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On Ben Lomond, about one mile of the way up. Fl. Scot. Tor-wood, Stirlingshire. G. Macnab, sp. LITTORELLA lacustris.__ Bardowie Lochs; pond at Dougalston. Glot. OXYRIA reniformis. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

HABENARIA albida. Pastures to the east of Mugdock Castle. Glot. Campsie Hills. Fl. Scot.

LISTERA cordata. Ben Lomond. Fl. Scot.


+ CONVALLARIA multiflora. On the ruins of Mugdock Castle. SPARGANIUM natans. Mugdock Loch, abundantly; pond at Dougalston. Glot.

LUZULA spicata.

Ben Lomond.

J. Hooker, sp.

JUNCUS triglumis.

Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.

ELEOCHARIS pauciflora. Near Mugdock Castle, north of Glasgow ; middle of Ben Lomond. Fl. Scot.

acicularis. Plentifully about Bardowie Loch. Glot.

CAREX pulla. Ben Lomond. Br. Fl.

rigida. Ben Lomond.

H. W. sp.

speirostachya. Marshes on the Campsie Hills. Eng. Bot.

[blocks in formation]

Fl. Scot.

SESLERIA cærulea. Plentiful on Ben Lomond.

Pos alpina. Ben Lomond. J. Hooker, sp.


TROLLIUS europæus.

[blocks in formation]

Tarbet and Loch Long, on the hills. H. W.

* EPIMEDIUM alpinum. Mugdock Castle. J. Hooker, sp.

GLAUCIUM luteum.

CHELIDONIUM majus (laciniatum ?). Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. On the shore at Helensburgh, plentifully. Glot. CORYDALIS claviculata. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

LEPIDIUM Smithii. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

COCHLEARIA officinalis. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

TURRITIS glabra. In the wood opposite the Inn, Bowling Bay, sparingly. Glot.

DROSERA longifolia. Marshy place at Ardoch Cottage. Glot.

anglica. Glen Falloch, near the shore of Loch Lomond. G. Howitt, sp.

SILENE maritima. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the Clyde at Helensburgh. Glot.

STELLARIA nemorum. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

ARENARIA marina. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the Clyde, at Helensburgh. Glot.

-- peploides. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the Clyde from Dumbarton to Ardencaple. Glot.

CERASTIUM latifolium. Dumbartonshire, Boué, Inaug. Diss.

RADIOLA millegrana. On the road-side between Dumbarton and Helensburgh, plentifully.


HYPERICUM Androsæmum. Woods of Loch Lomond, southward of Tarbet, in various places. H. W. sp.

elodes. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

ONONIS spinosa. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.
VICIA lathyroides. Dumbarton Castle.

PYRUS pinnatifida.

DRYAS Octopetala.


Fl. Scot.

J. Hooker, sp.

Dumbartonshire. Boué, Inaug. Diss.

Rosa tomentosa. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

RUBUS suberectus.

Dum artonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

saxatilis. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Hills near Tarbet. H. W.

Chamamorus. Dumbartonshire. Boué, Inaug. Diss.

CIRCEA alpina. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

Wood. Glot.

SEDUM villosum.

About Balvie, plentifully. Glot.

In Ardencaple

anglicum. Helensburgh. J. Hooker, sp. On the rock of Dumbarton Castle; rocks opposite the Inn, Bowling Bay; walls about Helensburgh. Glot. Occasionally on the roadside between Luss and Tarbet, and about the head of Loch Long. H. W.

SAXIFRAGA stellaris. Dumbarton Moors. Glot. Hills near Tar

bet. H. W.

- aizoides. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

Hills about

Tarbet, and descending almost to the level of Loch Lomond.
H. W.

CICUTA virosa.

Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Loch near New

[blocks in formation]

CARUM verticillatum. Banks of the Gare Loch.

G. Macnab, sp.

Abundant at Luss; banks of the Clyde from Bowling Bay

to Helensburgh, plentifully. Glot.

MEUM athamanticum. About Balvie. Glot. Loch Lomond. Fl. Scot. PEUCEDANUM palustre. In a ditch in Ardencaple Wood. Glot. Ostruthium. Banks of the Clyde, in several places, particularly about Ardencaple. Glot. Edge of a wood on

the side of Gare Loch, sparingly. Fl. Scot.

OENANTHE pimpinelloides. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. On the banks of the Clyde at Bowling Bay, with the fistulosa;

below Dumbarton.


+ MYRRHIS odorata. About Milngavie and Balvie, common. Glot. GALIUM boreale. Banks of the Clyde, in many places, as Bowling Bay, &c. Glot.

* HIERACIUM aurantiacum. In the fields about Balvie and Dougalston, probably originating from some garden. Glot.

sylvaticum. (pictum). Luss River. Fl. Scot.
denticulatum ? Dumbartonshire.
J. Hooker, sp.

(Perhaps H. subaudum.)

molle. Lower fall of the Tummel, Glen Luss. Fl. Scot. (I know not whether the river Tummel or Tumel, in Perth

shire, or the small stream at Luss, in Dumbartonshire, is intended here.)

HIERACIUM paludosum. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

CNICUS heterophyllus. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

eriophorus. Dumbarton Castle? Fl. Scot.

GNAPHALIUM dioicum. Hilly pastures, Cathkin and Balvie, plenti

fully. Glot.

SENECIO viscosus. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.
ASTER Tripolium. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

Banks of the

Clyde, from Dumbarton to Ardencaple, abundantly. PYRETHRUM maritimum. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. ACHILLEA tomentosa. On Spittal Hill to the north-west of Balvie. J. Hooker, sp. Loch


LOBELIA Dortmanna.


Lomond. H. W.

CAMPANULA latifolia. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.
VACCINIUM Vitis-Idæa. Cardross. J. Montgomery, mss.
AZALEA procumbens. Dumbartonshire. Boué, Inaug. Diss.
ANCHUSA Sempervirens. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

VERBASCUM Lychnites. In a lane leading from the Glass-work to the
Clyde, Dumbarton. Glot.

BARTSIA viscosa. Banks of the Gare Loch. W. Brands, sp. Gare
Loch, below Helensburgh; in a field opposite the Hill of
Dumbuck, near Dumbarton. Fl. Scot. Banks of the

Clyde at Ardoch Cottage; abundantly behind the Inn,
Ardencaple. Glot.

VERONICA polita. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.
MENTHA piperita. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.
GALEOPSIS versicolor. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp..

LAMIUM incisum. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooked, sp.

STACHYS ambigua. Helensburgh. J. Hooker, sp.

SCUTELLARIA minor. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Bog between Luss and Helensburgh. Br. Fl.

UTRICULARIA minor. In the Loch at New Kilpatrick.

ANAGALLIS cærulea. Dunglass, on the Clyde. Fl. Scot.


LYSIMACHIA thyrsiflora. Near Ross-dhu, by Loch Lomond. Br. Fl. STATICE Armeria. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the Clyde, from Bowling Bay to Ardencaple. Glot.

PLANTAGO maritima. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

On dry

banks near Helensburgh. Glot. By Loch Lomond. Br. Fl. LITTORELLA lacustris. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. GLAUX maritima. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the Clyde, from Dumbarton to Bowling Bay.


SALICORNIA herbacea. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. On the shore at Helensburgh. Glot.

CHENOPODIUM maritimum. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Banks of the Clyde, at Helensburgh and Ardencaple. Glot.

ATRIPLEX portulacoides. }

On the shore, Helensburgh. Glot.

+ RUMEX alpinus. Road-side from Helensburgh to the head of the

Gare Loch; and in two or three stations in that neighbourhood; Glen Luss. Br. Fl.


EMPETRUM nigrum. Moors, Cathkin and Helensburgh.
SALIX vitellina. Near Dumbarton (the fertile plant). Fl. Scot.
TRIGLOCHIN maritimum. Bowling Bay. J. Hooker, sp.

the Clyde, at Kilpatrick. Glot.

Banks of

HABENARIA albida. Hill-side above Arroquhar. H. W. sp.
ZOSTERA marina. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

shore, by the tide, at Helensburgh.


Thrown on the

SPARGANIUM natans. Ditch leading into the loch at New Kilpatrick.


BLYSMUS rufus. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. Boggy place on the bank of the Clyde at Kilpatrick, and Bowling Bay. Glot. compressus. Dumbarton Castle, by the river side. Fl. Scot. RHYNCOSPORA alba. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. ERIOPHORUM vaginatum. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp. SCIRPUS maritimus. Banks of the Clyde from Dumbarton to Bowling Bay, plentifully. Glot.

ELEOCHARIS pauciflora. Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

above Dumbarton. Glot.


CAREX arenaria. On the banks of the Clyde, between Old Kilpatrick and Helensburgh. Glot.

depauperata. In a small wood near Balvie. Glot.

speirostachya. At Mugdock Castle, nine miles north of Glasgow. Eng. Fl.


POA maritima.

Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.
Dumbartonshire. J. Hooker, sp.

FESTUCA bromoides. Dumbartonshire.



J. Hooker, sp.

Fl. Scot.


Including the adjacent Isles from Arran to Mull.

THALICTRUM alpinum. On the moors northward of Loch

Eil, and H. W. sp.

on Ben Buich, above the head of Loch Fine. minus. Kilchomin, in Isla, and at Icolmkill. Fl. Scot. NUPHAR pumila. In a pool near the farm of Corrie Chastel, at the foot of Ben Cruachan; Loch Duble, near Inverary. Fl. Scot.

GLAUCIUM luteum. Argyleshire. J. Hooker, sp. Arran, abundant, Fl. Scot.

CRAMBE maritima.

Isla. Fl. Scot.

COCHLEARIA officinalis.

Argyleshire. J. Hooker, sp. anglica. Rocks of Icolmkill. Fl. Scot.

[blocks in formation]

DRABA incana. Isla. Fl. Scot.

ARABIS petræα. Ben More, in Mull. Fl. Scot.

* ERYSIMUM cheiranthoides. At the head of Loch-na-Gaul, in Mull.

Fl. Scot.

BRASSICA monensis.

Bute. J. Hooker, sp. Bute, south of Mountstewart; on the west side of Arran; Lamlash Bay; west side of Cantire. Fl. Scot. Lorn. Br. Fl.

campestris. Corn-fields in Bute and Arran; Appin. Fl.


[blocks in formation]

maritima. North shore of Loch Eil. H. W.

CHERLEREA sedoides. On Ben Achalader, in the Braes of Glenurchay.

Fl. Scot.

RADIOLA millegrana. Argyleshire. J. Hooker, sp. About Loch Ransa, in Arran; Icolmkill. Fl. Scot.

HYPERICUM Androsæmum. At Inverary; Loch Ransa, in Arran. Fl. Scot. Woods, on the north shore of Loch Long. Winch, mss. Glencoe; sides of Loch Long, and Crinan Canal. Anderson's Guide.

elodes. Argyleshire. J. Hooker, sp. Islay; at Loch Ransa, and along the valley to Brodie, in Arran. Fl. Scot. Roseneath. Anderson's Guide.

GERANIUM sanguineum. Iona. Fl. Scot.

pyrenaicum. Near Rothesay, Isle of Bute.

Fl. Scot.

sylvaticum. Banks of the Urchay, near Dalmally. H. W.

OXYTROPIS uralensis. Upon Carn-dearg, one of the lower heads of Ben Sguilert, a high mountain of Glen Creran, in Upper Lorn. Fl. Scot.

LATHYRUS sylvestris. Bennan Head, Arran. Br. Fl.


RUBUS suberectus. Upper end of Loch Fine, and between that and Loch Goyle. H. W. sp. Woods at Inverary; banks of Loch Duble, two miles from Inverary.

Fl. Scot.

arcticus. Rocky parts in the Isle of Mull. (Dr. Walker.) Fl. Scot.

DRYAS octopetala. Upon Carn-dearg, in Glen Creran; near the top of Malmore, in Glencoe. Fl. Scot.

ALCHEMILLA alpina. Cona Water, in Glencoe.

G. Gordon, mss.

By the road-side, in Glencoe, and between Inveroran and Tyndrum; also on the hills, as the Locheil Moors. H. W. Rosa casia. Taynuilt, in Mid-Lorn. Fl. Scot. Highland valleys of Argyleshire. Br. Fl.

involuta. Hebrides, and Western Highlands of Scotland; near Meggarnie, in Glen Lyon; Isle of Arran. Br. Fl.

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