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Easy Words of two Syllables. Ab-ba gra-verman-ly sea-son ab-bot gro-cer ma-ny sul-tan a-ble glo-ry Naked Tabbiy ab-sent Hai-ry nas-ty towel Ba-con han-dy na-vy

ta-ble ba-ker hap-py ne-gro ta-ker baf-fle her-mit Oak-en tal-ly ban-dy I-dler of-fer Un-cle Ca-ble i-dol on-set un-der ca-bin in-dex o-pen

ush-er cad-dy in-lo. Pa-cer ut-ter ca-per Jel-ly pa-gan Vi-car Dai-ry jew-el pa-per vi-ol dai-ly jolly par-cel va-lid de-centsju-ry Que-ry vi-per de-ist Ket-tle qui-et vir-gin Ea-ter ker-nel qui-ver Wa-fer east-er kin-dle quo-ta wa-ver e-cho ken-nel Ra-cer wea-ry el-der La-bel rai-ny wi-dow Fa-ble la-dle ru-in wit-ty fac-tor la-dy rai-sin Za-ny fal-con lea-ky Sa-tiu zea-lot fal-low Ma-jor set-tle ze-nith Gra-vyma-ker se-cret ze-phyr

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Lessons in Words of one Syllable, by which a Child may begin to learn his Duty to God and Man.

LESSON 1. Be a good child. Love and fear God. Call no ill names. Mind your book. Love your school. Strive to learn. Tell no tales. All things are of God.

LESSON 2. Do not lie nor swear. Do not cheat nor steal. Play not with bad boys. Use no ill words at play. Serve God, and trust in him. Pray to God to bless you. Take not God's name in vain. Serve the Lord with fear. All the works of God are pure: thou shalt fear the Lord thy God.


My good child, walk not in thine own way, but in the way of the Lord.

Spend your time well, and God will bless you : he will love you, and do you good.


Go not far from me, O Lord; but be with me, and help me, 0)

my God.

I will not play with them that do ill; for if I do, the Lord will pot love me.

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I will love thee, O Lord; for thou hast made me, and art kind to me in all things.

Day by day will I praise thee, I will not play with them that take thy name in vain.

Keep me, O Lord, from such as know not thy law, and walk not in thy ways.


The eye of the Lord is on all them that fear him, and that put their trust in him.

He will bless them that tear him : he will love them, and do them good.

As for such as love not the way of the Lord, he will bide his face from them, and will not save them, but they shall go down to the pit.


By the word of the Lord were all things made; God made the world; he made both man and beast; he made the fowls of the air, and the fish of the sea

He made the sun to rule the day, and the moon and stars to rule the night. How great are thy works, (Lord !

A good child will love God; and he will serve him and tear him all the days of his life.

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O BE joyful in the Lord, all ye lands: serve

the Lord with gladness, and come before his presence with a song.

Be ye sure that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Ogo your way into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and speak good of his name.

GENTLE Jesus, meek and mild,

Look upon a little child;
Pity my simplicity,

Suffer me to come to Thee.

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