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ā. cat. 88.

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con. 17. 3. God is just and terrible justified, are perfealy freed in this in his judgments, cog. 2. I. life from the revenging wrath of The lait judgment, What, con. 33. God, that they never fall into cot. I Appointed for angels and men, demnation, con 17 i. cat.' 77. Con 8. 4. 23. 1. cat 88. The end 79. But corruption remaining a ol its appointment, is the manifef

them, con. 6 5 13. 2. cat. 78. tation of God's mercy and justice, They fall into many Sins, con. 17. con. 33. 2 Christ Ahall be the judge 3. cat. 78. Which God continues con 8 4.33 1. How he shall come to forgive; upon their humbling to judge the world, cat. 56. Why themselves, conflicg their fins, he would have us certainly per. begging pardon, and renewing their suaded of it, con. 33. 3. Why the faith and repentance, con. Il S. time of it is concealed, con. 33

K The judgment of the TEYS. The power of the keys, righteous, con. 33. 2. cat. 90. The judgment of the wicked, con. 33. to church-officers, ibid The civil 2. cat. 89.

magistrate may not alame this Judicial law See law,

power, con 23. 3. The justice of God, fully satisfied King, Christ the king of his church, by Christ's obedience and death, 'con. 30. 1. How he executeth the con. 8. 5.11. 3. cat. 38.71. It is office of a king, cat. 45. What manitelted in the works of provi- meant by the coming of his kingdence, con. s. s. lo the justificati dom, cat 191. on of linners, con. 11 3. In the Knowledge. God's knowledge is in. lait judgment, con. 332

fioite, infallible, and independent Jullice in contracts and commerce upon the creature, con. 2. 2. 1 he between man and man,

knowledge which may be bad of 142.

God and of our duty to him by the Jollification, What, con. 11. 1 cat, light of nature, COR. 1. 1. 21. 1. 70. All the elea, and they only, cat. 1. The scriptures are only fufare justified, con 3.6. Whom God ficient to give that knowledge of did from all eternity decree to jur- God and of his will, which is ne. tify, con. 11. 4. But they are not ceffary unto salvation, ibid. justified till the Holy Spirit doth in

L due time actually apply Christ un- ABOUR is to be moderately to them, ibid. How justification is used, cat. 135. 136. of God's free grace, con. 11. 3. cat. Land Marks not be remov’ 71. Faith is necessarily required for Law. The ceremonial law, what, con. justification, cat. 71. But it justifies 19 3. It is abrogated now under a sinner only as it is an instrument, the New Testament, con. 19.3.20. by which he receiveth Christ and i. How the covenant of grace was his righteousness, con. 11. 1. 2. administred under the law, con. 7. cat. 73. The exact justice and rich 5.8. 6 cat 34• ' grace of God, are both glorified in the Judicial Law expired with the the justification of finners, com. 11. fate of the Jews, con. 19. 4. And 3. juftification, the fame under the obliges no further than the gene. Did Teftament as under the New, ral equity of it requires, ibid con. 11.6. It is inseparably joined The Moral Law, What, car. 93: Gi. with fanétification, cat. 77- How pen to Adam with a power to fulfil they differ, ibid. I hole that are

cat. 141,



it, eon. 4.2. 19. 1. cat. 92. The and conscience, unlawful, col. 20. ten commandments the sum of it, . 2. cal. 105, con 19. 2. cat. 98 Tho'believers Life. Eternal life purchased by are not under it as a covenant, con. Christ's perfect obedience to the 19. 6. And are not able perfectly law, con 8 3. the tree of life was to keep it, cat 149. Yet it conti- a pledge of the covenant of works, nues to be a perfe& rule of righte. cat 20 the life of any not to be ouiness, con. 19. 2. Binding all, as taken away, except in case of pubwell justified persons as ethers, con- lic justice, lawful war, or, necef19.5. Christ, in the gospel, bav. fary defence, cat: 136 ing not abolished, but much itrength. Light of nature, What may be known ened the obligation to the obedi- of God and of our duty to him by ence of it, ibid. And although no it, con

1. I. 21. f. cat2. It man lince the fall can, by the mo- is not sufficient to make us wife un. ral law, attaio to righteousoess and to falvation, cod. I 1. 10. 4, 21, life, con. 19. 6. cat 94. Which 1. cat. 2. 60. It is of the law of Chrilt alone hath purchased for the nature that a due portion of time ele&t by bis perfect obedience, con. be set apart in the worship of God,

5. Yet it is of great use to all, con, 21. 7. con. 19. 6. cat 95. the use of Wanton Looks, finful, cat, 139. it to the regenerate, con. 19 6 Lord's prayer. See prayer. cat. 97. the use of it to the unre- Lord's fupper. The institution, nagenerate, cat. 96. Not contrary to ture and ends of it, con. 29, 1. cat. the grace of the golpel, but doth 167. Christ not offered up to his sweetly comply with it, con. 197.

Father; nor any real facrifice for the Spirit of Christ subduing and sio made in it, con. 29. 2 the mais enabling the will of man uoto a free abominably injurious to Christ's one and cheerful obedience to the will only facrifice, ibid. the outward of God, con. 19. 7. cat. 32.

elements in this facrament are not Unnecessary law-suits to be avoid. to be adored, con. 29 4. they itill ed, cat. 141, 142.

remain truly bread and wide, con. Liberty. Christian liberty, what, 29. 5 the doctrine of tranlubitancun 20. i. Wherein it is enlarged tiation is repugnant not only to the under the gospel, ibid. the end of scripture; but even Christian liberiy,con. 20.3. Li

sense, and has been and is the caule berty to fin inconsistent with it, ib. of gross idolatries, con. 24). ú. It is not intended to destroy eccle- How Chrilt bath appointed bread faltical or civil powers, but to fup. and wine to be given and received pore and preserve them, con 20. in the sacrament, con, 29. 3. cat, 4. Neither are men thereby allow- 169 It is only io be administered ed to publish opinions, or maintain by 'a minister of the word lawfully practices. that are contrary to the ordained, con.' 27. 4. cat. 16. it light of nature, or to the known is not to be received by any one aprinciples of Christianity, or fach lone, con. 29. 4. It is to be receive as are deftructive of the prace and ed in both kinds, ibid. What reorder of the church, ibid.

lation the elements in this facraLiberty of conscieoce, what it is, and

ment have to Christ crucified, con. What repugnant to it, con 20 29 Hox Christ is present there, Making ruea the lords of our fauth

CON. 29. 7. cat, 170. How believ

to common


ers terr

Hers feed on him therein. ibid, to accept the cffice of a' magiftrate,
What preparatioc is required for con. 23. 2. The duty of the evil
receiving it, cat. 175. Doubring magiArate, cos. 23 2 cat. 129.
may conhl with an interelt in con. 20.4 Read the fcriptures lei-
Chrift, con. 17. 3. 18. 4. cat. 81.

1'he fins of the magiftrate,
and therefore should not hinder cat 130. 145. He may wage war
from partaking of the Lord's fup- upon juft and necessary occafons,
per, cat. 172. But the ignorant and con. 23. 2. His power in chorch.
Icandalous are not to be admited, affairs itated, cca. 23., 3. The du-
con. 29. E. cat. 173 What duties i ty of the people towards their ma-
required in the time of receiving, giftrates, con 23. 4. cat 127.
cat, 174. What duties after receiv. Their fios against them, cai. 128.
ing, cat: 175. Frequent attendance

Ecclefiaftical persons pot exempted
on it, a duty, cat. 175. 177. The from obedience to the civil magis.
agreement and difference between

trate coo. 23. 4 The pope hach
the Lord's fupper and baptism, no power or jurisdition over ma-
cat. 176. 177.

giftrates, or their people, ibid.
Lots, cat. 112, 113,

the magiftrate is not to be opposed
Love. Election is of God's free love, in the lawful exercise of his pow.
con. 3, 5. cat. 13.

Which is un

er, upoo pretence of chriftian li-
changeable, con. 17. 2. cat. 79. berty, con, 20. 4. Infidelity or
and therefore true believers can difference in religion doth not
neither totally sor finally fall away make void the magistrate's just and
from the late of grace, ibid. The legal authority, con, 23. 4.
sense of God's love is attainable Man, how created, con. 4. 2. cat. 17.
in this life, cai. 83. See assu. His state before the fall, con, 4. 2.
Yance. Love to God is a duty, cat 17, 20. His fall, and the ef.
cat. 104. Which the light of na. fects of it, con., 6 cat. 21, 22, 23,
ture fheweth, con. 21. 1. To love 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. His fate by
the Lord our God with all our the covenant of grace, con Ï 3,
heart, &c. is the fum of our duty 4, 5. 6 cat 30, 31, 32, 33, 34,
to him, cat. 102. Love to God is 35 Man's chief end, cat, 1.
necessary to the right perfor uance Man stealing, discharged, cat 542.
of the duty of prayer, con. 21 3. Marriage, the end of it, con. 24. 2.
eat 185. Love to God and the bre. cat, 20. Between more than one
thren is necessary to right commu- man and one woman at a time, op-
nicating, cat. 168, 171, 174 True lawful, con. 24 i cat. 139. Lar-
believers are never uiterly destitute ful, for all forts of people wbo are
of the love of Christ and the bre- capable to give their confent, con
thren, con, 18. 4. Wherein love

24. 3. And who are without the
towards our neighbour conhills, cat. degrees of confanguity or affini-
135, 141, 144, 147. What con- ty forbidden in the scriptores, con.
trary to it, cat 136, 142, 145, 14. 4. Bur marriages within those

It is the sum of our duty to degrees can never be made lawfal,
man, cat. I 22.

ibid. Protellants should not marry
Lying linful, cats 845.

with infidels, Papifts or other ido-

laters, con 24. 3. Nor such as are
AGISTRATES,appointed by gudly, with those that are dotori-
God, con. 23

1. For what ously wicked, ibid. A contract of
end, ibid. Lawiul fur chriftians



marriage may be disolved for a. ed for, cat. 180. Works of nercy
dulcery or tornication committed are to be done, even on the Lord's
after the contract, con. 24. 5. The day, con. 21. 8. cat. 117.
bond of marriage can only be dis. Merit. No merit-in good works, for
folved for adultery after marriage, pardon of fin or eternal life ; and
and such wilful defertion as cannot why, con. 16. 5. Nor can we merit
be remedied, COR. 24. 5, 6 Undue the outward blesngs of this life,
delay of marriage, prohibiting of cat. 193. But we are to trust in the
lawful, and dispensing with unlaw. merits of Christ, cát. 174. Who
ful marriages, are finful, cat. 139. appearing in the merit of his obe-
Vows of perpetual single life are dience and facrifice, maketh ioter-
sinful snares in which do chrißian ceffion for his people, cat 55
may intangle himself, con, 22.7 Meffiah. The elect under the oldTef.
cat. 129. Those who have not the tament believed in the promised
gift of continency ought to marry, Messiah, by whom they had toll re-
cat. 138. The, duties of married miffion of lins, and eternal salvati.
persods, cat. 139, 141.

on, con. 7 5.8 6. cat 34.
The Mass abominably injurious to The Ministry given by Christ to the
Chrift's one only facrifice, con. 29. visible church, con, 25. 3


maintainance thereof, a duty, cat.
Means. God in his ordinary provi. 10€. A minister of the gospel is
dence maketh use of means ; yet is one fufficieo:ly gifted, and allo du-
free to work without, above and a- ly approved and lawfully called and
gainst them at his plealure, con 5.

ordained to that office, con. 27.

The outward and ordinary 4. 28. 2. cat. 158. By such ooly
means of salvation under the law, the word is to be read publickly
con. 7. 5. cat. 34. Under the gor. and preached, and the facraments
pel, con. 7. 6. cat. 35, 154. The dispevsed, con. 27. 4. 28. 2. cat.
diligent use of them is required in 136. 58, 159, 169.
order to escape the wrath of God, Moral law, See law.
cat 153. How they are made ef. Mortification. The regenerate have
fe&tual, con. 25. 3. cat. 155, 101, the corruption of nature mortified
182 Trufting in means lintul, cat. through Christ, con. 6.5 And
105. Unlawful means not to be uf- the feveral lufts of the body of
ed, ibid.

fin, con. 13. 1. Believers draw
False measures unlawful, cat. 142. strength from the death and 'refur.
Meat to be moderately used, cat.

rection of Christ for the mortifying
135. 136.

of fin, cat. 167.
Mediator. See Chrift.

The mercy of God, con. 2. 1. cat. 7. The AME of Christ. That
It is manifested in his works of pro.

prayer be accepted, it is
videace, con. 5. 1. It is of God's to be made in the name of Chrilt,
free love and mercy that the elect COR. 21. 3, cat. 178. What it is
are delivered fron* fin and wifery, to pray in the name of Christ, cat,
and brought to an estate of salva- 180 Why prayer is to be made in
tion by the second covenant, cat. his name, cat 181
30. God is merciful to penitent fin. The name of God is only that by
ners in Christ, con, 15. 2. cat. 76. which men ought to swear, and
For whole fake mercy is to be pray.

therein it is to be used with all ho-




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fear and reverence, cod. 22. 2.

38 39 48 97 and hy it purchas-
How the Dame of Gou ough to be ed an everlalling inheritance in te
used, and how it is profaned, cat. kingdom of heaven for the elegt,
112, 113, 114, 19o.

con 8. 5. cai. 33. His obedience
Nature. See corruption, original fin, is imputed to believers, con....J.
light of nature.

cat 70. He hath not asolihed, but
The two natures of Christ. See much strengthened the obligation

Chrilt, incarnation, personal union to the obedience of the moral law,
The new testament in Greek is that con. 19.5 Good works done in O-
to which the church is finally to ap- bedience to God's commands, are
peal in controversies of religion,

the fruits and evidences of a trus
1. 8. the administration of faith, con. 16. 2. cat. 32. How the
the covenant of grace under the fincere, tho' imperfect obedience of
gospel, is called the new teltament, believers, is accepted and reward.
con. 7. 6.

ed, con, 16 6
Neighbour. See charity, love. Obedience is due to the lawful com-
Niggardliness, finful, cat 142.

Hands of a magistrate, con. 23 4.

cat 127, 12€.
An ATH, What it is, con: 22. Offices of Christ, of Mediator. See

1. It is a part of religious Mediator His prophetical office,
worship, ibid. the name of God is cat. 43 Prieitly, cat. 44, and kiog.
that by, which men ought only to ly, cat, 45.
swear, con 22. 2. cat. 108. Vain The Old Testament in Hebrew, is
or raih swearing by his name is to that to which the church is finally
be abborred, con, 22. 2. cat. 112. to appeal in controversies of religi.
Yet in matters of weight and mo- on, con. 1 8 the administration
ment an oath is warrantable under of the covenant of grace, under the
the new testament, con. 22 2. A law, is called the Old Teitament,
lawful oath imposed by lawful au-
thority, ought to be taken, ibid. The ordinances of God given by
It is a fin to refuse it, con. 22. 3.

Cirist to the visible church, cos.
A man must swear nothing but 25. 3 the ordinances under the
what he is fully persuaded is truth; law, con 7.5 cat. 34. those us-
neither may be bind himself by oath der the gospel, con. 7.6. cat 35.
to any thing, but what he believes Which are tewer, and administered
to be jult and good, and what he is with more fimplicity, and leis out-
able to perform, ibid. An oath is ward glory; yet in them grace and
to be taken in the plain and com- salvation are held forib in more tul-
mon sense of the words; and, in nets, evidence and efficacy, ibid.
things not linful, it binds to pero' all God's ordinances, especially the
formance, though to a man's owo word, facraments and prayer, are
burt, or made to heretics, con. 22. the outward and ordinary means of

113. But it cannot oblige tu salvation, cat. 154. How they are
bo, ibid.

made effectual, con. 25. 3. cat.
Obedience is due io God in whatso- 155, 161, 182. the negle&, con-
ever he is plealed to command, con. tempt or oppofiog them, lintul, cat,
2.2. cat 104. Christ hath perform- 109.
ed perfc obedience to the law for Original corruption See corruption.
ÚS 10 our salure, cua, 8. 4. cat, Original lia. See lo.


con. 7.5


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