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immortality, and dost dwell in a light to which no one can approach: we thank Thee in humility of heart, that Thou hast left Thy realm of light to reveal Thyself to us as the One God in Three Persons. But since this deep mystery of the Holy Trinity far transcends all our thoughts and conceptions, we pray Thee above all, to make our reason, which is wise in its own conceit, subject to your obedience, and do not suffer the foolishness of our reason to oppose Thy wisdom. And do Thou imprint on our hearts this living and confiding knowledge, that Thou art Three and One, in order that we may cherish this truth as a precious treasure over against all error and may, in deepest humility, revere Thee, O Triuine God, with like honor, as revealed in Thy Word.

Grant unto us, O Holy Father, to know that Thou dost originate from no one, but hast begotten Thy Son from eternity and dost cause the Holy Spirit to proceed from Thee and Him; furthermore, do Thou grant us to know that Thou hast given Thyself unto us as our Father, so that, in childlike obedience and confidence, we consecrate everything to Thee that is Thy work in us. O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou eternal Son of God, do Thou reveal Thyself to us as having from eternity been begotten of Thy heavenly Father, the brightness of His glory and the image of his being, Light of Light

and very God of very God. May we realize that out of love to us Thou didst become our brother, and hast redeemed us by Thy obedience, suffering, and death, to the end that in Thee we may learn to know the Father aright and through Thee come to Him, enjoying the fruits of Thy redemption, here in righteousness and holiness and hereafter in the communion of Thy glory. O Lord God Holy Ghost, enlighten our souls to know that Thou didst proceed as the essential Breath from the Father and the Son from eternity, true God and a true person, and that Thou dost labor faithfully at the work of our sanctification. O do Thou zealously continue the same by enlightening us, purging us, urging us to perform good deeds, comforting us and preserving us, so that by Thy operation we may, when our time comes, appear perfectly holy and pure before the throne of Thy glory.

For Thine eternal majesty and glory revealed to us in Thy Word, for all the grace and the benefits Thou hast bestowed upon us, we and all Thy creatures do render unto Thee, O Holy Trinity, praise, honor, thanks and glory. Amen.


Prayer on Day of John the Baptist

O GRACIOUS GOD And Father in heaven, to Thee I render most humble thanks with heart and mouth, that, by giving Thy dear Son, Thou didst visit us so graciously, and didst raise up our Lord Jesus as a horn of salvation in Thy Church, to the end that we should grasp it in true faith, take comfort, joy and bliss therefrom, and make it our stay in trouble and death. Like thanks do I owe Thee, O Lord Jesus, Thou day-spring from on high, that Thou didst by Thine appearing so brightly illumine us, poor blind people, who sat in darkness and the shadow of death, and didst guide our feet upon the way to eternal peace. And no less do I thank Thee, O God, Holy Ghost, that Thou didst raise up Saint John as a prophet of the Most High, and through him hast given us the knowledge of salvation, which consists in the forgiveness of sins. O Holy Trinity, give me grace that I may duly recognize these great benefits, and show my lasting gratitude to Thee not only in words, but by a godly life, serving Thee all the days of my life in holiness and righteousness, which is pleasing unto Thee, until in the eternity to come I shall see Thee from face to face and shall join the grand

choir of the elect in their never-ending hymns of praise and thanks. Amen.


Prayer on the Day of the Visitation of Mary

O benignant God, heavenly Father, how great is Thy grace, how unsearchable Thy mercy toward me a poor sinner. Thou didst send Thine only Son and have him assume human nature, that I might, by means of the blessed fruit of a virgin's womb, receive the divine blessing and continually be a blessed one of the Lord. For this great benefit I render heartfelt thanks, and at the same time I humbly pray Thee to enkindle my heart with the fervor of the Holy Spirit that my soul may magnify Thee and my spirit may always rejoice in my Savior. Oh, why should I not with due thanks extol Thee, why should not my spirit take delight in Thee! Thou, O kind God, hast done great things unto me, not only in my creation and preservation, but also in the redemption of my soul, which Thy dear Son Jesus Christ has rescued from death, which he wedded to himself and promised to love eternally. O Lord, look upon me also in future with the eyes of Thy mercy as Thou didst look up

on the Virgin Mary, and let Thy grace be ever with me, then I, too, will praise and magnify Thee for ever and ever. Amen.


Prayer on St. Michael's Day

O FAITHFUL GOD, Thou Protector and Keeper of the human race, Thou Lord of hosts, before whom stand a thousand times thousand, and whom ten times one hundred thousand are serving, by whom all things are created, the visible and invisible, the thrones and dominions, how ardent is Thy love to men, in that Thou dost assign to them from their childhood up Thy holy angels, those constant humble, kind, God-loving, obedient, true, and good spirits, those brilliant, heavenly flames of fire, those valiant heroes and and holy watchmen, who encamp round about such as fear Thy name. These our angels at all times see the face of our Father in heaven and stand before Thy throne, and by the means of these angels Thou dost protect the three estates Thou hast ordained on earth. O Thou faithful God, what is man that Thou esteemest him so highly? We render Thee eternal praise and thanks for this blessing that Thou hast set forth Thy min

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