. John xvii. 20. Neither can they pass to us, that would pray I for these alone, but for them come from thepce. Rev. xiv, 13. also who shall believe on me thro' And I heard a voice from heaven, their word. 2 Sam. vii. 29. There saying unto me, Write, Blessed are fore now let it please thee to blels the dead who die in the Lord, from the house of thy servant, that it may beuceforth : yea, faith the Spirir, continue for ever before thee: for that they may rest from their lathou, o Lord God, halt spoken it; hours: and their works do follow and with thy blelling lee the house them. of thy servant be blefled for ever. 91 John v. 16. If any man fee Ruth iv. 12. And let thy house be his brother fio a fin whicli is nor una like the house of Pharez (whom to death, he shall alk, and he shall: Tamar bare unto Judah) of the feed give him life for them that lin not which the Lord shall give chee of uato death. There is a fin unrol this young woman.

death; I do not say, that he shall P.2 Sam, xii. 21. Then said his pray for it. servants upto him, What thing is V. « Acts xv, 21. For Moses of this that thou hast done?, thou didst old time hath in every city, them falt and weep for the child while it that preach him, being read in the was alive; but when the child was snagogues every fabbath day. Rev. dead, thou didit arise and eat bread. i, 3. Bleled is he that readeth, and


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