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edification, by instruction, admonition, rebuke; exhorting one another to mpitest the grace of God, in denying ungodliness aod worldly latts, and in living godly, soberly, and righteously in this present world; by comforting the feeble-minded, and praying with, or for one another : which daties respectively are to be performed upon special occafions offered by divine providence; as namely, when under any cala mity, cross, or great difficulty', council or comfort is fought, or when an ffender is to be reclaimed by private admonition, and if that be not effectual, by joining one or two more in the admonition, according to the rule of Christ : that in the mouth of two or three witoefles every word may be established,

XIII. And, because it is not given to every one to speak a word in feason to a wearied or distressed conscience, it is expedieni, that a perfon (in that case) finling no ease after the use of all ordinary means, private and publick, have their address to their own pastor, or fome experienced Christian : Bar if the person troubled in contcience, be of that condition, or of that fex, that discretion, modesty, or fear of scandal requireth a godly, grave and secret friend to be present with them in their faid address, it is expedient that such a friend be prefent.

XIV. Wlien persons of diverse families are brought together by divine providence, being abroad upon their particular vocations, or any necesary occasions; as they would have the Lord their God with them whithertoever they go, they ought to walk with God, and not neglect the duties of prayer and thanksgiving, but take care that the same be performed by such as the company thall judge fittelt. And that they likewife take heed that no corrupt communication proceed out of their mouths, but that which is good, to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers.

The drift and scope of all these directions is no other, but that upon the one part, the power and practice of godliness amongst all the ministers, and meinbers of this kirk, according to their several places and vocations, may be cherished and advanced, and all impiety aod mocking of religious exercifes, suppressed: and upon the other part that under the name and pretext of religious exercises, do tuch meetings or practices be allowed, as are apt to breed error, fcandal, fchifm, coatempt, or mifregard of the public ordinances and ministers, or neglect of the duties of particular callings, or fuch other evils as are the work not of the Spirit, but of the flesh, and are contrary to truth and peace.


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A TABLF of the chief matters contained in the CONFES


con. Signifies the Confession of Faith. The first figure denotes

the chapter. The following figures denote the paragraph. eat. Signifies the Larger Catechisin, and the figures denote the Numbers of the Questions, A

wards them, cat. 19. They are all A

CCEPTANCE The perfons of employed at his pleasure in the ad

believers are accepted as righ- ministrations of his power, mercy, teous in thė light of God only for and justice, ib. Not to be worshipthe obedience and satisfaction of ped.con. 21. 2. cat. 105 Christ, con Which is Antichrist, what, con. 25. 6. The imputed to them by God, and re- pope is antichriit, ib. ceived by faith, con. 11. 1. cat 70, Actiquity, no pretence for using the 71,72. How their good works are devices of men in the worship of accepted in Chrift, con. 16. 6. ac

God, cat. 109. ee prance in prayer, through Christ Anxiety about the things of this life, and his mediation, cat, i 80

fintul, cat. 105, 136, 142. Access. Noaccess unto the presence of The Apocrypha, not being of divine God, without the Mediator Jelus inspiration, is of no authority in the Chrilt, con 12. cat. 39, 55. 181. church, con. 1. 3 Who hath purchased for believers Immodest Apparel, forbidden, cat. under the gospel, a greater boldness 139 of access to ibe throne of grace, A cenfion of Christ, con 53. than believers under the law did fembly See councils. ordinarily partake of con. 20 1. Public Affemblies for th worship of Adions. God orders and governs all God not to be carelesly or wilfully the actions of his creatures by bis neglected, con. 21.6. most wife and holy providence, ac- Assurance of grace and falvation, at. cording to his infallible foreknow tainable in this life, con 8 1, 2. ledge, and immutable decree, con. cat. 80 Without extraordinary re5. 1. cat. 18. See providence. velation, con. 18 3. cat. 8o. Upon A&tual fins Procerd from the origi- what it is founded, con. 3

8 18. nal corruption of nature, con 6.


cat. 80. It is Arengthned by cat. 25. See fin.

good works, con. 16 2. Believers Admonition of the church, con.30 4. may want it, con. 18. 3. cat. Eo. Adoption, the nature and privileges 172. They may have it diminished of it, con. 12. cat. 74.

and intermitted : and be deprived Adultery, a just ground of divorce, of comfort and the light of God's COD, 24 5, 6.

countenaoce, con. 11. 5.17. 3. 18. Aggravations of fin, cat. 151. 4. cat. 81. But they are never utAmen, the meaning of it, cat. 196. terly destitute of that seed of God, Angels, God's decree concerning and life of faith and love, &c out of them, con 3.3, 4. cat.13. How cre. which assurance may, by the spirit, ated, cat, 16. God's providence ta. be in in que time revived; con.18.4.

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cat. 81. And by which in the mean- 2 3. cat. 86, 87. Of the wicked
time they are supported from utrer ibid.
deipair, ibid. it is the duty of all to Lascivious Books not to be read,
endeavour after assurance, con. .8. cat. 129
3. And to pray for it, cat. 194.

The fruits of it inclines not to VALLING, see effectual calling.
loofeneis, con. 18. 3.

To have a lawful calling, and Atheilm, the denying or not having to be diligent in it, is a duty, cat, a Gd, cat. 105.

141. Attributes of Gud, con. 2. 1, 2. cat.

Vows of celibacy unlawful, con. 22. 7, 8, 101.

7. cat, 139 B

Ceasures of the church, what, con. APTISM, what, con. 28. 1, 2. 30 2. 4. Their use, con. 30. 3.

cat 165. To continue to the Who are to be proceeded against end of the world, con. 28. 1. cat. by the censures of the church, con, 176. But once to be administred to

20. 4. 29.8 30. 2. They are to any perlon, con. 28 7. cat. 177. be managed according to the nature By whom, con. 27. 4. 28. 2. of the crime and the demerit of the 179. To whom, con. 28. 4. cat. Person, con. 30. 4. penitent fine 166 Dipping not necellary in bap- ners are to be abfolved from cen. tim, but it may be rightly admini

sures con 30 2. stred by ipric'ling, con 28. 3. Bap- Censuring, rah, harsh, and partial tism not neceflary to salvation, yet censoring, finful, cat 145. it is a fin to neglect it, con 28. 3.

Ceremonial law See law. The efficacy of it, con. 28. 5. How Charity towards our neighbour, to be improved, cat. 167. Where- wherein it confifts, cat. 135, 141, in it agrees with the Lord's Sup- 144, 147. What contrary to it, cat. per, cat. 176 And wherein they 136, 142, 145, 148. Giving and differ, cat. .77:

lending freely according to our aBelievers, Sec faith, justification, ac. bility and the neceflities of others

ceptance, adoption, fanctification, is a duty, con. 26. 2. cat. 141. union, communion, liberty, works, Charms, unlawful, cat. 13. perseverance, assurance.

Chastity, cat. 137. Benefits which the members of the Children that die in infancy, how invisible church enjoy by Chrilt, saved, con. 10. 3. The children of cat. 65. The benefits of Chrill's such as profess the true religion, mediation, cat 57, 58.

are members of the visible church, The Body of Christ, how present in coo. 25. 2. cat. 62, and are to be

thi tacrament, con. 29.7. cat. 170. baptized, con. 28. 4. cat. 166.
The Mystical Body of Christ. True Chrilt, why so called, cat. 42 Is the
believers are members of Chrift's only Mediator between God and
mystical Budy, con 29 1. car 168. man, con 8. 1. cat. 36. Who being
Which is the whole number of the very God, of one Tubstance, and
elect that have been, are or shall be equal with the Father, con 8. 2.
united to Christ as their head, con. cat. 11. 36. In the fulness of time
25. 1. What thai union is, cat. 66. became man, con. 8. 2. cat 36.
See communion

37. The necessity of his being God The bodies of the elect after death, and man, cat 38, 39, 40 He was and at the resurrection, cun. 32. ordained by God from eternity lo


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be Mediator, con. 8. P. He was 4. They have the power of the keys fanctified and anointed with the ho. committed to them. con. 3%. 2. ly Spirit, to execute the office of what that power isand its use. con. Mediator, con. 8. 3, cat. 43. To 30 3, 4. They are not to be opwhich he was called by the Eather, pored in the lawful exercise of their con 8. 3. And willingly undertook powers upon pretence of Christian and discharged it, con 4.8. By liberty, con. 20. 4. See concils. his perfect obedience, and facrifice There are some circumstances con. of himself, he purchased reconcilia- cerning church goveroment, which tion and eternal life for all the e.

are to be ordered by the light of nalect, con s. cat 38 To wham ture and chriftian prudence, ac. in all ages the benefits of his me. the general rules of the diation are effe&tually applied con. word, con. 1 6 8. 6, 8. Christ's offices of prophet, Circumcision, One of the ordinanpriest, King, cat 43, 44, 15. See ces by which the covenant of grace acceptance, access, body of Christ, was administred under the law, church, death of Chrilt, exaltation, con 7 5. cat 34. expiation, humiliation, imputation, Civil magiftrate or civil powers. intercession. judge, merit, Nelliah, See magistrate. name of Christ, personal union, pro- The Ten commandments are the sum pitiativo, reconciliation, redemptio of the moral law, con. 19. 2. cat. on, resurrection righteousness, fa. 98 They are a perfect rule of righcrifice, salvation, fatisfaction, furety teousnels, con. 19

Rules for Christian liberty. See liberty. unde standing them, cat 99 The The church is the object of God's prefac: explained, cat The speccial providence, con. 7. 5. cat. first commandment cat 103-106. 8 1. 25 6 The catholic church The second, cat 107,–110. The invisible, What, con. 251 cat. third, cat. 111,-114. The fourth, 62. Given to Christ from all eterni. cat. 195,-21.

The fifth, cat. ty, con, 8 1. The benefits which


The fixth, cit. 134, the members of it enjoy by Christ, -136. The seventh, cat, 137,cat. 65, 66, 69, 82, 83, 86 99, 139

The eight, cat 140.–142. The catholic church visole, The ninth, cat 743; -145. The What, con. 25. 2. cot. 92. Out of tenth, cat 146.–148. The fum it no ordinary possibility of falva- of the first tour commandments, tion, con. 35 2. Its privileges,con. which coutain our duty to God, 25 4 cat. 63. Particular churches cat 102. The sum of the other six more or less pure, con. 25 4

The which contain our duty to man, purest subject to mixture and error, 122. No man is able to keep con. 25. 5. There shall always be the commandments of God pera church on earth to worship God featly, cat. 149. according to his will, ibid.

The Communion, See the Lord's Church censures See censures Supper. Church-Government, Appointed by Communion of Saints, wherein it con. the Lord Jesus in the hand of fits, con. 26. 1, 2. tbe enjoyment church officers, distinct from the ci- of it is one of the privileges of the vil magistrate, con, 30. 1. cat. 45, visible church, cat. 63. In the 108 But they are not exempted from Lord's supper, communicanis tefti. obedience to the magiftrate,con.23. fy their mutual love and fellowthip

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each with other, cat. 168. That Controversies, it belongs to fynods facrament being a bond and pledge and councils minifterially to deterof believers communion with Christ, mine coatroversies of faith, and and with each other, as members of cases of conscience, con 31. 3. The his mystical body, con. 29 1. The Spirit speaking in the scriptures, is com punion of faints doth not en- the supreme judge of all controfringe a man's property in his goods verfiis in religioo, con 1.10 The and poli flions, con. 26. 2.

original text of the scriptures is Communion which the elect have that to which the church is finally with Chrilt, cos 26 1. In tbis life, to appeal, con, 1 8. Cat, 67. 83, immediately after Our conversation ought to be in hodeatn, cat: 86 at the resurrection liness and righteouiness, answera. and day of judgment, cat 57 90. ble to an holy profession, cat. 112. It is a consequence of their union 167 with him, cun. 6. 1. It doth not Corruption of nature, what, con make them partakers of his God. 6.2, 4. cat, 25 a consequence of head, nor equal with him, con. 26. the fall of man. ibid adual fin a

It is confirmed in the Loru's fruit of it, con 6. 4. cat 25. How tupper, cat j 68

it is propogated, con. 6, 3. cat. 26. Uncharte company not to be kept, It doth remain during this life in the Cal 139. Nor corrupt communica.

regenerate, and all its motions are tions to be used or listened to, ib. truly lin, con. 6. 5. 13. 2; cat. 78. Condition, Perfect, personal and But it is pardoned and mortified perpetual obedience the condition through Chrilt, con 6 5. of the covenant of works, con 7. Covenant, no enjoying of God, but 2 19. 1. cat, 20. God requires by way of covenant, con. 71. faith as the condition to intereit sin. Covenant of works, what, and with ners in the Mediator of the cove. whom made, con 4 2. 7. 2. 19. nant of grace, cat. 32.

1. cat. 20. 22. Persea. perlocal Confession of lin always to be made and perp: tual obedience the condi. in private to God, con. 15 6. and tion of it, con. 7. 2. 19 i, cat. is to be joined with prayer, cat.178. 20, It is called a law and a comWhen to be made to men, con, 15. mand, con. 4. 2. and a law given as 6. Upon confellion, the offending covenant, con. 19. 1

and a cove. brother is to be received in love,ib. nant of life, of which the tree of Conscience, See liberty of conscience, life was a pledge, cat 30. Peace of conscience, a fruit of the Covenant of grace. what, con 7 . fenje of God's loge, con. 18. 1, 3.

cat 30, 32 It was made with Chrik cat 83, Believers may fall into fins as the second Adam, and with all which wound the conscience, con, the elea in him as his feed, cat. 17. 3. 18 4. The wicked are pu. 31 In it Good requireth of finoers nithed with horror of confcience, faith in Chrill, that they may be cat, 28.83.

juitified and faved, con. 7 3 cat, Contentment, submision to God is 71, Faith being required as the our duty, cat. 104 Discontent at condition to interelt them in Chirill, his dispensations is finful, cat 105,

32 Who is the mediator of this coa 'ull contentment with our COB. venant, cod 8, 1 cat. 36 Why it dition, is our duty, cat. 147. Dir is called a teftament, con.7: 4

It contentment with our own eltace, a was differently admin. Bred in the

time of the law, and in time of

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fin, cat. 148,

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