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POTENTILLA argentea.
H. W. sp.


Blackford Hill, on the rocks and debris. Craig Brae near Dundas Castle; Binny Craig.

Arthur's Seat. W. Brands, sp. South-west side of Arthur's Seat; rocks and walls at Craiglochart. Edin. COMARUM palustre. Near the Braid Hills. H. W. sp. Hunter's

Bog; in a marsh on the east side of Arthur's Seat; Duddingston Loch; Braid Hill Marshes; Pentland Hills ; Ravelrig Bog. Edin.

? CIRCEA alpina. West side of Arthur's Seat. Edin.

CERATOPHYLLUM demersum. Cannonmills Loch, 1809, abundant.


submersum? Duddingston Loch. W. Stables, sp. Colinton Woods, on a dry bank. W.

+SEDUM dasyphyllum.

Brands, sp.

villosum. Penecuik Moor.

W. Brands, sp.

Wet places in fields at the base of the Pentland Hills, near Currie. H. W. sp. By the sides of rivulets on the Pentland Hills. Edin. W. Brands, sp. In an old quarry, in

RIBES alpinum.

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Auchindinny Wood. H. W. sp.

nigrum. By the side of the stream in Auchindinny Wood, scarcely to be called indigenous there.

H. W. sp.

rubrum. Woods on Corstorphine Hill, and other places, probably sown by birds. H. W.

* SAXIFRAGA umbrosa. Rosslyn, Colinton, and Auchindinny Woods; Corstorphine Hill; banks of a stream above Newbattle. Edin.

- hypnoides. Very sparingly on Arthur's Seat, among some loose stones above the Basaltic Columns, perhaps planted; more plentiful on Dalmahoy Hill. H. W. sp.

CHRYSOSPLENIUM alternifolium. Woodcock Dale. W. H. Campbell, sp. Rosslyn Woods. H. W. sp. On wet rocks opposite Hawthornden; banks of a small stream near the New Bridge in Rosslyn Woods; banks of the Water of Leith, about two miles above Currie; St. Bernard's Well; Bilston Burn; Newbattle, Arniston, and Auchindinny Woods. Edin. ERYNGIUM maritimum. Fisherrow and Musselburgh Links. Edin. ? CRITHMUM maritimum. Islands in the Forth of Firth; not found in the present day. Edin. CENANTHE Phellandrium.

Ditch opposite Beech Wood, near Cors

torphine. R. Maughan, sp.

PEUCEDANUM palustre. Marsh near Colinton. Edin.

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Ostruthium. Under Borthwick Castle.

H. W. sp. LIGUSTICUM scoticum. Back of the Glassworks at Leith. Edin. SILAUS pratensis. Marsh near the Roman Camp at Newbattle. H. W. sp. Borders of corn-fields near Oxenford Castle. Edin.

SIUM latifolium. Duddingston Loch. Edin.

HELOSCIADIUM repens. Near Edinburgh; banks of a pond at Fisherrow. Edin.

CICUTA virosa.

Lochend. Edin.

MYRRHIS odorata. line Park.

By the Firth of Forth, under the wall of Caro-
H. W. sp.
Near Mavisbank; by the Water of
Leith, two miles above Currie; Arniston Woods; foot of the
Castle-bank, to the north-east.


+CHEROPHYLLUM aureum. Near Corstorphine. Edin.

* PETROSELINUM sativum. Salisbury Craigs; Craigmillar Castle; old walls at Inverleith; on an old wall at Coltbridge; by the road-side between Colinton and Dreghorn.


* CARUM Carui. Rocks on the west side of the Castle. Edin. + SMYRNIUM Olusatrum. Craigmillar Castle.

W. Brand, sp.

? TORILIS infesta. Road-sides about Edinburgh, common. Fl. Scot. (This locality is inserted in the Flora Scotica, on the authority of Dr. Greville. Some mistake there must be, for no other person appears to have found the plant here.)

* ANTHRISCUS Cerefolium. Shore near Caroline Park, introduced with rubbish from the garden, but now thriving luxuriantly. Excurs. 1835.

+ VIBURNUM Lantana. Rosslyn Woods.


APIUM graveolens. Ditches behind Musselburgh. Edin.

LONICERA Caprifolium. Colinton Woods, and Corstorphine Hill. R. Maughan, sp.

? CORNUS suecica. Pentland Hills, as reported, but there would seem to have been some mistake.

LINNEA borealis. Banks of the Esk at Dalhousie. Br. Fl. (This

locality is erroneous; but we learn from the Excursions that there is another; and however averse to the concealment of botanical stations in general, I must allow it to be justifiable when the herbivorous rapacity of Dr. Graham's regiment of botanists comes in question. H. W.)


? GALIUM erectum. Fish-wife's Causeway, near Portobello. Habbie's How, on the Pentland Hills. Edin. Old walls at Inverleith. Edin.


* VALERIANA rubra.


linton Woods.

FEDIA dentata.

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Near Crossgate Toll, three miles south of Musselburgh; fields between Newhaven and Caroline Park; Water of Leith, &c. Edin. Fields near the northern end of the Pentland Hills. H. W. sp.

TRAGOPOGON major? Shore of the Forth, near Caroline Park. H.

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? SONCHUS palustris. Lochend. Edin. (Is it still there?) HIERACIUM sylvaticum. Habbie's How, on the Pentland Hills; Braid Hills; Arthur's Seat. Edin.

paludosum. Arniston Woods, by the banks of the South Esk, at Temple, about a mile above Arniston; Rosslyn Woods, abundantly. Edin.

prenanthoides. Near Cramond Bridge. Edin.

CNICUS eriophorus. By the road-side near Oxenford Castle, and Chesterhall. Edin.

heterophyllus. Auchindinny Woods; G. N. Lloyd, sp. Rosslyn Woods; Pentland Hills, near Currie.

ONOPORDUM Acanthium. Near Musselburgh. Edin.


GNAPHALIUM dioicum. Arthur's Seat, towards the back of Salisbury
Craigs. H. W. sp. Dalmahoy Hill; Pentland Hills. Edin.
ASTER Tripolium. Morrison's Haven, near Portobello. Edin.
SENECIO viscosus. Salisbury Craigs and Arthur's Seat. H. W. sp.
Calton Hill; Blackford Hill; near Newhaven; Figget
Whins. Edin.

saracenicus. Banks of the Almond.
Cramond Bridge.

W. Brands, sp. Above

† DORONICUM Pardalianches. Rosslyn and Colinton Woods. Edin. Dalkeith Park. Eng. Bot. Supp.


plantagineum. Dalhousie Woods, apparently wild. G. Macnab, sp.

PYRETHRUM maritimum. West side of Inchkeith.
CAMPANULA latifolia. Rosslyn and Colinton Woods.

H. W.

Trachelium. Wood opposite Slateford Bleaching Field. G. N. Lloyd, sp.

rapunculoides. In a corn-field at the foot of Braid Hill, towards Edinburgh.




Pentland Hills, above Swanston Wood.

Oxycoccos. Marsh on the Pentland Hills, behind Currie.


PYROLA rotundifolia. Auchindinny and Rosslyn Woods. Edin. minor. Wood above Newbattle Marsh; Auchindinny Wood; Ravelrig Bog, with the Corallorhiza innata, among the willows. H. W. sp. Wood half way between the turnpike on the Auchindinny road to Rosslyn; Newhall. Edin. *POLEMONIUM cæruleum. Arniston Woods; Blackford Hill. Edin. CUSCUTA europæa. On flax, in a field near Musselburgh. Edin. MYOSOTIS sylvatica. Hawthornden. W. Brands, sp. Rosslyn and Arniston Woods; King's Park. Edin.

collina. Arthur's Seat. W. Brands, sp. Salisbury Craigs.

H. W. sp.

ANCHUSA Sempervirens.
Dean Banks.

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W. Brands, sp. Ar

G. N. Lloyd, sp.

* PULMONARIA officinalis. Dalhousie Woods.
niston Woods, probably introduced.
Banks of the North Esk, near Kevock Mill.
SYMPHYTUM tuberosum. Dean Bank. W. Brands, sp.


Woods near

Edinburgh. H. W. sp. Banks of the North Esk between
Mavisbank and Lasswade; Colinton Woods; Stateford;
Woodhall; opposite the New Well, at the Water of Leith.

VERBASCUM nigrum. Banks of the river Esk, opposite coal-pits, and at Borthwick Castle. Edin.

+ ATROPA Belladonna. About Borthwick Castle, probably introduced. H. W. sp.

LINARIA repens. Banks of the Esk above Musselburgh. Edin. *SCROPHULARIA vernalis. Old walls near Hatton. Edin. (I have a specimen, gathered in a locality shown to me by Mr. G. Lloyd; but this locality being on a heap of garden refuse, just under a garden wall, the plant is scarcely admissible even as a naturalised plant. I am unaware whether there is any other more certain station.) H. W.

VERONICA polita. Road-side between Braid and Pentland Hills, nearer to the latter. H. W. sp.

? MENTHA rotundifolia. Near Auchindinny. Br. Fl. (This station is not recognised by the Botanical Society.)



viridis. Cairn Hill, near Edinburgh. Br. Fl.
piperita. Near Edinburgh.

rubra. Near Musselburgh.


Brands, sp.


R. Maughan, sp.


Below Hawthornden. Excurs.

Banks of the Esk, near Hawthornden.

LAMIUM maculatam. Banks of the Esk, above Musselburgh, 1828. R. Maughan, sp.

incisum. Near the Aqueduct. H. W. sp. In a field near Newhaven; road-side between Merchiston Castle and Collington. Edin.

intermedium. In several places round Edinburgh. Excurs. Field near Craiglochart. W. H. Campbell, mss.

GALEOPSIS Ladanum. Field near Dalhousie. W. Brands, sp. Limekilns at the Roman Camp, Newbattle. G. Lloyd, sp. Road-side near Oxenford Castle; and at Crossgate Toll. Edin.

versicolor. Corn-field near Braid. W. Brands, sp.

STACHYS ambigua. Fields near Lasswade; Habbie's How, on the Pentland Hills; fields under the Pentland Hills; fields in Auchindinny Woods. Edin.

+ LEONORUS Cardiaca. Edinburgh.



H. W. sp.

G. Lloyd, sp. In a shady walk behind Fisherrow, and in Colinton Woods. ACINOS vulgaris. Roman Camp at Dalkeith. Excurs. LATHREA squamaria. Arniston Woods. G. Lloyd, sp. Woods, under a hawthorn, near the Castle. Wood opposite Melville Castle, near Lasswade, growing under beech trees, along with Mercurialis perennis. Mavisbank, near Lasswade; woods between Auchindinny and Rosslyn; banks of the Esk, near Kevock Mill. Edin. PRIMULA elatior. Colinton Woods. Edin. farinosa. Bridge-house Moor. W. Brands, sp. Boggy ground above Woodhouslee. Edin. LYSIMACHIA thyrsiflora. Duddingston Loch. Edin. TRIENTALIS europæa.

Near the Old Reservoir above Colinton, and at Ravelrig. Excurs. (Some years ago I saw a specimen, which was supposed to have been gathered in this county; though particular circumstances led to strong suspicions of error, and a belief that the specimen must have come from

Perthshire. The Excursions, however, now confirm the
existence of this plant within the county of Edinburgh.
Otherwise I should have attached a mark of doubt to it.
H. W.)

STATICE Armeria. Shores of the Forth. H. W. sp. Summit of

Arthur's Seat. Edin.

PLANTAGO maritima. Shore near Granton and Caroline Parks; Cramond Island, &c. H. W.

LITTORELLA lacustris. Pentland Hills, near Currie. G. Lloyd, sp. GLAUX maritima. Fisherrow and Musselburgh Links. Edin. Shore opposite Cramond 'Island.

H. W.

CHENOPODIUM olidum. Race Course, Musselburgh. Edin. Fisherrow Links. R. Maughan, sp.



BETA maritima.

urbicum. Rubbish and waste places near towns. Edin. hybridum. Cultivated fields.


Between Caroline and Cranton Parks; about Mussel-

Near Cramond. Edin.

? ATRIPLEX portulacoides. Coast at Leith.


laciniata. Shore between Newhaven and Caroline Park; shore near Seafield Baths; Fisherrow and Musselburgh Links. Edin.

littoralis. East of Caroline Park. Edin.

* POLYGONUM Fagopyrum. Banks of the North Esk, above Lasswade. R. Maughan, sp. Arniston Woods. Edin. RUMEX scutatus. Craigmillar Castle. W. Brands, sp.

* HIPPOPHAE rhamnoides. By the shore of the Forth, near Caroline Park, apparently planted. H. W. sp.

EUPHORBIA Cyparissias. Edinburgh. G. Lloyd, sp. Colinton

Woods. Edin.

Esula. Hedge near Duddingston.

W. Brands, sp.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Pentland Hills, above Swanston Wood, and also near Habbie's How. Edin.

QUERCUS sessiliflora.

* CASTANEA vulgaris.

+ CARPINUS Betulus. SALIX Helix.

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Rosslyn and Auchindinny Woods. Edin.
Colinton Woods.


Hedges about Rosslyn. Edin.

of the Stream at Rosslyn. W. Brands, sp Banks of the Water of Leith, above Coltbridge;

banks of the Esk, above Musselburgh. Edin.

triandra. Near Craigcrook. Edin.

decipiens. Colinton Woods. Edin. Wood near Ravelrig

Toll. H. W. sp.


Duddingston Loch.
Water of Leith; at Ravelrig
Road-side between Pentland

Russeliana. Planted trees about Newhaven, and other places near Edinburgh. H. W. sp. pentandra. Banks of the Esk; Toll; Rosslyn Woods. Edin. and Auchindinny. H. W. nigricans. Banks of the Esk; Craigcrook.

arenaria. Banks of the Water of Leith, below Colinton.

R. Maughan, sp. Colinton Woods, rare. Edin.

cinerea. Bogs on the south side of Dalmahoy Hill; Rosslyn Woods. Edin.

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