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converted to keep up the church, and prevent the total extinction of it. In order to this, thousands must be converted, and there must be a succession of professing and real christians down to that day. The doctrines, institutions, and duties of christianity, must be maintained ; and there will doubtless be remarkable revivals of religion in many places, and knowledge will increase among true christians, and there will be advances

made in the purity of doctrines and worship, and all holy prac. tice, by bringing all these nearer to the standard of the holy

scriptures : And the churches will be formed into a greater union with each other ; being more and more conformed to the divine paltern, contained in the Bible. Here then is work enough to do, by those who desire and are looking for such a day, to prepare the way for it, and it may be introduced in the proper time ; and there is no want of encouragement to do it, even in this view, to be steadfast and unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as they may know, that their labour will not be in vain in the Lord.*

And christians may now have a great degree of enjoyment of that day, and joy in it, though they do not expect to live on earth till it shall come. True christians are disinterested and benevolent to such a degree, that they can enjoy and rejoice in the good of others, even those who may live many ages hence, and in the good and prosperity of the church, and the advancement of the cause and kingdom of Christ in this world, though they should not live to see it. The stronger their faith is, that this good day is coming, and the clearer and more constant view they have of it, and the more desirable it appears to them, that there should be such a time ; the higher enjoyment, and greater joy they will have in it, and in the prospect of it. Thus Abraham look. ed forward by his faith, and saw this day of Christ, when all the nations of the earth should be blessed in him, and derived great comfort and joy in this prospect. “ Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day; and he saw it, and was glad.”+ Christians know that it will come on in the best time, as soon as it can be introduced by infinite wisdom and goodness : That there is no delay, but “God will hasten it in his time." In this sense, Christ will come quickly to set up his kingdom in the whole world. He is on his way, coming as fast and as soon as he can, consistent with infinite wisdom. He is preparing the way, and ordering every thing in the best manner, so as in the most proper time, to reign with his church on earth ; and no time is lost. And what christian can desire that it should be sooner, or before this time ? Is it not enough that Jesus Christ has under. taken it, and will bring it on in the best manner, and the fittest lime? And must not this give joy to every real christian ?

It is further to be observed, that though the christians who live at this day will not see the Millennium come while they are in the body on earth ; yet they will see and enjoy it, when it * 1 Cor. xv. 58.

John viji. 56.

shall come, in a much higher degree than they could do, were they living on earth ; or than those who will live on earth at that day. The powers, knowledge and views of the spirits of the just made perfect, are greatly enlarged in heaven, and they have a more clear and comprehensive view of the works of God, and a more particular knowledge of what is done in this world, especially of what relates to the work of redemption, the salvation of sinners, and the prosperity of the church and cause of Christ. There is joy in the presence of the angels over one sinner that repenteth. The spirits of the just made perfect are with the an. gels, and must know all that passes in their presence ; and must rejoice in such an event, as much or more than they. How great must be their joy then, when whole nations, yea, all the world, become true penitents, and they see and know this, and what is implied in it, unspeakably to better advantage, and more clearly, than any can do who shail be then on earth!

The more christians labcur and suffer on earth, in the cause of Christ, and the more they desire, pray for, and promote his coming and kingdom in this world, the more they will enjoy it in heaven, when it shall take place, and the greater will be their joy and happiness. And it will be unspeakably more and greater in heaven, than if they were in bodies on earth. Who then can reasonably desire to live in this world, merely to see and enjoy the happy day of the Millennium !

On the whole, it is hoped that it does appear from what has been said in this dissertation, that there will be a thousand years of prosperity of the church of Christ in this world ; that this is abundantly foretold and held up to view in the Bible ; that this will be about the seventh millenary of the world ; that it will be a most happy and glorious day, in which the christian dispensation shall have its proper and full effect on earth, in the salvation of men ; to which aļI the preceding times and events are preparatory : That the degeneracy and increasing prevalence of ignorance, error, and wickedness now in the world, especially in Christendom, is preparing for, and hastening on the battle of that great day of God Almighty, in which mankind will be punished, and the greatest part then on earth destroyed ; and then the Millennium will be introduced :-That this is an important and pleasing subject, suited to support and comfort christians in all the dark and evil days which precede it, and 10 excite them to earnesi, constant, united prayer for this coming of Christ, and patient waiting for him, and to constant exertions in all proper ways, to promote his interest and kingdom in the world.

AFTER the thousand years of the reign of Christ and his church on earth,“ Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the tour quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them togeti er to battle : The number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city : and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them."* In these words there is reference to what is said of Gog and Magog, in the thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth chapters of Ezekiel : which prophecy, there is reason to think, is not to be understood literally, but in a figura. tive sense ; as no events have ever taken place answerable to this representation, if taken in a literal sense. The prophecy of Gog and Magog may be considered as having reference to two events, which are to take place at different times, and are similar in some respects, and differ in others, viz. The great and general corrupLion and wickedness of mankind, and their punishment and destruction which will precede ibe Millennium, which has been described in this section ; and the apostasy and wickedness of mankind at the end of the Millennium, and the remarkable overthrow and destruction of them, when Christ shall come to judgment; predicted in the words which have been now transcribed. Some things said of Gog and Magog, of their designs, doings, and their punishment, and a number of expressions in that prophecy, are more applicable to the former of these events than to the latter, and some more applicable to the latter than to the former, and the whole cannot be well applied to one, exclusive of the other ; but in both the prophecy is completely fulfilled. Both these events respect wicked men, who have arrived to'a great degree of obstinacy and wickedness; and they are both gathered together by the agency and deception of Satan, let loose for that end. And they are both gathered together to battle against Christ and his church; and are destroyed in the battle.

I his prophecy is figurative. It is not to be supposed that all this great multitude will be gathered together into one place ; or that the church will be encamped together in one spot on earth, or collected in one city : But the gathering of the wicked, means their being abandoned to infidelity, and a very great degree of wickedness, in opposition to the church of Christ, and true religion, and being disposed to extirpate these from the face of the carth. In this sense, the wicked will be gathered together to báltle, before the Millennium, by the spirits of devils, or Satan, who will go forth to the whole world for that end, as has been explained. The church will become small, and surrounded and assault. ed by the wicked on every side, and ready to be swallowed up, and totally destroyed by them.

It has been a question, from whence this multitude of people, here called Gog and Magog, should come, after the church of Christ and true religion had prevailed in the world a thousand years ? Some have supposed, that a number of people, and perhaps whole nations, would live in some corner of the earth, during the time of the Millennium, without partaking of any of the blessings of it ; but will continue in a state of heathepisin ard wickedness all that time, till at length they will multiply s much, as to be able to rise in opposition to the church, and de

Rev. XX. 7, 8, 9.

stroy it, were they not prevented by the miraculous interposition of Heaven. And many have supposed, that this fact is inconsiste tnt with all the inbabitants of the world being real christians, and eminently holy in the time of the Millennium. But this supposed difficulty may be easily solved ; and the general and great apostasy accounted for, consistent with the supposition, that in the Millennium all mankind will be real christians. Near the end of the thousand years, the divine influences, which produced and continued the universal and eminent holiness in the Millennium, may be in such a measure withheld, as that real christians wik, in their exercises and conduct, sink much telow what had taken place before, and indulge a careless and worldly spirit to a great and sinful degree, and become more and more negligent of their duty, especially with respect to their children ; and be really guilty of breaking covenant with God, in this important point. In consequence of this, their children will not be regenerated and converted ; but grow up in a state of sin, real enemies to God and to the truth. And as the world will be then full of people, it will in this way soon become full of wicked men, and the church will be very small. And those who will grow up under tve power of sin and Satan, in the face of all that light, truth and holiness, which had taken place through the Millennium, and in opposition to it, will naturally arrive to a great and amazing degree of hardness and obstinacy in sin, and become a far more guilty and perverse generation of men, than ever existed before ; and will be greater enemies to truth and righteousness, and the church of Christ. And consequently will be united and engaged

to banish all these from the earth. The world will have more - wicked persons in it than ever before ; and all these much more sinful, and engaged in all kinds and ways of opposition to Christ, and his cause and people. The church will be on the brink of ruin, just ready to sink and be swallowed up; and the appearance and coming of Christ will be less believed, expected or thought of, than at any other time. Then Christ will be revealed from heaven in faming fire, taking vengeance on them who know not God, and obey not the gospel.

This apostasy and great wickedness of so many millions of mankind, the number of whom will be as the sand of the sea, and their consequent misery, is an awful dispensation indeed, and is, in itself, an evil infinitely beyond the comprehension of man. But there is the clearest evidence, and the greatest certainty, that this instance of evil, as well as all other evil which precedes it, and will succeed it, though it will be endless, will, by the overruling hand of God, be productive of overbalancing good ; and is necessary, in order to effect the greatest possible good to the universe. “ Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee : The remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain." This event will serve to set the total depravity, and the strong propensity of man to the greatest degree of wickedness, in a more clear and striking light than it had

. * Psalm lxxvi. 10.

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538 What is to take place before the Millennium. Sect. IV. been, or perhaps could be before. That man should apostatize, and so soon arrive to such a high degree of wickedness, after all the light and holiness, and the wonderful goodness of God to man, displayed in the Millennium ; and, in opposition to all this light and grace, and in the greatest abuse of it, join in rebellion against God, and trample on his authority, truth and goodness, contrary to the admonitions and warnings from the word of God, and all faithful ministers and christians; will make a new discov. ery, and greater than was ever made before, of fallen human nature, and of the great and desperate evil that is in the heart of man ; and that it is utterly incurable by any means that can possibly be used, short of the almighty energy of the Spirit of God, by which the heart is renewed ; and consequently of the guilt and infinite ill desert of man; which discovery will be of great advantage to the church and kingdom of Christ forever, and necessary for the greatest happiness and glory of it, and the highest honour of the Redeemer.

And this will make from fact, a new and greater discovery of the absolute dependence of man on the grace and Spirit of God, to prevent his greatest wickedness and endless destruction, and to form him to holiness and happiness ; and of the great and sovereign grace of God, in converting and saving lost man, and in bringing on such a wonderful degree of holiness and happiness, and continuing it a thousand years; and that this is all to be ascribed to the sovereign power and grace of God, who has mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth. When all men shall be righteous and holy from generation to generation for a thousand years, and all the children which shall be born in that time, shall appear to be pious and holy as soon as they begin to act, and persevere in this to the end of life, che appearance will be, that mankind are now grown belier, and that the evil nature of man is not so great ; but he is naturally inclined 10 obedience and holiness : The sudden and great apostasy which will take place, will take off this appearance : and show, that the heart of man is naturally as full of evil as ever it was ; and that all the good and holiness of the Millennial state was the effect of the power of the Spirit of God, and to be wholly ascribed to the infinite, sovereign grace of God. And this discovery will be remembered by the redeemed forever, and improved to the glory of God, to the praise of rich, sovereign grace, and consequently to their own eternal advantage.

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Even so, come Lord Jesus.



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