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Abstract of the Proceedings of the An- furnishing aid to candidates for holy

nual Convention of the Protestant orders. Episcopal Church in the State of 2. The society shall be composed of New-York

the Bishop and such of the clergy of the (Continued from page 15, and concluded.)

diocess as shall not decline to be memOn the 18th, the Festival of St.Luke, bers, and of such other persons as shall the morning service of the day was con

contribute annually a sum not less than ducted by the Rev. Daniel M‘Donald, two dollars, or at one time a sum not rector of Trinity Church, Fairfield, and less than twenty-five dollars. The forGrace Church, Norway, Herkimer mer shall be members during the conticounty.

nuance of their contributions; the latter The following preamble and resolu- for life. Such of the lay-members, for tion were adopted :

the time being, of the state Convention It having been the usage in this dio

as may choose to attend the meetings of cess, previously to the passing of the this sociéty, shall also be members of 29th canon of the General Convention the same ex officio. The society shall of 1808,to consider as regularly admit- meet annually at the place of the meetted and settled parochial ministers, in ing of the Convention, and on the day the sense of the 3d article of the consti- succeeding that appointed for such tution of the Church in this state, all meeting, clergymen intrusted with the cure of

3. The officers of the society shall parishes within the same; therefore,

be a President, (who shall be the Bishop Resolved, that all such, although not

of the diocess, and a Board of Trustees, instituted agreeably to the office pre

which shall consist of such of the clergy scribed in the said 29th canon, shall of the diocess as are members of the sohenceforth be considered members of ciety, of at least thirty Vice-Presidents this Convention.

from different parts of the diocess, and The committee appointed yesterday not less than one hundred and fifty layto prepare and report to this Conven- members of the society from different tion a plan for theological education in parts of the diocess, a Secretary, and a this diocess, made a report ; after

Treasurer. The Vice-Presidents and

proceeding, in part, with the consideration lay-trustees shall be chosen annually, at of which, the Convention adjourned the stated meetings of the society. The until six o'clock this evening.

Secretary and Treasurer of the society 6 o'clock p. m.

shall be appointed annually, by the The Convention met pursuant to ad- Board of Trustees, from their own body. journment. The consideration of the Contributors to the amount (at one time) report of the committee on a plan of of two hundred and fifty dollars, and theological education in this diocess annual contributors to the amount of was resumed. The Constitution of a twenty dollars, shall also be Trustees; Protestant Episcopal Theological Edu- the former during life, the latter during cation Society for the State of New- the continuance of their contributions. York, as prepared by the said commit

4. The Board of Trustees shall aptee and amended by the Convention, point annually from their own body'a was finally adopted as follows:

Board of Managers, consisting of not

less than twenty-one in number, to suConstitution of the Protestant Episco- perintend and conduct the business and

pal Theological Education Society concerns of the society, with such in the State of New-York,established powers as may be delegated to them by in Convention of the Church in said the bye-laws of the society, or other State, October, 1820.

wise by the Board of Trustees. Art. 1. The name of this society shall The Board of Managers shall have be, The Protestant Episcopal Theologic power to supply vacancies in their own cal Educatiou Society in the State of body out of the Board of Trustees. New-York. Its object shall be the pro

Nine members of the Board of Mana secution of theological education, by the gers shall form a quorum, and be comestablishment of professorships, and by petent to the transaction of business.

The President of the society shall and the Board of Trustees shall make be, ex officio, President, and the Sec- annual report to the Convention. retary of the Society shall be, ex officio, 10. This constitution may be amendSecretary of the Board of Trustees, ed by the Trustees; such amendments and of the Board of Managers. being previously reported and approved

5 The Board of Trustees shall have of by the Convention. power to make bye-laws, rules, and The Convention then adjourned unregulations, as well respecting this esta- til to-morrow at one o'clock P. M. blishment and government of schools Thursday, October 19th. or seminaries for theological iustruction, The members attended divine seras touching the disposition of its funds, vice in Trinity Church, on occasion of and the general management of its con- the Annual Meeting of the Corporation cerns. Provided, that such bye-laws, for the Relief of Widows and Children rules, and regulations, shall not be re- of Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopugnant to the constitution of the pal Church in the State of New-York. church, or to the canons of the general Morning service was conducted by the or state conventions.

Rev. Henry M. Shaw, rector of Triniô. The Board of Trustees may, in ty Church, Utica, Oneida county; and the form of bye-laws, or otherwise, a sermon, for the benefit of the said make such arrangements and regula- corporation, preached by the Rev. Seth tions as they shall judge proper, rela- Hart, rector of St. George's Church, tive to the founding of scholarships and Hempstead, Queen's county. professorships, and to the institution of Parochial reports were received from auxiliary societies, so as most effectu- 48 parishes, presenting a gratifying ally to call forth individual bounty in view of the state of the church. The aid of the great object of the society. clergy also presented an account of

7. The Board of Trustees shall hold their collections for the Missionary a stated meeting annually, on the day Fund, amounting to 1207 dollars 6 following that appointed for the meet- cents; and likewise for the Episcopal ing of the convention, and at the same Fund, amounting to 604 dollars and 64 place; and they may continue to meet, cents. by adjournment, as long as their busi- The Bishop, from the Committee of ness shall require.

the Protestant Episcopal Church for Twenty-one Trustees shall consti- Propagating the Gospel in the State of tute a quorum, and be competent to the New-York, presented an abstract of transaction of business.

the reports of thirteen missionaries, ren. The Board of Trustees shall have dering an account of their proceedings. power to fill up all vacancies which We have room only for a few extracts may happen in their body by resigna- from these reports. tion or otherwise.

The Rev. Stephen Jewett, missiona8. The officers whose names are af- ry in Washington county, says “We fixed to this constitution shall be the experience, annually, considerable loss first officers of the society. The Board by death and removal; and, on the of Trustees shall hold their offices un- other hand, we have constant additions, til the end of the week appointed for so that the number of our communithe next meeting of the Convention; cants continues slowly to increase. In at which time the term of their succes- both my parishes the churches are, and sors shall commence. The first meet- ever have been, opened on every Suning of the Trustees shall take place on day, and divine service celebrated, and such day as the president shall appoint. approved sermons read. On the whole, It shall consist of such Trustees as he we have reason to bless God that our may be able to notify of the meeting, affairs, in general, continue to wear a and may be continued, by adjournment, promising aspect." until its business shall be accomplished. The Rev. James Thompson, mis

9. The Board of Managers shall re- sionary in Greene and Delaware coun.. port their proceedings to the Board of ties, speaking of one object of his charge Trustees at the stated annual meetings; says “ Windham lies on the Catskill VOL. V.


Mountain. The inhabitants are gene Waterloo has been such as to demand rally poor; those attached to the Church my services for one half of the time. are scattered; but, when collected, form The rest has been given to Vienna, with a considerable congregation. They the exception of two Sundays, which need the patronage of the Missionary were spent at Catharine, Tioga county. Society. There has been a good at. The congregations in these different tendance upon public worship when I places, though they have not increased have officiated."

equal to my expectations, are in general The Rev. Charles Seabury, mission- respectable for numbers, and continue ary at Setauket and Islip, Soffolk coun- to manifest the same desire as formerly ty, sàys of Setauket--- This church is for the ordinances and services of the in a growing condition, and the mis- Church. Some additions have been sionary gives half his time to this pa- made to the coinmunion list, and the rish. A higher sense of religion has ordinance of baptism administered both become the sentiment of the day; and to infants and adults in each parish. he trusts that Divine Providence will Those who have heretofore professed succeed his earnest endeavours to do faith in the Lord Jesus, have, we trust, good.” And of Islip-This Church, adorned their profession, and are daily under Providence, has assumed a more making advances in the divine life. growing appearance than it ever has The close of another year, I hope, will had; and the present appearances justify find us in a still more prosperous conthe declaration, that the cause of reli- dition.”' gion, and ihe Episcopal Church, has The Rev. Leverett Bush, missionary increased, and will, in future, be strong- in Chenango county, reports. "I have ly supported.

the happiness to state, that my labours The Rev. Daniel Nash, missionary have, in some measure, been blessed. in Otsego county-" There appears The small congregations under my to be an increased regard to the Litur. charge have not only increased in numgy

in almost every place I have visited. bers, but in grace, and in knowledge; A more solemn attention to the import- a greater sensibility to their spiritual ant concerns of religion prevails among interests is apparent among them; and, the members of the Church. This ap- I believe, a growing attachment to the parent devotion indicates, that they are distinguishing principles and worship not only cordially attached to the Litur- of our Church.” gy, but that they realize their need of a The Rev. Francis H. Cuming, misSaviour, and of the influence of the Di- sionary in Broome county and parts vine Spirit, by whose aid they may go adjacent-"Your missionary is sorry on to perfection."

to report, that no inconsiderable effort The Rev. Ezekiel G. Gear, mission- had been made to prevent the prosperity ary in Onondaga county--- During the of the Church in this place. Her doclast year, my services have been con- trines and usages had been misrepres: fined to the churches of Onondaga and sented and ridiculed. Strong prejudices Tully, and a small congregation at existed against her form of worship and Otisco. I am happy to state, that these hor principles. These, in many instancongregations are in a flourishing con- ces, have been removed; and misdition; and have increased, within the sionary has some reason to believe, that last year, in numbers, piety, and zeal, his labours here have not been altogeand in an attachment to the doctrines, ther in vain. He officiated to this conprinciples, and institutions of the gregation twice every Sunday, except Church. By a little exertion, I have when prevented by unavoidable absucceeded in establishing a Sunday sence, and by exchanging with his breschool in the congregation at Ononda- thren. Many tracts and prayer books ga, and the most salutary effects have have been successfully distributed. been produced."

Early in the spring a Sunday school The Rev. George H. Norton, mis- was organized, from which no small sionary in Ontario and Seneca counties, advantage has-accrued to the Church. says, -" The situation of the church at A very good organ has been put up in


cess :

this church. It is believed that this an alteration to the Constitution of the
congregation perceive the reasonable- Church in this diocess, was passed:-
ness, the beauty, and spirituality, of our Resolved, That if the next Conven
service.-Union, a very respectable tion also accede thereto, the words se-
farming town, joining Binghampton, cond Tuesday in May be substituted,
has been visited twelve times, generally in the first article of the Constitution of
on Sunday evening, after the second the Church in this diocess, for the
service at Binghampton. A spirit of words “ third Tuesday in October."
inquiry has been excited among this The following gentlemen were elect-
people. When your missionary com- ed the Standing Committee of the dio-
menced preaching to them, he could
find but two persons who were acquaint- The Rev. Willian Harris, D. D.
ed with the service of the Church. In the Rev. Thomas Lyell, the Rev. Wil-
his last visit to them, he was gratified liam Berrian, the Rev. Henry U. Ono
by perceiving twelve or fourteen mak- derdonk, Richard Harison, Esq. Gen.
ing the responses. It is thought that a Matthew Clarkson, William Ogden,
congregation will eventually be formed and Col. Nicholas fish.
in this town. In the town of Lisle I The following gentlemen were elect
performed service eleven times. Here ed “the Committee of the Protestant
there are three families who still pursue Episcopal Church for Propagating the
the good old path of our fathers. It is Gospel in the State of New-York," of
believed their example is not without which the Bishop is, ex officio, Presi-
its effect


who have been dent:walking in other roads. In Owego The Rev. Thomas Lyell, the Rev. village, I officiated five times. Here Henry J. Feltus, the Rev.John McVickthe disposition towards the Church is ar, Gerrit H. Van Wagenen, Esq. Dr. very favourable.

I have found that John Onderdonk, and Thomas L. Ogthe duty of a missionary, though labori- den, Esq. ous, is very far from being unpleasant." Report of the Trustees of the EpiscoThe Rev. Deodatus Babcock, mis

pal Fund. sionary at Buffalo, reports-“The state The Trustees of the fund for the supof the congregations at Buffalo and port of the Episcopate in the diocess of Black Rock is much the same as when New-York, respectfully report to the you received the last annual report con- Annual Convention of the Protestant cerning them. Their pecuniary em- Episcopal Church, that the fund now barrassments are such, that it is with amounts to the sum of twenty-one difficulty they can provide the means thousand four hundred and ninety-three of supporting the Gospel. This, how

42 dollars. ever, is to be said in their praise, that Viz. in sundry bonds and they do all they can. Through the in

mortgages, being the defatigable exertions of a few individu- same held at the last als in the village of Buffalo, the means meeting of the Convenhave been provided for finishing the tion

$17,548 4 church which was commenced last Six per cent. stock of the year. It will be ready for consecration

United States, of the by the 20th of this month (October.)

loan of 1813,

1,300 0 6 The congregations to which I Six per cent. stock of the have preached appear serious and at- state of New York, of tentive; and I have reason to think

the loan of 1817, purlabours are not altogether in chased during the curvain in the Lord. Notwithstanding rent year,

950 0 the many difficulties that have hitherto Interest outstanding on opposed our success, I am confident

bonds and mortgages,

183 51 that the seed sown will, ere long, spring Cash deposited in the up, and bring forth fruit to the glory of Bank of New

York, 1,511 87 our Redeemer." The following resolution, proposing

$21,493 42

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that my

The Trustees subjoin a list of the When any person shall be presented bonds and mortgages belonging to the according to the first canon of the year fund, with the interest outstanding; 1802, and it shall come to the knowthey also herewith submit their account ledge of the Bishop, that any witnesses, current, and are prepared to exhibit whose evidence may be deemed matethe bonds and mortgages, and certifi- rial, cannot be procured upon the trial cates of stock in which the investments of the said presentment, the Bishop are made.

may direct
any one or more of the

GERRIT H. VAN WAGENEN, senting presbyters to give notice to the
THOMAS S. TOWNSEND, person presented, that evidence in his
Joshua JONES.

case will be taken at a time and place New-York, Oct. 17, 1820.

to be mentioned in such notice, before This report was accepted by the any person empowered by law, to adConvention ; who also approved of the minister an oath, and to be named in list of the bonds belonging to the fund, such notice, and residing as near the and the account current of the Trustees, place where the witness resides as may with the proof of the same, which were be: such notice to be given at least six also exhibited.

days previous to the said time; and if A vacancy having accurred in the the person presented shall reside more Trustees of the Episcopal Fund, in than 40 miles distant from the residence consequence of the removal from the of the witness, then at least one addicity of Mr. David I. Greene, it was

tional day's notice shall be given for supplied by the appointment of Mr. every additional 20 miles of the said Edward R. Jones.

distance, or for any additional distance The following resolution was adopt- less than 20 miles. ed:

And the presenting presbyter is to Resolved, That this Convention ear- attend the examination of such witness, pestly recommend the Protestant Epis- and put such questions, touching the copal Theological Education Society matter of such presentment, as he in the State of New-York, established may think proper. And the person by them at the present session, to the presented shall have the right to atpatronage of the members of the Church tend such examination personally, in this diocess; and particularly re- and by counsel, and to put such quesquest the reverend clergy to exert them- tions in like manner, touching the said selves in their respective parishes, in

matter. And the questions, with the calling forth the liberality of their pa- answers, shall be committed to writing, rishioners in aid of the valuable and and, being certified by the person beimportant objects of the said society. fore whom the evidence is taken, shall

be admissible evidence on the hearing Canons passed in this Convention,

of such presentment. 1820.

And if the person presented shall CANON I. Providing for investiga- he shall have a right to have their ex

have any witnesses similarly situated, tion in the case of public rumour of immoral conduct in a Clergyman.

aminations taken in the like manner, upon

the like notice as above provided; If any clergyman shall, by public which notice shall be given to such rumour,

be deemed to be guilty of im- presbyter as the Bishop may appoint moral conduct, the Bishop may, in his for that purpose; and the examinations discretion, appoint five persons, of of such witnesses shall also be admissiwhom at least three shall be presby- ble as evidence, upon the hearing of the ters, to examine the case; and if, in their opinion, there is sufficient ground

presentment. for presentment, the presbyters shall vention, or by a vestry, the Bishop may

In case of a presentment by the Conpresent the clergyman accordingly.

direct any presbyter to attend such exCANON II. Providing for taking tes- amination, and perform the duties

timony in certain cases of present- above allotted to a presenting presbyment,


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