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SALIX Smithiana. Craigcrook. G. Lloyd, sp.
above Musselburgh. Edin.

* PINUS sylvestris. Rosslyn Woods, &c.
*STRATIOTES aloides. Duddingston Loch.

Banks of the Esk,

H. W. sp.

? HYDROCHARIS Morsus-ranæ. Ditches and lakes, rare. Edin. HABENARIA chlorantha. Very common in "subalpine" situations, near Edinburgh. Excurs.

LISTERA cordata. Ravelrig Bog, in the cluster of willows. H. W. sp. CORALLORHIZA innata. Fir-wood at the end of Ravelrig Marsh, very abundant. J. Macnab, sp. And among the willows, with Listera cordata. H. W. sp.

*IRIS fætidissima. Near the Pentland Hills (Mr. Graves). Excurs. * GALANTHUS nivalis. Near Craigmillar Castle. W. Brands, sp. Arniston Woods, and in the Park, but very near the House.

H. W. sp.

NARCISSUS Pseudo-Narcissus. By the side of a wood on Corstorphine Hill. Edin.

+ CONVALLARIA majalis. Colinton Woods, probably introduced. Arniston Woods.

H. W. sp.


? ALLIUM carinatum. A single specimen said to have been found on the south bank of the Water of Leith, above Currie, in July, 1822. Edin.

* ORNITHOGALUM umbellatum. In a park on the road-side from Edinburgh to Bonnington, probably introduced. G. Lloyd, sp. * TULIPA sylvestris. A large patch in a field near Edinburgh.


SPARGANIUM natans. Braid-Hill Marshes; Pentland Hills, near
Currie; peat-pits on the south side of Dalmahoy Hill.

POTAMOGETON rufescens. Streams on the Pentland Hills. Edin.
ZOSTERA marina. Shore of the Forth, nearly opposite Cramond
Island. H. W. sp.
Black Rocks at Leith.

LEMNA trisulca.


Duddingston Loch and Lochend, abundant. Edin. gibba. Lochend and Duddingston Loch. Edin.

BLYSMUS compressus. In the marshy ground below Borthwick Castle.

H. W. sp.

LEOCHARIS pauciflora. Hunter's Bog; Leith Links; Pentland






Pentland Hills. Edin.

About a mile north-west from Lasswade.

ERIOPHORUM vaginatum. Pentland Hills, near Currie, and west of Habbie's How, abundant; Dalmahoy Hill; Ravelrig Bog. Edin.

? CAREX Davalliana. Near Crossgate Toll, three miles south of Musselburgh. Edin.

terétiuscula. Ravelrig Bog. H. W. sp. Marshes at the
foot of Dundas Hill, near Kirkliston; Pentland Hills; Edin.
arenaria. Shore near Caroline Park. H. W. sp. Figget
Whins; Fisherrow and Musselburgh Links. Edin.
intermedia. Marshy place on the north side of Arthur's
Seat. H. W. sp.
Marsh between Portobello and Arthur's

Seat; Hunter's Bog, in the King's Park; banks of Lochend;
Braid and Pentland Hills. Edin.

CAREX axillaris. Near Edinburgh.

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G. N. Lloyd, sp. Banks of

the North Esk, above Melville Castle.
strigosa. Arniston Woods. Edin.
speirostachya. Near Swanston Wood, on the Pentlands.
Dr. Lemann. (If this be not identical with the following
species, I think it will be found to be the same plant as
C. distans of Woodforde's Catalogue and the Edinburgh
botanists. *

fulva. "Subalpine" situations, near Edinburgh.


stricta. Braid Hill Marshes; banks of the Water of Leith, above Currie. Edin.

- filiformis. Ravelrig Bog. G. Lloyd, sp.

? AGROSTIS Spica-Venti. Rosslyn Woods. Edin.

AMMOPHILA arundinacea. Sands on the shore about Caroline Park. H. W. sp. Portobello; Musselburgh; Figget Whins. Edin. MELICA nutans. Hawthornden. W. Campbell, sp. By the path side between Rosslyn and Hawthornden.


Pos aquatica. Water of Leith, near Cannonmills Bridge. G. Lloyd, sp. At Bonnington Bridge, on the banks of the Water of Leith; by the same stream about a quarter of a mile below Cannonmills Bridge. Edin.

maritima. Sea-side at Caroline Park. Edin.

FESTUCA bromoides. Near Edinburgh. H. W. sp.

Wall-top north

of Ravelston, plentifully; frequent on walls about Edinburgh; on the wall by the road-side about half a mile west of Slateford. Edin.

Calamaria? Rosslyn Woods. J. Macnab, sp.

BROMUS arvensis. Duddingston. J. H. Balfour, sp. Field at the end of Duddingston Loch, abundant; also on the side of Braid Hill; near Newhaven; and in other places about Edinburgh. Excurs.


racemosus. North of Edinburgh; Caroline Park. Edin. velutinus. Fields behind the Botanic Garden in Leith Walk; between Edinburgh and Newhaven. Edin.

-- erectus. King's Park; below Salisbury Craigs. Edin.] diandrus. About Edinburgh, not common. Edin.

AVENA strigosa. Meadowbank. Edin.

pubescens. Arthur's Seat; Salisbury Craigs; shores of the Firth. Edin.

TRITICUM junceum. Shore of the Forth, near Cramond.

H. W. sp.

Shore at Caroline and Granton Parks; near Portobello and
Musselburgh. Edin.


Abundant on the coast at Caroline Park.

J. Macnab, sp. Rocks east of Granton; shore at Portobello.

ROTTBOLLIA incurvata. Musselburgh Links. Edin.

* There is a series of species widely different at the two extremes, yet so gradually approaching to each other, through intermediate degrees, as to make it difficult to draw the lines of distinction; namely, Carex Ederi, flava, fulva, speirostochya, distans, binervis, and lævigata.



Edin.-A Catalogue of Plants growing in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh. Woodforde, 1824.

CRAMBE maritima.

Shore of the Forth, between Cramond and
Queensferry, nearer to the former.
H. W. sp.

+ ERYSIMUM cheiranthoides. Very sparingly by the Forth, some miles west of Queensferry, probably brought by coal-vessels, 1831. H. W. sp.

SILENE maritima. Shore of the Forth near Cramond.
SAGINA maritima.

H. W. sp.

Coast near Dalmeny. G. Macnab, sp. Queensferry. Edin.

+ GERANIUM phæum. Near Linlithgow.


VICIA angustifolia. Dalmeny. J. H. Balfour, sp.

ASTRAGALUS glycyphyllos. In many places on the coast between Nether Cramond and South Queensferry.


* MEDICAGO sativa. Banks of the Union Canal, ten miles from Edinburgh. R. Maughan, sp.

*SPIREA salicifolia. Woods at Newhall, near Queensferry. H. W. sp. SEDUM villosum. Near Linlithgow. Edin. MEUM athamanticum. West Lothian.

Fl. Scot.

LIGUSTICUM scoticum. Rocks on the shore near Newhall. H. W.
+PEUCEDANUM Ostruthium. Plantation opposite the house of Black
Hall, West Lothian. Fl. Scot.

*CARUM Carui. Between Newhall and Queensferry. Edin.
+ LONICERA Caprifolium. Hedges near South Queensferry.
Maughan, sp. Hedges at Dalmeny. Br. Fl.
+ VALERIANA pyrenaica. Abercorn Woods. Edin.


HIERACIUM prenanthoides. Near Cramond Bridge. Edin. PYROLA minor. Newhall; woods above South Queensferry. Edin. * POLEMONIUM cæruleum. A few miles east from South Queensferry, on the sandy shore. G. Lloyd, sp.

PRIMULA elatior. Bushy places on the north side of the road, between Cramond Bridge and Queensferry. H. W.

LYSIMACHIA thyrsiflora. Canal between Edinburgh and Glasgow, in many places, very abundantly. Excurs.

PLANTAGO maritima. Shore near Queensferry. H. W. CHENOPODIUM maritimum. Coast at Dalmeny. G. Macnab, sp. And westward of Queensferry. H. W. sp.

ATRIPLEX littoralis. Shore westward of Queensferry. H. W. sp. Below the house of Carriden, in West Lothian.

BETA maritima. Near Cramond. Edin.

Fl. Scot.

* ASARUM eurmæum, West Binny, near Linlithgow. Edin.

EUPHORBIA Esula. Wood near a rivulet at Abercorn, thirteen miles west of Edinburgh; in a field near West Pilton, seven miles

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JUNCUS obtusiflorus. Ditches in Abercorn Park, near the lower fishpond, abundant. Edin.

BLYSMUS rufus. By the Forth, about a mile (two miles, Edin.) east of Queensferry. H. W. sp.

SCIRPUS maritimus. On the coast westward of Queensferry. H. W. sp. ARUNDO arenaria. Coast about Newhall and Dalmeny Park. H. W. ROTTBOLLIA incurvata (filiformis). Shore of the Forth, some miles westward of Queensferry. Mr. Gentle, sp.

TRITICUM junceum. Sandy shore, westward of Cramond Isle. H. W,


Including Kinross and Clackmannan shires.


Edin. - A Catalogue of Plants growing near Edinburgh. Woodforde, 1824.

THALICTRUM minus. North Queensferry; coast west of Kirkcaldy.


majus. On a hilly slope facing the water, by the roadside, a quarter, or half a mile from North Queensferry. H. W. sp.

RANUNCULUS Flammula (reptans). By Loch Leven. (Dr. Wight.)
W. H. Campbell, sp.

ACTEA spicata. Cleish Woods, Kinross-shire. Br. Fl.
MECONOPSIS cambrica. Cleish Woods. Fl. Scot.

EPIMEDIUM alpinum. Mr. Arnott, I believe, gathered it at Cleish some years ago. Graham, Excurs. (I know not whether "Bandrum," mentioned as a locality, in Graham's Excursions, 1835, is within Fifeshire.)

GLAUCIUM luteum. Shore near North Queensferry. Edin.
LEPIDIUM latifolium. By the castle of Weems. Edin.

COCHLEARIA officinalis. Inchcolm; all along the shore from Burntis. land to Aberdour. Edin.

CAMELINA sativa. Near Inverkeithing. Edin.

IBERIS amara. Inchcolm. Excurs.

? SUBULARIA aquatica. Otterston Loch.

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Fl. Scot.

SINAPIS tenuifolia. St. David's. W. H. Campbell, sp.

Near Inver

keithing. H. W. sp. Coast between Burntisland and Queensferry. Edin.

muralis. North coast of the Forth, introduced with ballast. W. Brands, sp. Coast of the Firth of Forth, above Queensferry, in two places. Excurs.

BRASSICA campestris? Inchgarvie. W. Brand, sp. oleracea. In many places on Inchcolm.

RESEDA lutea,


Hills between Pettycur and Burntisland; near Kirkcaldy; near Raith. Edin. To the south-west of Newburgh. Fl. Scot.

VIOLA lutea.

Hilly pastures above Burntisland.

H. W. sp.

DIANTHUS deltoides. Rocks near Newburgh. Fl. Scot.

LYCHNIS Viscaria. Rocks facing the west, a little to the east of Newburgh; glen between Kinross and the Bridge of Earn. Fl. Scot.

SILENE maritima. Inchcolm; North Queensferry; Pettycur; King-
horn; shore west of Kirkcaldy. Edin.
noctiflora. Fife. Excurs.

nutans. Hills at North Queensferry.
anglica. North Queensferry, scarce.
Dundee and St. Andrews. Eng. Fl.
Fifeshire intended here?)

SAGINA maritima. Isle of May, abundant.
SPERGULA subulata.

R. Maughan, sp.

Excurs. Between (Is St. Andrews in

Fl. Scot.

Hills to the west of North Queensferry, near the turnpike. Edin. Hills south of Newburgh. Fl. Scot. Inverkeithing and Queensferry. Edin.

ARENARIA marina.


tenuifolia. Near Pettycur Harbour.


Inchcolm; Isle of May. Edin.

-fastigiata. Fifeshire. Fl. Scot.

CERASTIUM tetrandrum.

RADIOLA millegrana. Kinross-shire. Fl. Scot.

LAVATERA arborea. Inchgarvie and Mykrick Inch. Edin.

+ GERANEUM phæum. Kankeelour. Fl. Scot.

OROBUS Sylvaticus. Bank to the south-west of Newburgh. Fl. Scot.

VICIA lutea. Hills near the shore west of Queensferry.

H. W. sp. OXYTROPIS uralensis. Hilly pasture to the north-westward of Queensferry. H. W. sp.

ASTRAGALUS hypoglottis. Hills at Queensferry; with a white flower, and a foot high, a little to the west of Kirkaldy, by the sea-side. Edin.

glycyphyllus. Cliffs by the road-side westward of Queensferry. H. W. sp.

TRIFOLIUM scabrum. Burntisland. J. H. Balfour, sp.

ornithopodioides. Shore near Inverkeithing. Excurs. J. H. Balfour, sp.

MEDICAGO maculata. Near Aberdour.


bristle Park; coast between Donibristle and Aberdour.


SPIREA salicifolia. Cleish Woods. Fl. Scot.

Rosa spinosissima. Back of Balnarty Hill. Fl. Scot.

RUBUS carpinifolius. Fifeshire, and other counties of Scotland. Eng.

Bot. Supp.

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