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die happy, as did Simeon of old. And when the end of my life draws nigh, O blessed Redeemer, hold me safe in Thine arms of love and grace, that Satan may not snatch me out of them. Grant unto me with Simeon a joyful departure, and bestow this grace upon Thy servant, that I may in peace leave earth and enter heaven, and with all the elect, behold Thee face to face, in everlasting joy. Amen.


Prayer on Day of Annunciation

Awake, my soul, and rejoice in the Lord Thy Savior; magnify the Highest, who has so faithfully fulfilled his promise and sent His Son into the world. Exult and be glad, for God Himself, out of love to thee, became man and thy next kinsman. Who can sufficiently praise His mercy and loving kindness? O Lord, what is man that Thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that Thou considerest him? O dearest Jesus, I heartily thank Thee that in the hallowed womb of Thy mother, Mary, Thou didst so intimately unite Thyself with our human nature, and in this assumed humanity didst reconcile us with Thy heavenly Father. O

my Savior, Thou didst thus humble and humiliate Thyself, that I might be exalted; Thou didst become a human being, that I might become a child of God, Thy brother (sister) and beloved bride. Thou hast descended to us from Thy throne above to have me participate in Thy great glory in heaven. How couldst Thou have shown greater love to me? O dearest Jesus, I heartily rejoice in this and know for certain that I am in Thy grace; for Thou canst not hate Thine own flesh and blood, nor be wroth at it. Though I am sinful and unholy, I take comfort in Thy holiness and innocence. Though I have incensed God with my sins, I know that Thou art the Mediator between God and me, that Thou wilt appease His wrath, and wilt save me from all ills that threaten me because of my transgressions. O Jesus, my brother, although I have deserved death and damnation, Thou art able to give me life and salvation. Where my Brother, my flesh and blood, reigns, I too hope to be and remain eternally. To this end, O dearly beloved Savior, lend us Thine aid, for the sake of Thy most holy incarnation. Amen.


Prayer on Maundy-Thursday

O DEAREST JESUS, I thank Thee with all my heart in the council of the godly and the congregation of the Lord, that before entering death Thou has remembered us, Thy Christians, so well, in spreading before us so bounteous a table for our souls. I magnify Thee, most merciful Savior, with all my capabilities and energies, that Thou didst not only give Thyself a sacrifice for my sins and the sins of the whole world, dying on the cross, but that Thou dost also nourish us poor mortals with Thy body and blood in Holy Communion, thereby appropriating unto us all those gifts of grace and the benefits Thou didst acquire. O Lord, the bread which we break is the communion of Thy body given for us on the cross; and the wine we drink at Thy altar is the communion of Thy precious blood, shed for us throughout all Thy painful sufferings. In what manner indeed have we deserved to receive such great proofs of Thy goodness? Who are we that Thou dost draw so nigh to us by uniting with us so closely that Thou art and ever wilt remain in us and we in Thee, as members of Thy body. What return can we make to Thee for taking so deep an interest in our souls, cleans

ing them from all transgressions and consequent condemnation and applying to them Thy perfect obedience, merits and righteouness, yea giving Thine own self as a pledge of their salvation. O dearest Jesus, even as Thou didst in the Holy Supper establish a memorial of Thy wonderful gifts to us, so this Sacrament shall be a constant memorial in my heart of Thy love and mercy. As oft as I shall eat of this bread and drink of this cup, I will proclaim Thy death, and tell in thankful strains what Thou hast done for me. Oh grant, my Redeemer and Savior, that by means of this blessed food and drink I may be strengthened more and more in my faith, be joined to Thee inseparably, gain strength for a godly life upon earth, and be positively assured of the eternal life of joy in heaven; all for the sake of Thy holy merits. Amen.


Prayer on Good Friday

O LORD JESUS CHRIST, Thou innocent and spotless Lamb of God, who hast suffered the ignominious death on the cross for us, and wouldst have us ever be mindful of this: we again, from the inmost of our hearts, thank, praise, and magnify Thee, that Thou hast redeemed us poor sinners by

the price of Thy holy sufferings and death, and wast obedient to Thy heavenly Father even unto the death on the cross. Thou didst also shed Thy precious blood to wash away and blot out our sins, and didst give Thy life for us, that we might be safe from eternal death. O faithful Savior, how much Thou hast suffered for us! What unspeakable torture and pain Thou didst endure in body and soul, that we might be exempt therefrom forever. Oh, Lord Jesus, Thou patient Lamb of God. which takest away the sins of the whole world, we confess that we have caused Thee all this labor and Thy death with our manifold and grievous sins. Be gracious and merciful unto us, and let not Thy bitter and painful sufferings and death be in vain for us. Grant us grace that we may be mindful of this all our days, heartily promise and thank Thee for the same, and that by the contemplation of Thy pains and crucifixion we may crucify and mortify all fleshly lusts and evil desires of our corrupt flesh. And because Thou hast sutfered for us, grant that we take up our cross, which we daily and richly deserve with our sins, and follow after Thee. For Thy name's sake, may we patiently endure all things, and in the blessed hereafter be and forever remain with Thee and all Thine elect in heavenly joy and bliss. Amen.

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