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deserve. Thanks, therefore, be to Thy holy name for each and everything, that Thou hast given us in our fields this past year. Thou alone art the God that didst sustain us from early infancy and dost bestow on us all manner of blessings. Wherefore to Thee alone be praise, honor and thanks, now and in eternity. Amen.


AND WE Now beseech Thee, O beneficent Father, do not take from us again in Thy wrath, what Thou hast already bestowed in grace. Thou Thyself hast said in Thy word, that rain is not seemly in harvest; so do not suffer the blessing of the field, which Thou hast shown to our eyes, to be destroyed by adverse weather. And after the harvest has been gathered in the barns and bins, preserve it from danger of fire and water, from thieves and dishonest stewards, from usurers and unscrupulous grain speculators, and from all else that might deprive us of Thy gifts or destroy them. Furthermore, let us not forget that all things we receive come from Thee and are Thine. For this very reason do Thou grant that we may never be dissatisfied with what Thou givest; that we may not waste any of it in wantonness or frivolty; that we may not, moved by greed, envy and hard hearted

ness, close our hearts against our needy neighbor, nor show distrust toward Thee by doubts and cares that what Thou hast bestowed would not suffice. But since we shall need Thy providing care also in future, do Thou not suffer our fields to remain untilled, because of Thy wrath, that they may not lie idle and become unfruitful when being neglected. Do Thou prevent whatever, after this harvest, might hinder the tilling of the fields. And that we may not have any years in which we sow, but do not reap, grant, O Lord, that neither frost nor heat, neither excess of wet or dry weather, neither insects nor anything else destroy the seed in the ground which is our hope of future suste



Be Thou with us, O gracious and loving Father, and preserve unto us our daily bread, which during the present harvest Thou dost everywhere distribute. Above all things bestow favorable weather with continued sunshine, so that the grain may mature and be saved. Bless the garnered grain in the bin and when being prepared for our nourishment; bless it when being partaken of, and grant us life and health, peace and quietness, so that whatever Thou dost bestow may not only

give strength to the body, but also be profitable to the soul, and thus this temporal blessing of Thine redound doubly to our welfare. Make us mindful also, when Thou bestowest all these things, of our obligations to Thee, and grant that we recognize all Thou givest to be the resu. of Thy goodness, so that we may render Thee heartfelt thanks, be saving with our means without stinting our needs, be liberal to others, and, in short, devote all we have of Thee to Thine honor alone. Do Thou continue to visit our land with Thy grace; do Thou develop and enrich it. Give warmth to the soil by the rays of the sun, and water to the field by the fruitful rain; give drink to the furrows, and moisture to the plowed ground; give Thine increase to what shall be sown, so that the land may continue to yield and our fields be abundant in crops, to the end that we may shout for joy and sing Thy praise forevermore.


O LORD, Thou indeed art the God who daily openest Thine hand and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. Therefore, do Thou also during the time of this present harvest provide for all people, and let every one be fed with food convenient for him. Let each one be attentive to his

calling that the sluggard may not sleep in the time of harvest and neglect the best interests of himself and family. Do Thou moreover sustain those who in the sweat of their brow gather their bread and ours; refresh them when tired, and after harvest let each one with his kin enjoy in good health what his field brought forth, that all of us may delight in Thy goodness. Do Thou also grant that the rich do not place their trust in their well-filled barns, forgetting that their souls may be summoned, when they least expect it, and that another may inherit what they had gathered. O Lord, remember the poor, who have nothing to harvest; make our hearts willing to gather for them, and reward those that allow them to glean on their fields, or give them of their surplus. In short, bless the scant supply, that it may suffice; and so rule that abundance may not be misused for bad purposes. Preserve peace and quiet in all lands, that the strangers do not come and devour our harvest. Do Thou everywhere prevent failures, hard times, and famines. Furthermore we pray Thee to ward off from us whatever might render our livelihood difficult. Rather let each one be contented and satisfied with his lot, that both rich and poor may recognize Thy power and may praise Thee forevermore.-Finally, O Thou Savior of all men, we ourselves are Thy spiritual handiwork in Thy Church, and Thou art

the Lord of the harvest, therefore we pray Thee to send laborers into Thy vineyard, and cause also Thy harvest of men to be abundant at all places; grant that everywhere good seed be sown on Thy fields and that the pure doctrine be preached among all Christians. Preserve the world at large from the tares strewn broadcast by the devil. Convert those that sow in unrighteousness and reap in sorrow, or sow unto the flesh and of the flesh reap destruction. But do Thou sanctify every one of us, that we may be of a Christian mind, sow unto the Spirit, and of the Spirit at one time reap life everlasting. Yea, when this whole world shall be fully ripe for the last harvest, then do Thou grant that we, as pure as wheat, bound in sheaves be gathered into Thy barns and be preserved in heaven unto everlasting joys. There shall we, according to Thy promise, reap, without ceasing, and rejoice as one rejoices in harvest, with joy unspeakable. Hear us, O God, and grant all we ask, for the sake of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ.


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