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Evening Prayer for Monday

MERCIFUL GOD, Gracious Father, I thank Thee most heartily that Thou hast graciously kept me this day, to this very hour, from all harm of body and soul, and I pray Thee, for Christ Jesus, Thy dear Son's sake, graciously to forgive all sin I have committed against Thee again this day in thoughts, words and deeds, and to remember them no more in all eternity. And as I am about to retire to rest, I beseech Thee, my Father, Thou wouldst guard me from all ills of body and soul, so that I may rest and sleep secure from the wiles and power of the devil, and from dreams vain and vile, thus rising in the morning to Thy glory, refreshed and in health. And now I commend myself wholly into Thy divine hand; Thou hast redeemed me, Thou faithful God. Amen.


Morning Prayer for Tuesday

LORD JESUS CHRIST, Thou only Savior of the world, to Thee I raise my heart and mind and again thank Thee for having, by Thy boundless mercy and love, preserved me in safety this past night from the wiles and power of the wicked foe, Lord Jesus Christ, Thou art my part and my heritage, my salvation rests with Thee, and I know of no helper save Thee in heaven or on earth. Therefore, because of Thine unutterable sufferings, and Thy death most bitter and ignominious, which Thou, out of great love, didst suffer for me, a poor sinner, I pray Thee, dearest Lord Jesus, be gracious and merciful unto me, bless and sustain me this day and the rest of my life, ever guarding and keeping me from sin and all ills, until Thou wilt graciously summon me to eternal joy and bliss, for Thy most holy name's sake. Amen.


Evening Prayer for Tuesday

O ETERNAL, Gracious and bountiful God in heaven who hast again, out of boundless grace and fatherly care, suffered me to end this day in good health and spirits, I thank Thee for this from my whole heart. And since, alas, I did not spend this day to Thy praise and honor, and to the welfare of my neighbor, my perverted nature being inclined to evil rather than to good, grant, I beseech Thee, O faithful God, that I, who was conceived in sin, may realize my frailty and partake of Thy divine grace. Also teach me to meditate often on my death, that I may prepare for it in true repentance, and at its approach may, with confidence and bliss, leave this life of misery to be translated into Thy heavenly paradise, together with all faithful Chrisians. But while in this mortal frame, I pray Thee, to take me into Thine almighty protection, guarding and preserving me from all harm and danger of body and soul; for Christ Jesus, Thy dear Son's sake. Amen.


Morning Prayer for Wednesday

O ALMIGHTY And merciful God, gracious Father in heaven, Thou hast again, by the protection of Thy ministering spirits, the holy angels, kept me this past night, so that I have lived to see this day in good health and spirits. For this I earnestly laud, praise and magnify Thee, furthermore praying Thee, dear heavenly Father, in whose will I center all I do or leave undone, all my ends and aims, graciously to remember me also in future. Govern, I beseech Thee, with Thy Holy Spirit, my heart, mind and thoughts, all my designs and purposes, my words and works, that I may understand what is good or evil, and may in this wicked and perverted world so live and walk this day as, above all things, to be free from sin and to experience a heartfelt desire for that eternal home purchased and secured for me by Christ, my Savior-not forfeiting it by a life of sin. To this end graciously lend me the aid of Thy divine love and the power of the Holy Ghost, for Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son's sake. Amen.


Evening Prayer for Wednesday

O ALMIGHTY GOD And benignant Father, I return thanks to Thee for having again this day graciously kept me in body and soul from all harm and ill. Whatever sin I have committed this day, with heart, tongue or otherwise, against Thee and Thy holy commandments, forgive, I beseech Thee, according to Thy loving-kindness, and forsake me not, whom Thou hast bought with a price, even the precious blood of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ. Protect me this night, I pray Thee, under the almighty wings of Thy grace, against the evil foe, who goeth about, as a roaring lion, seeking to devour me, that I may rest and sleep securely under the shadow of Thy grace and goodness, and the evil foe may not draw nigh unto me and harm me. Amen.


Morning Prayer for Thursday

O EXALTED TRINITY, God Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to Thee do I commit myself body and soul now and forever, and render Thee most heartfelt thanks that Thou didst not suffer the evil foe to harm me this past night, but didst keep me by Thine angels in good health and spirits. What shall I give Thee in return? How shall I properly praise Thee? I will give Thee a broken and contrite heart, full of sin, red as scarlet, but also full of sorrow and contrition; graciously accept it, I pray Thee, wash it white as snow in the precious blood of Thy dear Son, my Redeemer, conceal it in His holy, innocent wounds, thus conveying to me the forgiveness of all my sins. Help me, furthermore, that on this and all my days I may be found in Christian readiness, as I do not know when Thou wilt come, or in what place or manner I may be

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