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the new year, but that I may to-day begin a new life and partake anew of Thy grace. O Thou Triune God, do Thou remit all punishments—though well deserved-for former sins, and continue to bless me and mine with all spiritual and temporal blessings and in gifts earthly and heavenly. Let Thy grace rise anew over us every morning, and do good unto all that in this new year take refuge with Thee and wait upon Thy goodness. Preserve unto us Thy precious word, which is our heart's joy and comfort. Enlighten our teachers and ministers, and grant Thine increase from heaven to their sacred labors. Strengthen our faithful rulers, and prosper them in such purposes as are good and well-pleasing to Thee. Bless the parents, and let the work of their hands prosper. Fill our souls with fear of God, and grant to our hearts the joy in the Holy Ghost. Bestow health upon our bodies and peace within our borders. Crown this year with Thy goodness, and give unto us the necessaries of life. Preserve Thy Church from error in doctrine and life; our country from war, famine, and pestilence; our homes from devouring flames and all damage and danger; the fruits of the field from hail and tempest. Curb the wrath and fury of Satan, and send Thy heavenly hosts to protect and guard us in all our ways. Convert our enemies, restrain all persecutors, succor the op

pressed, provide for the poor, feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, liberate those wrongly imprisoned, comfort the unhappy, gladden the sorrowing, strengthen the weak, care for the sick, have mercy upon the widows and orphans, rescue the oppressed, guide those travelling, and accompany the dying from death into life. Lord, teach us to do according to Thy good pleasure, and Thy good Spirit lead us on an even path, so that we may walk before Thee in faith, patience, and hope, in godliness, honesty, and forbearance, in meekness, chastity and all Christian virtues, and when we commit sin, chasten us like a father; when our sins cause us anxiety, comfort us with Thy grace, and Thy joyful Spirit uphold us. When Satan attacks us, stand by us; when the world persecutes us, take us into Thy protection; when flesh and blood would overpower us, strengthen us in spirit; when we err, bring us back to the truth. When we fall, raise us by Thy hand. When we become weak and weary in our duties, refresh us. When we are in distress and danger, deliver us, When we are sick and weary, be Thou our physi cian. If, according to Thy will, we are to go hence during this year, we commend our souls into Thy hands. Oh Lord! hear us, O Lord! have mercy, O Lord, give ear unto us and bring it to pass for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.


Prayer on Epiphany

O DEAREST LORD JESUS, Thou hast in every deed shown Thyself the God of the Gentiles and the Jews, and being the true light for all men that come into this world, Thou wouldest illumine all men unto life eternal. For not only didst Thou, through the guidance of that wonderful star, lead unto Thyself the wise men of the East, that they must honor and adore Thee as their king, but Thou hast brought us poor heathen into Thy kingdom of grace and to the saving knowledge of Thyself, by means of the enlightening power of Thy divine Word. O my Savior, Thy faithfulness and grace shown to us is so great that we can never sufficiently thank Thee. We were without God, strangers and outside the commonwealth of Israel; but Thou hast made us, Thy people, fellow-citizens with the saints and of God's household. We were altogether too blind to know Thee and to find the way to life eternal, but Thou, O Lord Jesus, hast opened the eyes of our mind, and hast made us rich in all knowledge. We sat in darkness and in the shadow of death, but Thou didst cause Thy glory to shine upon us, so that we are now walking in Thy light and may in time enter eternal bliss in

heaven. For this we justly laud and praise Thee with thankful hearts and tongues, on this sacred day; and we shall sing Thy grace and goodness as long as we have our breath. We furthermore pray Thee, O most faithful Redeemer, cause Thy grace to abound in us, keep us and our descendants in the blessed knowledge of Thyself to the end of time, and so guide and lead us by Thy Holy Spirit that we no longer, like the heathen, walk in the vanity of our minds and according to our own lusts, but rather lead a godly life, as the children of life, and serve Thee in due obedience as our king all the days of our life. And since Thou, O dearest Jesus, didst so powerfully deliver us from the kingdom of darkness and didst so mercifully receive us unto Thy kingdom of grace, let us also be and remain blessed citizens of Thy kingdom of joy and honor in heaven and heirs of Thy eternal glory, for Thine exalted name's sake. Amen.


Prayer on the Day of Purification

O LORD JESUS, Thou exalted and beloved Son of God, I thank Thee with all my heart that Thou didst not only become a true man in my behalf,

but didst also place Thyself under the law for my sake, and at Thy presentation didst have the offering of purification presented for Thee, in order that I might be redeemed from the curse of the law and my soul cleansed from its base impurities. For this I acknowledge myself in duty bound to present myself to Thee as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. But since I cannot do this of myself, I pray Thee, dearest Savior, do Thou sanctify me by the Holy Ghost and Thy innocent blood, that I may henceforth earnestly guard against all manner of sin, keep my body and soul unspotted and serve Thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of my life. O dearest Jesus, grant that I, following the example of godly Simeon, may embrace Thee with the arms of true faith in all days of trouble and distress, in every fear and anguish of conscience; that I may press Thee to my heart, yea enclose Thee in it and nevermore let Thee go hence. Let mine eyes ever be directed towards Thee, Thou welcome Light of the world, and see in Thee their only joy. Kindle within me the light of the knowledge of Thy holy will and a hearty confidence in Thy precious merits, and grant that I may cause this to shine forth before men by my good works. O Thou brightness of glory dispel all darkness of ignorance and malice from my mind, and let me believe aright, live holy and

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