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to decline giving any aid during the Rickablu Filett, St. John's Chapel.

John Heath, tions fifteen months ago, has been long

Jacob Stout, jun.

Zion Church. since exhausted, and there is now due

J. Smyth Rogers, Grace Church. by this Society a debt of nearly $400.

Managers for Life. The Board will shortly make an ap

Joshua Jones, Philip Hone, Thomas L. peal to the friends of the Institution, Ogden, Richard Platt, Henry Rogers, Dafor the means of continuing its useful- vid Clarkson, Luther Bradish, Jonathan ness, and they feel too much confidence Goodhue, Matthew Clarkson, William in their cause to be apprehensive for Bayard, Thomas S. Clarkson, D. P. Camp. the result.

bell, Thomas N. Stanford, Moses Rogers, The Board cannot conclude this Re B. W. Rogers, John B. Coles, Matthew

Ezra Weeks, John Low, D. R. Lambert, port without expressing their high sense Clarkson, jun. Richard Whiley, John of regard, and of obligation towards Watts, M. Ď. Abijah Hammond, Nehemiah the Superintendents and Teachers, to Rogers, Francis Panton, John Anthon, whom they are indebted for the pros- than Ogden, Frederick Depeyster, Wil

James L. Bell, Peter Schermerhorn, Jonaperous state of the Schools under their

liam B. Clarkson, Robert Bayard, and Joho care. The commendation which they Pintard. can bestow, is the smallest part of the

Superintendents. reward to which such exertions are en- Trinity and Grace Churches, J. Smyth titled. It will arise to them from the Rogers. children whom they have benefitted, St. Paul's Chapel, T. T. Groshon. and the parents whose hearts they have

St. John's Chapel, Charles W. Sandford.

Zion Church, John J. Aymar. made glad; from the approval of their

St. Philip's Church. own bosoms, and the respect of all the

A payment of twenty dollars constitutes good; but especially from the favour of a Manager for life, and ten dollars a him whose cause they have promoted, Member for life. The annual subscription by rescuing the neglected and the ig- is any sum not less than one dollar. norant from their exposure, and nurturing them for his service, and who, Abstract of the Proceedings of the Antherefore, will not fail to give them their

nual Convention of the Diocess of recompense.

Connecticut, held in Christ Church, Signed by order of the Board,

Hartford, on the 7th and 8th days of JOHN HENRY HOBART, June, A. D. 1820.


(Continued from page 158, and concludech) Attest, THOMAS N. STANFORD, Seeretary.

THE Rev. Tillotson Brownson, D.D. New-York, April 16th, 1821.

Rev. Ashbel Baldwin, and the Rev.
Philo Shelton, were elected the stand-

ing committee.

The Rev. Mr. Croswell presented a Right Rev.JOHN H. HOBART, D. D.ex report from the society “ For the Proofficio President.

motion of Christian Knowledge,” which JOSHUA JONES, 1st Vice-President.

was read and accepted, and such parts HENRY ROGERS, 2d Vice-President. RICHARD PLATT, 3d Vice-President.

of it as should be deemed expedient, DAVID CLARKSON, jun. Treasurer. were ordered to be inserted on the THOMAS N. STANFORD, Secretary. Journals of the Convention. Elergymen being Members of the Society. Report of the Board of Direction of The Rev. William Berrian,

the Connecticut Protestant EpiscoThe Rev. Benjamin T.Onderdonk,

pal Society for the Promotion of The Rev. Thomas Breintnall,

Christian Knowledge.
The Rev. William Creighton, and
The Rev. Jonathan M. Wainwright.

In presenting their second annual re-
Delegates from the Schools.

port to the Convention, the Board re

gret to say, that the funds of this So. Joshua Hone; } Trinity Church.

ciety have not been sufficient to enable H. Cotheal,

them to carry its laudable and importSoho k. Wheaton, St. Paul's Chapel.

ant objects into sach general and exe tensive effect as would have been de- ferent parts of the dioces, they feel sirable. It will be perceived, however, constrained to urge the friends of the by the report of the treasurer, that they Church to extend their

patronage and have, as far as their means would per- liberality to this infant institution; to mit, attended to these several objects. strengthen its hands; and to encourage

The Rev. Aaron Humphreys, and its exertions. They beg leave, also, to the Rev. Peter G. Clark, have been em- suggest the propriety of forming auxiployed as Missionaries, during some liary associations in the several parishes portion of the year. Their communi- of the diocess, for the two-fold purpose cations A. and B. herewith presented, of enlarging the funds, and of attendwill show to what extent they have la- ing to the prompt distribution of its boured in the Missionary field. publications.

The Board have purchased, for gra- All which is respectfully submitted. tuitous distribution, an edition of a

The committee appointed on the metract, entitled, “ Candid Examination of the Episcopal Church:"_and they made the following report, which was

morial of Messrs. Steele and Lincoln, have published, for the saine purpose, read and accepted :two thousand copies of the second part

The committee to whom was referof the tract, entitled, “ Presbyterian red the memorial of Messrs. Steele and Ordination doubtful.-A thousand copies of the sermon and addresses de the Churchman's Magazine in this dio

Lincoln, on the subject of publishing livered at the consecration of the Right

cess, beg leave to reportRev. Bishop Brownell, and the same That the revival of that publication, number of the Journals of the Conven

under suitable management and contion, have also been published for distribution, agreeably to a resolve of the trol, would, in their opinion, greatly late special Convention.

promote the interests of the Church in

Connecticut. They, therefore, submit The funds of the Society have been

to the consideration of the Convention insufficient to admit of the purchase and the following resolution: distribution of a large number of Bibles and Prayer Books. A supply, however, shop Brownell be requested to call in

Resolved, That the Right Rev. Bihas been procured for the most urgent the assistance of such of the clergy, or cases of necessity: and the Board cannot but entertain a hope, that the li laity, as he may deem proper, to make berality of the friends of the Church arrangements with some suitable perwill enable them, in future, to extend man's Magazine in this diocess, and to

take the superintendance of the publitheir charity. The Board feel a pleasure in acknow- whole risk and responsibility of the

cation : provided, however, that the ledging the receipt of several communications from the Protestant Episcopal without any direct, or indirect obliga

work shall devolve on the publishers, Society for the Advancement of Chris- tion on the part of the Convention, to tianity in South-Carolina. This has

make up losses or deficiencies. led to a correspondence, and mutual

HARRY CROSWELL, exchange of publications, which, it is

NATHAN B. BURGESS, to be hoped, may promote the interests

JOHN L. LEWIS. of the respective societies,

From experience and observation, The treasurer of the Bishop's fund the Board are convinced, that the most reported that there had been received, beneficial effects may arise from the ex- on account of said fund, during the ertions of the Society, provided the past year, the sum of $1200 83 cents; funds should be adequate to the vigor- and subjoined the following remarks:ous prosecution of its laudable objects. The statement which is enclosed, While, therefore, they gratefully ae- will show to what extent the parishes knowledge the aid already received belonging to the diocess have complied from various sources, and more espe- with the reasonable requisition made cially from associations of ladies in difs on them by the Convention ia the years

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"1813. ' Although many of them are adopt some measures which shall have justly entitled to the gratitude of the the beneficial effect of influencing the Church, and the thanks of the Con- delinquent parishes to the final pervention, for the promptitude and cheer- formance of their duty, by paying, withfulness with which they have done their out further delay, their just contingents duty to the diocess, it is yet mortifying to the general fund, for the benefit of to contemplate the amount of delin- the whole diocess. quency still remaining. The treasurer Respectfully submitted, hopes the Convention will institute at CHARLES SIGOURNEY, this time, a rigid scrutiny into the causes Treasurer of the Bishop's Fund. of this delinquency on the partie the Hartford, liceren, je Sonnecticut;} is manifest injustice to those which have

On motion, Resolved, That this paid, that so large a number should Convention have learned, with much shrink from the performance of their satisfaction, that the General Theologiduty, and,

where the benefit is common, cal Seminary, formerly established in should refuse or decline to bear their the city of New-York, has been refair proportion of the common burden. moved to the city of New-Haven, in

The Bishop's fund amounts, at the this diocess, and that they pledge thempresent time, to the sum of $17,356 1

selves to use their utmost exertions for cent, which is invested chiefly in

support. bank stock. This amount is exclusive

Resolved, as the sense of this conof any bonds which have been received vention, that it is expedient to establish, from any of the parishes, which are throughout this diocess, societies to assist not included in the amount of the effec- in the education at the General Theotive cash fund; because, although they logical Seminary, of such candidates may be ultimately collectible, experi- for holy orders as are unable to supence has demonstrated, that little de

port themselves. pendence can be placed on the punctual

Resolved, That the Bishop be repayment of either the principal of in- quested to recommend to the several terest of them.

settled clergymen in this diocess, to viSince the Right Rev. Bishop Brow- sit one or more of the vacant parishes nell, in the good providence of God, as

in their vicinity, and make report to sumed the charge of this diocess, it has the next Convention. become necessary that the provision agreed to be made for his maintenance, the officers of the Society for the Pro

The following persons were chosen should be carried into effect. On this subject,' the treasurer of the Bishop's motion of Christian Knowledge for the fund has received no particular direc- The Right Rev. T. C. Brownell, D.D. tions from the trustees. He has conceived it to be his duty, however, to

L.L. D. (ex officio) President. refrain from infringing on the principal The Hon. Jonathan Ingersoll

, 1st Viceof this fund; and has paid the Bishop The Rey. Tillotson Brownson, D.D.

President. the interest only which the fund has produced. This interest has amounted, John Beach, Esq. Recording Secretary:

2d Vice-President. for the first half year, to the sum of $574 50 cents. As it is apparent that The Rev. Harry Croswell, Correspondthis sum, when doubled, falls consi

ing Secretary derably short of the annual provision Directors, The Rey. Philo Shelwhich the Convention, by their com- ton, the Rev. Ashbel Baldwin, the mittee, agreed to make for the Bishop, Rev. Daniel Burhans, the Rev. Asa the treasurer would respectfully beg Cornwall, the Rev. Nathaniel S. Whealeave to call the attention of the Con- ton, the Rev. Birdsey G. Noble, the vention to the circumstance of this de. Hon. Samuel W. Johnson, Burage ficiency, which it is incumbent on the Beach, Esq. John L. Lewis, Esq. Church to make up. And he hopes, Samuel Tudor, Esq. Seth P. Beers, that the Convention, in its wisdom, may Esq. Jirah Isham, Esq. the Hon. John

S. Peters, Col. Daniel Putnam, Wil- rising above its late embarrassments, liam Mosely, Nathan Smith, Esq. An- and, under the Divine Blessing, there drew Kidston, Joel Walter, Richard is no doubt, could they be occasionally Adams, and Jeremy Hoadley. assisted from the Society, that it would

The Parochial Reports rendered to increase in numbers, piety, and zeal. the Bishop, and published agreeably to

At Tashua I found a large and rethe Canons, furnish a gratifying view spectable congregation, distinguished of the state of the Church within the for their piety and zeal. They are now diocess.

without a rector, and would gladly em

brace an opportunity of procuring one. (A.)—Extract from the Report of the

Besides these parishes, I have visitRev. Mr. Humphreys.

ed, in my Missionary capacity, Canaan, Agreeably to the appointment of the Salisbury, Humphreysville, and Milstanding committee and the direction of ford. the Society, I have officiated as a Mis- In Canaan I found a small congresionary in the parishes of Simsbury, gation of Episcopalians, despondent Granby, Harrington, Barkhampstead, and languishing in want of the regular Hebron, and Tashua. In Simsbury Í administrations of the ordinances of the found a large and attentive congrega- Gospel. tion: and many with whom I convers- At Salisbury there are also a few ed expressed an earnest desire to en- Episcopalians, destitute of the means joy the constant administration of the of procuring the services of a clergypublic ordinances of our holy religion. man, and deprived of the regular ad

At Granby the congregation was ministration of the ordinances of the also large and attentive. Here I offi- Gospel. The aid of the Society ex ciated two Sundays; administered the tended to these congregations, might be communion; baptized five children; productive of great usefulness. preached a lecture, and visited about The Church at Humphreysville has twenty families. The members of this been distinguished for several years for parish seemed to desire the settlement its piety, its zeal, and its exertions.' of a clergyman, and several of their · Here I have spent four Sundays, and most influential men assured me, that administered the communion. Perhaps they intended to take immediate mea- there is no parish in the diocess where sures for the accomplishment of that the aid of the Society would be proobject.

ductive of greater good. At Barkhampstead I found a small I spent two Sundays in Milford, and but respectable congregation. This preached to a small congregation, who Church is yet unfinished. Several of are zealously attached to the doctrines their number have been lately removed and worship of the Church. Here is by death. They have engaged the ser- a field where the labours of a Missionvices of the Rey. Mr. Griswold, of the ary might be eminently useful. Eastern Diocess, one fourth of the I have spent twenty-one weeks in the time.

performance of Missionary services. The Church in Harrington I found I collected for the Society, in Simsin a state of depression, but it is hop- bury, $5; in Granby, $15; and in ed, that, by the exertions of the So Hebron, $2. ciety, the zeal of its members


be awakened, and its affairs become more

(B.)-Extracts from the Report of the prosperous. Here I administered the

Rev. Mr. Clarke. communion, and baptized a child. Under the direction of the Society, I

The Church at Killingworth has have officiated at Poquatannock two been lately organized, and consists of Sundays, Preston one, Jewett's City about twenty-five families. Through two, Warehouse-Point one, and one the Divine Blessing a Missionary might in Wallingford and Durham. do much good in this parish.

I collected, at Poquatannock, $3; at At Hebron I found a large and at- Durham, $i 33; at Jewett's City, tentive congregation. This parish is $1 50; and at Warehouse-Point, $5.

In October I received instruction to the village depended. There are several continue my Missionary services that very pious families belonging to this part of the time which was not taken church, who, in consequence of the up in Norwich. Agreeably to these in- embarrassments to which I have allud. structions, I have officiated at Hebron ed, are deprived of the ordinances of eight Sundays, and at Poquatannock religion. They have a neat and subsix, making in all fourteen Sundays. stantial house for public worship, but

Not having any specific direction the interior is in an unfinished state. concerning the parishes in which I Could the Society occasionally send a should perform Missionary duty, I Missionary to this church for a few thought I should best promote the ob- Sundays, it would be thankfully receiv. jects of the Society by concentrating ed, and might be productive of much my labours in the parishes of Hebron good. and Poquatannock. It is well known to the Board of Direction, that these Abstract of the Proceedings of the parishes have been divided and embar

Third Annual Convention of the rassed by some peculiar and unfortunate circumstances; under the pres

Protestant Episcopal Church in the sure of these circumstances, they seem,

State of Ohio, held at Worthington, ed to be sinking, until they received

June 7th, 8th, and 9th, 1820. the attention of the Society. There

This Convention was composed of appeared, at the commencement of my

the Right Rev. Philander Chase, D.D. last course of Missionary services,

to Bishop of this diocess, four Presbyters, be a favourable prospect of uniting the and one Deacon; and sixteen lay-delemembers of these parishes, and by the gates from thirteen churches. blessing of God, of usefulness to the

Divine Service was performed by the Church, and of bringing many souls to Rev. Joseph Doddridge, and a Ser the acknowledgment of the truth as it mon, suitable to the occasion, delivered is in Jesus. It is but justice to my feel- by the Right Rev. Philander Chase; ings, and to the character of many in after which, the Holy Communion was both parishes, to say, that they are administered by the Bishop. gentlemen of worth and piety, and

Agreeably to the 45th Canon of the zealously attached to the doctrines and General Convention, providing for worship of the Protestant Episcopal an accurate view of the state of the Church; and, notwithstanding the cir. Church from time to time,” the Right cumstances to which I have alluded, Rev. Bishop Chase delivered the folthat I have been treated in all the fa- lowing address :milies where I have visited, with the My Brethren, utmost kindness and respect. I cannot This being the day appointed for the but express my gratitude, that God has, meeting of the Convention of the Prothus far, accompanied the aid of the testant Episcopal Church in the State Society with his blessing. The condi- of Ohio, we have assembled here for tion of these churches has greatly im- that purpose; and have, thus far, proproved, and with a continuance of the ceeded in supplicating the Divine aid Divine Blessing, I have no doubt the and direction, in the important work be period is not far distant, when they fore us. May our prayers be heard; may will not fall behind other churches in God be with us in all things, and at all their piety and zeal, and in their exer- times; now especially. In discharging tions in support of the Gospel of Christ. my duty on this occasion, I need not

The church edifice at Poquatannock speak to you of my pleasures or pains: has been recently repaired, and is now of my pleasure, in meeting you, whom neat and commodious. That at Hebron I so well know, and so sincerely reis in good repair and convenient. The spect; for of this, you must already be congregation at Jewett's City is very assured: nor of my pains, in reflecting much depressed in consequence of the on my poor abilities; for this would failure of the several manufacturing not make them any better. I shall, companies, on which the prosperity of therefore, proceed directly to the worls

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