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Practical Compendium of the Diseases of the Skin, by J. Greener, M.D. 8vo. 12s. boards.

Treatise on Headachs, by Dr G. H. Weatherhead. 12mo. 3s. 6d. cl. Manual of Experiments illustrative of Chemical Science, by J. Murray. Fourth edition. 12mo. 5s. boards.

Consumption; Why so Fatal? by John Turrell. 8vo. 5s. boards. Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, by Dr A. T. Thomson. Second edition. In one vol. 8vo. 21s. boards.

The Epidemics of the Middle Ages, from the German of Dr Hecker. Translated by Dr Babington; Part II. "The Dancing Mania." 12mo. 68. cloth.

Sketch of the History of Medicine, by Dr J. Bostock. 8vo. 7s. 6d. cl.


Nimrod's Hunting Tour; with Anecdotes, &c. of Sporting Men. 8vo. 15s. boards.

Shakspeare's Hindustani Dictionary. Third edition. 4to. 77. boards. Marshall's Tables of Interest, at 4 per cent, for 365 days, from £100 to £10,000. 8vo. 8s. boards.

Library of Useful Knowledge; Treatise on Algebraical Geometry, by Rev. S. W. Wand, M.A. 8vo. 5s. 6d. cloth.

Campaigns of the 28th Regiment since their return from Egypt in 1802, by Lieut.-Col. C. Cadell. Post 8vo. 9s. cloth.

Partington's British Cyclopædia, Division I., (Arts and Science). 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 15s. each, cloth.

Bibliopegia; or the Art of Bookbinding in all its Branches, by J. A. Arnett. Nine engravings. 18mo. 6s. cloth.

Hebrew Characters derived from Hieroglyphics, by John Lamb, D.D. 8vo. 8s. 6d. cloth.

Book of the Heart; or Sentimental Pocket Companion. 5s. morocco. The London Catalogue of Books, brought down to December 1834. Svo. 16s. cloth.

Brady's Treatise on the Family Game of Six Card Cribbage. 1s. sd. Million of Facts, by Sir R. Phillips. New edition. 12mo. 12s. cloth. Domestic Life in England, from the earliest Period to the Present Time. 12mo. 5s. boards.

History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain, by E. Baines, jun., Esq. 8vo. 15s. cloth.

The Cotton Spinner's Manual. 12mo. 2s. cloth.

The Epistolary Guide, by J. H. Brady.

12mo. 3s. cloth.

The British Wine Maker and Domestic Brewer, by W. H. Roberts. 12mo. 5s. cloth.

Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol. X. Part II. 4to. 18s. boards.

The Traditional History of Cromarty, by H. Miller. Foolscap 8vo. 7s. 6d. cloth.

The Crown Glass Cutter and Glazier's Manual, by William Cooper. Post 8vo.

10s. 6d. cloth.

Ram Comul Sen's English and Bengalee Dictionary. 2 vols. Royal 4to. 51. 5s. cloth.

Cooke's Universal Letter Writer. New edition. 24mo. 2s. 6d, bds.

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5s. 6d. boards.

12mo. 9s. cloth.

New System of Domestic Cookery. New edition. Lilly's Introduction to Astrology. 8vo. 14s. New and Complete Man of Business, by R. Percival. Essay on the Archæology of our Popular Phrases and Nursery Rhymes, by J. B. Ker. Second edition. In 2 vols. Vol. I. 12mo. 6s. boards.

Hardy's Register of East India Ships, with Supplement. Fourth edition. 12mo. 17s. 6d. cloth. The Supplement separate. 12mo. 5s. cloth. The Marriage Almanac, or Ladies' Perpetual Calendar. 32mo. 2s. 6d. cloth.

A Fragment on Mackintosh, being Strictures on his Dissertation prefixed to the Encyclopædia Britannica. 8vo. 9s. boards.


The Magazine of Natural History, by J. C. Loudon, Esq. Vol. VII. 8vo. 1. 4s. boards.

American Ornithological Biography, by J. J. Audubon, F.R.S., &c. Royal 8vo. 258. cloth.

Grammar of Entomology, by E. Newman. 12mo. 8s. 6d. cloth. Synopsis of Insects belonging to the Family of Phasmide, by G. R. Gray. 8vo. 3s. 6d. sewed.

A History of British Fishes, by William Yarrell, F.L.S. With upwards of four hundred woodcuts, comprising all the species and illustra tive vignettes. To be completed in 14 Monthly Parts. Price 2s. 6d. each. Parts I and II.


Mathematical Researches, by G. B. Jerrard, A.B. Part II. 8vo. 2s. 6d, sewed.

The Revolutions of the Globe familiarly explained, by A. Bertrand, M.D. 12mo. 7s. boards.

On the connexion of the Physical Sciences, by Mrs Somerville. Second Edition. 12mo. 10s. 6d. cloth.

Facts, Laws, and Phenomena of Natural Philosophy, from the French of Quetelet. 12mo. 6s. cloth.

Collection of Examples on the Integral Calculus. 8vo. 5s. 6d. bds. Essay on Chemical Attraction, by G. L. Hume. 8vo. 5s. boards. Lardner's Elements of Euclid. 8vo. New Edition. 7s. boards.


The Mayor of Wind-Gap, &c., by the O'Hara Family. 3 vols. Small 8vo. 17. Ils. 6d. boards.

Manuscripts of Erdely, a Romance, by G. Stephens, Esq. 3 vols.

Post 8vo. 8s. boards.
Foolscap 8vo. 7s. cl.

Post 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d. boards.
Probation, and other Tales. Second edition.
Facts and Fictions, or Gleanings of a Tourist.
Maid of Padua, a Venetian Tale, by Mrs Galland. 4 vols. 12mo.

17. 4s.

Mysterious Bridal, by W. L. Stone. 3 vols. 12mo. 15s. boards. Penruddock, a Tale, by the Author of Waltzburgh. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d. boards.

Romance of Many Lands. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d. boards.

The Stranger in America by Francis Lieber. 2 vols. Small Bra. 21s. boards.

The Picture and the Prosperous Man, by the Author of the Exe of Idria. 3 vols. Small 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d. boards.

The Two Friends, a Novel, by the Countess of Blessington. 3 vols. Small 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. boards.

Pantika; or, Traditions of the most Ancient Times, by William Howitt. 2 vols. Post 8vo. 1. 1s. boards.

The Exile of Erin; or, the Sorrows of a Bashful Irishman, 2 vols. Post 8vo. 17. 1s. boards.

Selwyn in Search of a Daughter, and other Tales, by the Author of Tales of the Moors, &c. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d. boards. The Heir Presumptive, by Lady Stepney. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 1L 11s. 6d. boards.

Sketches of a Sea Port Town, by H. F. Chorley. 3 vols. Post 8ro. 17. 11s. 6d. boards.

Hennebon, or the Countess of Montford and Bertha of Burgundy. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 1. 11s. 6d. boards.

The Marsdens and the Daventry's Tales, by the Author of Traits and Traditions of Portugal. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. boards.

The Natural Son, a German Tale, translated from Spindler, by Lord Albert Conyngham. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d. boards.

Scenes and Stories, by a Clergyman in Debt. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 14. 11s. 6d. boards.

Abdalla the Moor, &c., a Romance. 4 vols. 12mo. 24s. boards. Provincial Sketches, by the Author of "The Usurer's Daughter." Small 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Sketch Book of the South. Small Svo. 10s. 6d.

Sydney Beresford, a Tale of the Day. 3 vols. Post Svo. 24s. bds. Pierce Falcon the Outcast, a Novel, by Emma Whitehead. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 1. 11s. 6d. boards.

Finesse, a Novel. 2 vols. Royal 12mo. 21s. boards.


78. cloth.

5s. sewed.
Small 8vo.
Royal 8vo. 15s. cloth.

Winter Leaves. Foolscap 8vo. 4s. boards.
St Leon, a Drama in three Acts. 8vo.
Recreations in Rhyme, by a Cornubian.
Chaos and the Creation, an Epic Poem.
Moore's Irish Melodies. Twelfth edition.
The Bridegroom and the Bride, and other
5s. cloth.

Foolscap 8vo. 10s. bds. Poems, by A. Park. 12mo.

Nuga Poeticæ; Original Poems, by J. G. Ryan. 12mo. 3s. cloth. Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus, by H. H. Wilson, M.A. Second edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 21s. boards.

The Riches of Chaucer, by C. C. Clarke, with 20 Illustrations. 2 vols. 12mo. 18s. cloth.

Zella, and other Poems, by S. R. Garrett, Esq. Foolscap 8vo. 5s. cl. The Village Churchyard and other Poems, by Lady E. S. Wortley. Post 8vo. 8s. 6d. boards.

Original Scottish Songs, by Alex. Hume. 12mo. Ss. 6d. cloth.

Legends of the North, and Border Minstrelsy, selected chiefly from the works of Sir W. Scott, with illustrations. 4s. cloth.

The British Months, a Poem in twelve parts, by Bishop Mant. 2 vols. 9s. cloth.

The Saxon's Daughter in Six Cantos, by N. Michell. 12mo. 5s. bds. Vigillæ, or Night Watches, a Poem, by W. Ball. 8vo. 7s. 6d. bds. Milton's Paradise Lost. 48mo. 5s. cloth.

Selections from the English Poets, Chaucer to Milman. Foolscap 8vo. 4s. cloth.

Helen of Coquetdale, &c., Tales in Verse. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

Louisa A. Twamley's Poems, with Illustrations. Post 8vo. 7s. 6d. bds. Sir W. Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel, illustrated by thirteen engra vings on steel. Foolscap 8vo. 98. cloth.

Butler's Hudibras, with notes, by the Rev. T. R. Nash. 2 vols. 8vo. 24s. boards.

Sonnets; Meditative and Devotional, by T. Albin. 12mo. 3s. 6d. cl. Gray's Elegy, written in a country churchyard, each verse illustrated by a woodcut, from designs by eminent living artists, a verse and illustration occupying a page. 8vo. 98. boards.


Treatise on Friendly Societies, by C. Ansell, Esq., F.R.S. 8vo. 5s. The Black Book, a new edition, with an appendix. 8vo. 21s. cloth. Influence of Democracy on Society, by an American. Post 8vo. 59. 6d. cloth.

Hansard's Parliamentary Debates. and last volume of Sessions of 1834.) The Reformation of the Church of 1s. sewed.

Third Series.
Third Series.

Vol XXV. (Fifth 8vo. 30s. boards. Ireland, by D. Dewar, D.D. 8vo.

Parliamentary Test Book. 18mo. 3s. cloth.

Fragments from the History of John Bull. 12mo. 5s, cloth.
Parliamentary Indicator. 18mo. 2s. cloth.

Pocket Companion, 1835. 18mo. 4s. cloth.

Lord Durham's Speeches on Reform. 8vo. 4s.
Reid's Political Career of the Earl of Durham.


12mo. 4s. 6d.

Miriam, or the Power of Truth, a Jewish Tale. 12mo. 6s. cloth. Eight Lectures on Fellowship with God, by J. Sandford, B.A. 12mo.

4s. 6d. cloth.

On the Use and Governance of Time and Temper, by Rev. W. Jawitt, M.A. 12mo. 3s. 6d. cloth.

York Psalm and Hymn Book. New edition. 32mo. 3s. cloth. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Foolscap 8vo. 12s. cloth. Bible. Foolscap 8vo. 30s. cloth or demy 4to, with margin for MSS., same price.

Letters on Future Punishment, with Notes, illustrative and explana tory. Foolscap 8vo. 7s. 6d. cloth,

The New Testament, with various readings and maps. 32mo. 5s. 6d.


Lord Mandeville on the Epistle to the Hebrews. Royal 8vo. 16s. cl.

The Rev. Baptist Noel on the Sanctification of the Sabbath. 18mo. 1s. cloth.

Wilberforce's Practical View of Christianity. 32mo. 28. cloth.

Dr Samuel Miller on the Office of Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church. 12mo. 4s. cloth.

Renoult's Letter to his Father on Religion. 18mo. 2s. cloth.

Chronological and Geographical Chart from the Commencement of the Gospel Narrative to the Ascension of Our Lord, with a key, by R. Mimpriss. 21s. on roller; 17. 2s. 6d. in cloth case.

Four Sermons on the Spirit of Holiness, by J. H. Evans. 12mo. 29. 6d. cloth.

The Book of Revelation, with Notes, by Rev. Isaac Ashe, A. B. 12mo. 5s. boards.

Family Prayers, by the Author of Explanatory and Practical Comments on the New Testament. 12mo. 4s. 6d. boards.

Villeroi; or, Religion founded on Principle, not on Excitement. 12mo. 5s. boards.

Goodwin's Exposition of 9th Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, with Preface by Thomas Jackson. 8vo. 8s. boards.

Church at Philippi; or the Doctrines and Conduct of the Early Christians illustrated. 12mo. 5s.

Bible Lives from the History of the Old Testament, by B. H. Draper. 2 vols. 32mo. 3s. 6d. half-bound.

Summary View and Explanation of the Writings of the Prophets, by John Smith, D.D. 12mo. 4s. 6d. cloth.

Rev. James Anderson's Sermons on Elijah. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.
Hints to Young Clergymen, by an Incumbent. 12mo. 2s. boards.
A Discourse on Death, by Rev. H. Stebbing, M.A. Foolscap 8vo.

4s. cloth.

The Church Liturgy explained and Illustrated, by M. A. Rundall. 12mo. 4s. 6d. cloth.

Nine Sermons on the Church Catechism, by Rev. J. W. Hatherell. 8vo. 5s. 6d. cloth.

The Book of Genesis, with Observations and References, by Rev. R. W. Sibthorp. Imperial 8vo. 8s. 6d. cloth.

Rev. H. Gauntlett's Sermons, with Memoir of the Author. 2 vols. 8vo. 21s. boards.

Book of the Heart; or, Plain Meditations, by Rev. J. Jones, M. A. 12mo. 6s. cloth.

Twenty Sermons, by the late Rev. Wm. Howels. 12mo. 78. cloth. Christianity compared with Unitarianism, by Baptist W. Noel, M. A. 18mo. 2s. cloth.

Bread of the First Fruits, or Meditations on Select Passages. 12mo. 68. cloth.

Sober Views of the Millennium, by Rev. T. Jones of Creaton. 12mo. Is. sewed.

Abbott's Young Christian Abridged, by Rev. J. W. Cunningham. 18mo. 2s. cloth.

Scriptural Emblems. 32mo. 2s. 6d. tuck.

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