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the tenth day of June, which shall be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty-one.


An Act for the Settlement and Regulation of Ferries,

and for Dispatch of Public Expresses.

I. BE it enacted, by the Lieutenant Governor, Coun. cil, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, ries appoint.

ed and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That ferries be constantly kept at the places hereaf- Rates of ferter named, and that the rates for passing the said riage.. ferries be as follows, viz.

On James River and the Branches thereof.

For a Man. Horse.

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From the land of Henry Batte, in Hen

rico county, to the Glebe land, at Varina.

0 31 From Westover, in Charles City coun

ty, to Maycox, or Coggins Point; and from Maycox to Westover,

071 From Kennon's to Maye's, on Appo

mattox river, and from Maye's to Kennon's,

033 From Joseph Wilkin's, or John Hood's

land, in Prince George county, to
John Minge's land, in Wyanoke, 0 7
From Hog-Island, in Surry county, to

Higginson's landing, on Col. Lewis
Burwell's land, so long as the ferry-
keeper will, at his own charge, keep
a sufficient bridge, over Hog Island
creek, and upon failure thereof from
Hog-Island main, to the end the said
bridge may never become a county
charge, and from the said Higgin-
son's landing to Hog-Island, or up-
an failure as aforesaid, to the main, 13



For Man. Horse

3. d.

S. d.




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At Williamsburg, from Princes Anne
Port to Hog-Island,

26 For a man and horse,

4 0 From Swan's Point to Jamestown,

07 From Crouche's creek to Jamestown, 10 10. From Jamestown to the two last mentioned places respectively,

1 0 At Chicahominy, the usual place on each side the river,

06 06 From Cowle's to Williams's,

0 31 03 From Cowle's to Hamner's point,

06 From Coffield's point, in Nansemond

county, to Robert Peale's near Sleepy Hole,

06 From Hampton town point, to Brooke's point,

03 0 3 From Hampton town to Sewell's point, 30 30 From Norfolk town to Sawyer's point,

or Crawford's, and from Crawford's to Norfolk town,

06 06 From Crawford's to Powder point, 04 04 From Bolling's point, in Henrico county, over Appomattox river,

02 02 From Bermuda-hundred to City point, 10

10 From City point to Shirley-hundred,

at the ship landing, and from the said landing to City point,

10 10 From the ship landing at Shirley, to Bermuda hundred,

06 06 From the hemp landing, at the falls of

James river, to Shocoe's, on the land of William Byrd, esq.

04 From the land of Stephen Woodson, in

the county of Goochland, to Manacon town,

03 03 From Henry Cary's land, over the ri

ver, to the land of the said Cary, 0 3 OS From Henry Batte's, in the county of

Henrico, to Alexander Bolling's, in the county of Prince George,

OS From the land of Cel. Richard Bland,

in the county of Prince George, to the land of Mrs. Anderson, in the county of Charles City,



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For Man. Horse. 3. d.

S. d. From the land of William Pride, call

ed the Store Landing, in the coun- ty of Henrico, to Anthony's landing,

in the county of Prince George, 03 03 From the said Store Landing over Per

sie's stile creek, to the land of Peter Baugh,

03 OS From the warehouse landing at War

wick, to the land of Thomas Moseley,

03 OS From the town of Southampton, to the

borough of Norfolk, and to Nansemond town,

7 6 76 But if there be more than one single man and horse,

50 5 0 And the same rates from Norfolk and

Nansemond, to Southampton.
From Mulberry-Island point, in the

county of Warwick, to Cocket's in
Isle of Wight; and from Cocket's to
Mulberry - Island,

13 13 From the land of Richard Mosby, in

Goochland county, to the land of Tarlton Fleming, opposite to Mosby's landing,

OB 03 From the land of Tucker Woodson, to

the land of Paul Micheaux, near the court-house,

0 3 OS: From the land of Bennet Goode, to the land of Col. John Fleming,

0 3

03 From the land of James Fenly, to the

land of William Cabell, cross the Fluvanna,

0 3 03 From Charles Lynch's plantation, in

Albemarle county, on the Rivanna, cross the said river, to the land of Richard Meriwether,

Os O 3 From the land of Mr. Benjamin Cocke,

cross the said river to the land of the said Benjamin Cocke,

08 08 From the land of Ashford Hughes, on

the north side of James river, near the mouth of Willis's creek, cross the said river, to the land of Robert

For Man. Horse.

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Carter; and from the said Carter's

to the said Hughes's, From the land of Lemuel Riddick, ad

joining to the public wharf, in Suf-
folk, cross Nansemond river, to

Samuel Jordan's land,
From the land of William Pride, in the

county of Henrico, on Appomattox
river, above the narrow falls, to the
land of the said Pride, over the river,

in Prince George county, From the land of William Cabbell, in

Albemarle county, at the mouth of Swan's creek, over the Fluvanna, to the land of Samuel Spencer; or from the said Cabbell's, over Tye river, to his land opposite,

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ny river,


On York.
From Chamberlayne's to Williams's,

or Williams's to Chamberlayne's, 06
From Brick House to West point, or
West point to Brick House

09 From Brick House to Dudley's, or Dudley's to Brick House,

10 Frum Webb’s to Lyde's, formerly

Spencer's, in King William county, 06 From Thomas Crenshaw's to the usual landing place,

OS From Temple's landing, over Matapo

03 From West point to Dudley's, or Dudley's to West point,

06 From York town to Tindal's point, or Tindal's point to York,

0 71 From Capalosick to Seimnino,

1 S From Seaton's over Pianketank, O 6 From Frazier's to Broach's, and from Broach's to Frazier's,

06 From Walker town to Waller's, or Waller's to Walker town,

0 33 From Turk's Ferry over Pianketank, 033 From Robert King's over Pamunky,

to Blackwell's, or from Blackwell's to King's,


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For Man. Horse. 8. d.

8. d. From Sweethall to Claiborne Gooch's,

or from Claiborne Gooch's to Sweethall,

06 06 From George Dabney's over Pamunky river,

03 08 From Taylor's in King William, to Garland's in Hanover,

03 OS From William Pulliain's in Hanover,

to John Holliday's in Caroline, 03 03 From Richard Littlepage's, to Thomas

Claiborne's land, over Pamunky, and from Claiborne's to Littlepage's,

06 06 From Todd's warehouse landing, in

King and Queen, to the land of
Robert Armistead Bird, in King

0 2 02.

2 0


1 S

1 3

Rappahanock. From Whiting's to Gilbert's,

2 0 From the land of Thomas Ley, to Ro

binson's, or from Robinson's to Ley's,

06 From Byrd's to Williams', or Williams' to Byrd's,

1 3 From Tappahannock town to Carter's,

or to Rappahanock creek, on either side thereof,

1 3 From Tankersley's over Rappahanock river, to the usual place,

04 From Germanna over the Rapid Ann, 0 3 From Ray's plantation to Skinker's, 04 From Urbanna to Chetwood's,

20 At Urbanna, from the ferry landing to

Locust point, on the land of Ralph
Wormley, esq.

03 From Johnston's plantation in Spotsyl

vania, to Washington's, in King George,

03 From T'aliaferro's plantation of the

Mount, to the land of Joseph Ber. ry,

04 From Philemon Cavenaugh’s ford, 03

C-Vol. 6.

04 03 04 2 0



04 03

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