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their warlike front, and the English sol- The Schools in connexion with this diers quitted Palestine for their native Society are thirteen,”

Male and Female Schools of St. John's The Holy Land finally fell under Turkish dominion in 1291, after the


Do. do. Zion Church. memorable siege of Acre.

Do. do. St. Paul's Chapel. mory of the Templars is embalmed,

Female School of Trinity Church. for the last struggle for the Holy Land was made by the Red Cross Knights." and Grace Churches.

Associate Male School of Trinity

Female School of Grace Church. The fourth anniversary of the New. Male and Female Schools of St. York Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Mark's Church. Society was celebrated in St. Paul's Cha. Do. do. St. Philip's Church. pel, in this city, on the afternoon of

These Schools comprise 1244 schoApril 25th, the Festival of St. Mark the lars, under the charge of 138 SuperinEvangelist. The scholars assembled ex

tendents and Teachers. ceeded 1000 in number, and presented a most interesting spectacle; while the No. 1, St. John's CHAPEL, within the great propriety of their deportment gave

Parish of Trinity Church-Male Dethe most encouraging evidence of the care

partment. taken by their Teachers to train them up

6 Since the commencement of the to devout attendance on the services of the School, in March, 1817,998 boys have sanctuary. Evening Prayer was conducted been entered upon its register. The by the Rev. William Creighton, Rector of School, during the present year, has St. Mark's Church, and an address, adapt- continued to increase in numbers, and ed to the occasion, delivered by the Rev.

now consists of 258 scholars. Of these Thomas Breintnall, Rector of Zion Church. 216 are regular attendants, and 42 ocThe scholars having sung some appropriate casional and irregular. The whole are

159 the verses selected from the 119th Psalm in

scholars are readers, but in various metre, the services were closed by suitable prayers selected from the Liturgy, commit to memory the Catechism, por

stages of advancement, and all of them and the Benediction, by the Right Rev.

tions of Scripture, and other exercises. Bishop Hobart.

66 The improvement of the greater Fourth

Annual Report of the Board part of them is regularly progressive, of Managers of the New-York Pro- and highly gratifying, and a generai testant Episcopal Sunday School punctuality exists in committing to

memory the required exercises, and Society.

many are in the habit of exceeding The Board of Managers of the Pro- them. Between 50 and 60 boys have testant Episcopal Sunday School So- lately committed to memory the whole ciety are gratified in being enabled to of the Church Catechism as broken report the very flourishing state of the into short questions and answers, and Schools under their care.

recently published under the direction Regarding this Charity with deep of the Bishop, and have been advanced interest, as intimately connected with to the larger Catechism. the happiness of individuals, the welfare “ There are many of the scholars of society, and the great cause of reli- who, for their diligence, industry, and gion, they do not doubt that the details uniform good conduct, receive the parwhich follow will be favourably receiv. ticular commendation of their Teachers ed by all who reflect and all who feel. and the Superintendent : and one of

The extracts which we now present the oldest, a lad of about 16 years of are taken from the reports of the re- age, who has been in the School from spective Superintendents, ranking the its commencement, has, for several Schools according to the number of months past, had charge of a class, (the their scholars,

Teacher whereof has been absent), and



has conducted himself in an exemplary formerly sceptics to the supposed ad

vantages of Sunday Schools. Their " The School is at present conducted operation upon society begins to be apby a Superintendent, Assistant, and 12 parent, and too many instances of inTeachers, whose duties, owing to the dividual improvement are constantly increase of the School, and the loss of before our eyes to admit of the suppo several Teachers, during the past year, sition that our labours have been in have been very laborious. The zeal vain." of the Teachers, however, continues No. 2, St. John's CHAPEL-Female unabated, and they have supplied, by

Department. diligence and regularity, the want of additional assistance.

« Since the last annual report there 6 During the past year,

the School has been an increase of 33 scholars; has felt the want of Bibles and Prayer making the total number 190, of whom Books, and also of other suitable books 126 are white, and 64 coloured ; 29 of to distribute among the scholars as pre- the latter being adults. Five have been miums. There are many who by the baptized; two admitted to the Holy rules of the School are now entitled to Eucharist, and two more are preparing Bibles and Prayer Books, which we are for that holy ordinance at the next ceunable to furnish. The Superintendent lebration. They appear anxious for trusts that the mention of the circum- instruction, and grateful to their Teache stance that the Bibles and Prayer Books Their behaviour during Divine are most of them absolutely necessary Service is almost uniformly devout and to the progress of the scholars, and attentive. Many of them have comthat no premiums of any consequence mitted large portions of Scripture to have been distributed for 18 months memory, and one the whole of the past, will be sufficient inducement to Hymns contained in the Book of Commeasures for an immediate supply. mon Prayer.

“ The Superintendent has been late- “ The wbite children have become ly enabled, by offers of assistance from more orderly, and many of them evince several gentlemen concerned in the in- a desire of improvement. There are stitution, to organize a plan of visiting, several not over six years of age, who which promises to realize the best ef- can repeat correctly from memory our fects. It is that of dividing that part Saviour's sermon on the Mount, his of the city from which we receive our miracles and parables. scholars into small districts, and as- many, very many of these girls, who signing to each a permanent visitor, who would do credit to any institution. will undertake to act for at least one 66 The School is divided into 15 year. Each visitor will thus soon be- classes, with 17 Teachers, 7 of whom come acquainted with every scholar in commenced with the organization of the his district, will more readily find the School; 9 of them are communicants. absentees, and will have an opportu- The number of scholars regularly atnity to acquire much useful knowledge tending is from 100 to 120." of the character and habits of their

No. 3, ZION CHURCH-Male Departparents, and in many instances to the

ment. benefit both of the scholars and their families.

“ The Superintendents report that 6 Upon a review of the operations the School under their charge has, durof the last year, the Superintendent is ing the past year, increased in the repleased to remark a general improve- gular number of attendants, and that a ment. A greater attention is paid to manifest improvement in their exerthe School by all persons concerned in cises and deportment has taken place it; a more ardent anxiety in the religi- both in School and in Church during ous improvement of the children is Divine Service. evinced by the Teachers, and a deep “ The School consists of 124 regular interest in the welfare of this establish- 'attendants, divided into 12 classes-11 ment is exhibited by many who were white and 1 coloured, under the charge

There are

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of 12 Teachers, who have been parti- No. 6, St. PAUL'S CHAPEL-Female cularly attentive in imparting to the

Department. objects of their care the first rudiments

66 Since the commencement of the of human fearning, in reforming their School, in May 1817, 544 white, and morals, and impressing on their young 183 coloured pupils have entered ; of minds religious truths; and it is with this number 137 have been added since pleasure the Superintendents state, that, the last anniversary, 106 white, and 31 under God's blessing, their zealous ex- coloured females, This School has ertions have been in a great degree suffered very considerably during the successful.”

winter, from the illness of a large pro. No. 4, ZION CHURCA-Female Depart- portion of its scholars. The children ment.

are in general deserving of very great

praise for their behaviour in School and c. The Superintendents of this de

during Divine Service.” partment state, that the


of the School has exceeded their expectations.

No. 7, Male School of Trinity and

GRACE CHURCHES (united.) Among other particular instances of

The improvement, one little girl, who was

present number of scholars is kept at home by illness the greater part 58, of which 39 are white, and 19 of the winter, committed to memory

coloured. The average attendance is 28 chapters in the Bible, and 18 Psalms. 40 to 45; 23 read in the Bible. The number of regular attending scho

66 That the minds of many, and dislars is 126, under the care of 12 young positions of some, have been improved ladies."

is evident: and a hope is entertained

that, under the blessing of Divine ProNo. 5, St. Paul's CHAPEL, within the vidence, all may be benefitted in some Parish of Trinity Church-Male

way. Department.

« There are at present 6 Teachers « The Superintendent reports, that attached to as many classes, 2 Supervery shortly after the last annual meet- intendents, and 1 Secretary. Coming of the Society, considerable addi- mittees have, for the last


been tions were made to the number of scho- ' appointed to search for scholars, who lars, and that its present state is pros- appropriate one afternoon each month perous. The average number of at- to engage children for their own detendants is 50.

partment, and for the Female School “ One of the boys, who has been a

of Trinity Church. Their last visit pupil in this School from its commence- produced an accession of 7 scholars." ment, has been rewarded for his im- No. 8, Trinity CHURCH-Female Deprovement and general good conduct

partment. by the charge of a class.

“The Superintendent reports the 66 Several other instances of dili- state of this School, during the past gence and good deportment are men- year, to have been such as to gratify tioned by the Superintendent. Many all who are interested in the important have evinced a remarkable degree of object it professes to advance. attention and retentiveness of memory, “ Through the winter the School has in committing and reciting the whole of constantly, though slowly, gained, and the Catechism broken into short ques- is now in a more flourishing state than tions and answers, in the short space of in the same season of any previous two Sundays, without omitting any of year.

There are now 94 scholars who the ordinary exercises assigned them. actually attend, of whom 41 are co

“On the whole, (he concludes) this loured women and children. They School may be considered as in a form 10 classes; 5 of which read well flourishing state, and, under the Di- in the Bible; 2 of them have gone vine blessing, much good may be ex- twice through the Church Catechism, pected from the continued and success- and one has committed to memory a ful prosecution of the meritorious la- considerable portion of Scripture Inbours of its instructors "

struction. The younger scholars are

divided into 3 classes, over each of ment of this School, 279 children have which 2 Teachers preside.

passed through;.39 have been admitted “ It has been our aim, (it is added), since the last annual report, and 28 not only to inculcate Christian duties have removed or joined other Schools. and doctrines, but to instruct those un- The number at present on the register der our care in the principles of the is 82, and the regular attendants from Church, to explain to them the service 30 to 35, 3 of whom are coloured, and in which they are expected to unite, 1 adult, the mother of a large family, and to lead them to worship the Lord who has in one year progressed from in the beauty of holiness. Instances of the Primer to reading tolerably in the misconduct during Divine Service are Bible, which would most probably rare; they scarcely ever occur except have continued to her as a sealed book, in those who have not been long enough had not a Sunday School been opened in the School to understand and respect for her reception. The School is diits rules. Many of the scholars mani. vided into 6 classes, each of which has fest a degree of seriousness and devo- a Teacher, who unitedly manifest botn tion, particularly interesting to those zeal and perseverance in their labour who have been instrumental in enlight of love. ening their minds, and impressing their “ Several of the children of this hearts with the all-important truths of School are regularly catechised with the Gospel of peace.

the children of the congregation.” “ There are at present 13 Teachers, No. 12, St. Philip's CHURCH_Male the most of whom have been long active

Department. ly and zealously engaged in the School."

66 Since the last annual report, a No. 9, GRACE Church-Female De


number of scholars have been repartment.

ceived into this School, but from vari6 At the last annual report, this ous causes the number of regular atSchool consisted of 34 scholars; since tendants has decreased. We have at which 6 have left it; 4 of whom have times as many as 35 present, but regone to the country, and 2 to the Epis- gularly not more than 25. copal Charity School. During the last 66 All the books set forth by the Soyear, 36 have been added—11 of whom ciety are used in this School, and the are white children, 19 coloured women, improvement of the scholars generally and 6 coloured children, so that there is beyond what might be expected from are now 64 scholars, most of which the few hours which are thus weekly are generally regular in their attend- given to their instruction. Their beance, decent in their appearance, and haviour during the time of worship is anxious to improve."

remarkably good. It is gratifying to No. 10, St. Mark's CHURCH-Male witness the manner in which they perDepartment.

form the responses, and the attention “ In this School, consisting of 25

which they give to the whole service. boys, little change has taken place The School has 7 Teachers and a Susince the last report. Their attendance perintendent; two of the lads who were is tolerably regular ; but there is the scholars have been promoted to assistsame difficulty, as in former

ant Teachers-a station to which their years,

in procuring properly qualified Teachers.” capacity and good behaviour entitled

them.No. 11, St. MARK'S CHURCH-Female Department.

No.13, St. Paulip's CHURCH-Female 6 The Superintendent states, that the

Department. small number of children under her 6 Our School is in a prosperous state. care have realized her most sanguine There are usually as many as 45 chilexpectations, both as it respects their dren, besides 3 adults, in our afternoon deportment while in School and during School. Our morning School is not so Divine Service, and their improve numerous. The children have improve ment in that knowledge which maketh ed very much in their learning and bewise to salvation. Since the establish- haviour. They show a great attachment to their Teachers, and delight out, and no false systems to unlearn, very much in uniting in the services of and where vice, if she has fixed her the Church. The Lord has signally residence, must hold but a tottering blessed this work of our hands, and

made throne; little more is necessary to bring it profitable to both Teachers and pu- such minds to virtue and religion than pils. Several children that did not to remove the obstacles from their way, know the alphabet twelve months ago, and to “ suffer them to read with facility in the Testa- But the benefits of these Schools do .. ment: among these, a child not quite not terminate' in those for whom they five years old. The School has nine were designed. They are reflected Teachers and a Superintendent.” with increase upon those who conduct

them; and while the ignorant are inIt may be proper to remark, that the congregation to which this school structed, and the humble are elevated is attached, is composed of coloured to a rank becoming rational and impeople, whose discreet and orderly con

mortal beings, those to whom Providuct reflects upon them the highest dence has given the responsibility of credit, and who promise, under the these duties by higher station, greater care of their very respectable

minister, knowledge, and more extended influ

ence, discover more fully their own to set an example worthy of imitation.

causes of gratitude, by the comparison Thus far we have presented the la- which is forced upon their view, and bours and successes of those who have become more devoted to the service of been the active instruments in this com- their Creator. mendable work; and, if any thing can One of the peculiar advantages of increase the gratification which we feel Sunday Schools which ought not to be at the evidence of exertions so usefully forgotten, is the economy with which directed, it must be the disinterested their benefits are imparted. Powers of goodness, the noble zeal, and the un- intellect, and capabilities of usefulness, wearied perseverance by which they which are above all price, and which have been characterized.

could not be purchased, are here The review of the past year ought brought to operate gratuitously upon igto give new animation to our efforts, norance and indigence. The expense and

new strength to our resolutions, for of books and premiums is the principal it has not been spent in vain. To have one that is required, and owing to the given a favourable bias to more than a frequent changes in the Schools this is thousand dispositions, and to have con- considerable. But inasmuch as the firmed the principles of virtue in more books are thus very beneficially circuthan a thousand minds, is a work which lated, this circumstance ought not to heaven will approve and bless. Nor form an objection. To supply the reare the consequences of this tuition of quisite amount therefore so amply that small importance even in a temporal no advantage may be lost, should be a point of view, when the good which matter of principle and of pride with all may originate from such a number who wish well to the Schools, and pare, trained up in the way they should go, ticularly with those whose personal exis compared with the evils which they ertions are not required to forward the might inflict upon society by being work. abandoned to ignorance and crime.

Some of the Schools under the care A charity so beneficial as that of of this Board have been much retarded Sunday Schools, wants no recommen- for the want of Bibles and Prayer dation besides what is found in any fair Books; and also of books suitable for history of their results. By the evi- premiums for the younger classes. The dence of their practical benefits, they Auxiliary Bible and Common Prayer have extended themselves against the Book Society, who have heretofore objections of the theoretical, and the been liberal in supplying the former of doubts of the cautious. Addressing these wants, being now engaged with their efforts to minds open and ductile limited means in publishing a valuable where there are no prejudices to root edition of the Bible, have been obliged Vol. V.


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