Chaucer.- Surrey.- Wyat.- Sackville.- v. 2. Spenser.- Shakespeare.- Davies.- Hall.- v. 3. Drayton.- Carew.- Suckling.- v. 4. Donne.- Daniel.- Browne.- P. Fletcher.- G. Fletcher.- Jonson.- Drummond.- Crashaw.- Davenant.- v. 5. Milton.- Cowley.- Waller.- Butler.- Denham.- v. 6. Dryden.- Rochester.- Roscommon.- Otway.- Pomfret.- Stepne.- J. philips.- Walsh.- Smith.- Duke.- King.- Sprat.- Halifax.- v. 7. Parnell.-Garth.- Rowe.- Addison.- Hughes.- Sheffield.- Prior.- Congreve.- Blackmore.- Fenton.- Granville.- Yalden.- v. 8. Pope.- Tickell.- Somerville.- Pattison.- Hammond.- Savage.- Hill.- Broome.- Pitt.- Blair.- v. 9. Swift.- Thomson.- Watts.- Hamilton.- A. philips.- G. West.- Collins.- Dyer.- Shenstone.- Mallet.- Akenside.- Harte.- v. 10. Young.- Gray.- R. West.- Lyttleton.- Moore.- Boyse.- Thompson.- Cawthorn.- Churchill.- Falconer.- Lloyd.- Cunningham.- Green.- Cooper.- Goldsmith.- P. Whitehead.- Brown.- Grainger.- Smollett.- Armstrong.- v. 11. Wilkie.- Dodsley.- Smart.- Langhorne.- Bruce.- Chatterton.- Graeme.- Glover.- Shaw.- Lovibond.- Penrose.- Mickle.- Jago.- Scott.- Jonson.- W. Whitehead.- Jenyns.- Loan.- Warton.- Cotton.- Blcklock.-

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Robert Anderson
Arch, 1795 - English poetry
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Page 143 - And with that word he fley doun fro the beem, For it was day, and eek his...
Page 11 - A-morwe, whan that day bigan to springe, Up roos our host, and was our aller cok, And gadrede us togidre, alle in a flok, And forth we riden, a litel more than pas, Un-to the watering of seint Thomas.
Page 11 - ... .But in his teching discrete and benigne. To drawen folk to heven, with fairenesse, By good ensample, was his besinesse : But it were any persone obstinat, What so he were of highe, or low estat, Him wolde he snibben sharply for the nones. A better preest I trowe that nowher non is.
Page 58 - And if that any of us have more than other, Let him be trewe, and part it with his brother.
Page 55 - But I to you be al so good and trewe As ever was wif sin that the world was newe, And but I be to-morwe as faire to seen As any lady, emperice, or quene, That is betwix the est and eke the west, Doth with my lif and deth right as you lest Cast up the curtein, loke how that it is.
Page 11 - As lene was his hors as is a rake, And he was not right fat, I undertake ; But loked holwe, and therto soberly.
Page 61 - And dronkenesse is eek a foul record Of any man, and namely in a lord. Ther is ful many an eye and many an ere Awaiting on a lord, and he noot where. For goddes love, drink more attemprely; Wyn maketh man to lesen wrecchedly His minde, and eek his limes everichon.
Page 143 - He chukketh, whan he hath a corn yfound, And to him rennen than his wives alle. Thus real, as a prince is in his halle, Leve I this Chaunteclere in his pasture; And after wol I tell his aventure.
Page 80 - Wel fairer ben thy brests than ony wine. The gardin is enclosed all aboute; Come forth, my white spouse, for out of doute, Thou hast me wounded in myn herte, o wif: . No spot in thee n'as never in all thy lif. Come forth, and let us taken our disport, I chese thee for my wif and my comfort. Swiche...
Page 22 - Wel may men knowen, but it be a fool, That every part deriveth from his hool. For nature hath not taken his beginning Of no partie ne cantel of a thing, 3010 But of a thing that parfit is and stable, Descending so, til it be corrumpable.

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