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but doth daily break them in thought k, word, and deed l.

Q. 50. Are all transgresions of the law of God equally bainous in themselves, and in the hight of God?

A. AU transgressions of the law of God are not equally hainous : but some fins in themselves, and by reason of several aggravations, are more hainous in the light of God than others m,

Q..151. What are those aggravations that make some fins more bainous than others? A. Sins receive their aggravations.

1. From

my flesh) dwelleth no good thing: no fear of God before their eyes. 1. for to will is present with me; but 19. Now we know that what things how to perform that which is good, foever the law faith, it faith to them I find not.

V, 19. For the good who are under the law: that every that I would, I do not, but the evil mouth may be stopped, and all the which I would not, that I do. world may become guilty before

k Gen. vi. 5. And God saw that God. James iii. from verse 2, to 13. the wickedness of man was great in for in many things we offend all,the earth, and that every imagina- 150. m Joha xix. 11. Jefus aption of the thoughts of his heart was swered, Thou could have no pow. only evil continually. Gen. viii. er at all againlt me, except it were 21.–And the Lord said in his given thee from above, therefore he heart, I will curse the ground no

that delivered me unto thee bath the more for man's fake; for the imagina greater fin. Ezek, riji, 6. But. tion of man's heart is evil from his

turp thee yet again, and thou shalt youth:

see greater abominations. V. 13.1 Rom. iii. 9. - We have before Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt proved both Jews and Gentiles, that see greater abominations that they they are all under fin; v. 10, as it do, v. 15. Turn thee yet again, is written, There is none righteous, and thou shalt see greater abomino not one: v. 11. There is none nations than these. 1 John v. 16. that understandeth, there is none If any man see his brother sin a fin that seeketh after God. v. 12. They which is not uato death, he shall are all gone out of the way, they ask, and he shall give him life for are together become unprofitable, them that fio not unto death. There there is none that doth good, no is a fin unto death: I do not say not one: V. 13. Their throat is an that he shall pray for it. Pfal. Ixxviii. open fepulchre: with their tongues 17. and they lioned yet more athey have used deceit, the poison of gainst him, by provoking the most alps is under their lips. v. 14. High in the wilderness. v. 32. For Whose mouth is full of cursing and all this they finned fill: and bebitterness. v. 15. Their feet are lieved not for his wonderous works. fwift to shed blood. v. 16. Deftruc- v. 56. Yet they tempted and protion and misery are in their ways: voked the most high God, and kept v. 17. and the

way peace have not his testimonies, they not known. v. 18. There is



1. From the persons offending n: If they be of riper age o, greater experience or grace pi eminent for profession q gifts r, places, office t; guides to o


151. n Jer. ii. 8. The priests said stripes. v. 48. But he that knew not, Where is the Lord and they not, and did commit things worthy that handle the law, knew me not: of itripes, shall be beaten with few the pastors also tranfgrefled against stripes. For unto whomsoever much me, and the prophets prophesied by is given, of him shall be much reBaal, and walked after things that quired : and to whom men have do not profit.

committed much, of him they will o Job xxxii. 7. I faid, Days should ask the more. speak, and multitude of years should S Jer, v. 4. Therefore I faid,

. teach wisdom. 1.9. Great med are surely these are poor, they are not always wife : neither do the aged foolish : for they know not the way understand judgment. Eccl. iv, 13. of the Lord, nor the judgment of Better is a poor and a wife child, their God. v, 5. I will get me unto than an old and foolish king, who the great men, and I will speak unwill no more be admonished. to them : for they have known the

P 1 Kings xi. 4. For it came to way of the Lord, and the judgment pafs when Solomon was' old, that of their God: but these have altohis wives turned away his heart af- gether broken the yoke, and burlt ter other gods: and his heart was the bonds. pot perfect with the Lord his God, 1 2 Sam. xii. 7. And Nathan said as was the heart of David his father. to David, Thou art the man, thus v. 1. y. and the Lord was angry with faith the Lord God of Israel, I aSolomon, because his heart was nointed thee king over Israel,-1.8. turned from the Lord God of Israel, and I gave thee thy master's house, which had appeared unto him twice. and thy master's wives into thy bo

9 2 Sam. xii. 14. Howbeit, be- fom, and gave thee the house of Ilcause by this deed thou halt given rael and of Judah : and if that had great occasion to the enemies of the been too little,lwould moreover have Lord to blafpheme, the child that given unto thee such and such things. is born unto thee shall surely die. I v.9. Wherefore haft chou defpifeos Cor. v. 1. It is reported commonly the commandment of the Lord, to that there is fornication among you, do evil in his fight? Ezek viii. 11. and such fornication as is not fo and there stood before them seventy much as named among the Gentiles, men of the ancients of the house of that one should have his father's Ifrael, and in the midst of them wife.

stood Jaazaniah the ton of Shaphan, - James iv. 17. Therefore to him with every man his censer in his that knoweth to do good, and doeth hand, and a thick cloud of incense it oot, to bim it is fia. Luke xii. 47. ' went up. v. 12. Then said he unto and that fervant who knew his me, son of man, halt thou seen lord's will, and prepared oot him- what the ancients of the house of felf, neither did according to his Ifrael do in the dark, every man in will, shall be beaten with many the chambers of his imagery? for


thers v, and whose example is likely to be followed by o. thers w.

2. From the parties offendedx; if immediately against God y, his attributesz, and worship a; against Christ, and his grace b;


they say, The Lord seeth us not, not as do the Jews, why compellet the Lord hath forsaken the earth. thou the Gentiles. to live as do the

v Rom. ii. 17. Behold thou art Jews ? called a few, and restest in the law, * Mat. xxi. 38. But when the and makest thy boast of God; v. 18; husbandmen law.the. fon, they faid and knowelt bis will,-v. 19. and among themselves, This is the heir, art confident that thou thy felf art a come let us kill him, and let us guide of the blind, a light of them feize on his inheritance, T. 39. and who are in darkness, v. 20. an ina they caught him, and cast him out structor of the foolish, a teacher of of the vineyard, and flew him. babes, -V. 21. Thou therefore who yi Sam. ii. 25. If one man sina teachelt another, teacheft thou not gainst another, the judge shall judge thyself? Thou that preacheft a man him, but if a man fin against the should not steal, dost thou steal? Lord, who shall intreat for him ! v. 22. Thou that fayelt a man Acts v. 4.-Thou hast not.lied uo. should not commit adultery, dost to meo, but unto God. Pfal. li. thou commit adultery? thou that against thee, thee only have I m. abhorreft idols, dost thou commit ned, and done this evil in thy fight : facrilege? v. 23. Thou that makest that thou mightest be justified when thy boast of the law, through thou speakest, and be clear wbea breaking the law, dishonourelt thou thou judgeit. God? v. 24. For the name of God 2 Rom. ii. 4. Or despisest thon is blafphemed among the Gentiles, the riches of his goodneis, and for. through you.

bearance, and long-fuffering, not w Gal. ii. 11. But when Peter knowing that the goodness of God was come to Antioch, I withstood leadeth thee to repentance ? him to the face, because he was to a Mal. i. 8. And if ye offer the be blamed. V. 12. For before that blind for facrifice, is it pot evil ? and certain came from James, he did if ye offer the lame and lick, is it eat with the Gentiles : but when not evil ? offer it now unto thy gothey were come, he withdrew, and vernor, will he be pleafed with separated himself, fearing them who thee, or accept thy perfon? faith were of the circumcision. V. 13. the Lord of hosts. v. 14. But cur. and the other Jews dissembled like. sed be the deceiver, who hath in wise with him, infomuch that Bar. his flock a male and voweth and fanabas also was carried away with crificeth unto the Lord a corrupt their diffimulation. v. 14. But when thing: for I am a great King, faith I saw that they walked not upright. the Lord of hosts, and my name is ly, according to the truth of the dreadful among the heathen. gospel. I said unto Peter before b Heb. ii. 2. - For if the word them all, If thou being a Jew, livelt spoken by angels was stedfast, and after the manner of Gentiles, and every tranfgreffion and disobedience


the Holy Spirit c, his witness d, and workings e; against fupe, riors, men of eminency f, and such as we stand especially related and engaged unto g; against any of the saints h, parti


received a just recompence of re. And the anger of the Lord was. ward; v. 3. How fhall we escape, kindled against them, and he deif we neglect so great falvation, parted. I. i. 5.- The child shall

. Heb. xii. 25. See that you retufe not behave himself proudly against the him that speaketh: for if they escap- ancient, and the base against the ed not who refuted him that fpake honourable. on earth, much more hall not we & Prov. xxx. 17.


that escape, if we turn away from him mocketh at his father, and despiseth that speaketh from heaven.

to obey his mother, the ravens of Heb. x. 29. Of how much forer the valley shall pick it out, and the punishment, fuppofe ye shall he be young eagles shall eat it. 2 Cor. xii. thought worthy, who hath trodden is. And I will very gladly spend under foot the Son of God,-Mat. and be spent for you, though the xii. 30. Wherefore I say unto you more abundantly I love you, the All manner of lin and blafphemy less I be loved. Plal. lv. 12. For shall be forgiven unto men; but the it was not an enemy that reproachblasphemy againft the Holy Ghoft ed me, then I could have born it'; Shall not be forgiveo unto men. 7. neither was it he that hated me, that 33. And whosoever speaketh a did magnify himself against me, word against the Son of mạn, it then I would have hid myself from hall be forgiven him: but whoso- him. v. 13. But it was thou, a man, ever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, mine equal, my guide, and my it shall not be forgiven him, neither acquaintance. v. 14. We took sweet in this world, neither in the world counsel together, and walked unto to come.

the house of God in company. V 2 Eph, vi. 30. And grieve not 15. Let death seize upon them, the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye and let them go down quick into are sealed unto the day of redemp- hell; tion.

b Zeph. ii. 8. I have heard the e Heb. vi. 4. For it is impossible reproach of Moab, and the revilings for those who were once eolightened, of the children of Ammon, whereand bave tafted of the heavenly gift by they have reproached my peoand were made partakers of the ple,v.10. This shall they have Holy Ghost, v. 5. And have tasted for their pride, because they have the good word of God, and the reproached and magnified thempowers of the world to come; v. 6. felves against the people of the Lord If they shall fall away, to renew of hosts. v. 11. The Lord will be them again unto repentance :

terrible unto them:--Mat. xviji 6. Jude verse 8. Likewise also But whoso fhall offend one of these these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, little ones who believe in me, it were despise dominion, and speak evil of better for him that a milftone were dignities, Numb. xii. 8. - Where. hanged about his neck, and that he fore then were ye dot afraid to speak were drowned in the depth of the against my servant Moses? v. 9. .


cularly weak brethren i, the souls of them or any other k, and the common good of all or many 1.

3. From the nature and quality of the offence m. If it be against the express letter of the law u, break many com



fea. I Cor. ti. 8. Nay, you do wrong Mat. xxiii. 15. Wounto you; fcribes and defraud, and that your bre- and pharisees, hypocrites ; for ye thren. Rev. xvi. 6. And I saw the compass sea and land to make, one woman drunken with the blood of profelyte, and when he is made, ye the saints, and with the blood of make him two fold more the child the martyrs of Jesus :-.

of hell than yourselves. i i Cor. vii. u. And through Ii Theff. ii. 15. Who both killed thy knowledge shall the weak bro- the Lord Jesus, and their own prother perish, for whom Christ died ? phets, and have persecuted us; and 1.12. But when ye sim so against they please not God, and are conthe brethren, and wound their weak trary to all men : v. 16. Forbidding conscience, ye fin against Christ. us to speak to the Gentiles, that Rom. xiv. 13. Let us not therefore they might be faved...Joh. xxii 20. judge one another any more, but Did not Achan the fon of Zerah judge this rather, that no man put commit a trespass in the accurfed a stumbling bluek, or an occasion to thing, and wrath fell on all the fall in his brother's way. v. 15. But congregation of Israel ? and that if thy brother be grieved with thy man perilhed not alone in his inimeat, now walkelt thou not charité quity. ably. Destroy not him with thy meat m Prov. tio 30. Men do not des for whom Chrilt died. V. 21. It fpise a thief, it he steal to satisfy bis is good neither to eat flesh, nor to foul when he is hungry: v. 31. drink wine, nor any thing whereby But if he be found, he shall rellore thy brother stumbleth, or is offend. feven fold; -- •V32. But whoso ed, or is made weak.

committeth adultery with a woman, k Ezek. xiii. 19. And will ye pole lacketh understanding: he that lute me among my people for hand. doth it destroyeth his own soul. p. fuls of barley, and for pieces of 33. A wound and dilhonour shall bread, to say the fouls that should he get, and his reproach shall not not die, and to save the fouls alive be wiped away. And so on to the that should not live, by your lying end of the chapter. to my people that hear your lies. n Ezra ix 10. And now, o our 1 Cor. viii. 12. But when ye fin so God, what shall we say after this ? again the brethren, and wound for we have forsaken thy commandtheir weak conscience, ye fin against ment v. II.

Which thou halt Chrif Rev. xviii. 13. (The merchan- commanded by thy fervants the dife of gold) and cinnamon, and prophets, saying, The land upto odours, and ointments, and frank which ye go to possess it, is an uno incense, and wine, and oil, and clean land with the filthiness of the fine flour, and wheat, and beasis, people,.--v. 12. Now therefore givo and sheep, and horses, and chariots, not your daughters unto their sons, and Slaves, and souls of men.


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