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or after these x, or other helps to prevent or remedy fuch milcarriages y: if in public, or in the presence of others, who are thereby likely to be provoked or defiled z.

Q. 152. What doth every fin deserve at the hands of God?

A. Every sin even the leaft, being againit the sovereignty a, goodness b, and holiness of God c, and against his righteous

law de

9 Will

this is not to eat the Lord's supper. of all Ifrael. 1 Sam. ii. 22 Now E. v 21. For in eating every one tak li was very old, and heard all that eth before other, his own lupper; his fons did unto all lrael, and how and one is hungry, and another is they lay with the women that affem. drunken.

bled at the door of the tabernacle x Jer. vü. 8. Behold ye trust in of the congregation v. 23. and he lying words, that cannot profit. v. faid unto them, why do ye such

ye fteal, murder, and com- things for I hear of your evil dealmit adultery, and twear fally, and ings by all this people. v. 24. Nay, burn incenie unto Baal, and walk' my sons : for it is so good report after other gods whom ye know not; that I hear: ye make the Lord's V.10 and come and Itand before people to tranfgrefs. · me in this house, which is called by 132 a James ii. 10. For whofo. my name, and fay, We are deliver. ever Thall keep the whole law, and ed to do all these abominations yet offend in one point, he is guilty Prov. vii. 14. I have peace-offerings of all. v. 11. For he that said, Da with me; this day hase I paid my not commit adultery, said alfo, Do vows. v. 15. Therefore came i forth not kill. to meet thee, diligently to seek thy b Exod xx. 1. God fpake all these face, and I have found thee. John words, saying, v. 2. I am the Lord xiii. 27. and after the sop, Satan thy God, who have brought thee entered into him. Then said Jesus out of the land of Egypt, out of unto him, that thou dost, do quick the house of bondage. jy v 30. He then having received c Hab. i. 13. Thou art of purer the fop, went immediately out, eyes than to behold evil, and canft

y Ezra ix. 13. And after all that not look on iniquity; wherefore is come upon us for our evil deeds, lookest thou upon them that deal and for our great trespass, seeing treacherously, and holdest thy tongue that thou our God hath punished us when the wicked devoureth the man l'is than our iniquities deserve, and that is more righteous than he? Lev. bait given us such deliverance as x. 3. Then Mofes faid voto Aaron, This: v. 14. Should we again break This is that the Lord fpake, faying, thy commandments, and join in af I will be fanctified in them that come finiev with the people of those abo. nigh me, and before all the people minacions? would not thou be an I will be glorified. - Lev. xi. 44. $r' with us till thou hadit confum. For I am the Lord your God: ye

shall therefore fan&tify yourselves, sam. xvi. 22. So they spread and ye shall be holy, for I am holy: Abatom a tent apon the top of the neither shall ye defile yourfelves with Lions, and all lom went in unto juis father's concubines, in the light

any manner of creeping things that

ed us


law d, deferveth his wrath and curse e, both in this life f, and that which is to comeg; and cannot be expiated but by the blood of Christ b.

Q. 153. What doth God require of us, that we may escape bis wrath and curfe due to us by reason of the tranfgrefsion of the law?

A. That we may escape the wrath and curse of God due to us by reason of the transgression of the law, he requireth of us repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Chrifti,


creepeth upon the earth. v. 45. For I & Mat. xxv. 41.- Depart from am the Lord that bringeth you up out me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, of the land of Egypt, to be your prepared for the devil and his anGod; ye shall therefore be holy, for gels. I am holy.

b Heb, ix. 22. And almost all di John ül. 4. Whosoever com- things are by the law purged with mittetb fin, tranfgrefseth also the blood; and without thedding of law; for fin is the transgresion of blood is no remission. 1 Pet. i. 18. the law. Rom. vii. 12. Wherefore Forasmuch as ye know that ye were the law is holy; and the command- not redeemed with corruptible ment holy, and juft, and good. things, as silver and gold, from

6 Eph. v. 6. Let no man deceive your vain conversation, received by you with vain words: for because tradition from your fathers ; v. 19. of these things cometh the wrath of But with the precious blood of Chrilt, God upon the children of disobedi- as of a lamb without blemish and ence. Gal. iii. 10. For as many as

without fpot. are of the works of the law, are un- 153. i Acts xx. 21. Testifying der the curse : is written, Cur- both to the Jews, and also to the fed is every one that continueth not Greeks, repentance toward God, in all things which are written in and faith toward our Lord Jesus the book of the law to do them. Chrift. Mat. iii. 7. But when he saw

Lam. iii. 39. Wherefore doih many of the Pharisees and Sadduceeg a living man complain, a man for come to his baptism, he said unto the punishment of his fins? Deut. them, o generatioh of vipers, who xxviii, from ver. 15. to the end, hath warned you to flee from the But it shall come to pass, if thou wrath to come ? v. 8. Bring forth wilt not bearken unto the voice of therefore fruits meet for repentance. the Lord thy God, to observe to do Luke xiii, 3,5. I tell you, Nay: but all his commandments and bis fta. except ye repent, ye shall all like. tutes which I command thee this day: wise perilh. Ads xvi. 30. and (the that all these curses shall come upon jaylor) brought them out, and said, thee, and overtake thee. v. 16. Sirs, what must I do to be saved ? Curled shalt thou be in the city, and y.31. And they said, Believe on the curled Maale thou be in the field. v. Lord Jesus Chrid, and thou shalt be 17. Cursed shall be thy basket and saved, and thine house. John iii, 16. thy store, &c.

For God so loved the world, that

and the diligent use of the outward means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of his mediation k.

Q: 154. What are the outward means whereby Christ communitates to us the benefits of bis mediation?

A. The outward and ordinary means, whereby Christ communicates to his church the benefits of his mediation, are all bis orulinances; especially.the word, sacraments, and prayer: all which are made effectual to the elect for their falvation 1.

Q. 155. How is the word made effectual to falvation?

A. The Sprit of God maketh the reading, but especially the preaching of the word, an effectual means of enlightning-m, convincing and humbling sinners n;of driving them out of them


he gave his only begotten Son, that ther, and of the Son, and of the whosoever believeth in him, should holy Ghost; v. 20. Teaching them not perith, but have everlasting life, to observe all things whatsoever I v. 18. He that believeth on him, is have commanded you; and lo, I not condemned: but he that believ. am with you alway, even unto the eth not, is condemned already,- end of the world. AAs ii. 42, and

k Prov ii. 1. My son if thou wilt they continued Itedfastly in the areceive my words, and hide my com- pofles doctrine and fellowship, and mandments with thee; v. 2. So that in breaking of bread, and in praythou incline thine ear unto wisdom, ers. v. 46. and they continuing and apply thine heart to understand daily with one accord in the temple, ing: 1 3. Yea, if thou criest after and breaking bread from boule to knowledge, and liftest up thy voice house, did eat their meat with gladfor understanding: v. 4. If thou ness and singlenels of heart, v. 47: feekest her as filver, and searcheft Praising God, and having favour for her, as for hid treasures. v. 5. with all the people. And the Lord Then shalt thou understand the fear added to the church daily such as of the Lord, and find the knowledge should be saved. of God. Prov. viii. 33. Hear in- 155 m Neh. väi. 8. So they read struction, and be wise, and refuse it in the book, in the law of God dif. pot, v. 34. Blessed is the man that tinctly, and gave the sense, and heareth me, watching daily at my caused them to understand the read. gates, waiting at the posts of my ing. A&s xxvi. 18. To open their doors v. 35. For whoso findeth me, eyes, and to turn them from dark. findeth life, and shall obtain favour ness to light, and from the power of the Lord. v. 36. But he that fin- of Satan unto God, that they may neth against me, wrongeth his own receive forgiveness of fins, and inhefoul; all they that hate me, love ritance among ibeni which are fancdeath.

tified by faith that is in me. Pfal. 154. / Mat. xxviii. 19. Go ye xix. 8.-The commandment of the therefore and teach all nations, bap. Lord is pure, calightening the eyes. qizing them in tlie name of the Fa » Cor. xiv. 21. But if all pro


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felves, and drawing them unto Chriito; of conforming them to his image p, and subduing them to his will q; of strengthening them against temptations and corruptions r; of building them up


phesy, and there come in one that v. 28. Was returning, and fitting believeth not, or one unlearned, he in his chariot, read Efaias the prois convinced of all, he is judged of phet. V. 29. Then the Spirit faid all: v. 25. and thus are the secrets unto Philip, Go near and join thyof his heart made manifest: and so fal- self to this chariot

v. 30. and Phi. Jing down on his face, he will worship lip ran thither to him, and heard God, and report that God is in you him read the prophet Efaias, and of a truth. 2 Chron, xxxiv. i 8. Then faid, Understandelt thou what thou Shaphan the scribe told the king, readest?-V.;5. Then Philip openfaying, Hilkiah the priest bath given ed his mouth, and began at the me a book.' And Shaphan read it fame scripture, and preached unto before the king. v. 19. and it came him Jesus.

v. 39. And the eu. to pats, when the king had heard nuch faid, See, here is water; what the words of the law, that he rent doth hinder me to be baptized ? v. his clothes. v. 26. and as for the

37. and Philip said, If thou believe king of Judah, who fent you to ea- elt with all thine heart, thou mayest. quire of the Lord, so Thall ye say And he answered and said, I beunto him, Thus faith the Lord God lieve that Jesus Christ is the Son of of Israel, concerning the words God. v. 38 — And they went down which thou hast heard; v. 27. Be- both into the water, both Philip and cause thine heart was tender, and the eunuch, and he baptized him. thou didst humble thyself before p 2 Cor. iii. 18. But we all with o, God, when thou heardst his words pen face, beholding as in a glats the againtt this place, and against the glory of the Lord, are changed into inhabitants thereof, and Bumbledit the same image from glory io glory, thyself before me, and didît rend

even as by the Spirit of the Lord. thy clothes, and weep before me; 9 2 Cor. x. 4. For the weapons of I have even heard thee also, faith our warfare are not carnal, but the Lord. V. 28. Behold, I will mighty through God to the pulling gather thee to thy fathers, and thou down of strong holds. v. 3. Cafting shalt be gathered to thy grave in down imaginations, and every high peace,

thing that exalteth itself against the o Aas ii. 37. Now when they knowledge of God, and bringing heard this, they were pricked in ipto captivity every thought to the their heart, and said unto Peter, obedience of Christ: v. 6. and have and to the rest of the apostles, Men ing in a readiness to revenge all dif and brethren, what shall we do? obedience when your obedience is 1.14. Then they that gladly re- fulfilled. Rom. vi. 19. But God be ceived his words, were baptized : thanked that ye were the servants of and the fame day there were added fin; but ye have obeyed from the unto them about three thousand heart that form of doctrine which fouls. A&s viii. from verfe 27. to was delivered you. 39.- And behold, a man of Ethio.

Mat. iv. 4. But he answered and pia, an eunuch of great authority.


in graces, and establishing their hearts in holiness and comfort through faith unto salvation 1.

Q. 156. Is the word of God to be read by all?
A. Altho' are not to be permitted to read the word pub-


faid, It is written, Man shall not 1 Rom. xv. 25. Now to him that live by bread alone, but by every is of power to establish you according word that proceedeth out of the to my gospel, and the preaching of mouth of God. 1.7. Jesus said un- Jesus Christ according to the revelato him, It is written again, Thou tion of the mystery, which was kept fhalt not tempt the Lord thy God. secret lince the world began. 1 Theil. v. 10. Then faith Jesus unto him, iii. 2. and sent Timotheus our braGet thee hence, Satan; for it is ther and minister of God, and our written, Thou shalt worship the fellow-labourer in the gospel of Lord thy God, and him only sale Christ, to eltablish you, and to comthou serve. Eph. vi. 16. above all, fort you concerning your faith; F. taking the field of faith, where- 13. Night and day praying exceedwith ye shall be able to quench all ingly, that we might see your face, the fiery darts of the wicked. v. 17. and might perfect that which is lackand take the helmet of salvation, ing in your faith. v. ij. Now God and the sword of the Spirit, which himself and our Father, and our is the word of God. Plal. xix, 11. Lord Jesus Christ direct our way uhMoreover, by them is ihy servant to you. v. 13. To the end he may 'warned: and in keeping of them eltablish your hearts uoblameable in there is great reward. 1 Cor. x. 11. holiness before God, even our FaNow all these things happened onto ther, at the coming of our Lord them for enfamples: and they are Jesus Christ with all his faints. Rom. written for our admonition, upon xv. 4. For whatsoever things were whom the ends of the world are written aforetime, were written for come.

our learning: that we through paA&s xx. 32. And now, brethren, tience and comfort of the scriptures I commend you to God, and to the might have hope, Rom. 8. 13. For word of his grace, which is able to whosoever shall call upon the name build you up, and to give you an in. of the Lord, shall be faved. V. 14. heritance among all them who are How then mall they call on him in sanctified. 2 Tim. ii. 15. and whom they have not believed ? and that from a child thou hart known how Mall they believe in him of the holy scriptures, which are whom they have not heard ? and how able to make thee wife unto fal- fall they hear without a preacher ? vation, through faith which is in y. 15. and how shall they preach, Christ Jefus. v. 16. all scripture is except they be fent ? as it is written, given by inspiration of God, and is How beautiful are the feet of them profitable for do&rine, for reproof, that preach the gospel of peace, and for correction, for instruction in righ bring glad tidings of good things! teousnefs : v. 17. That the man of 9. 16. But they have not all obeyed God may be perfect, throughly fur- the gospel. Fór Efaias faith, Lord, ciflıçd unto all good works. who bath believed our report ! v.

1.7. So

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