Observations on Gout and Rheumatism, Including an Account of a Speedy, Safe, and Effectual Remedy for These Diseases: With Numerous Cases and Communications

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author and sold, 1823 - Gout - 500 pages
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Page 226 - Q coarse flour, and one pint of water, boiled together. This he was at first much pleased with, but afterwards found it disagreeable to his stomach, and not easily digestible. The...
Page 221 - ... carry a quarter of a ton weight, which weight he in vain attempted to carry when he was about the age of thirty years. His voice, which was entirely lost for several years, is now become clear and strong.
Page xvii - ... medicinal properties of simples. In the course of the researches to which this propensity led him, he discovered a plant, before unknown in medicine, which, on examination, was found to possess extraordinary virtues in the cure of various diseases. From this plant, Husson prepared his remedy in the present form ; and, after some experience of its powers, he was persuaded to publish it, and it was accordingly announced to the world as a sovereign remedy for almost every disorder incident to the...
Page 221 - The poor diet^ to which he had accustomed himself, became as agreeable to his palate, as his former food used to be; and he had the additional satisfaction, to find his health established, his spirits lively, his sleep no longer disturbed by frightful dreams, and his strength so far improved, that he could carry a quarter of a ton weight; which weight he in vain attempted to carry when he was" about tHe age of thirty years.
Page 216 - November, 1719, of parents, who were apt to be intemperate in their manner of living, was subject to various disorders, particularly the rheumatism, until he attained the age of thirteen years. He then had the small-pox in a favourable way, and from that time became healthy, and continued to have no complaints to the age of about forty-three years. From his attaining the state of manhood to this period, but especially during the latter part of the time, he indulged himself, even to excess, in fat...
Page 67 - I have known of its exhibition for the length of time prescribed, the persons who had taken it were indeed afterwards free from any inflammatory affection of the joints ; but they were affected with many symptoms of the atonic gout ; and all, soon after finishing their course of the medicine, have been attacked with apoplexy, asthma, or dropsy, which proved fatal.
Page 275 - The symptom peculiar to this disease is an inflammation of the joints, which often increases to great violence, with swelling, soreness to the touch, and sometimes redness of the skin. It attacks most, if not all, the joints of the body in different patients ; often two, three, or more joints at a time, leaving some, and going to others in succession, frequently returning again to each of them several times during the disease. The muscles are also affected, but less generally and less severely than...
Page 225 - This was done over night ; and these ingredients were left to stand together until the following morning, when two eggs were added. This compound, being boiled in a cloth about the space of an hour, became a pudding of sufficient consistence to be cut with a knife. Of this his quantity used to be one pound and a half, at four or five o'clock in the morning, as his breakfast, and the same at noon, as his dinner; after which he abstained from food until the next day. But, having grown fatter under...
Page xxviii - ... and gout, are pointed out. For the cure of gout, the eau medicinale of Husson has been most fortunately discovered to be a specific remedy, and it is now ascertained, by experiments on different people, that a vinous infusion of the colchicum autumnale, or meadow saffron, is equally so, and therefore the two medicines must be considered as the same.
Page 219 - January, 1765, since which time he has entirely left off all malt liquor ; and, in the following month, he began to drink only water, and to eat none except the lighter meats. Under this degree of abstinence, although some of his complaints were relieved, yet some of them remained in full force. The rheumatism tormented him, and still he had, now and then, slight fits of the gout. On the 4th of June following, he began the use of the cold bath, and continued it twice or thrice a week until the 29th...

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