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Coventry parish, Somerset county, new and commodious stone building, has two churches in good repair, a new not entirely finished. Funds are dechapel nearly completed, and the as- rived from voluntary contributions of pect of the congregations encouraging the congregation, which is of respectable

St. John's parish, Prince George's size. The Rev. Benjamin Allen, of and Charles's counties, has a church Virginia, occasionally officiates as recand chapel in good repair. The glebe This congregation has a small has been sold, the proceeds of which parochial library and a tract society. are not yet invested. · The salary of All-Saints parish, Frederick county; the minister, raised by voluntary sub

the church has been increased to double scription, amounts to about $ 700. its former size, and the sale and rent of

Trinity Church, Prince George's pews has furnished a fund of $ 1200 as county, has a frame church, which re- a salary for the rector. By the will of quires, and will probably soon receive, Dr. Potts, a sum has been given to aid both enlargement and repair

. Thé in the purchase of a parsonage, and the present engagement of the vestry with affairs of the parish present a most flatthe minister is to afford him $ 750 for tering prospect. the current six months.

Emanuel parish, Alleghany county, · parish, Kent-Island, has a

has been without a minister for a numglebe of more than 150 acres of excel- ber of years, and is now without a veslent land, which is unprofitable through try. There are no funds belonging to neglect. The church is almost in ruins, the parish, and nothing appears to justify although from twenty to thirty church a hope that the congregation will at any families remain on the island. Should early period be provided with a rector. a clergyman be willing to take the St. John's Church, Georgetown. The charge of a school, and live upon the lay delegate reports, that this parish glebe, it is not doubted but that he has a convenient brick church, which would obtain a comfortable support. has lately been repaired at the The disposition of the people appears of $500. The congregation is increasfavourable to the re-establishment of ing, and the parish presents in every the church.

view a flourishing appearance. RecAll-Saints parish, Calvert county; tor's salary $ 1000. a sum of money has lately been raised Christ Church, Georgetown; the to repair the church, which, it is believ- lay-delegate reports, that the church is ed, will be effected in the course of this new and in good repair, and that a

The salary of the rector is small debt occasioned by its erection is about $800, received from the voluntary in a fair way to be discharged soon. contributions of the congregation alone. Nearly all the pews are sold. Number A Bible Society has been organized of families about one hundred and by the members of this church in con- thirty. Rector's salary not stated. junction with Christ Church. The Dorchester parish, Dorchester counprospects of the parish are encourag- ty. The vestry, report that they have ing.

a brick church and a wooden chapel, St. James's parish, Anne-Arundel, both in tolerable repair. They have has an old brick church in tolerably neither funds nor glebe. They have good repair, and a comfortable parson- the occasional services of the Rev. Mr. age with 60 acres of land. The salary

Weller. After having been for many of the rector is $ 800, of which $ 150 years in a disorganized state, they have are the proceeds of a permanent fund, at length reorganized themselves and the residue voluntary contribution. sent a delegate to this Convention.

Havre-de-Grace parish, Harford, They state eir desire to have a minishas a commodious church not entirely ter in their own parish. finished. The funds consist of pew St. George's parish, Harford counrents and voluntary contributions. The ty. The register reports, that the pasalary of the rector from this parish is rish has' a large brick church and a $ 200.

brick vestry house; $ 700 have been St. Paul's Church, Sharpsburgh; a expended in repairs upon them, but



they are still in a bad condition. The Prince George's parish, Montgoparish has a glebe, which yields $ 182 mery county. A new church is comper annum.

This, with an additional menced in Rockville, which will prosum raised by subscription, forms the bably be finished this year. There is minister's salary, the whole amount of a small unprofitable glebe of about 80 which is $450. Number of families acres. The salary of the rector arises about thirty.

from voluntary contributions. Zion Church, Frederick county. No St. Bartholomew's parish, Montgomaterial change in the state of the pa- mery county, has one good stone rish. The Rev. Mr. Armstrong having church, the salary depending upon condeparted for Europe, was succeeded by tributions, but the condition of the paa the Rev. Mr. Wall.

rish esteemed flourishing, and the St. John's parish, in Baltimore and church not sufficiently capacious. Harford counties. There is in said King and Queen parish, St. Mary's parish 'one old brick church in a state county, contains a brick church in toof dilapidation-and a small new stone lerable repair, and a chapel in decay. church at the distance of about four They have neither glebe nor funds, and miles, where the service is performed are considerably perplexed with a debt once a fortnight. There is also a glebe contracted in repairing the church. of 350 acres, at present rented for $190 They have been for some time without per annum. A subscription of $160, a minister, but they have reasonable together with the before mentioned sum, grounds for the devout hope of being constitute the rector's salary.

soon in a better condition. St. Margaret's, Westminster parish. St. Paul's parish, Queen Anne's, This parish has had no clergyman for has neither glebe nor funds, a church in several years, but its vestry have so tolerable repair, and a congregation improved the property of the church, considerably large and apparently dethat it will probably receive $ 600 per vout. annum from stock in the Farmers' St. Peter's parish, Kent county, has Bank. Seven hundred dollars have lately an excellent chapel and large congrebeen expended in putting in good re- gation, but the parish church is in a pair a chapel in the upper part of the state of hopeless dilapidation. The parish. The old church, near the banks support of the rector is from voluntary of the Severn, which was consumed by contributions, by which the parish have fire about eighteen years ago,

has never also been enabled to defray a large exbeen rebuilt, and the number of church pense incurred in the repairs of the families in the neighbourhood not much chapel. exceeding twenty; there are no other Christ Church, St. John's parish, means by which it can be rebuilt, than Harford, has a good stone buildingthe appropriation for about two years congregation consists of between thirty of the annual income of the parish and forty families, who support their that purpose.

minister by voluntary contributions Shrewsbury parish, Kent county. In added to the rent of the glebe lands. this parish there is a large church in tolerable repair, and a chapel in a state

The following gentlemen were chosen of decay. The rector officiates in an

Delegates to the General Convention : academy at the head of Chester, and in

- The Rev. William Wickes, the Rev. a Presbyterian meeting-house long since K. Henshaw, the Rev. William E.

Samuel C. Stratton, the Rev. John P. abandoned by the society, which is now become extinct, and to which it be. Wyatt, D. D. the Honourable John C. longed. The temporalities of the pa

Herbert, Francis S. Key, Esq. Tench rish have been sadly neglected or mis. Tilghman, Esq. William Done, Esq. managed; it has neither glebe nor The following sums were reported funds of any description. The salary as received from the several parishesof the rector, amounting to $500, For the Bishop's Expenses, $ 376 34 arises wholly from voluntary contri- Deputies' Fund, 141 00 butions,

Incidental Expenses, 98 00

Resolved, that the members of the On motion, Resolved, That an abConvention be required to bring with stract of the minutes of the standing them to the next Convention, $1 from committee be uniformly published on each parish in the state, for defraying the Journals of this Convention, and the expense of the several publications that the abstract on the Journal of the ordered by this Convention.

present Convention shall embrace the The committee appointed at the last proceedings of several years past.] Convention, on the travelling expenses of the standing committee, made the It appears from the journal of the following report, which was accepted: standing committee, since the year

Resolved, That it is expedient that 1815, inclusive, that three gentlemen the treasurer of this Convention, after have received the testimonials of said employing as much of the deputies' committee, in favour of their consecrafund as is necessary for its original pur- tion, to the office of Bishop, viz. the Rev. pose, be directed to appropriate the ba- Dr. John Croes, for the diocess of Newlance in his hands, to defray the tra- Jersey; the Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Bowen, velling expenses of the standing com- for the diocess of South-Carolina ; and mittee.

the Rev. Dr. Thomas C. Brownell, for Resolved, That the thanks of this the diocess of Connecticut. It appears Convention be presented to the Right also, that during the same period, nineRev. President, and the Rev. Secreta- teen gentlemen have been recommendries, for their services rendered this body ed to the Bishop, in order to being ré

The business of the Convention be- ceived as candidates for the ministry in ing then accomplished, the Bishop de- this diocess ; sixteen have received canclared his approbation of the manner onical testimonials in favour of their in which it had been transacted; and admission to the holy order of Deacons ; his great satisfaction in the harmony seventeen for admission to the holy ore 'which had so apparently prevailed. der of Priests; that two gentlemen orAmong other remarks, he took occa- dained in a foreign country have resion to express his wish, that the clergy moved to this diocess; and that three of this diocess would conform at the who had applied to be received as opening of Conventions to the ancient candidates, and one who had applied and decorous usage of the Church, in for testimonials, have been required to respect of the appearance of clergy- undergo a longer probation. men in their robes, upon all occasions It is the melancholy office of the of public religious solemnity. The journalists also to record that four genConvention having then united in sing- tlemen ordained in this diocess, and ing the 100th Psalm, the closing act of one of those enumerated as from a fodevotion was conducted by the Rev. reign country, have, during the same Mr. Hubbard; after which the Bishop period, been the subjects of Ecclesiasdeclared the Convention adjourned, tical discipline. George Dashiell, and dismissed them with the Apostoli- George Handy, and William Gibson, cal blessing.

formerly presbyters; and Alfred Da. A list of parishes and clergy in the shiell, formerly a deacon, having been diocess, attached to the Journal of the degraded from their ministerial characabove Convention, contains 67 pa- being forbidden the further exercise of

ter and office; and George Williams rishes, and the names of 44 clergymen. its functions in this diocess. The following is an Appendix to the

It appears from the journal of the Journal of the above Convention :

standing committee, that in conse

quence of various reports, long and Abstract of the Journals of the Stand- widely circulated, George Dashiell

ing Committee of the Diocess of was presented for trial by the standing Maryland, commencing A. D. 1815. committee of the diocess, according to

[The publication of this abstract is the Canons of that Church to which he in compliance with the following re- had voluntarily become amenable, bem solution of this Convention :

ing accused of "scandalous, immoral, VOL. V.


and obiscene conduct upon several 00- him by the Right Rev. Bishop Clagget, casions.

in virtue of which degradation, he ef

feetually and for ever forfeited all cleriBaltimore, December 8th, 1815. cal and ministerial office, functions, and At the time and place appointed for privileges. the investigation, prayers adapted to Baltimore, October 22d, 1819. the occasion having been offered up, The standing committee read a letthe Rev. George Dashiell was informed ter from the Right Rev. Bishop Kemp, that the standing committee were pre- accompanied by several documents repared to enter upon his business. Mr. lating to the Rev. George Williams, ore €. Worthington, Mr. A. Worthington, dained in Scotland, upon which, acting Mr. S. Hollingsworth, Mr. F. Hollings- as the Bishop's council of advice, they worth, Mr.J. Cheston, the Rev. J. Arm- recommended the investigation of se strong, and the Rev. Mr. Wickes, ap- veral charges contained in the docupeared as witnesses. Depositions from ments against said George Williams. Mrs. Schroeder, Mrs. Stansbury, Mary This matter resulted in the withdrawLogan, Anne Steele, and Eliza Bartol, ing from Mr. Williams his license to were laid upon the table. A highly perform clerical functions, agreeably to respectable lady of Baltimore informed the provisions of the 9th Canon of the the committee, by her husband, that Church of Maryland. she also was ready to offer her allegations when they would receive them.

Baltimore, June 9th, 1819. The committee received a commu- The standing committee having renication from the Right Rev. T. I. ceived a letter through their President, Clagget, Bishop of Maryland, inform the Rev.Dr.Davis, from the Rev. George ing that the Rev. George Dashiell, had D. S. Handy, stating that he had ceased by letter, declared to him that “he to be a member of the Protestant Episfound himself under the painful neces- copal Church, and had attached himsity of renouncing his connexion with self to a society under the title of the the Episcopal Church-he (G. Da- Evangelical Episcopal Church, estashiell) acknowledges this to be a stepblished by the aforesaid George Dawhich he deprecates, yet rather than shiell, since his degradation from the continue to be an object of the fell ma- ministry and a communication, similice of those who have usurped its au- lar in effect, having been made to the thority, he prefers having no connexion standing committee, on the 20th June, with it.”

1821, respecting the Rev. Alfred Da. Several communications then passed shiell, who had been re-ordained by between the Rev. George Dashiell and said George Dashiell

and a comunithe standing committee, when the for- cation, similar in effect, as it respects a mer having persisted in refusing to ap- renunciation of connexion with the pear and answer to the charges brought Protestant Episcopal Church, having against him, although he had appeared been received through the Bishop, on in person or by counsel, when some of the 1st of June, 1820, from the Rev. the above depositions were taken, un- William Gibson, who had been tried in der the solemnity of an oath, the stand- January, 1819, and suspended from the ing committee unanimously adjudged exercise of the ministry, for intemper: the said George Dashiell to be guilty of ance-it may suffice to mention concontumacy, and subjected to all the cerning these three gentlemen, that senpenalties imposed by the 28th Canon. tence of degradation was pronounced During six months which then elapsed, upon them all by the Right Rev. Biit was yet in the power of the said shop Kemp, according to the 3d Canon George Dashiell to escape this sen- of the General Convention of 1817, tence, and to demand a public trial, for such cases provided. wherein it was his privilege to be heard By order of the Convention, by counsel. He continuing to decline

WILLIAM E. WYATT, an investigation, the sentence was can- Secretary Standing Committee. onically and solemnly pronounced upon Baltimore, July 3d, 1821.

Martyrdom of Dr. Taylor. « When he had finished his devo(From Winter Nights, or Fireside

tions, he went to the stake, kissed it, Lucubrations.)

and, placing himself in the pitch-barDr. TAYLOR, the parson of Had- rel which had been prepared for 'him, leigh, in 1555, suffered martyrdom for 'he stood upright therein, with his back his opposition to the errors of Popery, against the stake, his hands folded toand his steady adherence to the doc- gether, his eyes lifted to heaven, and trines of the reformation.

his mind absorbed in continual prayer. “ It was not to be expected, there- “ They now bound him with chains, fore, that when the bigoted Mary and the sheriff, calling to one Richard ascended the throne of these realms, a Doningham, a butcher, ordered him to man so gifted, and, at the same time, so set up the faggots; but he declined it, popular, as was Dr. Taylor, should alleging that he was lame, and unable long escape the arm of persecution. to lift a faggot; and, though threatened Searcely, indeed, had this sanguinary with imprisonment if he continued to woman commenced her reign, when hesitate, he steadily and fearlessły rèm an attempt was made to celebrate máss fused to comply. by force in the parish church of Had- “ The sheriff was therefore obliged leigh; and, in endeavouring to resist to look elsewhere, and at length pitchthis profanation, which was planned ed upon four men perhaps better calcuand conducted by two of his parishion- Jated than any other for the office they ers, named Foster and Clerke, assisted were destined to perform; namely, one by one Averth, rector of Aldham, Mullein, of Kersey, a man, says Fox, whom they had hired for the purpose, fit to be a hangman; Soyce, whom we Dr. Taylor became, of course, obnoxi- have formerly mentioned, and who was ous to the ruling powers, an event no notorious as a drunkard; Warwick, doubt foreseen and calculated upon by who had been deprived of one of his the instigators of the mischief. ears for sedition; and Robert King, a

* This judgment was accordingly man of loose character, and who had pronounced at a fourth conference on come hither with a quantity of gunthe 28th of the same month, the Bi- powder, which, whether it were in shops of Winchester, Norwich, Lon- tended to shorten or increase the tor: don, Salisbury, and Durham, being ments of the sufferer, can alone be present ; when, on the Doctor again known to him from whom no secrets declining to submit himself to the Ro- are concealed. man Pontiff, he was condemned to “ While these men were diligently, death, and the day following removed and, it is to be apprehended, cheerfully to thé Poultry Counter. Here, on the employed in piling up their wood, Ware 4th of February, he was visited by wick wantonly and cruelly threw á Bonner, Bishop of London, who, at- faggot at the Doctor, which hit him on tended by his chaplain and the neces- the head, and likewise cut his face, so sary officers, came to degrade him.- that the blood ran copiously down--an Refusing, however, to .coniply with this act of savage ferocity, which merely ceremony, which consisted in his put- drew from their victim this mild reting on the vestures or mass-garments, proach-Oh, friend, I have harm he was compelled to submit by force; enough, what need of that.' Nor weré and, when the Bishop, as usual, closed these diabolical insults .confined to this disgusting mummery with his those among them of the lowest rank; curse, Taylor nobly replied, Though for when this blessed martyr was sayyou do curse me, yet God doth blessing the psalm Miserere in English, Sir me. I have the witness of my con- John Shelton, who was standing by, science that ye have done me wrong struck him on the lips, exclaiming, at and violence, and yet I pray God, if it the same tine, Ye knave, speak Labe his will, forgive you.”

tin, or I will make thee.' The sentence was executed at Ald- 6. They at length set fire to the fagham Common, near to Hadleigh, and gots; when Dr. Taylor, holding up both his death is thus recorded :

his hands, called upon his God, and said,

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