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COLCHICUM autumnale.


Hord's Park, Bridgenorth. A. Bloxam, mss. TYPHA angustifolia. Berrington Pool. W. A. Leighton, mss. mere Pool. H. Darby, mss.


LEMNA polyrhiza.

Bomere Pool. W. A. Leighton, mss.

Canal at Shrewsbury.

C. C. Babington, mss.

Ditches adjoining the Mere at Ellesmere. A. Bloxam, mss.
Near Newport, by the Canal. J. Anderson, mss.

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POTAMOGETON fluitans. (Read "Lilleshall.”- - Page 213.)
RHYNCOSPORA fusca. Bomere Pool. (Rev. E. Williams.)
Leighton, mss.

W. A.

alba. Bomere Pool; Twyford Vownog, near Westfelton. Mag. Nat. Hist.

ELEOCHARIS pauciflora.

Leighton, mss.

ERIOPHORUM vaginatum.

Bomere Pool. (Rev. E. Williams.) W. A.
Foot of the Wrekin. J. Anderson, mss.
Bomere Pool. W. A. Leighton mss

pubescens. Foot of the Wrekin. J. Anderson, mss.

CAREX elongata. Ellesmere. A. Bloxam, sp.

Pseudo-cyperus. Canal at Shrewsbury. W. A. Leighton, mss.
Ancot Pool, near Shrewsbury. J. Anderson, mss.

-fulva. Whixal Moss. A. Bloxam, mss.

BROMUS erectus.

Lime quarries near Buildwas. J. Anderson, mss.


CLEMATIS Vitalba. In abundance about Ledbury, E. Less, mss. TILIA parvifolia. Cradley. E. Lees, mss.

HYPERICUM dubium. Cowleigh Park.

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E. Lees, mss.

Androsæmum. Between Ledbury and Bromsberrow. E. Lees, mss.

ASTRAGALUS glycyphyllos. Woods on limestone at Cradley. E. Lees,



Lees, mss.

Western base of Lime Woods at Cradley. E.

LATHYRUS latifolius. In a hedge, five miles from Hereford on the road to Shrewsbury. R. C. Alexander, mss.

PRUNUS domestica. Common in hedges. J. Lloyd, mss.

Padus. Brook-side near Gaines. J. Lloyd, mss.

Rosa villosa. Two miles from Hereford, on the *** road. E. Lees,


micrantha. On limestone rocks near Colwall, Ledbury. E.

Lees, mss.

Forsteri. Between Ledbury and Broomsberrow.

E. Lees, mss.

PYRUS communis. torminalis.

Hedgerows and woods. J. Lloyd, mss.
Common in woods. J. Lloyd, mss.

COTYLEDON Umbilicus. Old damp wall, Whitborne churchyard. J. Lloyd, mss.


Near Cradley. R. C. Alexander, mss.

CICUTA virosa. Hereford, on the riverbanks, in the walks. R. C. Alex

ander, mss.


Lees, mss.

Woods near Ledbury and Eastnor Castle. E.

LONICERA Xylosteum. Brook-side near Gaines. J. Lloyd, mss. VISCUM album. Near Ross. J. Macnab, sp. So common that some old apple trees are evergreen. J. Lloyd, mss.

TRAGOPOGON porrifolius.

Lloyd, mss.

HIERACIUM sylvaticum.

In several places about Whitborne. J.

In a lane between Ledbury and Broms


berrow. E. Lees, mss.


Plentiful near Ledbury. E. Lees, mss. red sand-stone rocks, in various places about Ross, Ledbury,

&c. J. Lloyd, mss.

Trachelium. Side of the road near the Pye's nest, Ledbury. E. Lees, mss.

CHLORA perfoliata. Cradley lime-rocks.

E. Lees, mss.


PULMONARIA officinalis. Wood called Cap Hill,' at Gaines. Lloyd, mss. (It is not quite clear whether the ms. is Cat or Cap.)

MENTHA rotundifolia.

E. Lees, mss.

Side of the brook at Tedstone-de-la-mere.

piperita. Wet lane near Cradley. E. Lees, mss.

GALEOBDOLON luteum. Hedges about Cradley and Eastnor. E. Lees,


PRIMULA elatior. High grounds about Cradley. E. Lees, mss. DAPHNE Mezereum. Fox-holes Wood, Gaines, but only a single bush. J. Lloyd, mss.

POPULUS canescens. Road side between Ledbury and Redmarley. E. Near Sapley Bridge, Whitborne. J. Lloyd,

Lees, mss.


ORCHIS pyramidalis. Wood between Mathon and Cradley. E. Lees, mss. Marcle Hill, near Ledbury. J. Lloyd, mss. OPHRYS apifera. Near Arnold's Mill, and near Poswick, Whitborne. J. Lloyd, mss.



GALANTHUS nivalis.

Common in meadows and pastures. J. Lloyd,

In an orchard at the Oak's Farm, in the parish of Whitborne, so plentiful that it may be seen at two miles distance. J. Lloyd, mss. (Mr. Lloyd also mentions Narcissus Pseudo-cyperus, and poeticus, double and single flowered, and Ornithogalum umbellatum, in and near the same orchard. Doubtless all have been there planted.) NARCISSUS Pseudo-Narcissus. A great profusion of it occurs on the virgin-turf of a hill between Malvern and Cradley. E. Lees,


CONVALLARIA majalis. Edvin Wood, near Bromyard. J. Lloyd, mss. multiflora. Fox-holes Wood, Gaines. J. Lloyd, mss.


MR. CONWAY obliged me with a list of plants observed by himself in the neighbourhood of Pontnewydd Works, in this county. Since the same general indication of place and authority must apply to all of them, it seems scarcely worth while to repeat it after the name of each plant; but the list itself may be subjoined, so far as the species named will come under our test of the rarer plants; half a dozen other localities being first enumerated.

COTYLEDON umbilicus. On the walls in many places between Tintern Abbey and Monmouth. R. C. Alexander, mss.

SANGUISORBA officinalis. Near Pontypool. (Rev. J. Poole.) J. C.

Collins, mss.

DIPSACUS pilosus. Near Tintern abbey. (Rev. J. Poole.) J. C. Collins, mss.

MENTHA rotundifolia. Road side between Tintern Abbey and Monmouth. R. C. Alexander, mss.

NARCISSUS Pseudo-Narcissus. Near Abergavenny. E. Lees, mss.

Plants observed near Pontnewydd Works.

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C. Conway's Ms. List.

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GLAUCIUM luteum.


Near Cardiff. J. C. Collins, mss. Swansea Bur..

rows. E. Lees, mss.

SINAPIS tenuifolia. Near Cardiff. J. C. Collins, mss. Swansea, near R. C. Alexander, mss. (Turner and

the Copper Works.

Dillwyn mention S. muralis at Swansea; are both found there ?)

HESPERIS matronalis.

Among rubbish near the mouth of the Tarve,

1836. E. Lees, mss.

RESEDA luten.

Near Cardiff. J. C. Collins, mss. On a bank between Swansea and Oystermouth. E. Lees, mss.

ARENARIA peploides. Swansea Bay. E. Lees, mss.

HYPERICUM elodes. Cromlyn Bog, three miles east of Swansea. E.

Lees, mss.

GERANIUM pyrenaicum.


Between Swansea and Cromlyn. E. Lees,

COMARUM palustre. Common in Cromlyn Bog. E. Lees, mss. Rosa spinosissima. Abundant on Swansea Burrows, and adjacent sandy meadows.

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E. Lees, mss.

-Near Cardiff. J. C. Collins, mss.

* Mr. Conway deems the three species of Narcissus to be indigenous, and also the three Mints, Ribes rubrum and Galanthus nivalis are regarded as doubtful, on his head.


CONVOLVULUS Soldanella Near Aberystwith. W. H. Darby, mss. PLANTAGO maritima. Rocks about Aberystwith. W. H. Darby,


SALSOLA Kali. Near Aberystwith. W. H. Darby, mss
EUPHORBIA Paralias. Borth Sands, near Aberystwith.
Darby, mss.

W. H.


E. Lees, sp.


Summit of Black Mountains, “2,500 feet.

LINARIA repens. By the river side, a little below Brecon. W. H.

Darby, mss.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Summit of the Black Mountains. E. Lees, sp.


SEDUM Forsterianum. Brieddon Mountains. A. Bloxam, mss. (May not this be the species mentioned by Turner and Dillwyn, on the authority of Aiken ?)

ACINOS vulgaris. Breiddon Mountain.

A. Bloxam, sp.

AJUGA Chamapitys. Appeared "in considerable abundance, in a gravelly field on the banks of the Severn, near Welchpool," in 1832. It had not been observed there previously; could not be found in any other place for ten miles; and had disappeared by 1834. Mag. Nat. Hist. viii. 117.


TROLLIUS europæus.

Cader Idris. (Rev. J. Poole.)

J. C. Collins.

mss. Wood and pastures near the water-fall called the Black Cataract, near Maentwrog. J. Anderson, mss.

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