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hearersv ; zealousy.w, with fervent love to God x and the souls of his people y; sincerely z, aiming at his glory a, and



Christ Jesus. 2Tim. ii. 15. Study supposing to add affliction to my to thew thyself approved unto God, bonds: v. 17. But the other of love, a workman, that needeth not to be knowing that I am fet for the dealhamed, rightly dividing the word fence of the gospel. of truth.

y Col. iv. 12. Epaphras, who is vi Cor, ii. 2. I have fed you

one of you, a fervant of Chrilt, fawith milk, and not with meat : for luteth you, always labouring ferhitherto ye were not able to bear it, vently for you in prayers, that ye neither yet now are ye able. Heb. may stand perfect, and compleat in V. 12. For when for the time ye all the will of God. 2 Cor. xii. 15. ought to be teachers, ye have peed and I will very gladly spend and be that one teach you again which be spent for you, though the more athe first principles of the oracles of bundantly I love you, the less I be God; and are become such as have loved. need of milk, and not of Itrong meat. z 2 Cor. ii. 17. For we are not as v.13. For everyone that useth milk, mauy, who corrupe the word of God: is unskilful in the word of righte- but as of lincerity, but as of God, ousness: for he is a babe, v. 14. But in the fight of God speak we trong meat belongeth to them that in Chrift. 2 Cor. iv. 2. But have are of full age, even those who by renounced the hidden things of reason of use have their senses exer- dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, cised to discern both good and evil. not handling the word of God de. Luke xii 42. And the Lord said, ceitfully, but by manitestation of Who then is that faithful and wise the truth, commending ourselves to fteward, whom his Lord shall make

every man's conscience in the light ruler over his houshold, to give them of God. their portion of meat in due season? a i Theff. ii. 4. But as we were

w Acts xviii. 25. This man was allowed of God to be put in trust instructed in the way of the Lord; with the gospel, even fo we speak, and being fervent in the spirit, he not as pleasing men, but God, who fpake and taught diligently the trieth our hearts. .V.5. For neither things of the Lord,

at any time used we flattering words, * 2 Cor, v. 13. For whether we as ye know, nor a cloke of covetourbe besides ourselves, it is to God: ness; God is witness. v. 6. Nor of or whether we be sober, it is for men fought we glory, neither of

v. 14. For the love of you, nor yet of others, when we Christ constraineth us, because we might have been burthensome, as thus judge, that if one died for all, the apostles of Christ. John vii. 18. then were all dead. Phil. i. 15. He that speaketh of himtelf, seeketh Some indeed preach Christ even of his own glory: but he that seeketh envy and frife: and some also of his glory that sent him, the fame is good will. 5.16. The one preach true, and no uprighteousness is in Christ of contention, not fincerely, him.

b 1 Cor.

your cause.


their conversion b, edification, and salvation d.

Q..160. What is required of those that hear the word preached?

4. It is required of those that hear the word preached, that they attend upon it with diligencee, preparation f and prayerg; examine what they hear by the scriptures h; receive the truth

with b 1 Cor. ix. 19. For though I be thee, v. 18. To open their eyes, free from all men, yet I have made and to turn them from darkness to myself servant unto all, that I might light, and from the power of Satan gain the more. V. 10. And unto unto God, that they may receive the Jews, I became as a Jew, that I forgiveness of lps, and inheritance might gain the Jews ; to them that among then who are sanctified by are under the law, as under the law · faith that is in me. that I might gain them that are un- 160 e Pror. iii. 34. Blessed is the der the law, v. 21. To them that man, that heareth me, watching are without law, as without law daily at my gates, waiting at the (being not without law to God, but polts of doors. under the law to Chrift) that I | Pet. ij. 1. Wherefore laying might gain them that are without aside all malice and all guile, and law. v. 22. To the weak, became hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil. I as weak, that I might gain the speaking. V. 2. As new-born babes woak: I am made all things to all desire the fincere milk of the word, men, that I might by all means save that ye may grow thereby. Luke some.'

viii. 18. Take heed therefore how c 2 Cor. xii. 19. Again, think ye hear: for whosoever hath, to you that we excuse ourselves unto him shall be given; and whosoever you? we speak before God in Chrift: hath not, from him shall be taken bot we do all things, dearly belov- even that which he seemeth to ed, for your edification. Eph. iv. 12. have. For the perfe&ing of the saints, for & Pfal.cxix. 18. Open thou mine the work of the ministry, for edify- eyes that I may behold wondrous ing of the body of Chrilt.

things out of thy law. Eph. vi. 18. di Tim. iv. 16. Take heed unto praying always with all prayer and thyself, and unto thy doctrine, con- fupplication in the spirit, and watchuinue in them: for in doing this ing thereunto with all perseverance thou shalt both fave thyfell, and and supplication for all faints ; v. them that hear thee. Acts xxvi. 19. 19. And for me, that utterance may But rise, and stand upon thy feet: be given unto me, that I may open for 'I have appeared unto thee for my mouth boldly, to make known this purpose, to make thee a mini. the mystery of the gospel. ster, and a witnefs both of those h Acts xvii. 11. There were more things which thou hast feen, and noble than those in Thessalonica, in of those things in the which I will that they received the word with all appear unto thee; v. 17. Deliver- readiness of mind, and searched the ing thee from the people, and from fcriptures daily whether those things the Gentiles, unto whom now I send were fo.


with faith i, love k, meekness I, and readiness of mind m, as the word of God n; meditate o and confer of it p; hide it in their hearts q, and bring forth the fruit of it in their lives r.

Q. 161. How do the sacraments become effectual means of salvation?

A. The sacraments become effectual means of salvation, not by any power in themselves, or any virtue derived from the piety or intention of him by whom they are administred; but only by the working of the Holy Ghost, and the blesling of Christ'by whom they are instituted f.

Q. 162. į Heb. iv. 2. For unto us was have heard, left at any time we the golpel preached, as well as un should let them slip. to them: but the word preached p Luke xxiv. 14. And they talked did not profit them, not being mix together of all these things which ed with faith in them that heard it. had happened. Deut. vi. 6. And

k 2 Theil. ii. 10. And with ail these words which I command thee deceivableness of uorighteousness, in this day, shall be in thine heart. y. them that perish ; because they re. 7. And thou shalt teach them diliceived not the love of the truth, that gently unto thy children, and shalt they might be saved.

talk of them when thou sittelt in thy I James i. 21. Wherefore lay a. house, and when thou walkest by part all filthiness, and superfluity of the way, and when thou lielt down, naughtiness, and receive with meek and when thou risest up. ness the ingrafted word, which is 9 Prov. ii. 1. My son, if thou able to save

wilt receive my words, and hide my m Ads xvii 11. There were more commandments with thee. Pfal. noble than those in Thessalonica, in cxix. 11. Thy word have I hid in that they received the word with mine heart, that I might not linaall readiness of mind, and searched gainst thee. the feriprures daily, whether those i Luke viii. 15. But that on the things e

good ground, are they, which in ni Theff. ii. 13. For this cause an honest and good heart, havi:g also thank we God without cealing, heard the word, keep it, and bring because when ye received the word forth fruit with patience. Jam. i. of God which ye heard of us, ye re. 25. But whoso looketh into the perceived it not as the word of men, fect law of liberty, and continueth but as it is in truth) the word of therein, being not a forgetful hear. God, which effe&ually worketh also er, but a doer of the word, this in you that believe.

man shall be blested in his deed. o Luke ix 44. Let these sayings 161.8 i Per. iii, 21. The like fink down into your ears: for the figure whereunto, even baptism, Son of man shall be delivered into doth alsó now save us (not the putthe hands of men. * Heb. ii. 1. ting away of the filth of the flesh, Therefore we ought to give the but the answer of a good conscience more earoelt heed to the things we toward God) by the resurrection of


your souls

Q. 162. What is a sacrament?

À. Å facrament is an holy ordinance instituted by Christ in his churcht, to signify, seal, and exhibitv unto those that are within the covenant of gracew, the benefits of his mediation x;


Jesus Christ. Aas viii. 13. Then For this is my blood of the New Simon himself believed also: and Testament, which is shed for maoy, when he was baptized, he continued for the remisfon of fins. with Philip, and wondered, be- u Rom. iv. il And he received holding the miracles and signs which the fign of circumcilion, a seal of were done. Compared with v. 23. the righteoufless of the faith which For 1 perceive (faid Peter to Simon) he had yet being uncircumcised : that thou art in the gall of bitterness that he might be the father of all and in the bond of iniquity. I Cor. them that believe, though they be iii. 6. I have planted, Apollos wa

not circumcised: that righteousness tered: but God gave the increase. might be imputed unto them also. v. 7. So then neither is be that I Cor. xi. 24. And when he had planteth any thing, neither he that given thanks, he brake it, and said, watereth: but God that giveth the Take, eat; this is my body, which increase. 1 Cor. xii. 13. For by one is broken for you : this do in refpirit are we all baptized into one membrance of me.

V. 25. After body, whether we be Jews or Gen- the same manner also he took the tiles, whether we be bond or free: cup, when he had supped, saying, and have been all made to drink in. This cup is the New Testament in to one fpirit.

my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye 162.1 Gen.xvii.7. And I will esta. drink it, in remembrance of me. blish my covenant between me and w Rom. xv. 8. Now I say, That thee, and thy feed after thee, in Jesus Christ was a minister of the their generations for an everlasting circumcision, for the truth of God, covenant; to be a God unto thee, to confirm the promises made unto and to thy feed after thee, v. 10. the fathers. Exod. xii. 48. And This is my covenant, which ye shall when a stranger Thall sojourn with keep between me and you, and thy thee, and will keep the passover to seed after thee : Every man child the Lord, let all his males be ciramong you shall be circumcised. cumcised, and then let him come Exod. ch. xii, containing the insti. near and keep it; and he thall be tution of the passover. Mat, xxviii. as one that is born io the land; for 99. Go ye therefore and teach all no uncircumcised person Mall eat Bations, baprizing them in the name thereof. of the Father, and of the Son, and x Acts ii. 38. Then Peter said of the Holy Ghost. * Mat, xxvi. 26. unto them, Repent, and be baptizAnd as they were eating, Jefus took ed every one of you, in the name of bread, and blessed it, and brake it, Jesus Christ, for the remission of and gave it to the disciples, and fins, and ye shall receive the gift of faid, Take, cat; this is my body. the Holy Ghost. Cor. x. 16. The v. 27. And he took the cup, and cup of bleffing which we bless, is it gave thanks, and gave it to them, not the communion of the blood of faying, Drink ge all of it ; v. 28.


Y 2

to strengthen and increase their faith, and all other graces y, to oblige them to obedience z; to testify and cherith their love and communion one with another a,. and to distinguish them from those that are without b.

Q 163. What are the parts of a sacrament?

A The parts of a sacrament are two: the one an outward and sensible sign used according to Christ's own appointment; the other, an inward and spiritual grace thereby signified c.

Q. 164. How many facrantents hath Christ instituted in his church under the New Testament?

A. Under

to us.

Christ? the bread which we break, ber.that ye being in times paffed is it not the communion of the body Gentiles in the fielh, who are called of Christ.

uncircumcision by that which is cal. y Rom. iv. 11. (See in v above.) led the circumcision in the Besh Gal. iji. 27. For as many

you as

made by hands; v. 12. That at have been baptized into Cbrist, have that time ye were 'without Chrift, put on Chrilt.

being aliens fron, the commonwealth Rom. vi. 3. Kaow ye not that of Israel, and strangers from the so many of us as were baptized into coveoapts of promile, having no Jesus Christ, 'were baptized into his hope, and without God in the world. death? v. 4. Therefore we are bu. Gen. xxxiv. 14. And they said unto ried with him by baptism into death: them, We cannot do this thing, to that like as Christ was raised up give our bster to one that is uocirfrom the dead by the glory of the cumcised; for that were a reproach Father, even fo we also should walk in newness of life.

1 Cor. x. 21.

163. c Mat, iii. 11. I indeed bapYe cannot drink the cup of the Lord, tize you with water unto repentance, and the cup of devils : ye cannot be but he that cometh after me, is partakers of the Lord's table, and mightier than I, whose froes I am the table of devils.

not worthy to bear: he shall bapa Eph. iv. 2. With all lowliness tize you with the Holy Ghost, and and meekness, with long suffering, with fire. i Pet, iii. 21: The like forbearing one another in love; v. figure whereunto, even baptism, 3. Endeavouring to keep the unity doth also now fave us (not the putof the Spirit in the bond of peace. ting away the filth of the flesh, but 1.4.There is one body,and one Spirit, the answer of a good conscience toeven as ye are called in one hope of wards God) by the resurrection of your calling: v. 5. Ome Lord, one Jefus Chrift. Rom. ii. 28. For he is faith, one baptism. 1 Cor. xii. oot a Jew, that is one outwardly; 13. For by one Spirit are we all bap- neither is that circumcision, which tized into one body, whether we be is butward in the flesh: v. 29. But Jews or Gentiles, whether we be he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and bond or free ; and have been all circumcision is that of the heart, in made to driok into one Spirit. the Spirit. and not in the letter, Eph. ii. 11. Wherefore remem- whose praise is not of men but of God.

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