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tice to a great and exalted Character. We shall not, therefore, presume to draw a Portrait of Bishop Sherlock; but will just observe, that his Views, both in civil and religious Matters, were always large and comprehensive, not confined to the narrow Systems of particular Parties, nor subjected to the fluctuating Principles of powerful and interested Men : that he was a most strenuous and able Defender of the great Truths of our holy Religion : that he made it his constant Practice to inculcate the christian and social Virtues; to enforce a due and ready Submission to the Laws; to inspire Prince and People with a Sense of their respective Duties, and to discountenance all tempo. A 4

rary rary Changes and hasty Innovations
in Church and State.

The Re-publication of these Dif-
courses has been fo long and ear-
nestly wished for, that we cannot
doubt of their Acceptance with the
Public, as the Fifth and last Vo-
lume of Bishop SHERLOCK’s Ser-

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