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TEESDALIA nudicaulis.
COCHLEARIA officinalis.

Yetholm. G. Macnab, sp.

In Melrose churchyard. Duncan, cat. * IBERIS amara. On a sandy bank of the Tiviot, a little to the east of Denholm, probably an outcast from some garden. Duncan,


VIOLA lutea.

Minto Hill; Bowden Muir; Lanton Hill. Duncan, cat. Hills above Yetholm. Flora of Berwick.

DIANTHUS deltoides. Minto Rocks; rocks at the side of Kirkton Burn; Makerston; Chester's Craig; rising ground south of Midlem. Duncan, cat.

CERASTIUM arvense.
Fl. Scot.

Foot of walls near Wark, by Kelso, abundant.

GERANIUM sylvaticum. Denholm Dean. Duncan, cat.

Near Jedburgh. Duncan, cat.

SANGUISORBA officinalis. Old road-side leading from Lillieslief to Shaw Burn; ground west from Hollindean Parks. Duncan,


*SPIREA salicifolia. Minto Wood. Duncan, cat.

RUBUS Chamamorus. Cheviot, very plentiful.

Duncan, cat.

COMARUM palustre. (Five localities appear to be given for this in Mr. Duncan's MS. catalogue, but I am not able to make out the names of any of the places. H. W.)

SILAUS pratensis. Road sides, near Kelso. Fl. Scot.

CICUTA virosa.

FEDIA dentata.


LACTUCA virosa.

Yetholm Lock. Duncan, cat.

Cornfields to the west of Denham Dean. Duncan,

Melrose. Br. Fl.

HIERACIUM pulmonarium.
Winch, add.



On rocks on the hill above Yetholm.

Denholm Dean. Duncan, cat.

Denholm Dean. Duncan, cat.

CNICUS heterophyllus. Denholm Dean; Midshiel's Haugh. Duncan,


ONOPORDUM Acanthium. Near Melrose. Fl. Scot.
GNAPHALIUM dioicum. Ruber's Law.

Duncan, cat.

CAMPANULA latifolia. Denholm Dean; Minto Bank; wood below

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VACCINIUM Vitis-Idea. Cheviot; hills a few miles south-east of Greenhill. Duncan, cat.

PYROLA minor?

Fir-wood south from Denholm; Well's Woods.

Duncan, cat.

LYCOPUS europæus.

Prinside Loch. R. Embleton, mss.

MENTHA piperita. In the plantations of Eildon Hall, footpath lead

ing to Melrose. Duncan, cat.

rubra. Banks of Tiviot, frequently. Duncan, cat.

GALEOPSIS versicolor. Not unfrequent.

Duncan, cat.

EUPHORBIA Esula. Banks of Tiviot, opposite Minto.

Duncan, cat.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Hills to the south-east of Greenhill, plentifully.

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N. bank of the Tweed, opposite Melrose. Fl.

* GALANTHUS nivalis. Wilton Manse; about a quarter of a mile above


BROMUS Secalinus.

Duncan, cat.
Near Jedburgh.

Duncan, cat.

AVENA fatua. Near Jedburgh. Duncan, cat.

LOLIUM temulentum. In fields, and the gravelly bank of the Tiviot, occasionally. Duncan, cat.



Berw. A Flora of Berwick-upon-Tweed. 1829 and 1831. G. Johnston. (Berwickshire and the borders of adjacent counties.) Club. Proceedings of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, 1832 and


THALICTRUM minus. Tweed banks opposite Spring Gardens; Spittal Links, and banks beyond Hudshead; common on the coast. Berw.

majus. Rocky and woody banks of the Eye at Netherbyres. Berw. TROLLIUS europæus. Not uncommon; Haidendean, abundant; Felkington Bog, sparingly; Buncle Wood; banks of the Leet at Swinton; in the marshy field near Edington Moor; Lamberton Moor. Berw.

+ HELLEBORUS viridis. Dunglass Glen. Fl. Scot. (within Haddingtonshire?)

GLAUCIUM luteum. Sandy sea-coast at Coldingham; shore between Dunglass Dean and the Coves, plentiful. Berw.

CORYDALIS claviculata. Rocks in Longridge Dean, plentiful; Pease Bridge Dean, on stony spots between the Forrester's houses, plentiful. Berw.

TEESDALIA nudicaulis. In the gravelly vale between Middleton and Langley Ford, plentiful. Berw.

COCHLEARIA officinalis. Plentiful on our sea-coast; also on dykes near the Magdalen-field farm-house. Berw.

danica. On the Pinnacles, one of the Fern Islands. Berw.

CAKILE maritima.

Frequent. Berw.

CRAMBE maritima. On the shore by Fastcastle. (Dr. Parsons.)



Road-side near Whitekirk. Excurs.

CARDAMINE amara. Banks of the Eye about Netherbyres; in wet places about the base of Cockburn Law, plentiful; about the

head of Langton Wood; in the Pease Glen, and in Dunglass Dean. Berw.

NASTURTIUM sylvestre.

River-side a little above West Ord; about the Union Bridge. Berw.

+SISYMBRIUM Irio. On the walls of Berwick. R. Embleton, sp. Most abundant at the Pier-gate.


+ BARBAREA præcox. Hedge side between Wooler and Earl. Berw. SINAPIS tenuifolia. Walls of Berwick. Berw.

+ HESPERIS matronalis. In the bed of a rivulet between Burnhouses and Reston-mill, to all appearance truly wild. Berw. VIOLA lutea. About two miles south of Fastcastle; plentiful on the banks just above Fastcastle; on the summit of Cockburn Law. Berw.

DROSERA anglica. Coldingham Moor between Renton-Bell and the old post road to Edinburgh.


DIANTHUS deltoides. Hedge-banks between Wooler and Earl; Chapelhill, Belford; craigs by Craig-mill; frequent in the vicinity of Wooler; very common in the west of Berwickshire, but rare on its eastern side; where, however, it occurs in tolerable abundance at St. Helen's Church, and in Lumsden Dean. Berw. Plentiful near Coldstream. R. Embleton, mss. SILENE maritima. Common on the coast; Farn Islands, Berw. SAGINA maritima. By the side of the Canal below New-Water Haugh; on rocks in Holy Island, between the Heugh and the Castle, Farn Islands. Berw.

SPERGULA subulata. Amongst the craigs at Easington; and at Spindlestone, plentiful; Coldingham Moor. Berw. ARENARIA peploides. Lamberton Shields; Spittal sands and coast to the southward. Berw.

marina. Sea-coast; sides of the Tweed above the bridge. Berw.

verna. On St. Abb's-head, plentiful; in a deep glen about a mile south of Fastcastle; Spindlestone Craigs. Berw.

CERASTIUM arvense. Near King's Mount Bastion; Castlebanks; Spittal and Scrammerston Links, &c.


tetrandum. On the links at Bamborough and Holy Island; Spittal Links, and southward.

RADIOLA millegrana, Ancroft Moor.



* TILIA grandifolia. In the park at Nenthorn, naturalised.


* HYPERICUM Androsæmum. Formerly found in Birgham Haugh; and seen in other parts of Berwickshire, but in every place too obviously the outcast of gardens. Berw.

GERANIUM Sylvaticum. Woods about Houndwood and Renton ; banks of Wooler Water above and below Langley-ford. Berw.

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phæum. Banks of the Eden, near Stitchell. Berw.

sanguineum. On the links of Holy Island; sea-banks at Hudshead; links from Scrammerston southwards, abundant.


OROBUS Sylvaticus. On a bank facing the Tweed, on the north side,



about a quarter of a mile below the public house at the Bield (Lightfoot); near Longformacus.

LATHYRUS Sylvestris.


Banks of the Whiteadder, at Hutton Mill.

R. Embleton, sp.

VICIA lathyroides. Heugh, Holy Island; Chapel-hill, Belford, and other basaltic heights between it and Bamborough; on the precipitous and dry rocky banks of Ale-water. Berw. ASTRAGALUS glycyphyllus. Brow of Cockle-hill at Learmouth; banks of Tweed by the road to Carham; hilly pastures at MoneyLaws; in the ravine above Burnmouth. Berw. In several places between the Siccar Point and the mouth of the Pease Burn. Club.

hypoglottis. Links of Holy Island; Spittal Links, and the links beyond Scrammerston; sea-banks below Redheugh. Berw.

MELILOTUS leucantha.

Old Limestone quarry at Saterpath Haven ; New-Water Haugh Wood; Coupland plantations near Wooler. Berw. (Trifolium officinale. Fl. Berw.) TRIFOLIUM scabrum. Rocks in Holy Island. Berw. LOTUS tenuis. St. Abb's Head. R. Embleton, sp. between Coldingham Lough and the sea. * MEDICAGO sativa. Field above the quarry on Sunnyside; cornfield near Gunsgreen-hill. Berw.

Cultivated fields


PRUNUS Padus. Woods about Houndwood and Renton Inns; in a dean about a mile south of Fastcastle.


+SPIREA salicifolia. Marchmont woods, apparently quite wild.


Rosa spinosissima. Common; the only species found wild in Holy Island. Berw.

tomentosa. Common. Berw.

(scabriuscula). Banks of the Tweed above the Union Bridge, plentiful; and occasionally in hedges. Berw. canina (sarmentacea). Frequent, Berw.

(dumetorum). Not rare; side of the road between New Farm and the Old Lamberton Toll; below Lamberton Shields; on banks between Middleton and Langley Ford. Berw. (This is the R. dumetorum of Smith, not of English Botany, according to the author of the Flora of Berwick.) (Forsteri). Ancroft Dean. Berw.


On the bank at the road-side above Whiteadder Bridge. Berw.

RUBUS Koehleri. Hedges, not rare. Berw.

macrophyllus. Near Houndwood. Berw.

saxatilis. Lees' Cleugh, a wooded ravine near Langton Lees farm-house, plentiful. Berw.

Chamamorus. On Cheviot, plentiful. Berw.

POTENTILLA argentea. Road-side west of Stitchell. Berw.

verna. Spindlestone Hills, Northumberland.


COMARUM palustre. Below Murton Craigs; Haiden Dean; below Shoreswood-hall; Longridge Dean.

SANGUISORBA officinalis. Bradford Dean.


EPILOBIUM alsinifolium. In rivulets on the sides of the Cheviot Hills, as mentioned by Ray. Berw.

SEDUM anglicum. Heugh, Holy Island; and about the Castle.


villosum. By rivulets and in bogs at the foot of Cheviot; basaltic heights between Belford and Bamborough; boggy spots between Whitchester and Longformacus; and at the top of a hill, at the road-side, about half way between Dunse and Longformacus. Berw.


On Fastcastle; on rocks between Lamberton and Burnmouth; at the foot of a deep glen about a mile south of Fastcastle. Berw. Cliffs at St. Abb's Head. R. Em

bleton, sp.

* RIBES rubrum and nigrum. In deans, on the sites of deserted mills and cottages. Berw.

SAXIFRAGA stellaris. On and about the Cheviots.


Hirculus. Near Langton (Dr. Johnston.) R. Bowman, sp. Moor south of Langton Lees farm-house. Br. Fl. Near Langton Wood. Club. (Perhaps these all intend the same locality?)

hypnoides. Dunsdale and Henhole Hopes, part of the Cheviots. Club.

CHRYSOSPLENIUM alternifolium. Langton woods; at Longformacus ; near Cockburn Mill; Dunglass Dean. Club.

CICUTA virosa. "Prinside Loch, Berwickshire." Berw. (Roxburghshire?)

* MYRRHIS odorata. Pinnacle-hill near Kelso; borders of Coldingham Moor, yet scarce run wild.


ENANTHE Phellandrium. Ferneyrig Marsh, sparingly. Berw. SMYRNIUM Olusatrum. On the sea-coast at Dunglass, on the edge of

[blocks in formation]

LIGUSTICUM scoticum. Sea-shore at Lamberton Shields; shore at Eyemouth; on rocks between Fastcastle and Redheugh. Berw.

SISON Amomum. Hirsell Lough. R. Embleton, sp. Near Coldstream. Br. Fl.

SILAUS pratensis. Common in Berwickshire; and not rare in the north of Durham. Berw.

VIBURNUM Lantana. At Sir John Hall's, in Dunglass Glen. Berw. CORNUS Suecica. On Cheviot, close to the spring where those ascending generally rest themselves. Berw.

GALIUM boreale. Gateheugh; bog south of Hardacres, near Eccles; road-side, north of Hatchetneze, Coldstream; road-side half way between Fishwick and West Fishwick. Berw. * DIPSACUS Fullonum. In the hedge of a cottage garden near Netherbyres, and in the edge of the field adjoining. Berw. TRAGOPOGON major. Frequent on the banks of the Tweed at Birgham and Lennel, and in fields near Eccles; frequent all over the east and north of Berwickshire and North Durham. Berw. LACTUCA virosa. Banks of the Tweed, near the Chain bridge. R. Embleton, sp. Near Twizel House; lane west of Old

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