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from Aberdeen; at Remney, sixteen miles north-west from Aberdeen. Fl. Scot. Within three miles of Alford, at Coreen, about twenty yards west of the footpath leading from Culhay to Dubstone, in the north opening of a deep dingle that passes through the top of the hill, amongst Calluna, Arbutus Uva-Ursi, and Vaccinium Vitis-Idæa. Bot. Misc. (Possibly some of these localities may be within Kincardine

shire.) GALIUM boreale. Castleton and Braemar Moors. H. W. A little above the Bridge of Dee, at Aberdeen; and between this bridge and Craiglug; also at Charlestown and Ballater; absent or very rare upon Donside. North. Fl.

SONCHUS alpinus. On Loch-na-Garr. Engl. Fl.
APARGIA Taraxaci. Braemar. Hooker, sp.

I believe to have seen this species on Loch-na-Garr, and the Avon Hills, but am unable, satisfactorily, to distinguish it from A. autumnalis, even with the aid of authentic specimens from Sir W. J. Hooker, and others. H. W.

HIERACIUM alpinum. Avon Hills. H. W.

Halleri. On rocks near Loch Callater. Eng. Fl. Corr. ·pulmonarium. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

aurantiacum. At Craigston, in the neighbourhood of Turriff. Fl. Scot.

- prænanthoides. Just below Castleton, on the banks of the stream flowing towards the Dee. H. W. sp. Banks of the

Don, in Braemar.

Br. Fl.

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ASTER Tripolium. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

SENECIO saracenicus. Bank of Eningtur, a stream flowing into the

Don. Fl. Scot.

PYRETHRUM maritimum. Sea-shore about Aberdeen.

Fl. Scot.

DORONICUM Pardalianches. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.
LOBELIA Dortmanna. In Lochs of Drum and Kinnord; Loch of

Skene. North. Fl.

CAMPANULA latifolia. Bank of Don, on the north side of the river, a little above Breda, in Alford, with white flowers. North. Fl. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

VACCINIUM Oxycoccos. Ben-na-Buird, at about the height of 650 yards, ascending from Castleton. H. W.

uliginosum. Avon Hills. H. W.

Vitis-Idea. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. Castleton ; Braemar Moors; Avon Hills. H. W.

ARBUTUS Uva- Ursi. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. Braemar Moors;

Avon Hills. H. W.

AZALEA procumbens. Avon Hills, in many places, from about 700 to 1150 yards; Loch-na-Garr.

North. Fl.

PYROLA rotundifolia. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. (Is P. media intended here? It is certainly much the commoner species in the Highland districts.)

media. Castleton and Braemar Moors.
minor. Castleton. H. W. sp.

*POLEMONIUM cæruleum. Near Aberdeen.

CUSCUTA europæa. Near Aberdeen. Eng. Fl.

H. W. sp.

Dickie, cat.

LITHOSPERMUM maritimum. A single specimen found in the sand at Don mouth; at the Bay of Nigg; Aberdour, in Buchan; Peterhead; mouth of the Ugie. North. Fl.

*ANCHUSA Sempervirens. At Aberdeen, near the Rubislaw Distillery; Deeside; Old Aberdeen; Hilton; Vale of Alford, in one or two places; Den of Auchmeddin; and various parts of Buchan. North. Fl.

SYMPHYTUM tuberosum. At Aberdeen, near Powis' Burn, and on the Deeside road, &c.; near Manse of Alford, and in the upper part of the same valley, upon the banks of Don; various parts of Buchan. North. Fl.

MYOSOTIS collina. Abundant at Aberdeen, on the bent hillocks, south of Don mouth; coast of Buchan. North. Fl.

cæspitosa. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

secunda. Occasionally around Aberdeen; abundant in a marsh near Guise, Tough; various parts of the Alford district; Buchan; Methlick; Aberdour, &c. North. Fl. (Dr. Murray adds this, as another species, to an already encumbered genus, in regard to which it may safely be said, that no botanist could determine the alleged species, by the published descriptions, unless aided by figures or authenticated specimens. Is it not identical with the next?) repens. Common in the district of Alford. Eng. Bott. Supp. LINARIA repens. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. SCROPHULARIA vernalis. In the village of Meithlie. MELAMPYRUM sylvaticum. West of Aberdeenshire.

Fl. Scot.
G. Gordon, sp.

Woods of Black Hall (Kincardineshire). Fl. Scot. VERONICA alpina. On moist places at the foot of the steep cliffs of Loch-na-Garr. North. Fl. Ben-na-Buird, on the rocks above the small lake, in the ascent from Castleton; and on the mountains above Loch Callater. H. W.

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MENTHA piperita. Alford. Br. Fl.

Dickie, cat.

Fl. Scot. "The

AJUGA alpina? Mountains of Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire plant thus named is given up as a mere variety of A. reptans." Anderson's Guide.

GALEOPSIS versicolor. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. Premnay.

G. Gordon, mss.

LAMIUM incisum. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

UTRICULARIA intermedia. About twelve miles from Aberdeen, at the edge of an old lake called the Loch of Drum, and in a stream which runs into it. North. Fl.

PRIMULA elatior. Buchan, at Inverugie; and at Slains. North. Fl. ANAGALLIS arvensis (cærulea). Ferry-hill, near Aberdeen. North.



Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. Castleton, on the roof of a house; Braemar Moors; Avon Hills. H. W. sp. STATICE Armeria. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. Avon Hills. H. W. GLAUX maritima. At Aberdeen, on the Old Town Links; near the Suspension Bridge; at the Cove; Buchan. North. Fl. PLANTAGO maritima. Old Aberdeen Links; coast of Buchan; occasionally a few miles from the sea, as in Belhelvic and Rathen; also in the interior, as in the parish of Rayne; Haddo House, upon the wall of the Deer Park; in the Valley of Alford; road-side near Sowie-foot, Clatt. North. Fl.

LITTORELLA lacustris. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.
SALICORNIA herbacea.

On the coast, a little to the south of the river
Ythan. North. Fl.

SALSOLA Kali. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.
ATRIPLEX littoralis.

Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.
Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

POLYGONUM viviparum. Near Aberdeen.

Dickie, cat. Castleton

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QUERCUS sessiliflora. Vale of Alford.
BETULA nana.

Encycl. Geogr. and Bot. Misc. On the ascent of Ben-na-Buird, from the Castleton side. H. W. sp.

SALIX herbacea.

Avon Hills; Mountains above Loch Callater. H. W. sp.

reticulata. Rocks on the mountains above Loch Callater.

H. W.

lanata. Mountains above Loch Callater.

H. W.

glauca. Rocks on the north-east side of Loch-na-Garr. J. Macnab, sp.

rosmarinifolia? Loch-na Garr. W. Stables, sp.

PINUS sylvestris. The forests about Castleton, as around the Avon Hills, and Loch-na-Garr, are said to be native; and I think that Mr. Macgillivray somewhere mentions trees of either eleven or thirteen feet in girth, in the neighbourhood of Castleton. H. W.

TRIGLOCHIN maritimum. Near Aberdeen.

Dickie, cat.

HABENARIA albida. On the ascent to Ben-na-muick-dhu, above Lord Fife's shooting cottage. H. W.

Castleton; Brae-
H. W. sp.


LISTERA cordata. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.
mar Moors; lower part of Ben-na-Buird.
Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. and sp.
W. Stables, sp.

GOODYERA repens.


CONVALLARIA multiflora.

Br. Fl.

At Kingusie, seven miles from Aberdeen.

TOFIELDIA palustris. Lower part of Ben-na-muick-dhu, shortly above the shooting cottage of Lord Fife.

SPARGANIUM natans. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

POTAMOGETON rufescens. Abundant in the canal at Aberdeen; occasionally in the Don, throughout its whole course; Corby Loch, near Old Aberdeen; in the Gadie, at Premnay. North. Fl.

prælongus. Loch Kinnord, an old lake in Cromar. North. Fl.

lanceolatus. Near Aberdeen, in the canal, at Kittybrewster; Corby Loch; Lochs of Skene, Drum, and Leys; Buchan. North. Fl. Peterhead. G. Gordon, mss.

gramineus. Aberdeenshire. North. Fl.

LUZULA arcuata. Ben-na-muick-dhu, at the summit. H. W. sp. Benna-Buird. (Hooker and Greville.) Winch, add.

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spicata. On a stone wall in the wood above Invercauld Castle; at Castleton: Braemar Moors; Avon Hills, &c. H. W. sp.

JUNCUS castaneus.

Mountains above Loch Callater.

trifidus. Avon Hills. H. W. sp.

H. W. sp.

biglumis. Cairngorm Mountains (and Links of St. Fergus!). Fl. Scot.

triglumis. I do not find this marked in my lists, but believe it occurs in plenty on the hills of this county, as almost everywhere else in the Highlands. H. W.

SCHENUS nigricans. Aberdeenshire. Dickie, sp. About seven miles from Aberdeen, in a swamp upon the east side of the road to Udny, near the dark serpentine rocks. North. Fl.

BLYSMUS rufus. At Aberdeen, on the Old Town Links, but in extremely small quantity; upon the coast a little to the south of Ythan; in Buchan, at St. Fergus. North. Fl.

ELEOCHARIS multicaulis. In a bog at Smithyhill, Alford; various parts of Donside. North. Fl. Abundant in a bog behind the Invercauld Arms, Castleton. Excurs.

pauciflora. Near Aberdeen, at the Stocket. North. Fl. Castleton, Braemar. Anderson's Guide. Avon Hills. H.

W. sp.

SCIRPUS maritimus. In the river Ythan, between Ellon and the sea; in the marsh at the north end of the Old Town Links, Aberdeen. North. Fl.

ERIOPHORUM vaginatum. Near Aberdeen, at Nigg, Brediach, Corbie Loch, &c. Loch of Skene, Lumphanan, Upper Banchory, higher parts of the Dee and Don; also upon Morven, Bennachie, and on the Buchan moors. North. Fl. Moors; Avon Hills. H. W.


CAREX pauciflora. Braemar Moors, towards the lower parts of the

Avon Hills. H. W. sp.

incurva. On a sandy flat part of Aberdeen Links, near the

mouth of the Don. Eng. Fl.


Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

intermedia. Near Aberdeen.

Dickie, cat.

CAREX Vahlii.

On the mountains above Loch Callater. H. W. sp. (Unless memory deceives, the following direction will guide to the station, which is quite local:—to keep along the stream, which falls into the head of Loch Callater, until reaching a small lake in the mountains, on the right hand; and above this lake, in the bed of a stream which pours down the rocks towards the lake, the plant is found. The ascent up the stream is very steep.)


Near Aberdeen. Eng. Fl.

Mielichoferi. Summit of Cairngorm; mountains of Aberdeenshire. Fl. Scot.

capillaris. Braemar Moors; and on the summit of the little hill immediately behind the Invercauld Arms, Castleton. H. W. sp.

rariflora. Bogs, head of Glen Callater.

- fulva. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat.

W. Brands, sp.

binervis. Very common on the driest moors about Aberdeen.

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ALOPECURUS alpinus. Loch-na-Garr. Fl. Scot.

agrestis. Near Aberdeen. Dickie, cat. Not indigenous. North. Fl.

PHLEUM alpinum. Ben-na-Buird; mountains above Loch Callater. H. W. Loch-na-Garr. North. Fl.

arenarium. Rattray Links: near Aberdeen. North. Fl. CALAMAGROSTIS Epigejos. In Braemar, several miles below Invercauld, on the south side of the river, among wood; and on the north bank of the Dee, about ten miles from Aberdeen. North. Fl.

AIRA alpina.

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AMMOPHILA arundinacea. At Aberdeen, on the sand-hills both south and north of Don mouth.

North. Fl.

MELICA nutans. In upland stations, but rather rare, as on the hill adjacent to Ballater House; Corrymulie, Braemar. North.


Pos alpina. Summit of Loch-na-Garr.

Buird. H. W. sp.

W. Stables, sp. Ben-na

aquatica. In a pond at Breda, in Alford; but probably introduced. North. Fl.

maritima. At Aberdeen, between Craiglug and the sea; Old Town Links; coast, south of Ythan; coast of Buchan. North. Fl.

FESTUCA rubra.

On every part of the sandy coast. North. Fl. bromoides. At Aberdeen, on walls about the Old Town; banks of Don, Rubislaw, &c.; Alford; Methlie; Buchan. North. Fl.

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