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Ladykirk; banks of the Tweed from the Chain bridge to Norham, most abundant; Ayton road, near the six-mile stone; Twizell Toll. Berw.

HIERACIUM Sylvaticum. On the Old Castle; banks between the Foundry and Spittal. Berw.

paludosum. Castle-hills; boggy ravine east of West Ord,

&c. Berw.





Haiden Dean, on the site of an old Roman
Near Woodend, in the parish of Langton.

· prenanthoides. Wooded bank, opposite Bank-house, Berwickshire; banks of the Dye at Lonformacus; Pease Bridge Dean.


molle. Langton woods, plentiful; wood opposite Bankhouse, near Renton. Br. Fl.

CNICUS heterophyllus. At the foot of Cheviot; Langton Lees' Cleugh'; banks of the Whiteadder above Claribad Mill. Berw.

? ONOPORDUM Acanthium. To be expunged from the Flora of Berwick. Johnston, mss.

ARTEMISIA maritima. Coast beyond Goswick; on the Emblestones; the variety gallica, on St. Cuthbert's, Holy Island, sparingly. Berw.


GNAPHALIUM dioicum. St. Abb's Head. R. Embleton, sp. Moor, by the road to the Coal-works; Lamberton Moor; moors above Kyloe. Berw.

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ERIGERON acris. Links at Holy Island, in a direction north from the Castle. Berw.

SENECIO viscosus.

About the riding-stable at Easington, plentiful; Magdalen fields, at the Cow-port; in the wood above Netherbyres; near Lumsden, and other places in Berwickshire. Berw.

ASTER Tripolium. Sides of the Tweed above the bridge; and coast beyond Goswick Links, plentiful. Berw.

PYRETHRUM maritimum. Sea-banks about the Needle-eye, but in inaccessible places.

* ANTHEMIS nobilis.


About Chirnside Bridge, not wild. Berw. CAMPANULA latifolia. Wood southwest of Polwarth Church, and Castle-law woods; Langton Wood and Lees' Cleugh, plentiful; woods above the Pease Bridge, abundant. Berw. VACCINIUM Vitis-Idaa. Higher parts of Cheviot; on the wooded rocky hill above Hepburn at Chillingham; banks of the Whiteadder, above Abbey St. Bathans, sparingly; on Hedgehope, abundant; about the top of Dirrington Law, plentiful. Berw.

Oxycoccos. Moors between Belford and Wooler, plentiful; Haiden Dean; bog below Shoreswood Hall. Berw. ARBUTUS Uva-ursi. On the west side of Dirrington Law, plentiful.


PYROLA rotundifolia. In the dean below Allerton Mill, plentiful, about midway between the mill and the lime road; Haiden Dean, abundant. Berw.

PYROLA media.

On the wooded and heathy bank above the Schoolhouse at Abbey St. Bathans, most abundant; Lumsden, Ancroft, Haiden, and Longridge Deans. Berw. minor. Wood at Orange-lane; plantation to the north of Loch Lithtillum, abundant; Langton Wood; Blackadder plantations, abundant; wooded banks of the Dye above Longformacus, a single specimen.


secunda. Yevering Bell Hill (Dr. Johnston). R. Embleton,


ERYTHREA littoralis. On the Links south of Bamborough Castle, and on Holy Island, plentiful. Berw.

*POLEMONIUM cæruleum. Sometimes escapes from gardens.


MYOSOTIS caspitosa. In the lane below Unthank Colliery; not un

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repens. In the vale below Langley Ford, Northumberland; Horncliff Dean, North Durham; in the wooded dean above the Pease Bridge, near the burn, Berwickshire. Berw. sylvatica. Langton Woods.


LITHOSPERMUM maritimum. On the shores at the mouth of the Peaseburn; Lumsden shore, plentiful. Club. Den of Dunglass. Fl. Scot.

* ANCHUSA Sempervirens. In a hedge behind Ramsay's Barn; bank in front of Netherbyres House; near the Grieve's House; On hills of columnar greenstone to the north of Hume Castle. Berw.

SYMPHYTUM tuberosum. Side of the Whiteadder, half way between its mouth and the bridge, rare; Westruther. Berw. ASPERUGO procumbens. In the Holy Island (Ray); on Bamborough Castle, confined to a small spot. Berw.

*PULMONARIA officinalis. In gardens frequent, and occasionally cast out with the rubbish, to flourish by a hedge side for a season or two. Berw.

VERBASCUM nigrum. Waste ground at Ord, probably an outcast of the garden, but observed there for many successive years. Berw.

+ ATROPA Belladonna. On the banks of Wooler Water, near Wooler ; by a rivulet which enters the Tweed above Horncliff. Berw. RHINANTHUS major. Found by Richardson, in 1723, amongst the

corn near Westnewton in Northumberland, on the borders of Scotland. Berw.

MELAMPYRUM pratense (montanum). On the south-east side of Cheviot. Berw. (I suspect this to be rather a common mountain-form of M. pratense.)

sylvaticum. Banks of the Dye above Longformacus.


VERONICA polita. Cultivated grounds; near Gavington, plentiful.

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Buxbaumii. In the shrubbery in front of the house at Whiterig, Berwickshire. Berw.

MENTHA Sylvestris. In the neighbourhood of Blanerne, abundant.


MENTHA viridis.

Sides of the Whiteadder, near Edrington, "wild." R. Embleton, sp. At the sides of the Whiteadder above Gainslaw-ford, on the north side, in two or three large patches, and apparently perfectly wild. Berw.

(crispa). Side of Wooler Water, near Coldgate Mill and about one mile and a half above Langleyford, on the borders of a rivulet flowing down from the Cheviot, and near its junction with the Wooler Water. Club. (Specimens from Mr. Embleton and Mr. James Macnab.)

Piperita. Sides of the rivulet below Lamberton Shields.


About Whiteadder Island; probably at the side of the Blackadder below Mungo's Wells. Berw.

gentilis. Sides of Wooler Water, near the Haugh-head. sparingly; side of the water-course above the carding-mill at Wooler, apparently wild.

LAMIUM incisum. Frequent. Berw.


GALEOPSIS versicolor. Near Burnhouses and Whitchester; about Wooler; abundant in a field below Langleyford; between Huntly-wood and Ledgerwood.


STACHYS ambigua. In Edmonstone Dean, Berwickshire, among whins, sparingly. Club.

LATHREA squamaria. In some natural wood above the Retreat, plentiful. Berw.

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Limonium. St. Cuthbert's, Holy Island. Berw.

PLANTAGO maritima. Sea and river banks; Lamberton Moor. Berw. LITTORELLA lacustris. Margins of the Lough on Holy Island, abundant. Berw.

GLAUX maritima. Muddy places on the sea-coast to the southward; and sides of the Tweed above the bridge. Berw. SALSOLA Kali. Sandy sea-shores, frequent. Berw.

CHENOPODIUM murale. Holy Island, between the town and Castle.


urbicum. Hirsell Woods. Club.

maritimum. Coast beyond Beal; Holy Island. Berw.

ATRIPLEX littoralis. Coast beyond Beal. Berw.

SALICORNIA herbacea. Between Goswick Links and Fenham; Holy Island. Berw.

EUPHORBIA Esula. Birgham Haugh. Berw. Banks of the Tweed, near Coldstream. Br. Fl.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Moors very common; also on sea-banks. Berw. QUERCUS sessiliflora. Near West Fishwick. Berw.

*CASTANEA vulgaris.

*CARPINUS Betulus.

Plantations, common. Berw.

Plantations, not common. Berw.

TRIGLOCHIN maritimum. Abundant on marshy spots on all our coasts, and at the sides of the river within the influence of the tide. Berw.

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ALLIUM Schænoprasum. Fastcastle, on the borders of Berwickshire. Fl. Scot.

arenarium. Mouth of the Whiteadder, plentiful. Berw.

oleraceum. On the Heugh, Holy Island; on the rocks at Spindlestone. Berw.


SCILLA verna. Sea banks at Gunsgreen, plentiful. Berw. TULIPA sylvestris. Naturalised in the woods at Netherbyres. ? CONVALLARIA Polygonatum. On Kyloe rocks, a few miles south of Berwick. Berw. Now extinct there. R. Embleton, mss. SPARGANIUM natans. In the foss at the top of Coldingham Lough, abundant; Northfield Mill-pond. Club.

POTAMOGETON rufescens. Ferneyrig Marsh, in the parish of Eccles, plentifully. Berw.

prælongus. Berwickshire. Br. Fl.

ZOSTERA marina. Between Goswick Links and the Old Law; on the road from Goswick to Holy Island. Berw.

LEMNA trisulca. Clear still waters, as in the pond at the Grieve's House. Berw.

ERIOPHORUM vaginatum. Below Shoreswood Hall; Murton Craigs; common on the more elevated moors.


pubescens. Castle-hills; field below the Old Lamberton Toll: Lamberton Moor, &c. Berw.

CAREX arenaria. Sandy sea-shore, abundant.



Frequent; Castle-hills, &c.
Haiden Dean, sparingly. Berw.




Club. (The same localities are

Oederi. In a bog near Mayfield, abundantly.

- fulva. Near Ledgerwood; bogs about Buncle; plentiful in

the bog below Lintlaw.

given for C. speirostachya, in Br. Fl. 3rd edition.)

binervis. Plentiful on all our moors. Berw.

rigida. Summit of Cheviot. Berw.

lævigata. Wooded banks of Wooler Water, below Langleyford; in moist places at the base of the wooded hill above Hepburn, Northumberland. Berw.

PHLEUM arenarium.


MELICA nutans.

Common on the sandy sea-coast; Holy Island.

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Poa maritima. Sides of the Tweed above the bridge; shores of Holy Island, abundantly; St. Abb's Head, and on the sea-shore

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FESTUCA rubra. On the coasts of Holy Island; Spittal Sands. Berw. bromoides. On the dyke near Ramsay's barn; about Ord Moor; and other places. Berw.

BROMUS racemosus. Fields near Coldstream and Anton's Hill. Club. AVENA fatua. Corn-fields. Berw.

pubescens. Not uncommon in dry limestone pastures; sea

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ARUNDO arenaria. Sandy sea-coast from Spittal southward.
Near Shoreswood Hall. Berw.

LOTIUM temulentum.

arvense. Corn-fields at Easington, rare.



HORDEUM pratense. Yarrow-haugh; side of the river below the mouth of the Whiteadder. Berw.

TRITICUM junceum. Sandy sea-coast from Spittal southward.




Edin. A Catalogue of the Phenogamic Plants growing in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh. James Woodforde. 1814.

+ HELLEBORUS viridis. Dunglass Glen. Fl. Scot. GLAUCIUM luteum. Sandy shores near Gosford. Edin. ALYSSUM calycinum.

Dirleton Common. J. H. Balfour, sp. SILENE conica. Dirleton Common. J. H. Balfour, sp. And sandy fields in the neighbourhood, profuse. Excurs.

anglica. Near Dirleton, pretty abundant. Excurs.

noctiflora. Aberlady, and fields near Dirleton. Excurs.

ARENARIA marina. Morrison's Haven, near Preston-pans; Aberlady Links.


CERASTIUM arvense. Guillon Links. W. Brands, sp.

tetrandrum. Near Preston-pans. Edin.
On the Bass Island. Edin.

LAVATERA arborea.

GERANIUM sanguineum. Sea-shore at Gosford Gate near Aberlady.


ERODIUM moschatum. Near Preston-pans.


ASTRAGALUS hypoglottis. All along the coast from Preston-pans to Gosford; Guillon Links.

MELILOTUS leucantha.


Corn-fields at Aberlady Bay. Br. Fl.

TRIFOLIUM Scabrum. Dry pastures at Dunbar, by the sea. Fl. Scot. Rosa spinosissima. Links near Cockenzie. Edin.


About three miles beyond Blackshiels, about twenty miles from Edinburgh, in a straight line, and ten from the Berwickshire station. Excurs.

ERYNGIUM maritimum. Dunbar. Fl. Scot.

? CRITHMUM maritimum.

At Aberlady. Br. Fl.


HELOSCIADIUM repens. Pools at Guillon Links.

(ENANTHE pimpinelloides. On the shore, a mile east of Dunbar.

W. H. Campbell, mss.

SIUM latifolium. Wet ground on the coast, a mile east from Dunbar.


+ SMYRNIUM Olusatrum. Dirleton Castle.


VIBURNUM Lantana. Dunglass Glen. Fl. Scot.

FEDIA dentata.

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