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could see the richness of its scenery and the bustle of its population-and were we to reflect that not only such a planet, but such a world, so furnished and peopled and destined to stand through so many ages, had leaped into existence before us, the thought would be unmeasurable. But there is the germ of more life, intelligence and capability of weal or woe, in that youth, that is sporting round the entrance to destructions slippery way, than could be crowded upon such a planet, for any limited time. Suppose further, that the destinies of this new born planet were capable of being touched by influences from earth-that human agencies, concentrated and sent out upon it, before it had found its permanent orbit could sway it hither and thither, and determine whether it were to fill its ernormous periods, amid summer influences, or in abodes of eternal frost-what responsibility untold would be connected with those human agencies! But he that should cause such a world to shoot off into the regions of frost and desolation, would not equal the mischiefs done by him, who is the means of giving a fatal direction to an immortal mind, and in fixing the orbit in which it is to perform its endless and disastrous revolutions.

Then it must be remembered, that the mischievous consequences of error are cumulative. Human minds are so linked together in this world, that we can set no bounds to the transmission of sentiments, characters and dispositions, from one to another. And he who lodges corrupt sentiments in the mind of his neighbor, kindles a fire which will burn and spread, he knows not how far. This one person corrupted, communicates the poison to his connexions, and they to theirs, and thus it may go on to increase, from generation to generation. So this one mind corrupted, may become the center of a vortex, which shall draw into itself millions of immortal men. Such wide and wasting ruin may be the extended result of one conversion to the Universalist delusion. But if the value of one soul so surpasses that of a world, who can estimate the mischief done by those who put in motion such whirlpools of destrucAnd how will the authors of all this mischief stand aghast at the sight of their own work in the judgment day! And with

what greetings must they meet the wretched victims of their delusion, to go with them to their abode in the under world! If there be a hell, and if Universalism be what I humbly conceive I have proved it to be, I am authorized, and I feel constrained, as I take my leave of this subject, and that with no unkindness, to address the hierophants of the system in the ⚫ words of Paul to the sorcerer (whose profession by the way must have been harmless by the side of theirs) O FULL OF ALL SUBTILTY AND ALL MISCHIEF, THOU CHILD OF THE DEVIL, THOU ENEMY OF ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS, WILT THOU CEASE TO PERVERT THE RIGHT WAYS OF THE LORD?



Page 18, beginning of 2 paragraph for third, read "second." - P. 31, line 10 from the bottom, insert it after introduced. P. 34, line 20 from the top, for if read "unless." P. 39, line 11 after consequences, insert," of sin." P. 58, line 8 from the bottom, blot out the. P. 78, line 7, blot out but. P. 82, for house of David, read "house of Jacob." P. 93, line 15 from the bottom, after hell, insert" of." P. 100, line 5 from bottom, for event, read "events." P. 106, line 19 from the top after dead, insert "in Christ." P. 113, line 17 from the top, for idea, read "ideas." P. 124, last line for tucks, read "tacks.' P. 129, line 13, for Mr. B. read "Mr. W." P. 137, line 21, for suspected, read "expected." P. 140, line 7 from the bottom, for he, read "Christ." P. 142, line 2, for the, read their." P. 153, line 7, blot out place of. P. 154, line 24, for 16, read "20." P. 168, line 6 for uses read "use.' " P. 175,

the first division of paragraphs misplaced. P. 177, line 14 from the bottom, place a period after exhibited, and blot it after quoted, and insert a dash; and for in read "In." P. 179, line 7 from the bottom, for these read "there." P. 148, line 1, for it read "is." P. 187, line 7 from the bottom in the note for taking, read "take.” P. 191, line 14 from the top for is read "are." P. 193, line 7, for means, read "mean," and line 23, for langurge read "language and 4 line from the bottom, for exists read "exist." P. 194, line 12 from the bottom for When read "Whence." P. 205, line 8 for avoided read "avowed."


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