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continually pressed upon his mind. At length he selected a single portion of the general theme, and adventured-NATURAL HISTORY OF ENTHU


Emboldened to proceed, the Author almost immediately entered upon the nearly connected and sequent subject which fills the present volume. Yet fearing lest, by an unskilful or unadvised treatment of certain arduous matters which it involves, he might create embarrassment where most he desired to do good, he laid aside his materials.

But in the interval, by extending his researches concerning the rise and progress of the fatal errors that have obscured our holy religion, the Author greatly enhanced his wish to achieve his first purpose.

He therefore resumed FANATICISM ; which is now offered to the candour of the Reader. He next proposes, in advancing towards the completion of his original design, to take in hand SUPERSTITION, and its attendant CREDULITY.

A natural transition leads from Superstition and Credulity to SpirituAL DESPOTISM. The principal perversions of Religion having thus been reviewed, it would be proper to describe that CORRUPTION OF MORALS which, in different modes, has resulted from the overthrow of genuine piety. There would then only remain to be considered SCEPTICISM, or Philosophic Irreligion ; and the series will embrace all that the Author deems indispensable to the undertaking he has so long meditated.

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