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Abundant on the shores.

Fl. Scot.

AJUGA pyramidalis. On the Ord of Caithness. Br. Fl. (In botanical works, the "Ord" is spoken of as if it were a hill, while,

in other books, the name is applied to a point of lowland projecting into the sea.)

PRIMULA Scotica. East coast of Caithness. Fl. Scot. On the north coast, and by the road-side about three miles westward from Thurso. H. W. sp.

PLANTAGO maritima. On the north coast. H. W.

SALIX ambigua. Caithness. Eng. Bot. Supp.

SCILLA verna. Duncansby Head. Fl. Scot.

POTAMOGETON rufescens. Two specimens brought from Caithness

shire, by Mr. Tyacke.

CAREX incurva. Keiss Bay. Fl. Scot.

ELYMUS arenarius.

G. Johnston, mss.

Coast near Reay and Sandside.

H. W. sp.


DR. GILLIES favoured me with a MS. Flora or Catalogue of Orkney plants, drawn up from his own observations, those of Mr. Alexander Duguid, the list of plants given in Barry's History of Orkney, and Mr. Neill's List of additional plants observed during his tour. For the latter, however, I refer to the Tour, instead of taking them from Dr. Gillies's Flora. In addition, the Rev. G. Gordon was kind enough to obtain a checked catalogue of Orkney plants, by the Rev. Charles Clouston, of Sandwick, Stromness; but that of Dr. Gillies is referred to in preference, as usually mentioning the stations of the rarer plants. The coincidence of some names, belonging to species very unlikely to be found here, with those in Barry's list, induces me to presume the catalogue of Mr. Clouston to have been also partly made out from Barry's list; and, consequently, that we have not any additional authority in support of their existence within Orkney. It appears better at once to reject the following: Arabis alpina, Draba hirta, Silene nutans, Orobus niger, Pyrus domestica, Saxifraga cæspitosa, Peucedanum Ostruthium, Melampyrum sylvaticum, Veronica spicata, Juncus filiformis, Agrostis spica-venti, Panicum crus-galli.

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Tour.- Neill's Tour in Orkney and Shetland.

Gillies, cat.

MS. Flora of Orkney. Dr. Gillies.

Clouston, cat.-Checked Catalogue of Orkney plants. Rev.

C. Clouston.

THALICTRUM alpinum. Hoy. Gillies, cat.

Houses, walls, sea-shore, and uncultivated

COCHLEARIA officinalis.
fields. Gillies, cat.

danica. Sea-shore. Gillies, cat.

grænlandica. Orkney. Clouston, cat.

CAKILE maritima. Sanda. Gillies, cat. Not common.
CAMELINA sativa. Among flax in Westra. Tour.
DRABA incana. Hammer Hills, Rowsa.

DROSERA anglica. Hoy. Gillies, cat.


Gillies, cat.

longifolia. Hoy; Scalpa; Rowsa; Shapinsha. Gillies, cat. Rare in Orkney. Clouston, cat.

SILENE acaulis. (Two localities are mentioned by Dr. Gillies, but I am unable to decipher the name of either.

maritima. Common.

ARENARIA marina. Orkney.



- peploides. Shore. Gillies, cat.

CERASTIUM tetrandrum. Shore at Kirkwall.

latifolium. Hoy Hills. Tour.


arvense. Orkney. (Barry.) Gillies, cat.

H. W.

RADIOLA millegrana. In Eda, abundantly. Tour. Shapinsha. Gillies, cat.

HYPERICUM elodes. Rackwick, Hoy, rarely. Tour.

GERANIUM sylvaticum. Orkney. (Barry.) Gillies, cat.

? LATHYRUS pisiformis. On the shore. (Barry.) Gillies, cat. Rosa Sabini (Doniana). Abundant in Orkney. Dr. Gillies. Fl. Scot. tomentosa. Orkney. Gillies, cat. villosa. Trumbland Burn, Rowsa. spinosissima. Orkney. Gillies, cat.


DRYAS octopetala. Hoy Hill, scarce. Clouston, cat.

POTENTILLA argentea. Orkney. (Barry.) Gillies, cat. Rare. Clous

ton, cat.

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Rare. Clouston, cat.

CIRCEA alpina. Orkney. Gillies, cat.

(Two localities are mentioned, but both names are illegible, the ink being pale.)

MYRIOPHYLLUM verticillatum. Lock of Airie, Stronsa.

RHODIOLA rosea. Hoy Hill. Clouston, cat.

SAXIFRAGA oppositifolia. Hoy Hill.

Clouston, cat.


aizoides. Dwarfy stone, Hoy Hill.
hypnoides. Hoy Hills, plentifully. Tour.

LIGUSTICUM Scoticum. Scalpa. Gillies, cat.

GALIUM boreale. Orkney. Gillies, cat.
Rare. Clouston, cat.

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alpina. Wart Hill of Hoy. Tour.

AZALEA procumbens. Hoy Hill. Clouston, cat.


? PYROLA rotundifolia. Among the shrubs at Berrydale, in Hoy. Gillies, cat. Is it not more likely to be media or minor? LITHOSPERMUM maritimum. On the shore below the Manse of Wales.

Gillies, cat. Rare. Clouston, cat. "Abundant on the shores of Sutherland, Caithness, and Orkney." Fl. Scot. STACHYS ambigua. Edie Manse. Gillies, cat. Hoy, Stronsa, and other Orkney Islands. Fl. Scot.

GALEOPSIS Ladanum. Orkney. Gillies, cat.
AJUGA pyramidalis. Orkney. Excurs.

PINGUICULA lusitanica? Hills of Waes and Hoy.

(Barry.) Tour. (Barry mentions Pinguicula alpina, and omits the P. lusitanica; but the latter appears more likely to be the species.) PRIMULA Scotica. Orkney. Hooker, sp. Between the House of Clet and the New Church, in Westra. Tour. Sanda. Gillies, cat. (The localities are given for P. farinosa, but doubtless P. scotica is intended.)

elatior. Rare in Orkney. Clouston, cat.

STATICE Armeria. Shore. Gillies, cat.

PLANTAGO maritima (minor). By the house of Skail, Pomona. Br. Fl.-P. maritima. Orkney. Clouston, cat.

LITTORELLA lacustris. Orkney. (Plantago uniflora, of Barry.)


GLAUX maritima. Meeting of the salt and fresh water at the Bridge of Weath; Woodwick, &c. Gillies, cat.

ATRIPLEX laciniata. Rare. Tour.

BETA maritima.

On some of the shores.

? RUMEX maritimus. Orkney. Gillies, cat.
OXYRIA reniformis. Hoy. Gillies, cat.
EMPETRUM nigrum. Common. Tour.
SALIX prunifolia. Hoy. Tour.


arbuscula. Rowsa and Hoy. Tour. (I am unable to say
what species of the British Flora authors usually intend by
this name. It appears to have been applied both vaguely
and variously. S. angustifolia and S. latifolia, of Barry, are
equally puzzling. H. W.)

arenaria. Wart Hill, Shapinsha. Tour.
aquatica. Orkney. Tour.


- fusca (argentea). Downs of Sanda.

herbacea. Hammer Hills, Rowsa.

Gillies, cat.

Gillies, cat.

ambigua. Orkney. Eng. Bot. Supp.

TRIGLOCHIN maritimum. Deerness. Tour. Rowsa.

HABENARIA albida. Meadows in the Hills of Hoy. Gillies, cat.
LISTERA cordata. In a valley in Hoy. Gillies, cat.
SCILLA verna.

In many places; three plants of it on the top of the
Wart Hills of Hoy, not far from the rock called the Old
Man of Hoy, at an elevation of 800 or 1000 feet above the
sea. Gillies, cat.

SPARGANIUM natans. Pond between Berrydale and Rackwick. Gillies, cat. (Other localities for it are mentioned by Dr. Gillies, but I am unable to read the manuscript names of the places.)

POTAMOGETON gramineus. Orkney. Gillies, cat.

ERIOPHORUM vaginatum. Orkney. Gillies, cat.

ELEOCHARIS pauciflora. Hoy Hills, plentifully. Tour.

? ELIOCHARIS acicularis. Orkney. (Barry.) Gillies, cat. CAREX arenaria. Orkney. Tour.

binervis. Among heath in Hoy. Gillies, cat. - fulva. Orkney. Tour.

extensa. Orkney. Tour.


POA maritima.



Gillies, cat.


FESTUCA rubra. Orkney. Gillies, cat.

? BROMUS racemosus. Near Kirkwall. Gillies, cat.

† AVENA fatua. In fields, along with A. strigosa, which is cultivated. Tour.

•pubescens. Guills of Scalpa. Tour.

AMMOPHILA arundinacea. Common in Orkney. Tour. (It is suggested, by Neill, that this is the plant called Elymus arenarius in Barry's History.)

ELYMUS arenarius. Shore at Scalpa. Gillies, cat.
TRITICUM loliaceum. Orkney. (Barry.) Gillies, cat.


COCHLEARIA danica. Western shore of Brassay Island. Neill's Tour. DIANTHUS deltoides. Island of Vailey, observed by Mr. G. White.

Neill's Tour.

AZALEA procumbens. Shetland. (Mr. Hewitson.) R. B. Bowman, sp. TRIENTALIS europea. Shetland. (Mr. Hewitson.) R. B. Bowman, sp. BETA maritima. In great plenty on the western shore of Brassay Island. Neill's Tour.

SCILLA verna. Near Lerwick, and in Brassay Island; in profusion on the Knab, a projecting eminence at the entrance of Brassay Sound. Neill's Tour.

BLYSMUS rufus. Brassay. Fl. Scot.

CAREX incurva. Discovered by the late Dr. Hope, at the mouth of the water of Naver, and near Skelherry, in Durrsness, Shetland. Fl. Scot.

I should feel much indebted to any botanist who would favour me with an accurate list of the plants of Shetland. H. W.

[blocks in formation]

THALICTRUM alpinum. Stirling, Argyle, Perth, Forfar, Aberdeen, Banff, Inverness, Ross, Sutherland, Orkney.

minus. Kirkcudbright, Berwick, Edinburgh, Fife, Argyle, Perth, Forfar, Aberdeen, Ross, Sutherland, Caithness. majus. Kirkcudbright, Ayr, Roxburgh, Berwick, Fife, Aberdeen.

* ANEMONE apennina.

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ADONIS autumnalis.

RANUNCULUS alpestris.


Lanark, Edinburgh.

Flammula (reptans). Dumfries, Fife.

TROLLIUS europæus. Renfrew, Lanark, Roxburgh, Berwick, Edinburgh, Dumbarton, Perth, Forfar, Aberdeen, Banff, Elgin, Inverness, Ross, Sutherland.

HELLEBORUS viridis. Ayr, Berwick, Haddington, Edinburgh.


[blocks in formation]

* EPIMEDIUM alpinum. Edinburgh? Fife, Stirling, Dumbarton.
NUPHAR pumila. Lanark, Stirling, Argyle, Elgin, Inverness.
*PAPAVER Somniferum. Forfar.

† MECONOPSIS Cambrica. Edinburgh, Fife.

CHELIDONIUM majus (laciniatum). Dumbarton.

GLAUCIUM luteum. Wigton, Roxburgh? Berwick, Haddington, Edinburgh, Fife, Dumbarton, Argyle.


*The reference is to Fifeshire, although the station of this plant is within Kin ross-shire, which is joined to Fifeshire, in the county lists. The same occurs with a few other species.

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