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LIMOSELLA aquatica. In gravel pits near Kirklington Mill. Nott. LYCOPUS europæus. Rather frequent. Nott.

LEONURUS Cardiaca. Basford; Lenton; Broxtowe; Mansfield; near Newark; Greasley, near the Toll Bar.


MENTHA Sylvestris. Radford; Grete Bridge, Southwell; Trent Ditches, Newark; Mansfield Bath; Thurgarton; Beauvale Abbey.


rotundifolia. Mansfield Bath (Deering); Beauvale Abbey. Nott.

· piperita.

Banks of the Grete, near the Water Mill, South

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Pulegium. Gunthorpe; Wellow Green; Kirklington Water
Mill. Nott.

GALEOBDOLON luteum. Very common. Nott.

GALEOPSIS Ladanum. West Leake, on the lias limestone. Nott. villosa. Newark; Farnsfield; Balderton; Barnby; Coddington; near Annesley; Oxton Forest.

versicolor. Rather frequent. Nott.


ACINOS vulgaris. Common, on the magnesian limestone. Nott. CALAMINTHA officinalis. Basford; Nottingham Park; North Collingham; between North and South Muskham; Morton; Papplewick; Harlow Wood. Nott.

Nepeta. In fields about Coddington. Nott. LATHREA Squamaria. Newstead; Epperstone; Bulwell; Harlow Wood, near Mansfield. Nott.

UTRICULARIA minor. Edingley Moor. (Ordoyno.) Nott.

CYCLAMEN hederafolium? (The station mentioned on page 269 does not appear to be confirmed by present botanists.)

PRIMULA elatior. Oxton Toll Bar; Epperstore Wood; Bulwell; near Eastwood; Greasley. Nott.

HOTTONIA palustris.

ANAGALLIS cærulea.

LITTORELLA lacustris.


Frequent in the Trent Vale.

Clifton. Nott


Oxton bogs; banks í Greasley Reservoir.

CHENOPODIUM murale. Common in the vicinity of Nottingham; not frequent in other parts of the county.


olidum. Halam; Nottingham Lammas Fields; between

Radford Forest and the Church.



polyspermum. Radford; Eastwood and Langley Mill.

BETA muritima. About Nottingham, according to the older botanists, but not found there now.

POLYGONUM minus. Ditches in the meadows, between Nottingham and Lenton, frequent. Nott.

Fagopyrum. Sherwood Forest, &c. &c. Nott. (Doubtless introduced.)

RUMEX maritimus.

Clifton Cow-pastures. Nott.

pulcher. Nottingham Park. G. Howitt, sp. Near Radford Church. Nott.

EUPHORBIA amygdaloides. Colwick Wood. (Deering.) Nott. MERCURIALIS annua. Southwell; Newark; Lammas Fields, near Shaw's Lane, Nottingham. Nott.

Buxus sempervirens. No station is given by Dr. Howitt, and the plant appears to be introduced on the sole authority of Ordoyno.

EMPETRUM nigrum. Sherwood Forest, near Mansfield; in a fir plantation two miles from Mansfield; Fountain Dale; Oxton Bogs. Nott. Nottingham Meadows. G. Howitt,


ULMUS suberosa. Frequent near Nottingham.

carpinifolia. Red Hill; near Farnsfield.

glabra. Bramcote. Nott.

CASTANEA vulgaris. Very common.




QUERCUS sessiliflora. Clifton Grove. G. Howitt, sp. Plentiful near

Clifton. Nott.

CARPINUS Betulus. Frequent. Nott.
POPULUS canescens. Frequent. Nott.
SALIX Helix. Frequent. Nott.

Lambertiana. Oxton Bogs.


rubra. Frequent at Wilford, and Clifton. Nott.

triandra. Frequent. Nott.

amygdalina. Clifton. Nott.

pentandra. Frequent. Nott.

decipiens. Near Nottingham. Nott.

Russeliana. Common. Nott.

vitellina. Common. Nott.

petiolaris. Saw-yard in Colwick Park.


glauca. Basford Scottum; Bulwell Bogs. Nott. (Is there

not some mistake about this?)

Smithiana. Frequent. Nott.

cinerea. Rather common. Nott.

aquatica. Oxton Bogs; not uncommon in many parts of the

county. Nott.

oleifolia. Oxton Bogs. Nott.

sphacelata. Bulwell Bog. (Is this correct?)

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PINUS sylvestris.

Near Clipstone and Mansfield Woodhouse.

Naturalised on Mansfield Forest. Nott.

HYDROCHARIS Morsus-rana. Beeston; Lenton; Gamston; near Kelham Bridge (Ordoyno); Nottingham Meadows, plentiall in the Trent Vale.



STRATIOTES aloides. Clay-pits, Stoke Park, near Newton (Ordoyno); in the moat at Strelley. Nott.

SAGITTARIA sagittifolia. Common Nott.

ORCHIS ustulata. Near Bulwell; fields between Sutton-in-Ashfield and Kirkby Hardwick. Nott. (Other places are mentioned by Ordoyno.)

ORCHIS hircina. (Not to be found in the places mentioned on page 270.)

pyramidalis. Frequent in the magnesian limestone and redclay districts.


OPHRYS apifera. In the magnesian and lias limestone districts, rare; Bulwell and Mansfield lime-quarries; Kirkby Hardwick; quarry near Bulwell Wood Hall; plantations near West Leake. Nott.

NEOTTIA spiralis. Colwick (Pultney); recently found in the north of the county. Nott.

EPIPACTIS grandiflora. Woods between Newstead and Linby. Nott. ensifolia. Near Welbeck,

CROCUS vernus.



Near the Larkdale Fields; Nottingham Meadows.

nudiflorus. Nottingham Meadows; fields near St. Ann's Well ; Nottingham Park; in several fields between Fox Lane and Mapperley Hills. Nott.

GALANTHUS nivalis. Hoveringham; first field below Wilford Boat.


NARCISSUS Pseudo- Narcissus.

doyno.) Nott.

TAMUS communis.

Thicket near Oxton Toll Bar. (Or

Frequent. Nott.

Ruscus aculeatus. Between Nottingham and Radford. Nott. CONVALLARIA majalis. "In the great wood about a mile on the right from Potter's Hill, going from Newark on the Lincoln and in a valley at Cockglade, near Ollerton, plentifully." Nott.


multiflora. Pleasley Park. Nott. I have heard a few days ago, from Mr. Eddison, that Convallaria multiflora and Senecio saracenicus both grow at Cresswell Crags, in the north of the county. Dr. Howitt, lre.

ALLIUM oleracum. Sheep-wash Lane near Mansfield; Mansfield Woodhouse; Wood between Bulwell and Nuthall; near Bobber's Mill; in Nottingham Park.


GAGEA lutea. Pleasley Wood; banks of the Erewash, near Brinsley Limekilns. Nott.

ORNITHOGALUM umbellatum. Between Kirkby and Kirkby Hardwick; Nottingham Meadows; fields near Larkdale. nutans. Nottingham Meadows.

TULIPA sylvestris. Nottingham Meadows. Nott.



COLCHICUM autumnale. Newark; Holme Meadows, beyond Winthorpe, near the river; Winkburn; Mansfield; near Sandbeck. Nott.

TYPHA angustifolia.

Wollaton; Bulwell; between Bulwell and

Papplewick; near Eastwood; King's Meadows, near Nottingham. Nott.

SPARGANIUM natans. Ponds at Kirkby Hardwick. Nott.

ACORUS Calamus. In many places on the banks of the Trent, from Barton to Colwick; banks of the Erewash, near Eastwood; Papplewick Forest.

POTAMOGETON zosteræfolius.


Ditch in Lenton Lane. Nott.

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JUNCUS obtusiflorus. Common. Nott.


BLYSMUS compressus. Southwell; Bulwell Bogs; Sutton-in-Ashfield; Kirkby Hardwick; Fountain Dale Bogs. SCHOENUS nigricans. Basford Scottum; Edingley Moor; Bulwell and Papplewick Forests; Pleasley and Fountain Dale Bogs. Nott.

ELEOCHARIS multicaulis. Bogs near Kirkby Hardwick. Nott.
ERIOPHORUM vaginatum.



pubescens. Between Newstead and Linby; Stapleford Moor. Nott.

CAREX intermedia. Frequent. Nott.

teretiuscula. Near the Bleak Hills, Mansfield. Nott.
digitata. Pleasley Wood, on the magnesian limestone.


Pseudo- Cyperus. Banks of the Erewash, near Toton. Nott. stricta. Rather frequent. Nott.

LOLIUM temulentum. Near Southwell. Nott. (The specimen, from Mr. Cooper, belongs to L. arvense, if worth while to make

a distinction between them. Page 271.)

HORDEUM pratense. Nottingham Meadows.

quent. Nott.

G. Howitt, sp.


ELYMUS europaus. Pleasley Park and Wood; woods near Felley

Mill. Nott.


stone. Nott.

Rather frequent on the magnesian lime

ALOPECURUS agrestis. Frequent. Nott.

CALAMAGROSTIS Epigejos. Between Bulwell and Nuthall.


lanceolata. By the side of the bridle road, leading from Radley to Epperstone Woods (Ordoyno); in a coppice between Bulwell and Bulwell Hall.


AGROSTIS Spica-venti. About Nottingham. (Ray.) Nott.
MELICA nutans.

Pleasley Wood.


AIRA canescens. Near Nottingham. (Deering.) Nott.
Near Southwell. Nott.

AVENA fatua.


BROMUS Secalinus.

Near West Leake. Nott.

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Frequent in the Trent Vale.


[blocks in formation]

arvensis. Fields above Mapperley Place. Nott.

PoA aquatica. Very common.

distans. Frequent on the banks of the Leen from Nottingham

to Bulwell. Nott.


DR. HOWITT has favoured me with the following short list of plants "observed near Friestone, in 1826." The "sp." indicates a specimen from Dr. Howitt.

Arenaria peploides, sp.
marina, sp.

Althea officinalis, sp.
Comarum palustre.
Apium graveolens.
Sium latifolium, sp.
Enanthe Phellandrium.
Artemisia maritima, sp.

Aster Tripolium, sp.
Chlora perfoliata, sp.

Galeopsis versicolor.
Statice Limonium*, sp.
Salicornia herbacea, sp.
Salsola Kali, sp.

Chenopodium maritimum, sp.
Atriplex portulacoides, sp.
littoralis, sp.

Sparganium natans.

Hordeum maritimum, sp.
Rottbollia incurvata, sp.

Spartina stricta, sp.



Malham Cove. Ch. Babington, sp. On Ingleborough. J. E. Leefe, mss.

TROLLIUS europæus. Leeds. H. Denny, mss.
HELLEBORUS viridis. Near Brompton. J. Ward, sp.

Marske, near

Richmond. J. E. Leefe, sp. In a meadow near Wharfe ; in a plantation near Little Bank, two miles from Settle. J. Tatham, mss. Abundantly in the locality for Cypripedium, near Helmsley. Comp.


ACTEA spicata. Ingleborough Hill. (T. Howson.) J. Tatham, sp. I found it twenty years ago in Liley Wood, on the road to Barnsley (not Barnsby) from Halifax. R. Leyland, mss. EPIMEDIUM alpinum. ("This never did grow in Bingley Woods. have seen it somewhere asserted that a plant was introduced there, for the purpose of imposing on the late Dr. Richardson." Mr. Leyland. - Page 275.)

MECONOPSIS cambrica. Near the village of Feizor, four miles from Settle. J. Tatham, sp.

* Statice reticulata sought without success, by Dr. Howitt.

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