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ther enacted by the authority aforesaid, That all the men attending the said ferries be free of public and county levies, and from all other public services of .musters, constables, clearing highways, impressment, and other things of like nature: And that keepers of ferries shall not be chargeable with any fee for giving bond: And if the court shall find it requisite or useful that an ordinary be kept at any ferry, they may licence such ferry keeper to keep ordinary, without any fee for the license, or obtaining the same, except half the fee by law allowed to the governor; notwithstanding there be a sufficient number of other ordinaries in the same county: Provided always, That every ferry keeper so licensed to keep ordinary shall give bond and security, and be liable to the same penalties as other ordinary keepers: And that if any other per- Penalty op son whatsoever shall, for reward, set any person or other perpersons over any river or creek, whereon public fer-sons taking ries are by this act appointed, he or she so offending

ferriage, shall forfeit and pay five pounds current money, for every such offence, one moiety to the ferry keeper nearest the place where such offence shall be committed, the other moiety to the informer; and if such ferry keeper inform, he shall have the whole penalty, to be recovered with costs by action of debt or infor. mation, in any county court of this dominion.

VIII. And be it further enacted, by the authority Repealing aforesaid, That all and every other act and acts,

clause. clause and clauses heretofore made, for or concerning any matter or thing within the purview of this act, except one act made in the eighteenth year of his present majesty's reign, For enabling the justices of Fairfax and Prince William counties, to levy tobacco on the said counties, to support Occoquan ferry, shall be and are hereby repealed.

IX. And be it further enacted, by the authority afore- Commenee, said, That this act shall commence and be in force ment of tnis from and immediately after the tenth day of June, act. which shall be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty one.


An Act conccrning Seamen.

of appre


I. BE it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same,

That if any seaman, or sailor, belonging to any ship The method or vessel within this dominion, shall run away, or ab

sent himself from his service on board, every such hending run- seaman or sailor, may be taken up, or secured, and away sea

brought before a justice of peace of the county where
taken, and by his warrant committed to the next con-
stable, and conveyed from constable to constable, 'til
he be put on board the ship or vessel to which he be-
longs; and the constable so delivering him on board
shall take a receipt thereof, from the master, mate, or
other officer of such vessel, which being by him pro-
duced to the naval officer of the district where such
vessel rides, before clearing out, shall entitle him to
a reward of five shillings, for every runaway taken up
ten miles, or under, from the place where the vessel

rides, or ten shillings if above ten miles, to be paid The re

by such naval officer, and reimbursed to him by the wards.

master of such ship or vessel at or before bis clearing
out; and such justice shall also grant a certificate to
the taker up, reciting his or her name, the name of
the runaway, and of the ship or vessel to which he
belongs, the place where taken up, and whether it is
ten miles, or more or less, from such ship or vessel,
and that the taker up made oath, before him, to the
place of taking: Which certificate being produced to
the naval officer as aforesaid, shall entitle the taker
to a reward of twenty shillings, for every such runa-
way taken at the distance of ten miles or more, and
ten shillings, if under ten miles, to be paid and reim-
bursed as aforesaid: And if the vessel to which such
runaway belongs shall be departed this colony, be-
fore he is taken or can be put on board, he may

delivered to the commander or master of any other
ship, or vessel, willing to receive him and pay the
said rewards: And that the several naval officers of
this dominion may pay the said rewards, upon certifi-
cates to them produced, out of his majesty's revenue,
of two shillings per hogshead;- provided due care be
taken that the same be reimbursed as by this act be-
fore directed.

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II. And to prevent escapes, Be it further enacted, Penalty on by the authority aforesaid, That if any constable, or officer sufother officer, charged with conducting a runaway sai-fering an

escape. lor, or sailors, shall wittingly, willingly, or negligently, suffer bim, or them, to escape, or shall not in due time deliver such receipt, as by this act is required to be by him taken upon putting such runaway on board, to the naval officer of the district, as is here. in before directed, such constable, or officer, shall forfeit and pay fifty shillings current money for every such offence, to the king, his heirs, and successors, towards the better support of this government, and the contingent charges thereof, recoverable with costs, by action of debt, or information, in any county court.

III. And that if any ordinary keeper, or other per- And on per. gon, shall at any time, entertain, harbor, or conceal, sons harborany seaman, or sailor, belonging to any ship or ves ing seamen. sel, without good proof of his being about lawful business, such ordinary keeper shall forfeit and pay fifty shillings current money, to the informer, recoverable as aforesaid, or on failure of present payment, or security for payment within six months, shall receive thirty lashes on his, or her bare back, well laid on, for such offence: And if any ordinary keeper, or other person, shall harbor, or entertain any seaman, not producing a certificate of his being discharged, under the hand of his last commander, or master, such offender shall be liable to the like forfeiture and punishment, recoverable in like manner.

IV. And for the better preventing the desertion of On seamen seamen, It is hereby further enacted, That if any sea- absent withman, belonging to a ship or vessel, within this colony, out leave. shall without license of his commander, go on shore, and absent himself from his duty, every such seaman shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay five shillings current money, to be recovered before any justice of peace, by the master, or any of the crew of the ship or vessel, to which such seaman belongs, and on failure of present payment, or security for payment thereof out of his wages, he shall receive ten lashes on his bare back, well laid on: And that no master of

On ship wasa ship or vessel within this colony, shall hire, receive,

ters hiring or entertain any seaman, without a discharge under men without the hand of liis former commander, under penalty of certificates twenty pounds current money, for every seaman so

D-Vol. 6.

be taken up

hirce, received, or entertained, recoverable with costs, by the master or owner, or owners, of the vessel to which such seaman belongs, by action of debt, in any

court of record of this dominion: And that no seaman Seamen travelling with whatsoever, not being employed by his commander, out certifi- shall travel within this colony, without certificate, uncate of dis- der the hand of his last master, or commander, that charge, may such seaman is by him discharged; and if any seaman

shall be found travelling without such certificate, he may be taken up as a runaway, and conveyed on board, in the manner herein before directed; and in such case, the persons taking up and conveying such seaman shall be entitled to the same rewards, and liable to

the like penalties upon any escape. Diobedient V. And be it further enacted, by the authority afore. sailors shall said, That if any seaman or other person hired and be whipped

sent in any sloop, boat, or other vessel, for delivery of goods from on board, or fetching tobacco or other merchandize, shall disobey the lawful commands of his captain, or any oflicer by him appointed for taking charge of such vessel, such offender, upon complaint and proof thereof made, before any justice of peace, shall have and receive twenty lashes on his bare back,

well laid on. Process in VI. And for preventing and punishing mutinies case of muti- happening on ship-board, It is hereby further enacted, nics.

by the authority aforesaid, That if any seaman or other person hired to serve on board any ship or vesgel, shall obstinately refuse to obey the just commands of his captain, mate, or other superior officer, or shall lift his hand against, or threaten any bodily hurt, to them, or either of them, or shall wilfully neglect his daty, or refuse to work, not being disabled by sickness or otherwise, it shall be lawful for any two justices of the peace, one of them being of the quorum, residing near the place where the vessel rides, upon complaint to them made, to cause the party so offending to be brought before them, together with the witnesses desired by either party, at some convenient place near such ship or vessel, and summarily to hear and determine such complaint, and upon due proof of such offence, to impose such mulct or fine on the party offending, to be paid to the party injured, as to them shall seem just, not exceeding five pounds current money; and if the nature of the offence shall require it, to order and direct such corporal punishment on on the offender, as they shall think fit: And if any person so convicted shall not make present payment, or give snfficient security for the same to be made within six months, and also for bis future good behaviour, he shall receive on his bare back, thirty nine lashes, well laid on, and then be remanded to his service on board.

VII. And for redressing the just complaints of sea- Duty of commen against their commanders, Be it further enacted, manders. by the authority aforesaid, That every master or commander of any ship or vessel, within this colony, shall provide and allow good and sufficient diet and accommodation, for all persons under his command, on board such ship or vessel, according to the usage in merchant's service; and also shall provide, or cause to be provided and furnished, the like sufficient allowance of wholesome victuals, to all persons by him employed, or gent in sloops, boats, or other vessels, for the delivery or bringing on board of goods or merchandize, proportionably to the distance of place, and length of time the persons so sent may reasonably be absent: And if any master or commander shall ne- Proceedings glect or refuse so to do, upon complaint thereof made upon sailors to any justice of peace, residing near the place complaints, where such ship or vessel rides, he is hereby impowered and required, to cause such master or commander to come before him, to answer such complaint, and thereupon to order such satisfaction to the person or persons injured, as to him shall seem just, and if necessary, thereupon to award execution against the body or goods of such commander: And that if any

In cases of master or commander of a ship or vessel, within this dominion, shall immoderately beat, wound, or maim, wounding;

beating, any seaman belonging to his ship or vessel, any jus- &e. tice of peace, upon complaint thereof to him made, is hereby impowered and required, by warrant under his hand, directed to the sheriff or constable, to cause such master or commander to be brought before him, and upon such complaint being duly proved, to take sufficient security for his good behaviour; and moreover, such master or commander shall be liable to the action of the party grieved, at the common law, for all damages sustained by such beating, wounding, or maiming And that if any master or commander shall dis

Discharging charge, or cause to be put on shore, any sick or disa- sick or disa bled sailor or sailors, belonging to his ship or vessel, bled men

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