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not materially changed from the state In February next, it is expected that reported at your last convention. The the very important law question, reRev. Daniel Barber has left this Dio- specting their church lands, will be deGess, and also it is reported, the com- cided. munion of the Protestant Episcopal In Massachusetts we have to lament church. The Rev. Mr. Howe has suc- the decline of the church in Marbleceeded him in the church in Clare. head; as also some unhappy dissenmont, where his labours are much bless- sions which have interrupted the peace, ed. . The parish, having very much and clouded the prosperity of the paincreased, have purchased a new and fish in Great-Barrington. In August I convenient church, in the village, and visited that and the other churches in they are enlarging their old church: the western part of the state; and the Divine services are performed alter- hope is cherished that, through the nately in the two. The Rev. Mr. Lord's goodness, union and peace may Chase has the pastoral charge of the again be restored. Such, I am happy church in Drewsville. The Rev. Mr. now to state, has been the result in Searle bas officiated the greater part of Lanesborough :--the Rev. Aaron Humthe year last past in Concord, Hop- phrey, from Connecticut, has succeeded kinton, and Bradford, and occasionally the Rev. Mr. Pardee in the pastoral in some of the neighbouring downs; charge of that church, which is united three months of which time he was and prosperous. employed as a missionary. Had we the A new society has been formed in means of employing even one itinerant Ashfield, which loudly calls for our fosclergyman in that state, he would proba- tering care. It is painful to reflect on bly be able to form some new churches, our inability to give this and many and would, with the Divine blessing, other new and small parishes that atbe of very great use in the cause of tention and aid which they chiefly the Redeemer's kingdom. When shall need. In Taunton some measures have we follow the example of all other been taken, and it is hoped will be pur churches ?

-When perform that work sued for resuscitating the ruins of that of propagating his faith which our Sa- once little church. St. Paul's Church, viour requires ? In every state should in Boston, is gradually filling with a be a Missionary society, encouraged by very respectable congregation. every parish, and supported by every The Rev. Mr. Chapman was absent churchman. He who cannot give one four months, employed as a missionary dollar, if such there be, let him give a chiefly in Lenox. As there appeared cent or a mite : let him show that he an urgent call for Mr. Wolcott's laloves the Lord, regards his word, and bours, and a prospect of much useful desires to build up his kingdom. ness in Marshfield, it was judged ex.

In no part of this Diocess is the pedient that he should discontinue his change for the better, during the last services in Quincy, and that something two years, more apparent than in Ver- should be allowed him for a year of mont; though even there, but little, two, as missionary in Marshfield: And we fear of what we ought to do, has the prospects thus far seem to justify been effected. Mr. Chase has suc- this

arrangement. That the church in ceeded Mr. Chapman at Bellows Falls. Quincy might not in consequence sufThe church in Shelburne, under the fer, the Rev. Mr. Lippitt was employ. care of Mr. Clapp, has very much in- ed as a missionary there for six months : creased. New parishes might easily And provision has since been made for be formed, had we missionaries to feed the continuance of public worship in them with the bread of life, and rear that parish till the present time, them up to strength and maturity. The church in Rhode Island conti. Some promising young men, in that nues to enjoy the smiles of its Divine state, are now prosecuting their studies, Head. The number of communicants with a view to the sacred ministry. has very considerably increased : nor In Manchester à new church is now is there reason to believe that piety of in building; and another in Windsor, zeal is in any degree diminished. The 141 sacerdotal connexion between the Rev. We know well that among Christians Mr. Blake and the church in North-Pro of other denominations, handsome colvidence, is, by mutual consent, dissolve lections are made in parishes much ed, The Rev. Lemuel Burge is settled poorer than some of ours who contriin the parish of St. Paul's Church, in bute nothing: and we know too that North-Kingston and South-Kingston.

many of our people contribute to the It would seem that the soil of the propagation of the Gospel by other Eastern Diocess is peculiarly unfavour- sects, who would more gladly give, if, able to missionary societies. The one with even less importunity, they were in this state, I am sorry to say, has not called on by the clergy of our own comreceived that general patronage of our munion. Should it by any be said that few churches which was anticipated. the sum like to be collected will be so The greater part of what has been con- small they are ashamed to present it, tributed, is, I believe, from one parish, let such reflect on the impiety of thus and that not the largest. A missionary dishonouring our Divine Master, and society was, some years since, formed neglecting his work, through fear of and incorporated, in Massachusetts, bringing discredit upon ourselves! Is it and some measures have more recently thus we take his cross, and bear his rebeen taken, by the convention and proach? Permit me, my Clerical Brestanding committee of that State, to thren, to ask, whether we are not the collect funds : but their efforts have not, chief delinquents in this thing ?-We to my knowledge, been attended with who ought to lead in every measure any considerable success.

which will spread the faith of the blessThe sums collected at our Easter ed Saviour, and build up his kingdom. contributions, I have endeavoured, with Are not the people more ready to give the advice of our standing committee, for this noble purpose than we to ask ? to apply to the purposes intended, with Are we duly mindful of our Lord's the utmost frugality, and according to command, doing all in our power to the best of my judgment. This fund preach his Gospel to every creature ? is annually diminishing. The collec- Sunday schools have been introduced tions of the present year are from a into many, and I believe into the few churches only, and amount to about greater part of our parishes, and their two hundred and forty dollars. The success has more than equalled our greater part of our churches have no such most sanguine expectations. It is not contributions. Whether you will judge necessary that I should now dwell on it expedient and just still to call on the salutary effects of this mode of inthose few, seeing it is not made, as our struction. It will suffice to observe convention recommended, a general that what is chiefly essential, to avail thing, may be worthy of consideration. ourselves of its full benefits, is the pious The apology, which is usually made, zeal, and generous disposition of our for not asking the people to contribute people to bestow their services in what is, that the parishes are poor, and their we may truly denominate, this “labour burdens already heavy; facts which of love.” What is most to be feared we well know, and sensibly feel. But is, that they may at length be “weary this excuse, as I conceive, is founded in well doing." Let it not be so: let on a misapprehension of what is require the young especially be encouraged to ed. It is not enjoined upon any parish engage and continue in this charitable or individual to contribute any thing work, than which none can be more but what can be given with conve- useful to individuals, to religion, and to nience, and with a willing mind?"- society. It is required only that our people may *Finally, I take this opportunity of all have a suitable opportunity to give. once more requesting that the several In the poorest parish there may be a State Conventions, and all whose duty few persons who are able, and willing, it is, or who are willing to perform the and desirous to contribute something duty, will, in the time to come, careto this most important and charitable fully transmit to me the parochial reobject.

ports, and whatever else may be ne

ble prayer:

cessary or useful, in giving a full and Agent, recently established by the more particular view of all our churches. Board, and the very faithful discharge My earnest desire is, "and indeed my of its functions by the present incumfull intention, should God in his for- bent. bearing mercy still prolong my life and The sum of $250 has been approgive the means, to make a more par- priated by the Board to the purchase of ticular and accurate statement, than Bibles, and the like sum for that of has yet been made, of the annual pros- Prayer Books, for gratuitous distribuperity or decline of our churches. tion, the ensuing year.

That he who alone is able will give The operations of the society, in us success; that the business of this consequence of the urgent and perpetuconvention may be conducted with ally increasing wants of our own dioharmony and wisdom; and our hearts cess, have been almost exclusively and lives be devoted to the building up confined within its bounds. The ma, of the Redeemer's kingdom, is my hum- nagers would have rejoiced at ability to

extend them more widely, but have ALEXANDER V. GRISWOLD. found themselves incapable of even ap

proximating to the full supply of the

necessities at home. They regret that The Annual Meeting of the New-York such should have been the state of Bible and Common Prayer Book Society things in the largest, wealthiest, and was held in Trinity Church, in this city, most flourishing diocess in the Union. on Tuesday, February 27th, when the fol. They would respectfully, but most lowing Report was read, accepted, and earnestly urge upon their brother ordered to be published :

churchmen-and hope to be not want Eleventh Annual Report of the Board Christian obligation which lies upon so

ing in their own attention to it-the of Managers of the New-York Bible highly favoured a section of the church, and Common Prayer Book Society. to employ the ability intrusted to it by

TWELVE years have now elapsed a bountiful Providence, not only to the since the establishment of the New- care of its own children, but, also, to York Bible and Common Prayer Book the extending of aid to diocesses from Society, the first institution in this city which God's mere goodness has made which had for its declared object, the us to differ in the possession of means gratuitous distribution of the Holy for advancing the cause of Christ. Scriptures. During the period of its With these feelings, however, we operations, it has been so far blessed, would mingle--and call upon our felas to be enabled to raise a permanent low-members to add their's emotions fund of $5295 35 cents, to obtain a set of lively gratitude to him from whom of 8vo. stereotype plates for the Book cometh every good and perfect gift, for of Common Prayer, and to expend, what he has enabled us to do. The in procuring Bibles and Prayer Books circulation of nearly 9000 copies of the for distribution, nearly $4000. Scriptures, and of a Liturgy carrying to

The result has been, the circula- the heart, in every variety of most intion, through the medium of this so- teresting and impressive form, their diciety, of 2966 Bibles, 500 New Tes- vine doctrines and precepts, cannot have taments, and 5485 Prayer Books; been without effect. The blessing of making an aggregate of 8951 volumes. God has gone forth with them. His

Of the above, 252 Bibles, and 630 grace has awakened attention to their saPrayer Books, have been gratuitously cred contents-has brought them home distributed, and 101 8vo. Prayer Books, to the heart-has thus blessed them from our stereotype plates, given to to the conversion of the sinner, to the members and donors, on the terms of comforting of the penitent, to the conthe society, since its last meeting. firming of the faithful, to the reclaim

Our operations, during the past year, ing of the wandering, to the encouhave been much facilitated, through ragement of the striving, to the consothe instrumentality of the office of lation of the sick and the afilicted, to

the support of the dying, and, perhaps In this noble institution, therefore, we to the furnishing of the departed soul see an effort for the advancement of the with its first hallelujah, when delivered Redeemer's cause, which we all should from the prison of the body.

most heartily bid God speed; and the In the enlargement and increasing interests of which, we should all, acprosperity of the church in this diocess, cording to our respective ability and we see cause to cherish the humble opportunity, endeavour to be God's hope, that these effects may have been honoured instruments of promoting. produced to no very inconsiderable ex- This will be perfectly consistent with tent. In the year 1809, in which this the continuance, and even increase of society was formed, there were, in this our exertions in behalf of those other state, but 42 clergymen of our church.' excellent institutions, by which our There are now 78. The number of church aims, though, indeed, in an congregations has increased in about humbler sphere, at the furtherance of the same proportion. "To this en- the same great object--the spiritual couraging state of things, although we and eternal welfare of the sons of men. delight to perceive in it the Divine When we contemplate the resources blessing upon a well regulated system of this diocess, possessing upwards of of ecclesiastical concerns, and upon 120 congregations, and these including Episcopal and pastoral fidelity, we may, no inconsiderable share of the wealth also, humbly hope that our society has of our state, and then suppose that been not a little conducive. It gives us deep influence of religious affection, great pleasure, indeed, to acknowledge which its everlasting moment deserves, as powerful, and, in some instances, our minds, at once, form the idea of a more effectual auxiliaries, those sister magnitade of exertion in the various establishments of our church, in vari- methods for advancing the interests of ous parts of the diocess, which have religion and the church, commensurate for their objects this same good work to the just expectations which should be of circulating the Bible and the Book entertained, of a diocess so peculiarly of Common Prayer—the support of favoured with means and facilities. missionaries—and the distribution of May God put it into the hearts of those religious tracts. And it now gives us whom he has blessed with this world's the highest satisfaction to hail, as an "goods, to consecrate a liberal share of enterprize surpassing them all in mag- them to the glory of the all-bounteous nitude of importance, and in probable Giver. Gratitude to him demands this extent of beneficial influence, the mea- offering. His promised blessing urges sures commenced at our last conven- to it. His church asks it, as a return tion, and prosecuting, under the aus- of temporal for spiritual things; and pices of managers appointed by that as furnishing her with the means of acbody, for affording the means of secure complishing the blessed and eternally ing, by competent provision for their momentous objects for which she was education, a pious, orthodox, and learn- established. ed clergy. When we consider the or- Signed by order of the Board, der set forth in the word of God, as

MATTHEW CLARKSON, that by which he designs the blessings

Chairman pro tem. of the Gospel to be disseminated and BENJAMIN T. ONDERDONK, Secretary. preserved among men, we cannot but

New-York, Feb. 21, 1821. regard the various and momentous functions of the ministry of his church, The following gentlemen were elected as most intimately connected with the to be associated with the Bishop and interests of evangelical piety, with re- clergy of the city, as the Board of Man gard both to the sanctification and sal- nagers for the ensuing year: vation of individuals, and to its benign Matthew Clarkson,

John Onderdonk, influence on communities. Hence the John Slidell, Henry Rogers, George state of religion, and its practical in- Dominick, Gulian Ludlow, Isaac Ca. fluence, have ever been graduated by the Tow, Richard Whiley, Henry M'Farcharacter and abilities of the clergy. lan, and Richard Platt.

At a meeting of the Board of Mana- felt gratitude to the Friend of the fa gers, on Friday, March 2d, the Rev. therless, and incitements to that conBenjamin T. Onderdonk was chosenfidence in the protecting care of Prosecretary, Gulian Ludlow, treasurer, vidence, which occasional discourageand Henry M-Farlan, agent.

ment and inquietude should never be able to destroy.

Since the last Report, 16 boys have Annual Report of the Orphan Asylum been bound to farmers or mechanics;

Society in the city of New-Yorky 16 girls placed in respectable families; made in the month of April, 1821. 10 boys and 8 girls have been received At this joyous season of the year, into the institution; and there now rewhen nature roușes from her lethargy main 128 children dependent upon you to put on her fairest garments in praise for the necessaries of life. In order to of her Creator, there is no sentiment inure the boys to hardship and fatigue, more predominant in the hearts of the they are required to cut all the wood, Board of Direction of the “Orphan draw the water, &c. and are taught to Asylum Society," than that of gratitude. cultivate the grounds belonging to the They began the year in sorrow, and Asylum, which have yielded a very their friends and patrons mingled their large supply of vegetables of various feelings with those of the Board on the kinds.* The girls are employed in recollection of departed worth. But, work appropriate to themselves : they though clouds and darkness rested on have, within the last year, made 550 them for a time, the gloom has been garments of different sorts, 40 pair of dispersed by that light which has shone sheets, 18 mattresses, besides quilting on the Society, and guided them in 13 bed-quilts, repairing their clothes, seasons of perplexity and doubt from knitting, assisting in washing, ironing, its commencement to the present day. and every variety of house-work.

At no period has the aspect of the Although care is taken to give them Society been more promising than at hrabits of industry, the culture of their the present. It is true that “daily mind is not neglected. It is with please bread" has been all the Orphan's por- sure the Board observe the larger portion, but the hand that bestows it has tion of the children able to read their never yet been shortened. The large Bible, and the assiduity with which debt which was contracted in requisite they store their minds with scripture repairs and alterations of their establishe truth. They have, during the last ment, during the former year, is, by year, committed to memory from 49 to the annual grant of the Legislature and 1666 verses ; and their progress is very the contributions of benevolent indivi- good in arithmetic and writing; several duals and congregations, in a good de- of the boys are also studying the rudigree liquidated. The blessing of health, ments of grammar. with few exceptions, has been dispensed The Board have been called to resign with unsparing bounty to their orphan to his Heavenly Father one little boy, family. The Board have been able to whose debilitated health, when he enplace a larger number of children than tered the Asylum, seemed to revive for usual in respectable situations, where a season under the genial influence of every reasonable hope may be indulged kindness and wholesome diet; but his that they will be taught that knowledge constitution was too much impaired to which maketh wise unto salvation, and sustain a very severe attack of influenza to fulfil their duty in their respective during its prevalence in our city. stations. The continuance of the wor- The increasing expenses of so nuthy Superintendants in their sphere of merous a family are often the source of usefulness, and the acquisition of their barassing anxiety to the Board, and daughter to aid in the instruction of the certainly require an extension of the girls--the good conduct of the Monitor, who was brought up under their care,

i There have been raised, in the past and the general propriety of the chil. of potatoes, 100 bushels of turnips, also,

pear, 2000 heads of cabbage, 150 bushels dren's behaviour, are causes of heart beans, peas, parsnips, onions, &c. &c.

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