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ART. I. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Including a Jour-
nal of a Tour to the Hebrides, by James Boswell,
Esq. A new Edition, with numerous Additions and
Notes. By John Wilson Croker, LL.D. F.R.S.

II. Remarks on the supposed Dionysius Longinus; with
an Attempt to restore the Treatise on Sublimity to
its Original State,

III. Attempts in Verse, by John Jones, an old Servant; with some Account of the Writer, written by himself; and an Introductory Essay on the Lives and Works of Uneducated Poets. By Robert Southey, Esq., Poet Laureate,

IV. An Essay on the Distribution of Wealth, and on the
Sources of Taxation. By the Rev. Richard Jones,

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V. The Drama brought to the Test of Scripture, and found

VI. The Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. By
Thomas Moore,

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VII. Natural Theology; or, Essays on the Existence of
Deity and of Providence, on the Immateriality of the
Soul, and a Future State. By the Rev. Alexander
Crombie, LL.D., F.R.S.,

VIII. The Life and Writings of Henry Fuseli, M.A.R.A.
The former Written, and the latter Edited by John
Knowles, F.R.S.,










ART. IX. Traité de Droit Penal. Par M. P. Rossi, Professeur de Droit Romain à l'Academie de Genêve,

X. 1. The State of Protestantism in Germany, being the
Substance of Four Discourses preached before the
University of Cambridge. By the Rev. Hugh James
Rose, B.D.

2. An Historical Enquiry into the probable Causes of
the Rationalist Character, lately predominant in the
Theology of Germany. By E. B. Pusey, M.A., Re-
gius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Oxford.
3. An Historical Enquiry, &c. Part the Second; con-
taining an Explanation of the Views misconceived by
Mr Rose, and further Illustrations. By E. B. Pusey.
4. Six Sermons on the Study of the Holy Scriptures,
preached before the University of Cambridge in the
years 1827 and 1828; to which are annexed two
Dissertations; the first on the Reasonableness of the
Orthodox Views of Christianity, as opposed to the
Rationalism of Germany; the second on Prophecy,
with an original Exposition of the Book of Revela-
tion, showing that the whole of that remarkable Pro-
phecy has long ago been fulfilled. By the Rev. S.
Lee, B.D., D.D., Professor of Arabic in the Univer-
sity of Cambridge,

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XI. What will the Lords do?






ART. I. 1. The Game Laws, including the New Game Bill,
with Notes and Practical Directions. By P. B. Leigh,
Esq. Barrister-at-Law.

2. Abridgement of the new Game Laws, with Obser-
vations and Suggestions for their Improvement; being
an Appendix to the Sixth Edition of Instructions to
Young Sportsmen. By Lieut.-Col. P. Hawker,

II. The Life of Archbishop Cranmer. By the Rev. Henry
John Todd, M.A. Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majes-
ty, Prebendary of York, and Rector of Settrington,
County of York,

III. 1. Statements, Calculations, and Explanations, submit-
ted to the Board of Trade, relative to the State of the
British West Indian Colonies. Printed by order of
the House of Commons. 7th of February, 1831.
2. Papers laid before the Finance Committee. Printed
by order of the Committee. 1828,

IV. 1. An Essay on the Origin and Prospects of Man. By
Thomas Hope.


2. Philosophische Vorlesungen, insbesondere über Phi-
losophie der Sprache und des Wortes. Geschrieben
und vorgetragen zu Dresden im December 1828, und
in den ersten Tagen des Januars 1829. (Philosophi-
cal Lectures, especially on the Philosophy of Lan-
guage and the Gift of Speech. Written and delivered
at Dresden in December 1828, and the early days of
January 1829.) By Friedrich von Schlegel,

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V. Tour in England, Ireland, and France, in the years
1828 and 1829; with Remarks on the Manners and
Customs of the Inhabitants, and Anecdotes of dis-
tinguished Public Characters. In a series of Letters.
By a German Prince,






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Anr. VI. 1. Speech of Viscount Palmerston on the Affairs of


2. Speech of Hyde Villiers, Kay, MP, on the Come
mercial Relations of England and Portugal,

3. Exponk dem Droits de en Mujenté tren Videle Dona
Maria II, et de la question Portugaise; aver den
pieces justificatives, et documen,

4. Papers relative to Portugal, and to the British and
French demands upon the Government of that Couns


VII. The Pilgrim's Progress, with a Lafe of John Bunyan.
By Robert Bouthey, King, LL. D. Pour Laureate,

VIII, The Life and Correspondence of fur Thomas Imw®
rence, Vt., DLD, PMM. Prouident of the Royal
Academy, By D. P. Williams, Vay

IX. The Legality of the present Academical System of
the University of Oxford, wamerud against the new
Calummes of the Edinburgh Review. By a Member
of Convocation,

X. Home Memorials of John Hampden, he Party, and
his Times, By Land Nugent,

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