Historical and Biographical Works: The life and acts of John Whitgift. 1822

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Clarendon Press, 1822
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Page 86 - Religion agreed upon by the Archbishops and Bishops of both provinces, and the whole Clergy in the Convocation holden at London in the year of our Lord God...
Page 401 - all our provision was spent ; but, in addressing myself to the Lord, I found myself deeply affected with the fourth petition of the Lord's prayer, ' Give us this day our daily bread...
Page 438 - a Briefe Discovery of the Untruthes and Slanders (against the true government of the Church of Christ) contained in a Sermon, preached the 8 of Februarie, 1588, by D. Bancrofi, and since that time set forth in print, with additions by the said Author.
Page 408 - Papists there ; it were no reason that those that will refuse the airy sign of the cross after baptism should have their purses stuffed with any more solid and substantial crosses ; they fled me so from argument to argument without ever answering me directly...
Page 106 - Which I have read, and find so curiously penned, so full of branches and circumstances, as I think the Inquisitors of Spain use not so many questions to comprehend and to trap their preys.
Page 311 - Thracian, forget mine own danger ; but my loyalty to my prince did I never forget. And being now to end my days before I am come to the one half of my years, in the likely course of nature, I leave the success of my...
Page 106 - I conclude that, according to my simple judgment, this kind of proceeding is too much savouring of the Romish Inquisition, and is rather a device to seek for offenders than to reform any. This is not the charitable instruction that I thought was intended.
Page 222 - But sith it pleased her Majesty to use the ministry of Bishops, and to assign them this authority, it must be to me, that am a subject, as Gods ordinance.
Page 408 - They fled me so from argument to argument, without ever answering me directly, ut est eorum mos, as I was forced at last to say unto them that, if any of them had been in a college, disputing with their scholars, if any of their disciples had answered them in that sort, they would have fetched him up, in place of a reply ; and so should the rod have plied upon the poor boy's buttocks.
Page 420 - The Puritans, whose fantastical zeal I mislike, though they differ in ceremonies and accidents, yet they agree with us in substance of religion. And I think all, or the most of them, love his Majesty and the present State; and I hope will yield to conformity.

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