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haven. Acc. Montrose; common on the sea-shore towards Usan. North. Fl.

*ANCHUSA Sempervirens. Behind the public-house at Clova. H.W. SYMPHYTUM tuberosum. Lower parts of the county.


ASPERUGO procumbens. Near the town of Auchmithie, and the village

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West from Dundee, rare.




MYOSOTIS repens (Don). Summits of the Clova Mountains.

+ ATROPA belladonna.

Den of Bonnington, near Montrose.

SCROPHULARIA vernalis. Near Lower. Acc. Near Forfar. Br. Fl. RHINANTHUS major. Sandy fields on the coast, between Arbroath and the sands of Barry. Excurs.


MELAMPYRUM sylvaticum. Forfarshire. VERONICA saxatilis. Garry Burn, Clova. G. Macnab, mss. Left side of Glen Dole, on the rocks of Astragalus alpinus, and lower down the Glen.

W. Brands, sp.

H. W. sp.

Rocks in Glen Isla. North side of Canlochan Glen, with Gen

tiana nivalis; upper part and south side of the same Glen.
North. Fl.

alpina. Rocks on the left side of Glen Dole; and by se-
veral streams on the moors above the Glen.
H. W. sp.
Glen Isla.
W. Brands, sp. Glen Fee; Canlochan Glen;
Craigmeskeldie, a mountain at the head of Loch-Lee.
North. Fl.

+ MENTHA Sylvestris. Sidlaw Hills, perhaps naturalised.

Br. Fl. piperita. Sides of a stream, the origin of the Brothwick, near a spring called Nine Wells, about six miles from Arbroath, abundant and undoubtedly wild. Excurs. *TEUCRIUM Chamædrys. Old walls at Balgavies, five miles east of Forfar; and at Kelly, three miles east of Arbroath; but near houses. Fl. Scot. Always near houses. Acc.

AJUGA alpina? White Water; Bachnagairn, and Glen Isla.
GALEOPSIS versicolor. Lower parts of the county. Acc.
LAMIUM incisum. Cultivated fields near Montrose.

intermedium. Cultivated fields. Acc.


Br. Fl.

ACINOS vulgaris. Near the village called Welltown, about one mile south of Forfar. Acc. Dry pastures eastward of Forfar; sandy fields, Arbroath Common, frequent. Excurs. UTRICULARIA intermedia. At the east end of Rescobie Lake, three or four miles from Forfar; also in the Loch of Balgavies, and in pools near Guthrie, twelve miles west from Montrose. North. Fl. "In a ditch by the side of Rescalin Lake, four miles east of Forfar." Fl. Scot. (Is the last the same locality as the first?)

minor. At the end of the lake of Forfar. Acc. Pool by road-side in Glen Clova, three or four miles north-east from Kirktown, not far from a small birch wood. North. Fl. PRIMULA elatior. Near Glammis. Acc. LYSIMACHIA thyrsiflora. Margins of Rescobie and Balgavies Lakes; not uncommon in the county. Acc. Bog at Forfar. Eng. Fl. In several woods in the lower parts of the


county. Acc.
On hillocks in Glen Clova; and ascending
to the table-lands above Glen Dole.
H. W. sp.

CENTUNCULUS minimus. Rare in Forfarshire.
the Hill of Guthrie. Excurs.

STATICE Armeria.


GLAUX maritima.

Acc. Moor behind

On the summits of Clova, with Lychnis alpina.

Sea-beach between Arbroath and Montrose. Acc.

Edges of the Montrose basin.

LITTORELLA lacustris. Marshes. Acc.

North. Fl.

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SALSOLA Kali. Beach between Arbroath and Montrose. Acc.
ATRIPLEX laciniata. Beach near Arbroath,


SALICORNIA herbacea. Covering the muddy beach, to a great extent, at Montrose, and plentiful about four miles from the town at the head of the basin. North. Fl.

radicans. Sea-coast near Montrose.

POLYGONUM minus. Moist fields near Forfar.

Fl. Scot.
Fl. Scot.

viviparum. Lower parts of the county. Acc. Glen Clova, and on the neighbouring mountains. H. W. sp.

RUMEX palustris. Lower parts of the county.


OXYRIA reniformis. At the upper part of Glen Clova, on the bed of

the river; and frequent on the mountains.
Lee. G. Macnab, mss.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Hill of Werron. G. Macnab, mss.

and the mountains. H. W.

H. W. Loch

Glen Clova,

BETULA nana. Sparingly on the mountain between Glen Dole and Glen Bradooney, almost in a line between the old Sonchus station and the shooting cottage, mentioned in the preliminary remarks to this county.

H. W. sp.

Br. Fl.

SALIX petiolaris. Marshes. Fl. Scot.
angustifolia. Clova Mountains.
fusca (argentea). Sands of Barry. Fl. Scot.
(parvifolia). Marshes, common. Fl. Scot.
(incubacea). Rocks on the Clova Mountains.

ambigua. Bogs near Forfar. Br. Fl.


cotinifolia. Banks of the Esk, near Forfar, but rare.

reticulata. Rocks on the side of Glen Dole.

H. W. sp.

glauca. Rocks on the Clova Mountains.
arenaria. Clova Mountains. Fl. Scot.


Fl. Scot.


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Clova Mountains. W. Brands, sp. Head of the Glen

of Dole, two miles west of Acharne, the uppermost farm

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house of Clova. Br. Fl. Glen Isla. Excurs. It is found on the rocks between the stations of Astragalus alpinus and Oxytropis campestris, in two or three places, I believe. H. W.

SALIX purpurea, helix, Lambertiana, rubra, triandra, lanceolata (undulata), Russeliana, pentandra, nigricans, bicolor, vitellina, cinerea, aquatica, oleifolia, stipularis, and mollissima (Smithiana), are enumerated amongst the plants of the lower parts of the county, by G. Don.

H. W.

PINUS sylvestris. Among the mountains.
*STRATIOTES aloides. Forfar Loch, introduced by Mr. Don. Acc.
TRIGLOCHIN maritimum. The Bank Sands, near Montrose; by the
Tay, westward of Dundee.
HABENARIA albida. Lower parts of the county. Acc. Glen Clova.

H. W. sp.


LISTERA cordata. In several woods. Acc. Clova Mountains. H.W.sp. MALAXIS paludosa. Lower parts of the county; and summits (!) of the Clova Mountains. Acc. Glen Clova. W. Brands, sp.

A mile or two above the Kirk of Clova, on the opposite side of the river. H. W.

GOODYERA repens.



CORALLORHIZA innata. Sands of Barrie.

Br. Fl.

*IRIS xiphioides. In a marsh, near Colonel Kinloch's of Logie, among carices and junci, in a situation where it had never been cultivated. Acc.

CONVALLARIA majalis. Near Inchewen, parish of Tannadice.


GAGEA lutea. Woods at Cortachy Castle, north of Forfar, in abun

dance, and truly wild.

Fl. Scot.

ALLIUM arenarium. Forfarshire. Acc.

carinatum. East of Arbroath, and banks of the Isla, below Airly Castle.

Fl. Scot.

oleraceum. Near Montrose. Excurs.

- ampeloprasum. In dens near the shore, between Arbroath and Montrose.


TULIPA sylvestris. Not far from Brechin. Acc.

TOFIELDIA palustris. Glen Isla.

H. W. sp.

W. Brands, sp. Clova Mountains.


SPARGANIUM natans. Forfar Loch.
POTAMOGETON gramineus.


Lochs of Rescobie and Balgavies. zosteræ folius. Forfar Loch; pretty abundant in the Lochs of Balgavies and Rescobie. North. Fl.

- prælongus. River Lunan, near the Bay; and in Rescobie Loch. Excurs. Loch of Balgavies. North. Fl. heterophyllus. Near Montrose. North. Fl. "Lakes of Rescalin and Balgowie." Fl. Scot.


lanceolatus. Loch of Lintrathen.
rufescens. Ditches and lakes, near Forfar. Fl. Scot.

Rescobie Loch. North. Fl.

RUPPIA maritima.

ZOSTERA marina. Near the Back Sands, near Montrose.

Near Montrose. North. Fl.


LEMNA trisulca.

Forfarshire lakes. Acc.

LUZULA Forsteri.

Fir woods east of Forfar. Fl. Scot.

LUZULA spicata. Bogs near Glen Isla.
Mountains. H. W. sp.

JUNCUS balticus.

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Fl. Scot.

Fl. Scot.

Sands of Barry, near Dundee.

obtusiflorus. Marshes near Forfar, rare.

tenuis. Summits of Clova Mountains. Acc. Moist mountains of Clova. Fl. Scot.

castaneus. Clova Mountains, in swampy places on the moors

above the head of Glen Dole.

H. W. sp.

H. W.

trifidus. Glen Phu and Glen Isla. W. Brands, sp. Many

parts of the Clova Mountains. triglumis. Glen Phu. W. Brands, sp. the Clova Mountains. H. W. sp.

biglumis. Clova Mountains. Fl. Scot.


Many other parts of

North. Fl.

? CLADIUM Mariscus. Formerly found in this county.
RHYNCOSPORA alba. Near Rescobie. North. Fl.
SCHOENUS nigricans. Wet ground adjacent to Montrose.
BLYSMUS rufus. Rocks on the coast between Arbroath and Montrose.
Acc. Shore at Montrose, and near the basin there.


ELEOCHARIS pauciflora. Glen Clova, and on the neighbouring mountains. H. W. sp.

SCIRPUS maritimus. The Back Sands, Montrose. Acc.

ERIOPHORUM vaginatum. Marshes in Forfarshire, and on the Clova Mountains. Acc. Hills between Clova and North Esk. G. Macnab, sp.

alpinum. Extinct in this county.

gracile. Summits of the Clova Mountains.
H. W. sp.

CAREX pauciflora. Clova Mountains.

incurva. Sands of Barry. Acc.

arenaria. Sea-shore. Acc.

intermedia. Loch of Forfar.
Forfarshire. Acc.


G. Gordon, mss. Marshes in

divisa. Marsh near Montrose; and sea-coast of Angus-shire, chiefly in marshy places.

Fl. Scot.

teretiuscula. Marsh of Restenet, near Forfar. Fl. Scot. Clova Mountains. Acc.

Vahlii. Rocks in Glen Phu, "confined to a space of about
twenty square yards, and growing with C. rigida and C.
phæostachya." W. Brands, sp.

tenella. In a wood by the river Esk, very rare.
depauperata. Woods near Forfar, rare. Fl. Scot.

Eng. Fl.

capillaris. On the moors above the left side of Glen Dole. H. W.

limosa. Marsh near Forfar. Fl. Scot. Marshy ground between Rescobie and Beguise. Excurs. Clova Mountains.


rariflora. On the moors above the left side of Glen Dole, in several places. H. W. sp.

phæostachya. Rocks in Glen Phu and Glen Isla. W. Brands,



Rocks in Glen Isla, and Glen Phu.

W. Brands, sp.

Abundant on the mountain cliffs, on the south side of the Fee. Excurs. At the head of Canlochan Glen with Gentiana nivalis. North. Fl.

CAREX extensa. On the coast near Usan, about two miles from Montrose, very abundant.


Ederi. Marshes in Forfarshire. Acc. Glen Isla. W. Brands,


fulva. Rocks in Glen Isla.

W. Brands, sp.

Road-side Fl. Scot.

between Montrose and the North Esk River.

binervis. Clova Mountains. H. W. sp.

lævigata. Woods near Forfar. Acc. Marshes in Angusshire. Fl. Scot.




In several stations in Forfarshire. Eng. Bot.

Mountains of Clova. Fl. Scot.

pulla. Glen Phu. W. Brands, sp.

rigida. On the mountains.

H. W. sp.

aquatilis. Clova Mountains, by the streams of the high moors

to the left of the old Sonchus station. filiformis. White Mire Marsh. Acc.

Scot. Beguise Loch.


H. W. sp.

Restenat Moss. Fl.

hordeiformis. In a den near Panmure, about nine miles south-
east of Forfar. Eng. Fl. Small valley about three miles
west of Panmure, among some bushes near a spring. Br.

stictocarpa. Lofty mountains of Clova. Eng. Fl.
angustifolia. Marshes in Angus-shire. Br. Fl.

ALOPECURUS alpinus. Near Loch Brandy. W. Brands, sp. By streams
on the moors above the old Sonchus station.
H. W. sp.
Beside a stream, which falls into the west side of Loch
Whorrol, a lake at a considerable elevation on the mountains
to the north-east of Kirkton, Clova; marshy ground between
Clova and Loch-Lee, about two miles south from the head
of the Loch; at the top of Garry Burn, Glen Fee, &c.
North. Fl.

- fulvus. Forfarshire. Br. Fl.

PHLEUM alpinum. On the banks of streams, on the moors above Glen Dole, and on rocks at the higher part of the Glen. H. W.




Summits of the highest mountains of Clova. Acc.
arenarium. Sands of Barry; sands near Arbroath.
At Montrose, near the Academy, and on the Links. North.

AMMOPHILA arundinacea.

Near Arbroath. Fl. Scot.

CALAMAGROSTIS stricta. Near Rescobie, four miles from Forfar. Br. Fl. Said to be extinct at White Mire Marsh.

AIRA alpina. By the sea-side near Dundee. Eng. Fl.

(Is this

station correct?) Rocks on the south side of Glen Dole, to the east of those on which the Astragalus alpinus grows. North. Fl.

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