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mandments, contain in it many sins o: if not only conceived in the heart, but breaks forth in words and actions P, fcandalize others


and admit of no reparation r : if against


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nor--1 Kings xi. 9. And the Lord his own luits, and enticed. v. 25. was angry with Solomon, because Then, when luft hath conceived, it his heart was turned from the Lord bringeth forth fin; and fin, when God of Israel, who had appeared it is finished, bringeth forth death. unto him twice, v. 1o. And had Mat, v. 22 But I lay unto you, that commanded him concerning this whosoever is angry with his brother thing, that he hould not go after without cause, shall be in danger other gods: but he kept, not that of the judgment; and whosoever which the Lord commanded. shall say to his brother, Raca, Mall

o Col. iii. 5. Mortify therefore be in danger of the council: but your members which are upon the whosoever shall say, Thou fool, earth; fornication, uncleanness, in. Thall be in danger of hell-fire. Mic. ordinate affection, evil concupiscence, ii. 1. Wo unto them that devise iand covetousness, which is idolatry. niquity, and work evil upon their 1 Tim. vi. 10 For the love of mo. beds; when the morning is light, ney is the root of all evil : which they practise it, because it is in the while some coveted after, they have power of their hand. erred from the faith, and pierced 9 Mat. xviii. 7. Wo to the world themselves through with many for because of offences; for it must needs rows. Prov. v. 8. Remove thy way be that offences come: but wo to far from her, and cume not nigh that man by whom the offence com. the door of her house : v.9. Lelt eth, Rom. ii. 23. Thou that makest thou give thine honour unto others, thy boast of the law, through breakand thy years unto the cruel. v. 10. ing the law, dishonourelt thou God? Lelt Atrangers be filled with thy v. 24. For the name of God is blafwealth, v. 11. And thou mourn phemed among the Gentiles through at the last, when thy Aesh and thy you, as it is written. body are consumed, v. 12. And Deut. xxii. 22. If a man be fay, How have I hated instruction, found lying with a woman married and my heart despised reproof? Prov. to an húsband, then they shall both vi. 32. But whoso committeth adul- of them die, both the man that lay tery with a woman, lacketh under with the woman, and the woman: standing : he that doth it, destroy so shalt thou put away evil from If

fo eth his own soul. v. 33. A wound rael. Compared with v. 28. if a and dishonour Mall he get, — Josh. man find a damsel that is a virgin vii. 21. When I saw among the which is not betrothed, and lay hold spoils a goodly Babylonish garment on her, and ly with her, and they and two hundred shekels of filver, be found: v. 29. Then the man and a wedge of gold of fifty shekels that lay with her, shall give to the weight, then I coveted them, and damsel's father fifty shekels of silver. took them.

and she shall be his wife, because he Jam, i. 14. But every man is hath humbled her; he may not put tempted when he is drawn away of her away all his days. Pror. vi. 32.



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means s, mercies t, judgments v, light of nature w, conviction of conscience *, public or private admoniti

on ý But whoso committeth adulrery with yet have ye not returned unto me, a woman; lacketh understanding : faith the Lord. v. 8. I have smitten he that doth it, destroyeth bis own you with blasting, and mildew : foul. v. 33. A wound and disonour when your gardens and vineyards, Thall he get, and his reproach thall and your fig trees, and your olive.. not be wiped away. v. 34. Por jea. trees increased, the palmer-worm lousy is the rage of a man; therefore devoured them: yet have ye not rehe will not spare in the day of ven- turned unto me, faith the Lord. v. geance. v. 35. He will not regard 10. I have sent among you the pefany ransom: neither will he rest tilence after the manner of Egypt: content, though thou givest many your young men have I sain with gifts.

the sword, and have taken away sMat xi.21. Wounto thee Cho- your houses, and I have made the razin, wo unto thee Bethfaida : for stink of your camps to come up une if the mighty works which were to your notrils : yet have ye not redone in you, had been done in Tyre turned unto me, faith the Lord, v. and Sidon, they would have repent. 11. I have overthrown some of you, ed long ago in fackcloth and alhes. as God overthrew Sodom and Gov. 22. But I say unto you, It shall morrah, and ye were as a fire-brand be more tolerable for Tyre and Si- plackt out of the burning : yet hare don at the day of judgment than for ye not returned unto me, faith the you. v. 23. And thou Capernaum, Lord. Jer. v.-3. O Lord, are not which art exalted unto heaven, shalt thine eyes upon the truth? thou be brought down to hel!: for if the halt Itricken them, but they have mighty works which have been done not grieved; thou hast consumed in thee, had been done in Sodom, them, but they have refused to reit would have remained until this ceive correction; they have made day. v. 24. But I say unto you, that their faces harder than a rock, they it shall be more tolerable for the land bave refused to return, of Sodom, -John xv. 22. If I had w Rom. i. 26. For this caufe God not come, and spoken unto them, gave them up ubio vile affe&ions : they had not had lin: but now they for even their women did change the have no cloke for their fin.

natural use into that which is againit 1 Ila. i. 3. The ox knoweth his nature :

v. 27. and likewise also owner, and the ass his master's crib: the men, leaving the natural use of but Ifrael doth not know, my peo. the woman, burned in their luft ple doth not conlider. Deut. xxxii. one toward another, men with men 6 Do ye thus requite the Lord, o working that which is upseemly, foolish people and unwise? is not and receiving in themselves that rehe thy father that hath bought compence of their error which was thee? hath he not made thee, and established thee.

x Rom. i. 32. Who knowing the v Amos iv. 8. So two or three ci- judgment of God, that they who ties wandered unto one city, to drink commit such things are worthy of water; but they were not satisfied; death not only do the fame, but



on y, censures of the church z, civil punishments a; and our prayers, purposes, promises b, vows < covenants de and engagements to God or men e: if done deliberate.

ly fi

you, but

have pleasure in them that do them. and burit thy bands, and thou saidit, Dan. v. 22. And thou his son, o I will not trantgress: when upun eBellhazzar, halt not humbled thine very high bill, and under every heart though thou koewelt all this. green tree thou wanderest, playing Tit, iii. 10. A man that is an here. the harlot. Jer. xlii. 5 Then they tic, 'after the first and fecond ad- said to Jeremiah, The Lord be a monition, reje&t: v. 11. Knowing true and faithtul witness between us, that he that is fach, is fubverted, if we do not even according to all and Goneth, being condemned of things for which the Lord thy God himself.

shall send thee to us, v. 6. Whey Prov. xxix 1. He that being of 'ther it be good, or whether it betten reproved, hardeneth his neck, vil, we will obey the voice of the fhall suddenly be destroyed, and Lord our God, to whom we senki that without remedy.

thee :--V. 20. For ye difle mbled in < Tit. iji. 10. A man that is an your hearts, when ye sent me unto heretic, after the first and second the Lord your God, faying, Pray admonition, rejeđ. Mat. xviii. 17. for us unto the Lord our God, and and if he shall negle& to hear them, according unto all that the Lord var tell it unto the church : but if he God will tay, fo deciare uoto us, and neglect to hear the church, let him we will do it. v 21. and now I be unto thee as an heathon mán, and have this day declared it to a publican.

ye have not obeyed the voice of the a Prov. xxvii. 22. Though thou Lord your God, nor any thing for shouldnt bray a tool in a mortar a- the which he hath sent me unto you. mong wheat with a pestil, yet will € Eccl v. 4. When thou vowelt not his foolishness depart from him. a vow unto God, defer not to pay Prov. xxiii. 35. They have stricken it; for he hath no pleasure in fouls: me, shalt thou say, and I was not pay that which thou halt vowed. t. fick ; they have beaten me, and I s Better is it that thou should... felt it not : when shall I awake! I vow, than that thou shouldlt vravus will seek it yet again.

and not pay v 6. Suffer not a 6 Plal. Ixxviii. 34. When he flew moath to cause thy flesh to sin : 00:them, then they fought him : and ther fay thou before the angel, 1!? they returned and enquired early it was an error: wherefore thoil after God. v. 35. and they remem God be angry at thy voice, and «i?.. bred that God was their rock, and Itroy the work of thine hands > Prise the high God their redeemer XX 25. It is a snare to the man 36. Nevertheless, they did facter devoureth that which is holy: il him with their mouth, and they lied after vows to make enquiry, . unto him with their tongues v. 37. d Lev. xxvi. 25. And I will h:... For their heart was not right with a sword upon you, that shall av?"},6 him, neither were they stedfalt in the quarrel of nay covenant: his covenant. Jer. ii. 20. For of e Prov, ii. 17. Which for:: ::

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ly f, wilfully g; presumptuously h, impudently i, boastingly, maliciously l, frequently m, obstinately n, with delight o, continuance p, or relapsing after repentance q.

4. From


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the guide of her youth, and forget- I will remember his deeds which he teth the covenant of her God. Ezek. doth prating against us with malicixvii. 18. Seeing he despised the oath ous words : by breaking the covenant (when lo, m Num, xiv, 22. Because all those he had given his hand) and bath men who have seen my glory, and done all these things, he shall not my miracles which I did in Egypt escape. V. 19. Therefore thus faith and in the wilderness, and bave the Lord God, As I live, surely tempted me now these ten times,and mine oath that he hath defpised, and have not hearkened to my voice. my covenant that he hath broken, n Zech. vii. 11. But they refused even it will I recompence apon his to hearken, and pulled away the own head.

shoulder, and stopped their ears, s Psal. xxxvi. 4. He deviseth mis- that they should not bear. y. 12. chief upon his bed, he fetteth him. Yea, they made their hearts as an felf in a way that is not good; he adamant (tone, left they should hear abhorreth not evil.

the law, and the words which the 8 Jer. vi. 16. Thus faith the Lord, Lord of hosts. hath sent in his Spirit Stand ye in the ways and fee, and ask by the former prophets : theretore for the old paths, where is the good came a great wrath froni the Lord way, and walk therein, and ye shall of hosts. find rest for your souls : but they o Prov; ii. 14. Who rejoice to do faid, We will not walk therein. evil, and delight in the frowardness

h Num. v. 30. But the soul that of the wicked. doth ought presumptuously. (whe- · p lta. lvii. 17. For the iniquity of ther he be born in the land, or a his covetousness was I wroth, and stranger) the same reproacheth the smote him ; I hid me, and was wroth, Lord; and that foul shall be cut off and he went on frowardly in the way from among his people. Exod xxi. of his heart. 14. But if a mao come prefumptu. ? Jer. xxxiv. 8. This is the word ously upon his neighbour, to Nay him that came unto Jeremiah from the with guile; thou thalt take him from Lord, after that the king Zedekiah mine altar, that he may die. had made a covenant with all the

i Jer,iii. 3. Therefore the showers people which were at Jerusalem, 10 have been with-holden, and there proclaim liberty unto them: 1. 9. hath been no latter rain, and thou That every man should let his man. hadft a whore's forehead, thou re- servant, and every man his maidfusedst 10 be ashamed. Prov. vii. 13. fervart, being an Hebrew, or an So she caught him and kissed him, Hebrewels, go free, that none should and with an impudent face said un- terve himself of them, to wit, of a to him.

Jew his brother, v. 10. Now when k Psal. lii. 1. Why boastest thou all the princes, and all the people thyself in mischief, O mighty man? which had entered into the core.

13 Joha 10. Wherefore it I come, nant, heard that every one should


4. From circumstances of time r; and places: if on the Lord's dayt,orother times of divine worshipv;or immediately before w,

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let his man-fervant, and every one + Ezek. xxiii. 37. That they have his maid-fervant go free, that none committed adultery, and blood is fhould serve themselves of them any in their hands, and with their idols more, then they obeyed and let them have they comnsitred adultery.-v. go. v. 11. But afterwards they turn. 38. Moreover, this they have done ed, and caused the servants and the unto me: they have defiled my fanchand-maids, whom they had let go tuary in the same day, and have free, to return, and brought them profaned my fabbaths. v. 39 For into subjection for servants and for when they had Nain their children hand-maids. 2 Pet. ï. 20. For if af. to their idols, then they came the ter they have escaped the pollutions fame day into my fan&tuary to proof the world through the knowledge fane it; and lo, thus have they done of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the midst of my house. they are again intangled therein, and v Ifa. Iviii. 3. Wherefore have we overcome; the latter end is worse fasted, say they, and thou feeft not? with them than the beginning. v. wherefore have we afflicted our foul, 21. For it had been better for them and thou takest no knowledge? Benot to have known the way of righ hold, in the day of your falt you teousness, than after they have find pleasure, and exact all your laknown it, to turn from the holy com- bours. v. 4. Behold, ye falt for strife mandment delivered unto them. v. and debate, and to smite with the 22. But it is happened unto them filt of wickedness, ye shall not falt according to the true proverb, The as ye do this day, to make your dog is turned to his own vomit a- voice to be heard on high. v. 5. Is gain; and, The low that was walho it such a falt that I have chosen a ed to her wallowing in the mire. day for a man to afflict his soul? Is

s 2 Kings v. 26. And he said un- it to bow down his head as a bulrush, to hin, Gehazi, Went not mine and to spread fackcloth and ashes heart with thee, when the man turn. under him ? Wilt thou call this a ed again from his chariot to meet fast, and an acceptable day to the thee? Is it a time to receive money, Lord? Numb. xxv.6 And behold, * and to receive garments, and olive- one of the children of Israel came yards, and vineyards, and sheep, and brought unto his brethren a a and oxen, and men-fervants, and Midianitish woman in the right of maid-fervants ?

Moses, and in the fight of all the Jer. vii. 10. And come and stand congregation of the children of If. before me in this house which is cal- rael, who were weeping before the led by my name, and fay, We are door of the tabernacle of the condelivered to do all these abominati- gregation. v.7. and when Phineons. lfa, xxvi. 10. Let favour be has the son of Eleazer, the son of Thewed to the wicked, yet will he Aaron the prieft, saw it, he rose up not learn righteousness: 'in the land from amongft the congregation, and of uprightness will he deal unjustly, took a javelin in his hand. and will not behold the majelty of w i Cor xi.. 20. When ye come the Lord.

together therefore into one place,




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