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Between thie
Church of ROME

Church of ENGLAND.

. : Wherein is Shewed
That the Doubt and the Danger is in the
Former, and the 'Certainty and Safety
in the Latter Communion.

For their Rock is not as our Rock, even our

Enemies themselves being Judges. Deut.
xxxii. 31.

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Printed for George Straban at the Golden

Ball over against the Royal Exchange,
Cornbill. 1714.

17103, .263 1714

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1. JERUSALEM the Mother Church, page à

2. Of the Supremacy of St. Peter. 3 3. Of the Unity of the Church.

jo 4. Of New Articles of Faith, and of the Sa

craments. 5. More Divisions in the Church of Rome than

among Us .., 6. The Communion of Rome the least part of in the CatholickChurchi. 7. Of General Councils. And how the Church in of Rome came to be called, first the Lào

tin,and then the Catholick Church. at & The Infallibility of General Councils. 23 9. Of the Promises of Infallibility, &c. made

to the Church. 10. Of the Infallibility of the Apostles. 32 if. Of Miracles and the Legends. 33 12. The Circle of Church and Scriptures. 35

Of God's being oblig:d to give us an In.. 13. None saved but by Christ.

? Yet this condemns not the Heathen. Ibid. • Our Advantage over them. - : Of the Jews and Samaritans.

The Jews bad a stronger Plea than the

Church of Rome.
The great Defection foretold.
TheCl.of the Jews rejected their Messiah. 45

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fallible Guide Chrift:

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