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within six months after such neglect, shall have power and authority to order such attorney to pay all costs occasioned by such neglect.

VIII. And to prevent frivolous suits in the general courts, and trifling and vexatious appeals from the county courts, and other inferior courts, Be it further

Gen. court enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That no attorney attornies not practising in the general court of this colony, during to practise the time of his practising therein, shall be admitted or in county suffered to prosecute or defend any cause or other mat- der a penalter, in any county court, or other inferior court de

ty. pending: And if any such attorney shall presume to act contrary hereto, he shall, for every cause he shall so prosecute, or defend, forfeit and pay the sum of twenty pounds; one moiety to the party against whom he shall prosecute or defend such cause; the other moiety to the informer: to be recovered with costs, by action of debt, bill, plaint, or information, in any court of record in this dominion. IX. Provided nevertheless, That such attorney shall ish the cau.

But may finbe at liberty to finish such causes in which he was be- ses in wnich fore employed, in any such courts, without incurring they are emthe penalties inflicted by this act.

X. Provided also, That nothing herein contained Some inferishall be construed to extend to any barrister at law, or courts exor to prevent any attorney of the general court from cepted out

of this act. practising in the county courts of James-City, York, Warwick, Elizabeth-City, and Gloucester, or in the court of Hustings in the city of Williamsburg.

No more XI. And be it further enacted, by the authority than two aforesaid, That the judges of the general court shall lawyers to · not permit, or suffer, more than two lawyers to argue argue on a on one side, in any cause hereafter to be commenced,

general except in cases of life and death.

XII. And be it further enacted, That all and every other act and acts, clause and clauses, for or concern- Former acts

. ing any matter or thing within the purview of this act, shall be, and they are hereby repealed: And that when this this act shall commence from, and immediately after, act shall the tenth day of October next; and shall continue, commence

and how and be in force, for and during the term of four years, long contin. from thence next following, and from thence to the end ue. of the next session of Assembly.



An Act for encouraging the making Tar,

and Hemp

lings for

Preamble. I. WHEREAS the making good and merchantable

tar, and hemp, fit for exportation, will be not only beneficial to the inhabitants of this colony, but also, by the supply of such naval stores, advantageous to the navigation and commerce of Great Britain: to the end therefore, that the makers thereof may have suitable encouragement,

II. BE it enacted, by the Lieutenant Governor, CounPremium of cil, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, 2 shillings and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, for every barrel of tar,

That there shall be paid to the person and persons and of 4 shil. who shall make, or cause to be made, good and mer

chantable tar, made from green trees, prepared after every 10 the following manner; that is to say, That when the of hemp,

trees were fit to bark, the bark thereof was stripped made ac- eight feet or thereabouts, up from the root of each cording to

tree, a slip of the bark about four inches broad being directions of this act, to

left on one side of each tree; and that each tree, after be allowed being so barked, had stood one year at least, and was the maker. not before that time cut down, for the making of tar;

and to such person and persons who shall make, or cause to be made, within this colony, hemp, winter or water-rotted, dry, bright, and clean, the several rewards following, to wit, For every barrel of tar, made as before directed, two shillings; and for every gross hundred of hemp, made as aforesaid, four shillings.

III. And be it further enacteil, by the authority aforeMethod of said, That before any person shall be entitled to the obtaining the premium

said reward for tar, the maker thereof shall deliver a for tar note in writing, specifying the mark and number of

each barrel to a justice of peace, of the county where the saine was made, and shall, before bim, make oath, that the same is good, and merchantable, and according to the directions of this act; and that each barrel doth contain thirty-two gallons of nett tar, and that it was made on his land, in the said county, or at what place, therein particularly describing the same; and that he, nor any other person for him, hath obtained a certificate, or received a reward or premium for the same:

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which oath such justice is hereby authorised and required to administer, and to grant a certificate of the same being before him made; and the person intending to export such tar, shall produce such certificate to the naval officer, or collector of the district wherein the same shall be brought for exportation; and also, before him make oath, that the tar he in. tends to export is the same as is mentioned in such certificate: Which the said naval officer, or collector, is hereby required to certify to the governor, or commander in chief of this dominion, for the time being, who is hereby impowered and desired thereupon to issue his warrant, to the treasurer of this colony, for payment of such sum and sums as shall appear due by virtue of this act. And for obtaining the aforesaid premium or reward, upon hemp,

IV. Be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, And for That any justice of peace, or constable, of any county hemp. wherein hemp shall be made, may and shall, upon application of the maker or owner thereof, truly weigh all such hemp as to bim or them shall be offered, and desired to be weighed, and shall give a certificate to the county court of the true quantity so weighed, and the name of the maker or owner thereof; for which such justice or constable shall have and receive, of such maker or owner, five shillings per ton, and so proportionably for a greater or less quantity; which certificate being produced to such county court, and oath made before them, by the maker or owner, that the hemp therein mentioned was duly weighed; and that, at the time the same was so weighed, it was winter or water-rotted, dry, bright, and clean, and made upon his or her plantation, in such county, or on what plantation the same was made, that he, nor any other person for him, hath obtained a certificate, or received a reward or premium for the same; the clerk of such court shall certify the same to the governor, or commander in chief of this dominion, for the time being; who, upon the party's producing such certificate, is hereby impowered and desired to issue his warrant, to the treasurer of this colony, for the payment of such sum or sums as shall appear to be due, by virtue of this act: And if any person whatsoever shall take a false oath, in obtaining any certifi. Penalty on cate, whereby to entitle him or herself to any premium king a false or reward given by act, he or she są offending, onth to enti

T-Vol. 6.

tle them to and being thereof convicted, shall forfeit and pay the rewari's. four times the money obtained, by means of such false

oath, to the informer: to be recovered with costs, by action of debt or information, in any court of record where the same shall be cognizable; and moreover,

shall suffer as for wilful and corrupt perjury. Premium to V. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforebe paid by said, That the treasurer, of this colony, for the time the trearu. being, shall be, and is hereby authorised and required, lowed in his out of any public monies in his hands, to pay unto the accounts. party or parties entitled thereto, such sum and sums

of money as shall be to them ordered, by warrant from the said governor or commander in chief, to him directed, for the bounties aforesaid, from time to time, in pursuance of this act; to be allowed to the said treasurer upon passing of his accounts, in the General Assembly.

VI. Provided always, That the rewards for tar priated for shall not exceed twelve hundred pounds, and the rethe rewards.

wards for hemp not to exceed four thousand pounds. Repealing

VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforeclause. said, That all and every other act and acts, clause

and clauses, heretofore made, for or concerning any matter or thing within the purview of this act, shall he, and are hereby repealed.

Sums appro


An Act for Inspecting Pork, Beef, Flour,

Tar, Pitch, and Turpentine.


1. WHEREAS an act of assembly made in the nine. teenth year of the reign of his present majesty, intituled, An act for continuing and amending an act, intituled, An act for inspecting, weighing, and stamping all pork, and beef, packed in this colony, or imported for sale, before the same shall be sold here, or shipped for exportation; and to amend the act, intituled, An act for the ascertaing the guage of barrels, for pork, beef, tar, and pitch; and for inspecting, weighing, and stamping all flour exported, will expire at the end of this session of Assembly: And the same being, by experience, found useful and beneficial to the trade and export of this colony, and necessary to be further continued:

II. Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant Gover- Inspectors, nor, Council, and Burgesses of this present- General As- by whom sembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the and when to same, That no pork, beef, or flour, shall be exported

be appoint

ed. out of this colony; or tar, pitch, or turpentine, exposed to sale, or exported, until the same shall be packed, or filled in barrels, under the regulation herein after expressed: And the justices of every county court, within this dominion, are hereby authorised and required, in the month of August or September, annually, to nominate and appoint, in open court, one or more (not exceeding six in one county) fit and able person or persons, residing in the same county, to inspect the package, and weigh all pork, beef, and flour; and also to inspect the filling of all tar, pitch, or turpentine, packed or filled for sale or exportation, within their respective counties: And the said courts may appoint the same person or persons, to be inspectors of pork, beef, flour, tar, pitch, and turpentine, if such person appears to them duly qualified, or may appoint several inspectors, as in their discretion shall seem best: And every person so appointed, shall, before he enters upon the execution of that office, make Where to be oath before the justices of his county court, carefully to view, inspect, and examine, when required, all pork, beef, flour, tar, pitch, and turpentine, packed, or filled, for sale or exportation, and to the best of his skill and judgment, not to pass or stamp any barrel of pork, or beef, or any flour, pitch, tar, or turpentine, that is not good, clean, sound, merchantable, and of the Their duty weight or guage by this act directed, and faithfully to discharge the duty of bis office, without favor, affection, partiality, or other by-respect; and shall constantly attend, upon notice, at such time and place as the owner of any of the said commodities shall appoint, to inspect the same within his county; but shall not inspect or stamp any tar, pitch, or turpentine, or aný pork or beef imported from Carolina, until the same shall be brought to some public landing; and shall provide a stamp, or stamps, with the first letter of his county, the letter V for Virginia, the first letter of bis own christian name, and his whole sur-name at


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