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FEB 12 1935


UNLOOKED for circumstances, over which the Editor had no control, has delayed the publication of this little volume, much beyond the period originally intended.

The intelligent and pious author who is a native of America, is well known and esteemed, both in this and in his own country, not only for his truly gospel ministerial labors, but also from his work on the “ Doctrines of Friends," of which many thousands were printed by members of the Society in this country alone, and sold for distribution at a cheap rate. His visit to this country was regarded with much interest, and great satisfaction was generally felt and expressed at his public services. Symptoms of the present controversy, had however, began to manifest themselves previous to his departure ; and from statements that have appeared in print, it appears that by some influential members of the Society in this country, he was suspected of entertaining views which they

considered not quite in accordance with the principles of the Society.

To the many individuals who had no opportunity of hearing this eminent minister of the gospel, it is presumed that this little volume will be peculiarly acceptable; as enabling them to judge for themselves of the views of one who, both as a writer and a minister, holds so prominent a place in the Society.

The method of publication, (from the shorthand writer's notes) has, it is to be feared, oocasioned many verbal inaccuracies and deficiencies, which the candour of the reader will lead him to attribute to this cause alone.


Dec. 24th, 1833.

The testimony of one of our Lord's Apostles, was applicable to himself, and to all his fellow laborers in the Gospel, that “they were not sufficient of themselves even to think anything as of themselves, but their sufficiency was of God, who had made them able ministers of the new testament, not of the letter, for” added he, “the letter killeth, but of the Spirit;” not of the law, which not only promulgated the command of Almighty God, but the penalty for its violation. And thus the law was a dispensation of condemnation and the proclamation of death, for all must acknowledge themselves to be in that state, to which the same eminent minister alluded, when he said that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Now it is very evident, that he felt the necessity, in promulgating the gospel of peace, and salvation, and reconciliation with Almighty Godthat he felt the necessity, deeply felt it, of a fresh anointing ; that he was not sufficient of himself to enter upon this important engagement, without a renewed feeling of the qualifying power. And I believe, my friends, that this is necessary for us in all our varied situations ; it is necessary for us to feel a deep reduction, that we may feel our own unworthiness, and our own helplessness, and not only so, but be made in some degree sensible of the divine attributes of the wisdom, the power, and the sovereignty of God, that we may find


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