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worship, and unitedly offering up the instance, and since then have been prayers and praises of the Church with visited twice by Mr. Morse, as albecoming fervour, spirit, and devotion. luded to in the former part of this re

“ In addition to the services already port. He spent between one and two mentioned, Mr. Morse passed five Sun- weeks in those new settlements, held days at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in ex- divine service daily in the cabins, or, change with the Rev. Mr. Richmond; when the assem'»ly was large, in the also one in Wheeling, Virginia; three woods, and baptized upwards of thirty in St. Clairsville; one in Morristown; children and adults.

Go When can yu one in Seneca parish; one in St. James's come again:" is the anxious request Church, Cross-Creek; and two at heard from many lips on parting with Chillicothe.

that people. From the best informa"In all these places the ministration tion which could be obtained, there are of Episcopal clergymen is earnestly nearly 100 families of Episcopalians desired; and could it be obtained of- in that quarter who have no opportutener, much good might result as the nity of regularly attending the public consequence of their labours. But in worship of their own, or of any other order to produce any durable imprese denomination. It is a fact, worthy sion, it is advisable that a minister re- be recorded in this report, side constantly among them. The

pa- that an individual, resident there, rerishes in Wheeling, St. Clairsville, and peatedly travelled to St. Clairsville, a Morristown, would form a cure, con- distance of 30 miles, in order to atvenient in point of contiguity. They tend the worship of the Church. They have the ability and the desire to sup. intend shortly to erect a church on port a clergyman of the Church who Little Beaver Creek, and it is their should reside among them, and officiate earnest desire to obtain the services of alternately in each, but hitherto none a clergyman at least for a part of the could be procured; it is hoped, how- time, that, by the blessing of God, the ever, they will not long remain desti- scattered members of Christ's flock tute.

may be gathered together into one fold, “ Mr. Morse has occasionally per- under one shepherd. The fields are formed divine service, and preached on already white unto the harvest, but the week days, in the following places, viz. labourers are few: pray ye, therefore, Zanesville, Steubenville, and Pittsburgh, the Lord of the harvest, that he would St. John's, Brooke county; Wellsburgh, send forth labourers.and Wheeling, Virginia; St. James's, The Rev. Mr. Searle reports to the Smithfield; Cadiz, St. Clairsville, Mor- Bishop as follows : During my long ristown, Barnesville, Seneca, Center, and distressing sickness last summer Malaga, Somerset, (Monroe county), and autumn, the parishes in which I Little Beaver, fambridge, Coshocton; officiate suflered in the absence of reGranville, Somerset, Lancaster, Circle- gular services. But from the early ville, and Portsmouth. He has also part of December last, by the good generally catechised the children on Providence of God, I have been able Sundays; has baptized sixty children to perform divine services every Sunand three adults, and attended five day until the 21st instant; have been funerals.

constantly in the congregations; have “ Before concluding this report, he held public and family lectures more would beg leave to call the attention of or less every week; and have, with the members of this Convention to the great pleasure, witnessed a remarkably destitute situation of the Episcopalians growing attachment to the doctrines in Monroe county.

and duties of salvation by Jeşus Christ, : "Scattered abroad as sheep having no and to the inimitable Liturgy of our shepherd, their situation, in regard to Church. religious privileges, is destitute almost “The members of St. Paul's Church, beyond example. They were sought Medina, are gradually increasing in out and visited by the Bishop, and by their numbers, in their pious correctthe Rev. Dr. Doddridge, in the first ness, and attention to the offices of the Church; also to the duties of public these societies had in view, are by no devotion. The same may be said of means relinquished. St. James's Church, Boardman, and of “Deprived, as I am, of the privilege Christ Church, Windsor. Enlight- of being at the Convention now assemened zeal for the primitive usages of bled, I submit to the will of God. And Christianity, as retained inviolate in if it please him to continue my life and our communion, is in St. Peter's labours, hope to meet you hereafter. Church, Ashtabula, very considerable. My life and labours are devoted to the Its numbers also are increased.

cause of our blessed Redeemer. If it “ Most of the efficient members of is his pleasure to remove me, I hope for Trinity Church, Cleaveland, being re- salvation through his all-meritorious sident in the township and very flourish- blood.” ing village of Brooklyn, on the west The Trustees of the Bishop's Fund side of the Cuyahoga river, and di- made the following report, which was rectly opposite the village of Cleave read and accepted: land; the parish was induced, at the That finding ihemselves without lelast regular Easter meeting, to vote its gal capacity to acquire and transmit permanent location and public services property to answer the purposes of their in Brooklyn. In consequence of this appointment, and in pursuance of the resolution, the word Cleaveland will, instructions of the Convention at their in future, be omitted in the records of last annual meeting, they applied, by that parish. Their number is small, petition, to the General Assembly of the but the members are respectable, and State of Ohio, for an act of incorporathey now have the services of the tion, for the sole purpose of acquiring Church regularly performed every Sun- to themselves and successors that

capaday. The parish of St. John's Church, city. The petition was acted upon, Liverpool, is now in a more prosperous and a bill reported to the Senate recondition than at any period since its sponsive to its prayer, and the same organization.

was finally postponed to the next ses“In most of these parishes, Sunday sion of the General Assembly. Schools were commenced last summer, The Trustees have not thought it a little before I was taken sick, under advisable, pending their legal incapathe care of respectable persons of both city aforesaid, to take other measures sexes. These schools are to be con- towards creating or perpetuating a Bizinued this summer. Our congregations shop's Fund in the Diocess of Ohio are generally increasing, and the sober Which is respectfully submitted. attention given to the services of the

BENJAMIN GARDINER, Church, together with the constantly


Trustees. increasing number of Prayer Books

John C. WRIGHT, used in the congregations, are deemed evidences of present candid investiga- The following gentlemen were electtion, and pledges of future good. ed the Standing Committee of the Dio.

66 Some deaths have occurred among the very pious and useful members of The Rev. Samuel Johnston, the Rev. our communion the last year; but the Intrepid Morse, and the Rev. Thomas -present aggregate number of communi, A. Osborne; Benjamin Gardiner, and cants in these parishes is about 120, Chester Griswold. Since the last Convention I have bap; It was resolved, That it shall heretized, in these several congregations, 7 after be the duty of the clergy and laity adults and 43 children.

to report, from time to time, to the Bi“ The present very extraordinary shop, any clergyman who may have state of things respecting pecuniary con- removed, or shall remove, into this diocerns, has induced a partial suspension cess. And also of any disorderly or in the operations of the 'Female Tract' improper conduct of such clergyman. and the Bible and Prayer Book' So- Resolved, That the mode and man cieties, some time since established.

ner of proceeding prescribed in the 2d The important objects, however, which Canon of the Protestant Episcopad


Church in the diocess of New York, bury, in the county of Monmouth, and for the trial of clergymen, passed in the officiated twice. The next day I preachyear 1802, be the rule of proceeding ed at St. Peter's Church, Freehold; in this diocess, until the next meeting and, on Tuesday, the 12th, at Christ of the Convention: Provided, that in- Church, Middletown, both in the counstead of the number of eight Presby- ty just mentioned. ters, to be nominated by the Bishop, as In the month of November I visited in that Canon, the number to be no- the congregation of St. Michael's minated, shall be four; and, in like Church, at Trenton; and, on Wednesmanner, the number to be chosen by day, the 17th, consecrated the elegant the party accused, or appointed by the edifice which they had just erected for Bishop, shall be three, instead of five. the worship of God. On the following

day I instituted the Rev. Abiel Carter Abstract of the Proceedings of the into the Rectorship of said church.

37th Annual Convention of the Dio. These events, considering the lately cess of New-Jersey, held in Trinity depressed condition of that church, canChurch, Newark, August 23d and not fail to afford great satisfaction to the

friends of our communion, and to pious 24th, 1820. The Convention was composed of

Christians generally. the Right Rev. Bishop Croes, six Pres

On Tuesday, the 30th of the same byters, one Deacon, and Lay-Dele- Christ Chapel, at Belleville, in Essex

month, I visited the congregation of gates from eight parishes. The Convention was opened with county, and offieiated.

On Thursday, December 2d, I perMorning Prayer, by the Rev. Abiel

formed the same duties in the vacant Carter, Rector of St. Michael's Church, Trenton; and a Sermon, by the Rev. congregation at Paterson, in the same George Y. Moorehouse, Rector of St. county; and, on Friday, the 3d, I vi

sited St. Matthew's Church, city of Andrew's Church, Mount-Holly.

The Rev. John Croes, jun. was Jersey, in the county of Bergen ; but elected Secretary

was prevented arriving in time to offi

ciate according to appointment. The Right Rey. Bishop Croes de

On Sunday, the 6th of February, livered the following address :

1820, I again visited St. Peter's Church Brethren of the Clergy and

Spotswood, and officiated twice; and of the Laity,

on Sunday, the 23d of April, I performIn making the annual communica- ed the same office in that vacant contion required by the Canons, I begin gregation. with stating to you, that the first On Tuesday, the 2d of May, I held Church I visited after the rise of the an ordination in Christ Church, Newlast Convention, was St. Peter's, Spots- Brunswick, and admitted to the order wood, in the county of Middlesex, at of Deacons, Clarkson Dunn, of this which I officiated. This took place on diocess. Sunday, the 19th of September, 1819. From the 16th to the 24th of the On the 1st of October I visited the

same month, I attended a session of the congregation of St. Andrew's Church, General Convention of our Church, in Amwell, in the county of Hunterdon; Philadelphia. and, on Sunday, the 3d, I also visited On the intervening Sunday, May St. Thomas's Church, at Alexandria, 21st, I visited St. Mary's Church, at in the same county; in both of which Colestown, in Gloucester county, and I officiated. These churches are still officiated. In the afternoon I preachvacant, though, from the kindness and ed in the Academy at Camden, in the zeal of the Rev. Mr. Woodruff, the lat same county, to the Episcopalians, and ter has lately enjoyed very frequent others, residing in that village. opportunities of divine service, and of On Sunday, the 28th of May, I vihearing the word.

sited St. George's Church, at PennsOn the succeeding Sunday (October neck, in Salem county, preached and 10th) I visited Christ Church, Shrew's. administered the communion; and, in

the afternoon of the same day, I offi- all whom we had visited, assembled on ciated at St. John's Church, Salem. the succeeding Lord's Day, in the On Monday I proceeded to Swedesbo- court-room, at Newton--the place in rough, in Gloucester county, and which the Church in her prosperous preached in Trinity Church, in that days had been wont to worship God. village. On Tuesday, the 30th May, Divine service was performed, and a I repaired to St. Thomas's Church; sermon delivered, both morning and afGlassborough, and officiated in the ternoon, to crowded congregations; and morning; and, on my return, perform- we parted at the time with the assured the same service in the afternoon at ance given them, that Mr. Dunn would St. Stephen's Church, Mullica-Hill.- take

up his residence among them as a Both these churches are in Gloucester Missionary, and officiate, in the usual county, and still vacant. . On Wednes- place of worship, on every second Sunday I visited St. Peter's Church, Berke- day, at least for one year: the Episley, in the same county, and preached. copalians to contribute as much in This church also continues vacant. aid of his support as they conveniently

On Thursday, the 1st of June, I vi- could. sited St. Andrew's Church, Mount- From Newton I proceeded to HardHolly; and officiated in the evening. wick township, in which the congrega

On Sunday, the 4th of June, I again tion that once existed is almost extinct, visited St. Michael's Church, Trenton; After some arrangements relative to an and officiated twice.

appointment of service at Johnsonburg, On the 13th of the same month I in that township, I visited the church set out, accompanied by the Rev. Clark- át Knowlton, and made appointments son Dunn, lately ordained a Deacon, to preach there the succeeding Saturand whom, in virtue of the power day, and also on the Lord's Day folvested in me by the Directors of the lowing. This congregation possesses Missionary Fund, I had appointed a a convenient and substantial church, Missionary-to visit the almost expir-' and, considering its long destitution of ing church at Newton, and the other a stated minister, is in a more favourdeclining churches in Sussex county. It able state than could be expected. is known to many present, that from In the interim, Mr. Dunn preached causes beyond our control, these hap- at Hope, a village in the vicinity; and less churches have, for more than thirty- went to Johnsonburg with the same five years, been destitute of a stated view, but the notice sent had not been pastor. The time had, however, ar- communicated. The services on Sa. rived, when it became necessary to turday were performed by Mr. Dunn. prevent the total extinction, at least, of On Sunday I preached to a numerous the first mentioned, that an extraordi- congregation, and administered the nary effort should be made to re-esta- communion to eighteen persons, beblish, and, in a considerable degree, re- sides baptizing two children. After organize them. This was especially the usual intermission, Mr. Dunn also the purpose of the visit at this time. preached; and notice was given; in On our arrival at Newton the next conformity with a previous understandday, measures were taken to ascertain ing, that he would officiate there every what families and individuals, or their fourth Sunday during the space of a descendants, remained, who formerly year, the same condition, relative to belonged to our communion, and still support, as was agreed on at Newton, considered themselves as members of On the same afternoon, at six o'clock, it. These, accompanied by Mr. Dụnn, I officiated again in the congregation at I visited, both in the village and sur- Hardwick. rounding country, and found them This effort, I hope, will not fail of more numerous, and more friendly to success, especially as there is full the Church of their early attachment, ground to believe that Mr. Dunn, under than I had contemplated. In these vi- the Divine blessing, will make every sits we spent nearly four days, and exertion to ensure it. finally had the satisfaction to see almost The remaining Sundays of the year

he is to devote to the other vacant , The Rev. Jacob M. Douglass, of the churches in the diocess.

diocess of Pennsylvania, it is said, has On my return from Sussex I visited, engaged to become the successor of Mr. on Wednesday, the 28th of June, St. Wilmer, at Swedesborough. Peter's Church, Perth-Amboy, Middle- It will give pleasure to the friends of sex county, and officiated.

the Church to learn, that the funds of The Sunday succeeding (July 2d) I the Episcopal Society, in this diocess, visited St. John's Church, Elizabeth- for Promoting Christian Knowledge Town, Essex county, administered con- and Piety, are gradually increasing; that firmation to 29 persons, and preached the disposable tund enables the Society twice.

to distribute numerous copies of the On Sunday, the 23d of July, I visited Bible, Prayer Book, and of Religious Trinity Church, at Woodbridge, in Tracts; and that the time cannot be far Middlesex county, still vacant, and per- distant, when the proceeds of its performed divine service, and preached. manent fund will put it in their power

I visited also, on Sunday, the 6th of to give some considerable assistance to August, the vacant church at Piscata- pious, though indigent young men, of way, in the same county, and preached talents, who are desirous of preparing to a large congregation.

themselves for the ministry. It cannot, On Sunday, the 20th of August, I however, but occasion pain and regret, visited Trinity Church, Newark, and that the interests of the Society are left officiated twice.

to the zeal and exertions of a few-that." On the succeeding day I visited the an institution ultimately so important, Episcopalians at Williamsville, in the should not enlist in its service the good township of Orange, county of Essex, wishes and the endeavours of all the and preached ; and, on Tuesday, the clergymen, and of all the churches in 22d, I again visited Christ Chapel, at

the diocess. Belleville, in the same county, and per- The Sunday Schools heretofore esta formed the same service.

blished in the churches, are progress Some improvements, and some ing, I understand, with vigour. Their changes, have occurred in the diocess utility cannot be doubted, either as consince

last address.

ducing to the extension of knowledge, The chapel at Belleville has been re- or of piety and morality, among the chilpaired, new-modelled internally, and dren of the poor. It would contribute to ' beautified.

their increase and prosperity, should The Rev. F. H. Cuming, a Deacon every clergyman of a congregation, of this diocess, and for some months and the wardens of every vacant church, an acceptable preacher to the Episco-, in which a Sunday School exists, be repalians at Morris-Town, has, by a let- quired to make a report, annually, of ter dimissory to Bishop Hobart, been its state, its advancement, or decline. transferred to the diocess of New-York. From these statements, and from the The Rev. Richard F. Cadle, a Deacon Parochial Reports which will be prein the diocess of New York, has, by a sented to you, no doubt can exist, that letter dimissory from the Bishop of the Church in this diocess is gradually that diocess, become a member of this, improving, both in its spiritual and and has been received as their minister, temporal concerns. by the congregations of St. John's It is with satisfaction I also commuChurch, Salem, and St. George's, nicate to you, that the Rev. Dr. BrowPennsneck. This is an event which nell, whom I mentioned in my last adaffords much satisfaction, as those dress as elected Bishop of the diocess churches, with very little exception, of Connecticut, has since been consehad been vacant upwards of 30 years. crated to that holy office.

The Rev. Simon Wilmer, for many It was my intention, having been inyears the Rector of Trinity Church, vited to assist in the consecration, to go Swedesborough, has resigned his charge to New-Haven for the purpose, but seof that church, and removed to the dio- vere indisposition prevented me. cess of Virginia.

In addition to the facts here commuVol. V.


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