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CANON III. Enforcing the execution by the Committee for Propagating the of Canon II.

Gospel in the State of New-York in The Bishop may, in his discretion, those capacities, and likewise as a admonish any presbyter whom he shall,

schoolmaster among the Indians. upon examination, find to have unreasonably neglected the duties prescribed Abstract of the Proceedings of the in the preceding canon, and for whose

Annual Convention of the Diocess of expenses, in the execution of such du

Maryland, held in St. Paul's Church, ties, a sufficient provision had been pre

Baltimore, May 31st, and June 1st viously made; and, if he deems it ne

and 2d, 1820. cessary, may report the case to the next Convention.

The Convention was composed of

the Right Rev. Bishop Kemp, 30 PresCANON IV. Concerning altering or byters, 7 Deacons, and Lay-Delegates adding to the Canons of this Church. from 36 parishes. No proposed alteration of, or addi

The Convention was pened with tion to, the canons, shall hereafter be morning prayer by the Rev. Henry L. considered by the Convention, unless Davis, Đ. D. rector of St. Ann's, Anat least one day's previous notice be napolis; an appropriate sermon by the given in open Convention, nor until Rev. William Hawley, rector of St. such alteration or addition shall have John's Church, city of Washington; been referred to, and reported upon, by and the administration of the holy coma committee of at least two presbyters munion by the Bishop. and two laymen. Nor shall such al- The Rev. Henry L. Davis, D. D. teration or addition be adopted, during was appointed secretary, and the Rev. the same Convention, if two-thirds of William E. Wyatt, D. D. assistant sethe members present shall not concur cretary therein; but, in such case,

Agreeably to the 45th canon of the (unless negatived by a majority of General Convention, the Right Rev. members present) shall lie over for Bishop Kemp delivered the following consideration until the next annual address. meeting of the Convention.

My Rev. Brethren of the Clergy, and Done in Convention of the diocess

Gentlemen of the Laity, of New-York, in the city of New

In obedience to the 45th canon of York, in the month of October, the General Convention, I beg leave to A. D. 1820.

state to you, what I have done in exeJohn HENRY HOBART, D.D.

cution of the duties of my office; and Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal what occurrences have passed during Church in the state of New York,


in which the character or in

President. terests of the Church are implicated. Attested,

In consequence of a letter addressed BENJAMIN T, ONDERDONK, Secry.

by the Rev. Mr. George D. S. Handy,

to the standing committee, and transA list of the clergy is attached to the mitted to me, in which he declared that printed. Journal of the Convention, he had ceased to be a member of the dated January, 1821; from which it Protestant Episcopal Church, and had appears there are in the diocess the Bi- united himself to the Evangelical E. shop and 77 clergymen; and that the Church of Maryland: agreeably to the number of congregations is 123. provisions of the 2d canon of the Ge

Mr. Eleazar Williams, a young man neral Convention of 1817, on the 12th of Indian extraction, a candidate for day of June, 1819, I displaced Mr. holy orders, is licensed by the Bishop Handy from his grade in the ministry as a lay reader and catechist, to offici- in this Church, and recorded the same ate in the Mohawk language, in St. in the presence of the Rev. Dr. Davis, Peter's Church, Oneida Castle, Oneida the Rev. Mr. Addison, and the Rev. county, the congregation of which is Mr. Hawley. Notice of this was duly composed of Indians; and employed given to the Bishops in every diocess,

the same

and to the standing committee in those admitted Mr. George M'Elhiney to the diocesses in which there were no Bi. holy order of deacons, in St. Paul's, in shops.

the city of Baltimore. Immediately after the Convention, on I visited St. Anne's, in the city of the 13th day of June, I ordained the Annapolis, on the 9th day of January, Rev. Mr. Westerman, and the Rev. and confirmed four persons. On the Mr. Mann, priests; and also Mr. Wil- same day I ordained Mr. William Rafliam Armstrong, and Mr. Charles Aus- ferty, a professor in St. John's College, tin, deacons. On the next day I grant- a deacon. ed a license to Mr. Richard Mitchell I held a confirmation in St. Peter's, to act as a lay reader in All Faith's pa- in the city of Baltimore, on the 29th of rish, St. Mary's county.

February, when twenty persons were On the 19th of July, I licensed Mr. confirmed. Spencer Wall, a candidate for orders, On the 19th of March I visited the to act as a lay reader in St. Paul's, churches in the District of Columbia. Prince George's county.

In St. John's, in George-town, I conOn the 5th of August I visited a cha- firmed eleven persons in the forenoonpel of St. Thomas's parish, on the Li- In the afternoon of she same day, I berty Road.

This is a small but neat confirmed fifteen in St. John's, Washplace for public worship. The con- ington--and at night I also confirmed gregation that belongs to it have been eighteen in Christ Church, Georgelong without divine service, and then towa. were only occasionally visited by the On the 24th of March I granted a Rev. Mr. Jackson.

license to Mr. James Pilmore, who had November 14, I held a confirmation been admitted as a candidate for orders in the church at Hager's-town, which in the diocess of Pennsylvania, but who is under the care of the Rev. Mr. Clay, had lately removed into this diocess, to when forty-three persons were admit- officiate as a lay reader in Sion Church, ted to enjoy the benefits of this holy in Prince George's county. ordinance. On the day following I On the 29th of this month I received preached in Frederick-town, but as a letter from the Rev. Mr. Gibson, rethe minister of that place, the Rev. nouncing his ministry and membership Mr. Johns, had not been long settled in our church; and, of course, in comthere, there were none prepared for pliance with the requisitions of the 2d confirmation. On the 16th I visited Canon of the General Convention of St. Mark's, in Frederick county, the 1817, and in the presence of the Rev. rector of which is the Rev. Mr. Wester- Mr. Bartow, the Rev. Dr. Wyatt, the

Their parish church I conse- Rev. Mr. Weller, and the Rev. Mr. crated to the service of Almighty God, Bayne, I degraded him from the minisand also confirmed seventeen persons. try. This step will appear to have

On the 8th day of December, I re- been necessary, when the incidents of ceived from the standing committee, the life of that gentleman, too well the testimonial required by the 7th known, are adverted to. canon of the General Convention, in From these minutes it appears, that favour of Mr. George B. Schaeffer, and since the last convention, I have held accordingly placed him on the list of seven confirmations, at which 157 percandidates for orders. He has since sons have been admitted to that holy pursued his studies under my own di- ordinance; I have consecrated one rection.

church, ordained four deacons and two In St. Paul's, in the city of Balti- priests; admitted two upon the list of more, on the 19th of December, I eon- candidates, and licensed three lay readfirmed twenty-nine persons.

ers. I have also, with grief, pain, and On the 20th of December, I granted sorrow, displaced two from the minisa license to Mr. George B. Schaeffer, try. to act as a lay reader in the western During last year, the Rev. Mr. Stepart of this city.

phens, the Rev. Mr. Hatch, and the On the 6th day of January, 1820,1 Rev. Mr. Lansten have removed to the


diocess of Virginia; the Rev. Mr. that occurred to me, in my addresses at Wheaton to the diocess of Connecticut, the opening of the conventions. But and the Rev. Mr. Bulckley to the dio- as to pastoral letters, my circumstances cess of New-York. The Rev. Mr. would not admit of the expense of Johns, who was ordained in the diocess printing them, unless provision was of Pennsylvania, has settled in Frede- made by the church for that purpose. rick-town, in this diocess. The Rev. There are some things that might be Mr. Austin, who was ordained here, brought to the view of both clergy and has settled at Addison Chapel, near laity in this way, to the advantage of Bladensburgh; and the Rev. Mr. Arm- the church. And if the means be supstrong in St. Peter's, Montgomery coun- plied the thing shall be done. ty. The Rev. Mr. Jackson, formerly The Prayer Book and Homily Socierector of St. Thomas's, Baltimore coun- ty of Baltimore go on with energy and ty, has gone on a missionarytour through zeal, as far as their means will admit; the western states. The Rev. Mr. and it cannot be questioned but much Pfeffer, from the diocess of Pennsyl- good has been done by their exertions. vania, is now living in this city, and of- The Female Episcopal Tract Soficiates in a school-house on Federal ciety manage the concerns of their inHill. The Rev. Mr. Judah, from the stitution with great zeal and judgment. state of Delaware, has also removed in- The general character of the tracts they to this diocess.

have distributed, is such as not only to It may be proper to state, that during spread a knowledge of religion among last year, less Episcopal duty has been the poor, but to create in them a thirst performed than in any former year for that knowledge, and to excite since my consecration. For this there them to procure Bibles and Prayer are iwo reasons to be assigned :—the Books, where these inestimable treafirst is, the affairs of the diocess are in sures were never before possessed. such a situation that less duty is now The Sunday Schools, too, attached required the second is, our city, last to the Episcopal churches in this city, autumn, was visited by an afflicting and are conducted with great regularity and mortal epidemic, so as to render it im- effect; nor can there be a doubt but proper for me to leave my charge, while they are among the most praise-worthy disease and death were triumphing institutions of modern times. Through among my people. The sick not only their instrumentality, by the blessing of required the consolation of religion, but God, we may now hope to see the chilit became the imperious duty of a mi- dren of the poor brought up in the nura nister of Christ, to avail himself of the ture and admonition of the Lord. religious impressions made by so awful When I entered upon the duties of a visitation; and to exert all his pow- my responsible and difficult office, it ers, under the sanctifying influence of was with a sincere determination, with Divine grace, to render these impres- Divine assistance, never to overlook or sions deep and lasting.

neglect any thing that might either deThere is one part of my duty which press the character of the Church or has not been performed, and it becomes become an obstacle in the way of adme to state to this body the reason : vancing piety among its members. UnBy the 230 Canon of the General Con- der this impression, I beg leave to call vention, every Bishop is enjoined to the attention of this body to the Standdeliver, at least once in three years, a ing Committee. This is a most valucharge to the clergy of his diocess, un- able and most important department in less prevented by reasonable cause. our government. The Standing ComAnd it is also deemed proper, that, from mittee decide upon the character and time to time, he shall address to the credentials of all candidates for orders; people of his diocess, pastoral letters, they form the Ecclesiastical Court by on some points of Christian doctrine, which all offenders are tried and the worship, and manners.

council of advice to the Bishop. From As to charges to the clergy, I have this it evidently results that they ought generally comprehended every thing to be ainong the most experienced, learned, and pious of the clergy. Nor not fearing but the Great Divine Head is this all they ought to be so conve- of the Church will watch over her conniently situated as to render their meet- cerns with paternal kindness, and sancings easy, and attended with little ex- tify every well meant exertion to propense.

mote her prosperity. They are, however, an elective body, And that we may all exercise every and to interfere with the freedom of an power that we possess, and apply every election may be deemed not only inde- opportunity yielded us by the good licate but even immoral. I can sin- providence of God, to advance the incerely say I have no such intention. terest of our Redeemer's kingdom, and And whatever may be the judgment of to suppress sin, and to destroy the doman, in regard to this part of my con- minion of Satan, may God of his infiduct, I feel satisfied that I shall stand nite goodness grant. justified in the sight of God. I barely mean to express a wish, and the ex- The parochial reports made to the pression of this wish has grown out of Bishop, and entered on the Journal, the experience of last year. It was agreeably to the 45th Canon of the Geexceedingly difficult to obtain a meet- neral Convention, furnish the following ing of the Standing Committee, and, in aggregate :one case, no meeting was effected, so Baptisms, (Adults 16, Infants 215, that a young gentleman duly prepared not specified 1043) 1274:~Marriages, for orders, who had resigned his situa- 269:-Funerals, 370 :Communition with a view to enter upon the du- cants, 2419. ties of his ministry, was disappointed; From the report of the Treasurer, it and all the arrangements made to ordain appears that the Episcopal Fund him were rendered ineffectual. In addi

amounts to $707 78, and the Deputies tion to the expense of such disappoint- Fund to $652 22. ments, the sacrifice of feeling, and even the hazard of character, are not to be thanks of the Convention be given to

It was, on motion, resolved, that the overlooked. The wish I have to express then is this, that the majority of the delivered at the opening of the Conven

the Rev. Mr. Hawley, for his sermon Standing Committee may be taken

tion. from this city, so that I may be able to avail myself of their counsel on all dif

The committee appointed to collect ficult occasions, and that they may be

the contributions from the several paconvenient to transact business without rishes for the Bishop's expenses, the expense, and without the hazard of dis- Deputies’ Fund, and the incidental exappointments.

penses of the Convention, reported that In thus expressing my wish on this they had received the following sums: point, I am far from intending any re

For the Bishop's expenses, $ 430 00 flection the character or upon

Deputies' Fund,

142 00 conduct of the former members of the

Incidental expenses, 71 10 Standing Committee. The inconve- On petition, the parishioners of St. niences arose from their dispersed situ- John's Parish, Prince George's and ation, which rendered it uncertain as to Charles counties, living in the neighthe time required to convey informa- bourhood of Accakeek Chapel, were tion to them, and also made it difficult, allowed to organize themselves into a if not impossible, for them to attend. separate congregation.

The arrangement which I now have The following gentlemen were choexpressed a wish to see accomplished, sen the Standing Committee:prevails in the diocesses of New York The Rev. Henry L. Davis, D.D. and Pennsylvania, and the object of it Rev. William Wickes, Rev. William is to facilitate the business of the Church Ninde, Rev. John P.K. Henshaw, Rev. and promote her interest.

Samuel C. Stratton, Rev. William Hawa Be the fate of this suggestion whatley, and Rev. William E. Wyatt, D.D. it may, I shall always acquiesce in the

were elected. decision of this body, with due respect : The committee on the state of the

church made the following report, which 120 families. The funds, a glebie, which being amended, was accepted.

has never yielded above $50, and a “ The committee on the state of the subscription of about $ 500. Rev, church find themselves'enabled to com- Mr. Stratton the rector. prise their report in a few words. They All Faith Parish, in Calvert county. perceive, with much gratitude to God, In this parish there is a chapel, in a that the condition of our Zion still con- very decayed state--the church is a tinues to improve-that the number of commodious brick building, and wants communicants in almost every parish sonie repairs. is increasing, and that the prospect is The parish has a glebe of 150 acres, generally encouraging. From an ex- which at present yields no profit. amination of the papers referred to this St. Michael's Parish, in Talbot councommittee, there does not appear to ty, has a new commodious church, in arise any business to detain the Conven- perfect repair. The funds of the pation, except from the vestry reports rish, a small amount of bank stock. concerning the pecuniary situation of The salary is from six to seven hundred several of the parishes ; an abstract of dollars per annum. which they now present.

Great Choptank Parish, Dorchester Somerset Parish, in Somerset coun- county, has four houses of worship; ty, Rev. Mr. WICKES, rector. Two two of which, being without congregaplaces of Worship, the chapel in Prin- tions, will probably be taken down in cess Anne, in the repairing of which a short time. The parish church in about $1200 have lately been expend- Cambridge is in very good repair—the ed, the other is the church about six pews in this church rent for upwards of miles distance.

$600. The chapel at Vienna is a subAbout 50 families attend at the cha- stantial brick building, but requires pel. The number of families which considerable repairs, attend the church about 26.

The parish has no funds, and no The salary of the rector is $800, glebe. About 40 families attend the raised by the pew-rents—the vestry two latter places of worship. have also a fund of about $1500; the St. Mark's Parish, in Frederick principal is kept entire, and the inter- county, has one church, in tolerably est laid out in repairing the houses. good repair. A building is nearly fi

William and Mary Parish, Charles nished for the rector and his family, on county, has but one church, a new a lot of one and a half acres. building, in good repair, which will lary of the minister amounts to about hold 300 whites, and from 150 to 200 $800. persons of colour.

This parish has a Allhallows Parish, in Worcester glebe of about 150 acres, on which there county. From 80 to 100 families beis a comfortable house for the minister's long to this parish. There are in the family. The vestry have a fund of parish three places of public worship, about $12,000, secured by mortgage, two of them in a state of dilapidation and the interest of which is punctually and ruin; the other, at Snow-Hill, is in paid; and this, with a subscription of tolerable repair. two or three hundred dollars, is receiv- A minister, Rev. Mr. Judah, is ema ed by the rector.

ployed by this parish and Worcester Coventry Parish, composed of parts parish—and this parish contributes to of the two counties of Somerset and his support about $400. Worcester.

St. Anne's, Anne-Arundel, has two In this parish there are two chapels houses of worship-the one is about and a church—the latter a very large 12 miles from the city of Annapolis, brick building. One of the chapels is and not yet completed; it will contain not yet completed; the other, an old about 150 persons-service is often building, and greatly decayed-each of performed there. them about ten miles from the church,

The church in Annapolis is at prein opposite directions.

sent in good condition, the number of The congregation consists of about the congregation about 250. Divine VOL. y.


The sa


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