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the glen at Castlemilk; Beetle's burn, near Clyde Iron
Works. Glot. At Cadzow Castle; on the Avon opposite
Barncluith; Barncluith burn above the wooden bridge;
Mauchlan-hole, Kilbride, &c. Lan.

MEUM athamanticum. Rare, near Plowland, Avondale. Lan. Kittochside and Cross-hill, in Kilbride; on Cathkin hills. Glot. CICUTA virosa. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. About the sides of lochs, &c. not common. Lan.

ANTHRISCUS Cerefolium. Rubbish about Barncluith. Lan. Found in this district of country in very great plenty. Glot.

+ CARUM Carui. In the haugh at Dalbeth. Glot. Glenhove, Newmonkland, abundant. Lan.

+ MYRRHIS odorata. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. About Hamilton, common; abundantly about Cathcart. Glot. Bank below

the old house of Jerviston; by the wall, Brae Park, Silvertonhill; above the New Mill dam; burn-side near Whistleberry; below Chantonhall; Barncluith Green, &c. Lan. + PEUCEDANUM Ostruthium. On an old wall at Langland House; and in waste ground near Jackton. Glot.



+ CORIANDRUM sativum.

W. Christy, sp.

Old walls and rocks at Bothwell Castle.

Banks of the Canal, Possil, near Glasgow.

VIBURNUM Lantana. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.

GALIUM boreale. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. On the Clyde opposite Ross; on the old dam at Dalziel Camp, abundant; Carmyle, &c. Lan. Banks of the Clyde, in many places. Glot. VALERIANA pyrenaica. Banks of the Calder at Daldowie and at

Langside; banks of the Clyde above Hamilton. Glot. On the Avon at the Wood Yett; on the Calder at Woodhall. Lan.

* DIPSACUS Fullonum. On the Avon immediately above Barncluith; a few plants about Craignethan Castle. Lan.

? TRAGOPOGON porrifolius. In moist meadows, very rare.


(This species is not mentioned by Patrick, nor does Hopkirk name either a locality or an authority for its existence near Glasgow.)

HIERACIUM pulmonarium. Abundantly in a field on the banks of the Calder, beside the bridge.


sylvaticum. Lanark, Lesmahagow, Strathavon, New Monkland. Lan.

prenanthoides. On the banks of the Clyde, near Westhorn. Glot.

paludosum. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. Abundant by waters and in wet rocky places; by Barncluith burn, &c. Lan. CNICUS heterophyllus. At Daldowie. Glot.

ONOPORDUM Acanthium. Near the coach-house, Barncluith, &c. Lan. GNAPHALIUM dioicum. Frequent on dry barren pastures; Hedgebank opposite the stone Magazine beyond Cleek-him-in-Toll, &c. Lan.

SENECIO viscosus.

At Rawhead, Kilbride. Lan.

SENECIO Saracenicus.

Banks of the Clyde at Bothwell bridge. R. Maughan, sp. In an island in the Clyde, a little below Bothwell bridge, and on the Clyde below Hamilton bridge. Lan. * DORONICUM Pardalianches. Fields and hedges about Hamilton, scarcely wild. Glot. A few plants by Barncluith burn at Castlehill.

LOBELIA Dortmanna.



Lochs on the borders of Oldmonkland parish.

CAMPANULA latifolia. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the Clyde at Daldowie and Kenmuir; woods at Crossbasket and Cambuslang. Glot. Near the hedge between Avon bridge and Rawhead farm-house; Hamilton wood, Jerviston, &c. Trachelium. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.


hederacea. On the south bank of the Clyde, whence it has been conveyed with the turf to grass-walks in the garden of Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, of Ardgowan. Br. Fl. (Perhaps in Renfrewshire ?)

VACCINIUM Vitis-Idea. On the very edge of the precipice between Corhouse and Bonnington fall. Lan.

Oxycoccos. Lanarkshire.

J. Hooker, sp. Moors in Kilbride, Shotts, and Avondale. Lan.

PYROLA media. Huggenfield Loch. J. Hooker, sp. Falls of the Clyde. in the situation mentioned by Lightfoot for the rotundifolia, "between the falls of Corra Linn and Bonnington;" in a plantation between Dalbeth House and the road, abundantly; woods at the Cartlane Craigs; in a small wood near Frankfield Loch. Glot.

minor. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. On the Clyde between the falls of Corra Linn and Bonnington; Hamilton wood, on the summit of a rock exactly opposite Silvertonhill, sparingly; wood behind the Gardener's Lodge at Bothwell Castle. Lan. (Patrick does not mention the media, and some of these localities may belong to that species.) + POLEMONIUM cæruleum. On the Calder, below Cleland, growing with Inula Helenium, and on the banks of the Avon at Barncluith, abundant. Lan.

CUSCUTA europæα.

On flax at Cameron New Monkland. Lan. (C. Epithymum is mentioned by Hopkirk, as growing on the stalks of flax about Hamilton and Woodhall. Probably the other species was intended.)

ANCHUSA Sempervirens. Craignethan Castle; rubbish at Woodhouse; behind the garden walk at Chatelherault; banks of the Avon opposite Cadzow Castle, very abundant. Lan. Banks of the Clyde above Hamilton; at Castlemilk. Glot. officinalis. Said to have been found at Addington, eight miles from Glasgow. Br. Fl. *PULMONARIA officinalis. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. On the banks of the Clyde about Dalbeth and Easter-hill, probably


an outcast from a garden.


SYMPHYTUM tuberosum. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the

Clyde at Clyde Works, Daldowie, Bothwell, and Hamil

ton; banks of the Calder, abundantly. Glot. Banks at Bothwell Castle; burn-side at Grove Mount. Lan.

+ SCROPHULARIA vernalis. Walls of Bothwell Castle.

VERONICA polita. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.


Buxbaumii. Near Glasgow. Br. Fl.


LYCOPUS europeus. Lanarkshire, and in several places near the Clyde. J. Hooker, sp. (Not mentioned by Patrick.)

LEONURUS Cardiaca. About Craignethan Castle, and near Cor

house, Lesmahagow.


MENTHA rubra. On the Clyde below Ross wood.


Found occasionally near Glasgow. Glot. About

Jerviston, abundant. Lan.

LAMIUM incisum.

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maculatum. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.

GALEOPSIS versicolor. Frequent. Glot.

SCUTELLARIA minor. Banks of the Clyde at Rosebank.

Fl. Scot.

LATHREA squamaria. Cart-side near Glasgow, and about Cathcart Castle. Fl. Scot. (Perhaps not within the present county, since Patrick omits it.)

UTRICULARIA intermedia? In a marsh at Possil and Robroyston.


Scot. (U. vulgaris of the Flora Glottiana.) LYSIMACHIA thyrsiflora. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. Bay in the Forth and Clyde Canal, at Castle-Cary bridge, about sixteen miles from Hamilton. Lan. Canal-side near Possil.



ANAGALLIS cærulea. Said to grow in the fields about Lanark.




PLANTAGO maritima.

Marsh near Langside; in Kenmuir bog.

Road-side at Gour's Brae-head, Avondale, and near the entry of the avenue into White-moss, Kilbride. Lan.

LITTORELLA lacustris. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.

Edges of

Frankfield, Huggenfield, Bardowie, and Bishop lochs.
Glot. Lochs in Old Monkland, &c.


RUMEX pulcher. On an embankment of stones by the Avon, between Barncluith and Hamilton wood. Lan.

* EUPHORBIA Lathyris. In the garden at Barncluith, now become a troublesome weed. Glot.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. Moors, Cathkin, Kilbride, and Crawford. Lan.

CARPINUS Betulus. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.

* CASTANEA vulgaris. Abundant, especially about Hamilton. At Bertram, about a mile from Carnwath.

BETULA nana.



SALIX pentandra. Marsh near Kenmuir; banks of the Clyde at Dalbeth. Glot. Banks of the Clyde below Hamilton bridge. Lan.

Helix. Frequent on the banks of the Clyde, as at Cambusne

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vitellina. Frequent on the banks of the Clyde. Glot. At

SALIX petiolaris.


Fl. Scot.

Possil Marsh, north side of the canal.
Banks of the Avon, above Barncluith, &c. Lan.
Banks of the Clyde above Hamilton.


Banks of the Clyde, a little above Glasgow. Fl. Scot.
In the woods, Lanark. Glot. Cultivated for

* PINUS Sylvestris.

timber. Lan.

HABENARIA albida. In a hilly pasture above Castlemilk. Glot. By the water of Briech, south from Whitburn. Lan. LISTERA cordata. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. Said to grow in

Tinto. Lan.

GALANTHUS nivalis. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. Plentifully on the banks about Castlemilk. Lan.

Ruscus aculeatus. In the woods, Bothwell. Glot.

CONVALLARIA majalis. Bothwell. J. Hooker, sp. In the woods at the Falls of the Clyde. Glot. Waste places about BarnWoods at

cluith. Lan.



Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.


* ORNITHOGALUM umbellatum. Border of a field at Barncluith; Mount

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+ALLIUM Schoenoprasum. Occasionally in the neighbourhood of gardens; old quarry at Coalshill, near Holy-town.


* TULIPA sylvestris. In a field near Hamilton. Glot. Field at Smiddy croft; orchard at Orbiston; about Blantyre Priory; but in each of these places becoming scarcer annually. Lan.

SPARGANIUM natans. Lanarkshire.

Loch, abundantly.

Monkland. Lan.

J. Hooker, sp. Frankfield

Glot. Lochs, to the north of Old

POTAMOGETON rufescens. Near Glasgow. Br. Fl. Clyde at Dalbeth, and between Blantyre Mills and Bothwell bridge. Lan.

- gramineus. In the Clyde. Glot.

Not common;

RHYNCOSPORA alba. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.
Lochrigg Shotts; Glengivel Water, Avondale.
ERIOPHORUM vaginatam. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.
Boghead and Chapelton. Lan.

? CAREX pauciflora. Near Glasgow. (Hudson.) Glot.
tioned by Patrick.)

Bog between

(Not men

teretiuscula. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp. In a bog on the Clyde, two miles from Hamilton. Glot. Deadwaters, Allington Farm. Lan.

speirostachya. Marshes, Mugdock Castle, and on the hills of Lanarkshire. Eng. Fl.

binervis. Hill by the road, approaching Frankfield Loch; hills at Walston. Lan.

stricta. In the bog at Dunsire; at Kenmuir; near Dal-
dowie. Lan.

lævigata. In a marsh near Glasgow.
Wet woods east of Mugdock Castle.
the plants of Mugdock Castle and its

(Mackay.) Glot. Lan. (I have given vicinity under the

county of Stirling, concluding the castle to be in that county, though Patrick does twice name it, under this genus, as if in Lanarkshire. H. W.)

POA aquatica. Lanarkshire. J. Hooker, sp.

FESTUCA calamaria. Kenmuir Bank, Glasgow. Fl. Scot.

BROMUS arvensis. Between Dalbeth and Clyde Iron Works, and about Cathcart. Fl. Scot.

BROMUS racemosus. Between Glasgow and Frankfield Loch. Fl.


? DIGITARIA sanguinalis. A single plant found at Dalbeth. Glot.


VIOLA lactea? Peebles. R. Maughan, sp. (I think the specimen
from Mr. Maughan ought to be called V. flavicornis. H. W.)
Near West Linton. G. Macnab, sp.
Moors on the Tweed below Peebles.

OROBUS Sylvaticus.

GALIUM pusillum.


PYROLA rotundifolia. Peebleshire. Fl. Scot.
PRIMULA farinosa. Bog near West Linton.
In Tweed-dale. Eng. Fl.

BETULA nana.


G. Macnab, sp.


HIERACIUM denticulatum. In Harewood, near Selkirk. Eng. Fl. GNAPHALIUM margaritaceum. Banks of the Yarrow, among willows, about three miles from St. Mary's Loch.

TRIENTALIS europæa, Blackhouse heights. Fl. Scot.



Duncan, cat.


TROLLIUS europeus.


Catalogue of Plants observed near Jedburgh.
Rev. James Duncan.

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? GLAUCIUM luteum. Banks of Denholm Cauld. Duncan, cat. (This is a sea-side plant, and unless there be some error, we must suppose it to have been introduced here.)

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