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Prayer on Eastertide

WE RENDER Thanks unto Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou exalted Prince of Life, that Thou didst give Thyself for us into death, out of divine love, and didst offer Thyself to Thy heavenly Father as a propitiation for our sins, thereby delivering us from the power of death, devil, and eternal damnation. In proof whereof Thou, the Prince of Life and the Lord over death, didst raise Thy head on the third day, rise from the dead, and didst bring forth righteousness, innocence and eternal life. We pray Thee, grant us grace, that, by the working of Thy Holy Spirit in us, we may take deep-felt joy and comfort in Thy death and resurrection, thereby quiet our conscience and overcome all fear of death. And let Thy resurrection be to us a cause and incentive to good works and fruits of righteousness, that we, as Thy people, may be willing to worship Thee in the beauty of holiness. Grant that we may daily die unto sin, crucify and slay the old Adam with his lucts and desires; that, on the other hand, we may arise spiritually, begin to live in righteousness, walk in a new life, purge out the old leaven, and become a new leaven. Grant furthermore, we beseech Thee, that we may look

forward with comfort and joy to the resurrection of our deceased bodies, which on the last day shall come forth again by virtue of Thy resu surrection, and may we then with body and soul enter Thy kingdom of heavenly glory and grandeur. Amen.


Prayer on Ascension Day

O LORD JESUS CHRIST, Thou eternal High Priest and King of all thrones, Thou didst upon finishing on earth all that was written concerning Thee, enter the heaven of glory in and according to Thine exalted human nature, and didst sit down at the right hand of God on the throne of majesty; still Thou art everywhere and Thy kingdom reigns supreme. But we are still pilgrims in this vale of tears, in a world that lies in wickedness and which Thou didst overcome, as Thou hast said. Where now is the way that takes us safely through to Thee? How shall we, O Lord, find this way. unless Thou, by Thy Spirit, dost teach us and by Him dost lead us on this way and keep us thereon?

O Lord, this world passes away with its lust and all its brightest glory is as transient as the day that was yesterday. Besides, our stay in this world

lasts but a few days, and these pass by more rapidly than the water current. Oh, lead us on the way to heaven, to Thy glory, where we shall be with Thee forever. Behold we die one by one and we pass away like a shadow. But we are prone to take it lightly; each one walks in his own way, as it seems right to him. Do Thou render our heart certain, that we walk upon none other road than the one that leads to Thee and to Thine imperishable glory.

O Lord, Thou dost sit at the right hand of majesty in heaven, to save us for ever and to make us happy in Thy kingdom. Be Thou mindful of this even when we are not mindful of ourselves, save us mightily by Thy power, and give us heavenly bliss, not for our sakes, but for Thine own sake. For the kingdom we are to inherit is Thine; Thine is the power to lead us into it; and Thine shall forever be all honor and glory, when we, Thy redeemed, shall be happy in Thy kingdom. Amen. Hear us, for the sake of Thine eternal love and mercy. Amen.


Prayer on Day of Pentecost

O LORD GOD, Who didst on the day of holy Pentecost visit and endow the hearts of Thy faithful so graciously and richly, do Thou pour this same Spirit of Thine like a fruitful rain upon our dry and famished hearts, refresh Thy heritage and comfort the miserable. Come, O Holy Spirit, and grace us with Thy manifold gifts, that we may truly know and extol the great deeds of God done through Christ Jesus, that also we may speak, praise, and spread Thy word with new tongues. Enkindle us with the fire of Thy benign fervor, burn out all internal vileness, together with all fleshly lusts and desires. And in order that we may serve our God with true earnestness and zeal, in fervency of faith and spirit, illumine us with the light of Thy truth.

O Thou God of peace, unite our hearts with the bond of peace, that we may live with each other in peace and unity, in humility and meekness. O Thou, God of patience, give us patience for the time of our sojourn, and perseverance unto the end.

O Thou, Spirit of prayer, awaken our hearts, that we may lift them and also holy hands up to

God, calling upon Him in every trouble. And since we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, do Thou, O faithful Intercessor, make intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. O Thou, gentle wind, do Thou cool and refresh our hearts when in fiery trials, be our protection and shelter in the day of trouble, our help in distress, and our comfort in reverses.

O THOU MIGHTY GOD, Come with Thy comfort to the weak, teach the wretched Thy way, help the fallen, guide the erring and hold them with Thy right hand. O Thou eternal Light, our Salvation and comfort, come and be our light in darkness, our salvation in life, our comfort in death, and lead us on an even path to life everlasting, that we may praise Thee, Holy Spirit, together with our heavenly Father and His beloved Son, our only Savior, and magnify Thee with new tongues on that true Pentecostal day above for ever and ever. Amen.


Prayer on the Festival of Holy Trinity

O THOU Incomprehensible, eternal God, Thou King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone hast

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